According to ‘real journalists’ at BuzzFeed, conservative media are totally pushing a “race war.” Because Romney did an accurate ad on Obama’s gutting of welfare reform. Or something; it’s kind of hard to translate “partisan hackery.” Never mind that Democrats are obsessed with race and see only color.

More from the article titled “Welfare Attacks Raise The Politics Of Race”:

The Romney campaign’s assault on President Obama’s welfare policy drew direct charges from Democrats and leading media organizations Wednesday that Romney is playing racial politics, the latest sign that race, always simmering beneath the surface of American electoral politics, may be moving to the forefront of the presidential election.

HAHAHA. Oh, our sides! “Moving to the forefront”? Oh, isn’t that just precious? Good grief, that is all the Democrats ever blather on about. Disagree with President Obama? Racist, natch. They now even call the term “kitchen cabinet” racist, for cripes sake!

The article then goes on to insanely say the following:

Romney’s point appeared to be a nod toward a narrative that has been percolating in conservative media for years, which suggests there’s widespread “race war” going on in America — one the mainstream media is covering up, and which Obama is happily exploiting.

See, it’s conservative media that is forcing Democrats to use and abuse minorities. It’s all a nefarious plot! Probably instigated by Karl Rove and his wizard wand of evil. And Romney is “nodding” to it.

“Just bloggers” and citizens quickly begin to mock, and debunk, the amazingly ridiculous claims.

And the spin begins!

Totally cool. Or, he had nothing else to say after this epic thumping.

Oh, my! And, some facts for the “real journalists.”

Facts are hard. Response from BuzzFeed?

Of course it’s quiet. It’s hard to type when one’s hands are far too busy carrying water for The One.

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Imagine how bad it’s going to get between now and November….

    • TugboatPhil

      I already have. Sometime in late October, while addressing the congregation of an inner-city, black church, Obama will say something like:

      “I inherited everything from George Bush. He even left behind the chains he used to drag James Byrd to his death.”

  • Josephine (D)

    I love how they(“real journalists”) will do anything to make the GOP look bad.

    BTW, I hate to get off-topic, and I know most people here probably like FOX, and that Mrs. Malkin appears there regularly, but I thought this was interesting:

  • ZoriahShepard

    If this is the only angle the Left has left to play…Game Over!!

  • Ars21689

    Joe Biden tells black people Romney is going to put them back in chains, Obama surrogates and the DOJ say that voter ID laws are racist and equivalent to a poll tax to keep blacks from voting. Just about anything that comes out of Al Sharpton’s mouth is something about the GOP wanting to take black people back to the 60’s, back to Jim Crow, blah blah blah.

    All this, and it’s conservatives who are trying to stoke a race war? Who are these people writing this crap?

  • Owen007

    We’re at the point where it’d be shocking if Buzzfeed didn’t pull something like this.

  • allenbarr

    i am worried for those attending the RNC in Tampa. all the crazies will be protesting. An other added plus are THE BLACK PANTHERS. You remember the 1’s the DOJ with Eric Holder cutting them loose after the last election. I do hope Tampa police are good at their work because i doubt any others are going to step in to help if there is trouble. If someone else does step in it will be to do a cover-up.

    • weRbroke

      There will be cellphone cameras everywhere…shooting video. It would not be wise for anything to get out of hand, the Party of Arse has a huge tent and they never have been good a controlling their bases. The days of the MEDIA controlling the narrative are coming to a close, the internet and social media will move the story along whether they like it or not.

  • JohnPSquibob

    “Of course it’s quiet. It’s hard to type when one’s hands are far too busy carrying water for The One™.”

    If you don’t include the trademark symbol after the name Oprah gets mad.

  • FlatFoot

    Buzzfeed has always carried water for the Liberal’s — especially after Barack Hussein Obama appeared out of thin air and just took over everything. Sure, they throw in a curveball once in a great while in their concerted effort to thinly veil their totally partisan rag of a website — but that’s been more than obvious too for a very long time.

  • Don Gately

    How am I supposed to read Twitchy and do my job which Obama built, while I have to go to all the conservative websites and help stoke the RAAAAAAAAAAAACE-WAAAAAAAAAAAR!

  • Mark81150

    They almost act as if they’re shocked our best don’t let them get away with it..
    Children caught making up lies are more convincing,.. and Gawker?… Buzzfeed’s a bad joke,.. but Gawker?.. only low grade morons read Gawker.. willingly. True they share the usual left wing journolista disease,.. a rabid desire to hurt the GOP and America’s chances to rid ourselves of the Buffoon in Chief and his clown prince Biden….
    but “racewar”?
    These bottom feeders are really diving deep in that sewer.

  • doom


  • Paul C.

    Libs are in the PANIC mode, quick pull out all stops. Lie, cheat, steal.