Family Research Council will hold a press conference today about the shooting at their offices yesterday.

Tony Perkins is set to appear on Fox News at 2:30 pm today as well.

Will the rest of the media continue to brush this under the rug? Stay tuned.

Twitchy will monitor and update with information from the Fox News appearance and the press conference.


Update: Perkins condemns “hate group” label and does not support hate crime laws.

This morally bankrupt cretin is upset that the shooter didn’t hit Tony Perkins.

  • The Monster

    “I’m sad the shooter missed hateful brainwashed Tony Perkins!”
    My irony meter just pegged out and exploded.

  • weRbroke

    the SPLC is it’s own HATE GROUP…it hates anyone it deems politically correct to hate. I wonder, do they have a listing for the New Black Panthers? (wanders off to search)

    • JSebastian

      The SPLC is a hate group, just like La Raza. They are probably doing illegal things. Its a nice building they have though – be a shame if anything happened to it.

      • weRbroke

        Funny thing is, karma is a bitch, it will likely be one of their own that goes postal…
        people with that much hate inside eventually explode…

      • whitewings

        Got the home addresses of the people in that Washington homo group that cultivated the would-be killer? Posting that sort of info is their usual MO, after all.

  • whitewings

    As far as I’m concerned, this incident has given me the license to punch the face of any homosexual who crosses my path, because I can only assume they want me and every other Christian in the world dead. Sadly, they’re going to find out just how outnumbered they are if they continue to insist upon violence.

    • JoeMyGod

      Here’s some Christian Love for you: FRC head Tony Perkins paid former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke $82,600 for access to his mailing list. While a Louisiana state rep, Perkins twice keynoted the convention of the White Citizens Council, which lists their opposition to “race mixing” on their “statement of principles. The SPLC does not consider an opposition to same-sex marriage as a criteria for naming hate groups, otherwise there would be thousands of groups listed, not just the 37.

      • JannyMae

        Your link is broken, troll.

        • JoeMyGod
          • Spooner505333

            JoeMygod is the same idiot that said the NBPP is doing the world a favor by killing white people

          • Spooner505333

            And btw troll David Duke endorsed your guy Charles Barron.

          • Spooner505333

            Notice how whenever racist comments are made on your blog you defend them.

      • Spooner505333

        More projection and yes opposition to gay marriage fits into the Southern Irony Law Center’s definition of hate group.

  • allenbarr

    it is obvious the liberals want gun controll. they will keep theirs and conservatives will lose theirs weapons. OH! well we “WILL HAVE GOD ON OUR SIDE”