Ha! Oh, snap! Nice one, Mr. King.

Twitter users agree.


We bet Twitter users would round up bail money for you, if Mayor Bloomberg tries to throw the nanny book at you! Keep being free, and gulping the yummy soda, Mr. King.


  • barbarafromnyc

    Everyone is mocking Nanny Bloombergistan. He’s a hypocrite on top of a nanny. If he was really concerned with our health he would have forced the building/apartment house owners to switch to the less polluting oil for heating 2 years or so ago when he learned that this form of pollution is what’s really dirtying our air. AND, instead of banning lg sized sodas, why not ban cigarettes? Could it be the enormous amount of taxes the city, state, and federal goverments collect from the sale of every pack?
    You think!

    • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ Penny Robinson Fan Club

      I’m afraid you are missing the point that it is not WHAT Mayor B. chooses to ban, but that he is banning things like this at all.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_S76XIS53F7LSF4SGCB4GQ4HH4Q rifleman

    Gotta hand it to King. Even many liberals think that Bloomberg is a blooming idiot!