Oh, Cher. Is “T-Baggies” a step up from “racist homophobic women hating tea bagger masters“? We guess you can’t call them “women hating” when referring to the much-loved Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. But, you are slipping! No, ‘gender traitors”? Sheesh, Cher! Get on the ball.

Also, bring it? Are you 12 years old? No, wait; that’s an insult to 12-year-olds. We love the new tone, toots! Did you learn the violent rhetoric from your buddy, Ellen Barkin? She told One Million Moms to “bring it” as well, after she spewed hate-filled curses at others.

It is ironic that Cher is accusing someone else of racism, when she is full of rampant bigotry. How can Mitt Romney be spineless, yet able to put on his “magic underwear,” Cher?

But she’s totally full of love!

Ah, the race card. With some other cuckoo pants mixed in. The “dog whistles” that Cher hears in her own head are as paranoid delusional as she is.

Feel the love! Her fans, of course, focus on Sarah Palin and wish for violence. Civility!


Right behind her, natch. Liberal men are quite the impotent ones.

Unlike those icky “T-Baggies,” huh? Or, worse: Those Mormons! Remember, Cher really just hates Mormons.

And, you know, reality. Seek help, Cher. And an English tutor.


She can’t stop!

Feel the love of the oh-so-tolerant Cher!

Ah, your fault, wing nutty wing nuts with wings. Cher is otherwise super sane and stuff. It’s all you!

What color is the sky in your world, Cher?

  • echarleen

    She was born 4/1912? Surprised she’s admit that.

  • Wishsong

    Cher still has fans?

    • Barbara Kaiser

      Cher is still alive?

    • whiteorchid02

      oh ? isn’t she dead ?? lol

      • $2943864

        She is going to star in a sequel to Weekend at Bernies. She’ll sing the soundtrack fully auto tuned.

    • Flunking_retirement

      Cher did one good performance – in Moonstruck

      • majicmahon

        pretty good for a recording artist I’d say. We call that diversified, multi-talented.
        And now…..what have you done?

        • Wishsong

          Cher, you don’t have to create alternate accounts to white knight yourself.

          • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

            I think you nailed it, CJ. Although it’s probably one of her toadies. Even as incoherent as Abner writes, she is most likely incapable of even that.

        • Flunking_retirement

          Pretty Good? Crosby and Hope each could have beat that in a walk.
          But why do you even care? I’m not from Hollywood.
          My career was not measured by how many little gold idols I amassed.

    • Guest

      Just the one. His name is Abner-something. Abner…normal I think.

    • Platinum Angel

      just abner

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/RZ6GPXB2OR4AMJOYEM2GQ2N4KE Janice

    Cher isn’t a political commentator – she’s a has-been. Who cares what she thinks? As if her words are to be taken seriously……come on.

    • majicmahon

      So stupid for the readers to think you might know politics and Cher…not. With Sonny being a Mayor and their relationship after the marriage ended still being solid, I’m sure she got to know more than you…..and that was merely municipal.
      Go watch beach volleyball you young-un.

      • Platinum Angel

        don’t exhaust yourself trying to post everywhere abner. you are about as relevant as Cher

        • majicmahon

          aw but you’re reading them D um B. And thanks. Mine were more relevant than your weak fireback.

          • Platinum Angel

            Abner you’re as accurate as a person who insists they are not annoying.

          • majicmahon

            Wow, what a gem. Too funny.

        • majicmahon

          Playing with you featherheads is hardly exhausting. Just a little verbal workout before golf. Keeps me sharp.
          I do get the “yawnies” reading righties though.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000113525000 Brad Haines

            Wow. How can you afford to play golf on that welfare check, knucklehead?

          • majicmahon

            Yes, I want to thank the welfare dept for my 3 hcp. How can you say something as stupid as that. Haven’t you learned anything about sarcasm? It is the subsitute for wisdom by those who are void of it.

          • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

            You must save a lot of energy by leaving out words that would give your postings some sense.

