No, really. She disgustingly said that. Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims that Republican Jews are “being exploited,” and they don’t really care about Israel. What do they care about? Only tax breaks.

More from The Washington Post:

In a pot-stirring interview with Al Hunt, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said that Jews who oppose President Obama’s treatment of Israel are faking concern over the Jewish state. The comments are bound to stir anger among pro-Israel advocates. Pelosi argued that “many of the Republicans are using Israel as an excuse, what they really want are tax cuts for the wealthy.”

Contemptible. She then doubled-down on the offensive by saying that Republican Jews are being “exploited.” They can’t possibly think for themselves, you see.

You know, as many of the Republicans are using Israel as an excuse, what they really want are tax cuts for the wealthy. So Israel, that can be one reason they put forth.

HUNT: That’s why some of the Republican Jewish supporters are really active.

PELOSI: Well, that’s how they’re being exploited. And they’re smart people. They follow these issues.

Smart people, yet so easily exploited by those nefarious Republicans! They can’t possibly choose to be Republican and support Israel. Nope; it’s exploitation, otherwise they wouldn’t stray from the leftist plantation. Know your place, Jewish people!

Twitter users who aren’t anti-Semites are rightly outraged by former Speaker Pelosi’s remarks.

Some, however, try to spin away her reprehensible comments in some sort of “above it all” ploy.

Exactly. Look, it’s not being “fair” and “above it all” when you give a pass to atrocious remarks like this. What Ms. Pelosi said, and what she believes, is wrong and needs to be addressed.

Yes, Truth Team. Where are you? A Pelosi aide tries to spin away the comments.

And fails.

Embrace the power of “and.” Ms. Pelosi, like her fellow travelers, believes that everyone should be packaged up into little identity group boxes. And then blindly follow along with whatever their Democrat masters tell them to do, and think. They know best, you see. All “you people” should just think alike! It’s the same thing Senator Boxer (D-Calif.) did when she was flabbergasted that a black man disagreed with the NAACP. And when Harry Reid (D-Utah) sneered, “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.” (Correction: Reid is from Nevada, not Utah.)

They are the racists, the sexists and the bigots, because they believe that some people aren’t individuals and cannot think for themselves. In Nancy Pelosi’s case, she also adds vile anti-Semitism to the mix. All “those people” care about is money.


This Twitter user sums it up.

  • Chayal Boded

    how does one know when Nan Lugosi is makin’ an dijit of herself . . her lips are flappin’ . .

  • lazypadawan

    All Italians are in the mob, aren’t they? /sarc

  • righthook38

    Putting Pelosi and Wasserman-Schultz out front to represent the Democrat party only helps us in the long term. The only people who buy into their hate are the koolaid drinkers, who are lost causes anyway. Let her keep talking.

    • James Atkins

      Indeed, well said. The DNC and the Obama campaign are losing more votes than gaining when they speak, so…let them speak!

  • TugboatPhil

    I thought she was joking. How many noticeable Jewish Republicans are there? 15-20? 35 tops.

    • jdkchem

      Obviously not as many as there are idiot democraps.

    • mzk1_1

      How about my old neighborhood in Flatbush, that voted for a Catholic Republican against their (and undoubtedly pro-Israel) Democrat, even though he is our fellow Orthodox Jew? More than you think, they just register Democrat so as to vote in the urban primaries.

  • Patricia Clark Watkins

    Pelosi has the same spacy eyes as James Holmes. Do both of them have the same psychiatrist administering drugs or are both of them under mind control…got to be something strange going on. I would hate to be the one controlling Pelosi’s mind..would never admit it if I got caught at it.
    I can’t believe we continue to pay her for her incompetent opinions.

  • Mark James

    Pelosi is simply an image of the idiots who elected her.

  • Botzilla

    My Advice…put Nancy on the air daily, every time she speaks more stupid comes out, she is as valuable to the Republican party as Biden and Obama when it comes to gaffes and campaign killing remarks.

  • Josephine (D)

    The Democrats really are the true racists. After the Civil War, the South was nicknamed the “Solid South” because those states always voted Democratic so they wouldn’t have to repeal racist laws against blacks, like the “Jim Crow” laws. Democrats in Congress would also vote against any pro-black measures, and they were against women’s suffrage in the early 20th century. Before this, the more liberal(at first, mainly the original 13 colonies) states were anti-Catholic. Let us not forget, although Hitler was foreign, “Nazi” was short for “National Socialism”. I have never under why the Jews support the Democrats, considering most of them would let Hamas kill every Israeli Jew and Christian if they could. Putting all that aside, Pelosi has been, is, and always will be an embarrassment to both politics and Catholics.

    • SanDiegoSteve

      And when you try to point these facts out to leftists, they try to say that the Democrats from the Civil War era are today’s Republicans. That is the most asinine history revisionism that I’ve ever seen! The Republicans have always stood for equality and civil rights in the face of liberal bigotry and racism. You can lead a liberal to the truth but you can’t make them think.