          • J_Stuart_Mill

            $10,000 says this — If Romney is elected, GDP Growth exceeds Clinton’s average rate by 4Q 2013. You game? Or just another LOUDMOUTH CHICKEN-SHIRT LEFTARD…?

            MONEY. MOUTH. Got ANY real game at all, Abturd…?

            If so, take the bet. I have a lawyer in San Diego to do the Escrow.

          • majicmahon

            $10,000 bet….hmmm, sounds like Mitt. I could give two shits if Russia or China kicked the shit out of you. That is so deserving. I just hope they are more accurate than your drones. Don’t want them coming up short on us.

          • majicmahon

            Tell you what. Forget the bet. Let’s say, I’ll think of you if it happens. But only if you think of me when all hell breaks loose in the States. 9-11 will be fire cracker day compared to what is coming around. Keep invading countries, especially the ones where immigrants have come from.
            It will be hell when you have to keep kids home from school in their own country. Sad but what the hey. Bite on that.

          • Platinum Angel

            suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure, if you say so Abner

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GD7WS623BZEZXXKKUMYQ2TOFRE ScottH

            No problem, Li’l Abner. We’ll work so your welfare checks keep coming.

        • https://www.facebook.com/NorthernSentinel northern_sentinel

          Given the popularity of Cher amongst old dykes, I wouldn’t be surprised if “abner” is actually Agnes

          • Platinum Angel

            when in drag anyway

          • majicmahon

            pretty weak. Nay, but as before, you’re wrong again……getting further off the mark actually.but expected.

      • http://twitter.com/cozyrn cozette westenberger

        let me see, he was mayor, she got to know more? Really. So she , that Obama has wrecked the economy, unemployment up, 40% among blacks, the middle east is about to blow up, he ignores Israel, he writes executive orders as if he were king. Why would anyone even give Cher a second thought?

        • majicmahon

          I really don’t know Cozy. I guess you should direct your question at the 52% who vote him in.When you get the answer, tell your 48% of the oters who voted wrong!!!

          • carmijok

            Anyone can make a mistake…ONCE. I have friends who voted for BO who are so disillusioned they will not be making that same mistake twice. If BO wins again it will be due to his ability to divert attention from his LOUSY record and run on the politics of division…class warfare, and race. And of course voter fraud. He’s a Chicago thug. And he runs his campaigns like one.
            I believe he said in his own words that if he ‘couldn’t turn the economy around he’d be a one term President’. I pray to God he’s right.

          • letitsnow1

            amen to that!

          • Platinum Angel

            Unfortunately we can’t ask all the dead people who voted for Obama

      • Guest

        So your argument is that Cher gained her exhaustive political insight from a man who couldn’t see the forest for the trees. *rimshot*

        • Rena

          @13strigoi:disqus Ouch… low blow…. @ Abner… not sure where you get your info from but they were constantly at each others throat at the end of their marriage and beyond, with her constantly making very nasty remarks to him on their show and so forth. They went through a nasty divorce. They were not married when he became Mayor and later held a seat at the house of representatives as a Republican until his untimely death in ’98.

      • carmijok

        You must have carpal tunnel syndrome from flipping the channels between CNN and Entertainment Tonight since you appear to be so ‘up’ on Cher’s politics and her personal relationship with her deceased ex. FYI…Cher was not so cozy with Sonny after their split…not for a long time. She blamed him for his ‘demanding and controlling’ behavior towards her. Which of course led to her sleeping with…and getting pregnant by one of the Allman Brothers. Classy! Sonny became a politician…a Republican…and I doubt seriously if he were alive today he’d be on the side of his foul-mouthed ex-wife who can’t appear to put two coherent words together.

      • http://www.facebook.com/mary.gunn.9 Mary Gunn

        he was elected mayor in 1988, long after the divorce. I don’t think their relationship was solid ever, much less after the divorce. Yes, Cher is a has been and would not win a political debate with Sarah Palin or a physical battle either. Sorry cher, you are an oldie. Maybe even not a goodie.