      • Josephine (D)

        True; unfortunately, this isn’t being taught in our schools; I learned about the “Solid South” in 11th grade. I assume it’s grazed over in public schools. So we ourselves need to teach our kids this so the liberals don’t progress any father(no pun intended).

  • mark polo

    the democrats will leave the jews defenseless…you would have to be an idiot NOT to know that..if you support ISARAEL you’d be an idiot to pull the lever for a democrat.

  • Gail Cross Vigliotti

    if they’re only in it for the money, then what makes them jews?

  • CAmom760

    Hey pelosi ~ I’m a Conservative WOMAN, part Hispanic origin, married to a Jew…. how am I supposed to vote, again? Is our family stupid, or just being exploited ~ for believing in free enterprise, Capitalism and individualism? We believe in being self-reliant. Where have we gone wrong?

  • Jеrrу Thоmрsоn

    Is anybody surprised that Nazi Pelosi is an anti-semite? I mean, I’m not, but it’s great that she’s finally snapped so everybody else can see it. Kalifornia Uber Alles!

  • Thomas Baranowski

    Makes me wonder how and what she thinks about Democratic Jews? Actually it should make them wonder how she really feels about them and Israel

  • labillyboy

    All Nancy and Debbie and most Dems care about is getting more of other people’s money to spend when what Congress really has to do it cut about a $trillion in annual spending. There is no Republican/Jewish proposal to “cut” taxes, all the sane people want to do is keep taxes where they are for now to not further damage the economy. Ultimately, the USA should close the IRS and go to a much simpler, non-political tax system, no breaks for anyone, everyone with skin in the game and no complexity. We’ll know we have it right when politicians stop talking about it.

  • Bill Gordon

    I think Pelosi has been drinking too much koolaid and putting too much funny stuff in it. She needs to go home and think about what she says BEFORE she says it, but i dont think it would make any difference. Her brain is too far gone.

  • Jim Russell

    Nancy and Harry. God save us. Reminds me of two of Harry’s comments when left to ramble; we can’t reduce PBS funding because…”People enjoy cowboy poetry”, we can’t reduce USPS debt by cutting back delivery on Saturdays because…”Seniors are lonely and enjoy getting daily advertising (junk) mail”.

    At least Harry’s mumblings weren’t racist. We are governed by educated fools lacking one lick of common sense. Scary.

  • David Paul

    Get this woman a psych eval, statim!

    • Thomas Baranowski

      sure POTUS will get it delayed until after the elections, needs to have someone covering his flanks lol

  • Love of Country

    Nancy Pelosi is pure scum and a pathological liar. She’s the kind of “woman” only a Godless democrat could celebrate.

  • Norbit Peters
  • Norbit Peters

    Where’s THE MEDIA?

    Why aren’t they questioning Pelosi’s obvious ANTI-SEMITISM?

  • Tom Bannigan

    Can’t she be tried for a hate crime with that statement?

    • Thomas Baranowski

      I can see Holder filling out the charges as we speak…not

  • tiorbinist

    Dig this: I have been excommunicated by my Jewish cousin (a prog lib) for pointing out that Romney can’t be a racist for saying things about Jews and Arabs (they are the same race!) and she’s off-beam by being insulted because Romney said Jews are good at business… and Pelosi says somethign like this. Wow. Just … Wow. There’s no doubt that she’s saying to herself, Yeah, those Jewish Republicans really don’t care about Israel, all they want is tax breaks for rich WASPS!

  • Ellen Ross

    Buying into Jennifer Rubin’s spin (in an opinion piece) as though it were news – but did any of you read the actual interview?

    • Thomas Baranowski


  • bret robertson

    ok nancy I think its about time you admit you have a botox addiction cuase its clear to us its affecting your brain

  • Paul J. Citro

    Where is the MSM on this. Pelosi is way, way past her time. Where’s the shovel?

  • Paul J. Citro

    Where is the MSM on this. Pelosi is way, way past her time. Where’s the shovel?

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Palosi is double-headed: both wrong and stupid.

    However, even if she was correct, at least they’re in it! The side effect of it is support of Israel — which certainly beats pResident Malodor’s active sabotage!

    Of course, she’s already bought the marshmallows for after A-jumbled-brain-on-haj deploys his 1st fully functional missle.

    Sad, but undoubtedly true.

  • John Finnerty

    Wait . . . Wait, so, Nancy, you’re saying that “Jews” just want to save money?!?!?
    REALLY . . . REALLY . . . Wait for it . . . RE-HE-Heally?!?!?
    You know, I hear Mitt went to Poland too . . . “The Ethnic White Vote” you say?
    Can you even FATHOM the outcry from the LSM/political Left if there were an (R) next to her name?!?!?