    • majicmahon

      and we”re to listen 2 you instead. She’s been around the world more times u have been out of state and that’s so typical of Americans in general. Thus their narrow view of the world.

      • carmijok

        Ah yes… just because you’ve been a tourist means you have a ‘world view’ on politics. She’s been ‘around the world’ more with strange men than world leaders.

      • $2943864

        I’ve been around the world several times – just never pampered in the most expensive hotels. I can tell you what a cesspool much of it is. I have also experienced “healthcare” in some of those state run institutions. Cher is an illiterate hippie regardless of how much she enjoys being the 1%.

        • majicmahon

          yes, I’m sure you have been around the world.

          • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.baranowski1 Thomas Baranowski

            Cher going around the world in a fog doesn’t qualify her for anything other than a co-anchor at party central.

      • Dan Kern

        And she’s STILL out of this world. A true loony tune.

    • majicmahon

      She’s made a fortune in recording, starred in a movie, been around the world more times you’ve left your state. What is it you’ve done again? And you say she isn’t capable of commenting on politics? Where’s your cred ,man?

      • Helen O’Connor

        and, Abe, she has done the travelling with the dimes and dollars of those she now trashes. Maybe she will be staying at home more……

      • Bswanson

        She has a horrible voice (I’ve heard cats in heat that sound better), she is a horrible actress (I’ve seen cardboard that acted better), In this day an age going around the world isn’t really that difficult. Her political opinion is as valid as anyones and I have a right as anyone to say she is wrong, misguided, shallow, and hateful.

        Cher is a horrible person to get anything thoughtful or meaningful from…she has no real cred…man.

        • majicmahon

          yeah ok, tell that to the fans who have been to her LV show these past 14 months. Don’t you veggie-brains do any DD before you make remarks.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

        Anyone is capable of making random keystokes on a keyboard. Is Cher capable of cogent commentary? I think we should let her intellectually stilted ramblings speak for themselves.

    • Gloria Pappas

      thank you for speaking the only truth on here. I don’t why
      makes these old glued together flea bags think they have enough brain to qualify on anything that the world cares about!

  • Judith A Bradley

    Cher you are forgetting it has taken two parties to get us into this mess …The left and right have taken the money from hard working Americans mis used it and squandered it . We have become a nation that goes into debt so we can spread bloodshed , If you want to talk politics then Cher look at both sides ….if things are to change lets set an example and rid DC of both parties . We are a country a little over two hundred years old and we have been in over two hundred conflicts and wars ….we are in debt to kill , what is wrong with this picture . With all due respect Cher the downfall of this country and it’s happening as I type this post is both parties would rather we fail then work together for the good of our nation ….nothing changes if nothing changes ….Cher if you are going to post about the right only then you had better do some homework ….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Teresa-Hammontree/100000719277510 Teresa Hammontree

    Cher is a bigot!! there was always a reason why i never cared for her or her music. for one she isn’t all that great anyway.And she was kinda of a weirdo in my book. Look at the way she dressed,quite slutty!

  • texas_suzie

    Ah. More wise words from another plastic faced liberal woman… wait… okay, yep, woman… I think.

    • whiteorchid02

      yeah , who know’s what she is

    • majicmahon

      and just how much black dye does Wilbur use?

  • http://twitter.com/debbijean Deb Nuckles

    Don’t like to send out negative vibes, but in all honesty, Cher along with a huge majority of “Hollywood” is disgusting and for the life of me I cannot relate to how their opinion on Politics matters in the first place. I can remember her show with Sonny years ago…she was so phony in those skits. Yeah, I’d like to see her up against Palin…a debate, that would be hilarious.

    • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.baranowski1 Thomas Baranowski

      Hollywood hollowhead’s opinions matter to only those too stoned or stupid to think for themselves

      • whiteorchid02

        Here ! Here !

      • majicmahon

        Are you saying Reagan was stoned or are you too young to know Presidents before W?

        • James Atkins

          Reagan broke away from Hollywood and the Democratic party exactly because of Hollywood. What’s your point?

          • majicmahon

            oh, he broke away……………give your head a shake. Arnie might be back to rip you up. My point…..u missed it like a drone.

          • Bill Rawley

            And you still couldn’t make your point…. Because you don’t have one!

          • http://twitter.com/RealLarryBaron Larry Baron

            Drones don’t miss, genius

          • J_Stuart_Mill

            I think you just made it lol — thank you Abner!

            As James demonstrates, sometimes truths are best shown by pointing out stupidity in the converse.

            Like … um … say, OBAMA’S SPEECHES ON ECONOMICS. Classic!

      • Kdiity

        I wonder why the ignorant lister to these useful idiots in hollyweird?? If you think about it, they’re ALL liars when they’re acting out a role so wouldn’t it stand that they are liars in their private lives?? Me thinks so

    • majicmahon

      her lines in the show were improvised and rehearsed. Some, er…almost eveyone but you would know it’s ACTING!
      History lesson honey…..Ronny Reagan appeared in a movie or two.

      • Dustin Bennett

        A movie or two? Mr. Reagan was in 78 movies. From 1937 to 1996. If you’re gonna quote history at least bother to do the research my friend.

        • majicmahon

          HAHA Dusty, you missed the point.If your going to criticize Hollywood actors for their political views……wasn’t Ronny an actor. Geezus man, how thick are you?? I’d say…get a life but u have one. Use it.

          • J_Stuart_Mill

            Do you hate ALL women, or just some?

          • Platinum Angel

            Abner’s a typical woman hating queen.

          • majicmahon

            Which hat did you pick that response from? Lame or what? lol, geezus your stupid

          • rodney495

            Abby girl, your articulation has me on edge to hear your next intellectual oratory! Please continue.

          • Robert Martin

            I love it when someone says “your stupid.” My stupid what?

      • auzerais310

        Reagan quickly saw Hollywood exactly for what it was, a hotbed of Socialist and Soviet dupes. Hollywood hasn’t changed one iota, but Reagan was wise enough (unlike today’s actors) to change his party and help to strengthen America by exposing the Democrat Party for being nothing but a ship of fools.

    • Flunking_retirement

      You cant set out an airhead against someone with common sense.

    • majicmahon

      at least Cher know where Russia was.

      • carmijok

        Seriously? You’re thinking of Tina Fey NOT Sarah Palin. Just another useful idiot who can’t tell fact from fiction.

        • majicmahon

          tina made the point what it is. And yes, still hanging with it.why not. BO makes a slip and you’re sticking with it……..right out of your hypocritical playbook. You guys are feathers. C’mon, before you say your prayers….give me a good one.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000113525000 Brad Haines

        1. Learn English, twit. (it’s KNOWS, not KNOW)

        2. I assume you are harping on that infamous Sarah Palin line (“I can see Russia from my house!”) that SHE NEVER SAID (That was TINA FEY, YOU MORON!).

        3. I’m willing to bet that without help, that 8th grade dropout Cher wouldn’t even know where her own HOUSE is, let alone Russia. Same for YOU, I’m willing to bet…

        • majicmahon

          I think you mean “homes”. She’s above your pay grade!

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

            She’s above his pay grade? Your retort, much like your original point, is nonsensical.

          • http://twitter.com/TheAngieNC2 Angie (D)

            Bragging on Cher’s wealth & multiple homes, but I bet you’re first in line to bash Romney for his wealth & multiple homes. Too bad Romney didn’t make his money living in a fantasy world & working 2 months out of the year “singing” and “acting” — then you’d *love* him & think him superior to all us lesser mortals.

            Psst — your eye — there’s a log in it.

      • dangerousfreedom

        Palin actually used to go out with the Alaska National guard – Alaska is a border state with Russia on the other side. She participated in exercises overseeing border defense and such – as AK gov it was part of her job. It was imperative the leftist MSM defuse that experience as a strength – Tina Fey was part of that strategy.

      • Slkennedy

        Bet She Can’t Find It Now That The USSR Has Broken APart

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GD7WS623BZEZXXKKUMYQ2TOFRE ScottH

        Li’l Abner doesn’t know it wasn’t Palin who made the comment about seeing Russia from her house.

    • J_Stuart_Mill


      JOSEPH GOEBBELS praised WOODROW WILSON’S use of the technique.

      Hollywood is merely a PIECE OF THE PUZZLE. Of course the Leftards go after “authoritative” voices — who PLAYED A GENIUS ONCE in a friggin movie, so they can now HUCK CREDIT CARDS.

      THAT is all it is. I’ll recommend ATTACKING THE MESSENGER — Hollywood — to the good folks working on Get Out The Vote in Southern Ohio.

      Seriously. Door to door: “Are you going to let CHER tell you how to vote…?”

      • http://www.facebook.com/sandy.howell.7 Sandy Howell

        She thinks very highly of herself, she’s always been over the top!

    • http://fahling.net Cheryl

      Very well said. If you think she was phony then, look at her now. All these years and she looks much the same? A plastic surgeon’s dream come true 😉

      • http://www.facebook.com/sandy.howell.7 Sandy Howell

        right on the mark!

    • Lola Dean

      Deb, it’s all about the money they give,if they didn’t donate “o” wouldn’t waste his time on’em

    • http://www.facebook.com/sandy.howell.7 Sandy Howell

      I agree!

  • Susan Bianchi

    This is just a rant from a celebrity who as all celebrities make their money from basically doing nothing. Saying whatever the popular thing is to say to get the poor people who are blinded by the celebrity status to follow them and to continue to support them (which they do by buying tickets to movies, records etc.) For once I wish celebrities would stay out of politics they are just proving to the American people how ignorant of the way of life of the regular working people.

  • lazzerwolf

    somebody give her a cracker

  • http://www.facebook.com/pjcitro Paul J. Citro

    The arrogance of the left is showing.

    • majicmahon

      Confidence is ovbiously mistaken. To do what she accomplished takes guts. Oh, she’ll gladly sing for you in her LV revue…but do you have $150.00. I think not!

  • BoltUp

    She looks like Michael Jackson in his last years…

    • majicmahon

      This, from a coward who refuses to show his picture. HA

      • BoltUp

        This from a guy using a Trump image…genius.
        1. I’m not a public figure, begging for the world to shower me with attention.
        2. I just can’t be bothered throwing up an image, but not a coward. That would presume I have something to fear from someone like you, which could never happen.
        3. Sticking up for Cher will not cause her to know who you are, or make her care, nor get you tickets to hear her caterwauling. Go peddle your celebrity worship at TMZ, loser.

  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

    Tar Baby? Really, Cher? I don’t think the Klan has even used that term since the 70s.

    • majicmahon

      They have called first Lady- Monkey and Whore. real Classy.

      • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

        Who called someone those names? When did it happen? I didn’t read that anywhere on the page. The most racist statements were made by Cher.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.foor.7 David Foor

    How can you run the Tea party down?? All they want is Less Government, Less Taxes, and More Freedom! Isn’t that what we are supposed to be about?? What happened to America Freedom!! Me, and Thousands of other Americans don’t want to be the Governments BITCH!! I guess when you live your whole life in a FANTASY world ( Hollywood actors) you have these views! Hey Cher, isn’t it about time that you get your face pulled back

    • majicmahon

      face pulled back? It’s all relative boy. She has the money to this…you only have the cash to get a haircut. Hmmm….you are against those with cash. poor fela.

  • Paul Cusumano

    Cher? Who is that?

    • majicmahon

      I’ll tell you who she is. She was what you see now in Gaga, Christine A, JLO, et-all.
      She was a pioneer in the recording business.
      But then, you wouldn’t know about Vinyl, would you?
      When I hear tweets like yours, I think of “The Pretenders”.

      • Guest

        You’ve now compared Cher to a bunch of no-talent, albeit much younger, media whores. Are you attempting to defend or insult her? Your posts are growing increasingly incoherent, and so I offer this advice…don’t type angry.
        Go balance your chakras and get back to us.

        • majicmahon

          If you have children and god forbid the thought, you’d see that today’s recording artists (the ones your offspring follow) you’d understand, their stage performance style was introduced 40 yrs ago by Cher. Much like the comedy of today was first established by Lenny Bruce.
          Genesis my dear….
          Media Whores? It’s the media that follows them.
          See you in Nov and uou can hide all the sharp objects for four years.

          • Guest

            “uou”? One can almost see the foam-flecked spittle drenching your keyboard.

          • majicmahon

            Aw don’t get so worked up baby.As a Canadian, we have a bit thicker skin than you guys. We don’t need wars..people like us.
            Things do come around and I hope the Rooskies and Chee-A-neese don’t just one day say “screw it” lets take over.
            I’m not talking little countries you have ivaded and lost……I’m talking major league teams man.We ABOVE THE US in UPPER AMERICA laugh at Yankees from the Right.

          • Guest

            Ahem. You are certainly exemplary of the superiority inherent in the Canadian education system.

          • https://www.facebook.com/NorthernSentinel northern_sentinel

            Don’t judge all Canadians by that dipwad.

          • majicmahon

            Qu’est-ce qu’un dipwad?

  • http://www.facebook.com/LanzaTeague Lanza Teague

    I think this is how has been, B-list celebrities try to jump back into the spotlight. If you twitter outrageous, stupid leftist rhetoric and sprinkle in a few obscenities, maybe a blog or two will quote you and people remember you exist. Cher, Ellen Barkin and Roseanne Barr have always been lacking in class … their language and nonsense really don’t surprise me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nancy.a.drake.1 Nancy Ann Drake

    Well, Chere’s my age, a “senior citizen”, and maybe finally realizing people aren’t lining up to see her belly button anymore. She needs to seek attention in other ways.

    • http://www.facebook.com/diane.carter1 Diane Fullerton Carter

      Thats because her belly button is now a mole on her neck.

    • majicmahon

      What? An entertainer can’t voice the same opinion as…………….god only knows what you did before your diet included Ovaltine.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.murphy.1253 Mike Murphy

    Who cares about what some idiot from Hollywood has to say?! Cher has her own problems! I wouldn’t expose myself to “Rebuttle” if I were her! I’d like to see a debate between Palin and Cher, too. They would have to stand up though!!! One of em has had too much surgery!

    • majicmahon

      surprised you have access to the prison computer room.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Spacelink Leo McIntyre

    She’s obviously had one TOO MANY procedures (tummy tuck, face lift, or whatever!) done because it has squeezed what little sense she had left right out of that pee-brain! Good luck with that honey…

  • Stormie Day

    What is happening to our country, no one can say anything without someone being nasty, what happened to civility, just because you are not face to face with a person gives us the right to call them names and be rude. Cher, grow up. You talk as if you were a uneducated person, your age should have given you by now some wisdom but I guess not.

  • Linda

    All that plastic surgery she has had has finally sunk into her brain poor old thing. I agree with Deb why in the world does anyone even care what “celebrities” think about anything, much less politics? Really, like Cher has to worry about how she is gonna pay her bills next month….

  • LaSantaHermandad

    Another IZQUI. suffering from chronic, degenerative anger. Anger and cosmetic surgery have taken their toll. I remember the old Sonny & Cher show when she was so beautiful with her long hair. I thought that her nose was one of her most attractive features. She looked real. THen all of a sudden she became a freak of nature. THe last time I saw her was her pathetic appearance on Dave Letterman who spent the whole interview with her fondling her arms and legs while she sat their in what looked like a semi trance answering his asinine questions with non-sequiturs.
    Let’s take pity on her. Maybe she’d be happier had Chastity turned out looking one fiftieth as good as Bristol Palin, (although I DO think that some people have anomalies at birth and should have been the opposite sex. I have no problem with sexual reassignment provided that there is definite genetic evidence to support it). Chaz seems to be happier so good for him.
    Anyway let’s hope that this roll continues on the part of the Izquis. They are making total asses of themselves and let’s also hope that “thinking” people remember that at the polls.

  • Stop Lying Dave!

    If i could turn back time & have not read her incoherent rants I would be happy.

    • majicmahon

      Why blame her for ur unhappiness? Your choice to read her “rant”. Always blaming others. U poor insecure prick.

  • John Gallagher

    I’m kind of a middle of the road conservative leaning on some subjects – liberal on others – but I’m sorry – Michelle Bachman is a national embarrassment – no matter what side of the aisle you’re on – from Guardasil causing brain damage (if she had just stuck with fighting on the “mandatory” aspect of Rick Perry’s plan in Texas – she had the win – but she blew that.

    Now she’s going after a woman who’s on Hillary Clinton’s staff – a woman who I am sure has been vetted up, down and all around – 1st for being the wife of a US COngressman -granted a complete idiot of one – and 2nd for being an aid to the flipping SECRETARY OF STATE. A woman who is surrounded 24/7 by Secret Service.

    Now I grant you – it would be a pretty insidious plan to have an Arab American (born in the US mind you) recruited to marry a Jewish politician – have him hypnotized so that he sent out pictures of his tighty whitey clad schlong so that she could divorce him and get her on to the staff of the most powerful diplomat in the country if not the world – all in an effort to let the terrorists win.

    This is right up there with Marcus Bachman’s “Pray the Gay Away” clinics in its down right idiocy.

    This woman – who accepted campaign contributions from a bank with known ties to Middle Eastern terrorist groups (HSBC) needs to be retuned to the town where John Wayne was not born and to anonymity – and damned quickly!

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      So Bachmann receiving donations from a bank with ties to Middle Eastern terror groups is bad. But questioning the personal assistant to the Sec of State because she and her family have direct ties to people in the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of Al Qaeda is out of the question.

      Yeah, she’s probably been vetted, but by whom? No sense asking any questions about her, we never asked any of our current President.

      • majicmahon

        We really can’t go back two generations before we’re born, when the world was different and change our grandparents. We can only change ourselves.
        This Lady, is married to a Jewish man. Her convictions are well documented and those who share her political convictions are numerous….in both parties.
        Backmann blows smoke…and of course her feather-footed hubby.

        • carmijok

          Cher is not married. Zimmerman is a comedy writer. No joke! She’s only been married twice…once to Sonny and then again to Gregg Allman. You might call her a ‘serial dater’. Her political ‘convictions’ are her own and NOT shared by millions on the opposite side. Does that make her more right just because she’s a left of the political spectrum?

    • Cyborg0012

      What? Are you mentally deranged? This thread is about Cher. No one has brought up Bachman at all. Totally out of the blue.

  • jeffofnh

    Diversity is a fine thing, as long as it is not ideological diversity.

  • FedorTheGreat!

    her over stretched face has affected her brain.

  • ScarlettRuby

    This is what happens when the over-the-hill queen looks in the magic mirror and it tells her she’s no longer the fairest in the land. Screaming hissy fit!

    Those washed up Hollywood folks are like high school kids, in order to qualify for the cool kid in-crowd you have do diss the smart kids and the athletes. Divert attention from your own failures and shortcomings!

  • Jeannine Penninger

    Another Hollywood cretin. Well, as I said, it may not be a huge majority, but at least my family and friends (amounting to approx 120) do not attend movies any longer. Shame, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Charlton Heston, Clark Gable, Audie Murphy ( why did y’all fight so hard to see this country become what it is becoming today?) Sad. Yes I know the Duke didn’t actually fight, but he supported this country to his death. Oh and did I forget to mention Ronald Reagan? Can we just do without the profane, idiotic comments of the morons from Hollywood?

  • Sandra Y. Freeman

    The Garbage this Has Been Hack spews forth doesn’t amount to a hill of Beans!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/susan.b.oleary Susan O’Leary

    Who cares about what has been Cher thinks, anyway? When she was busy having all of those surgeries, perhaps they removed her brain as well.

  • John Greggory Kemp

    All of the freakin’ idiots of Hollyweird have no idea what it is to work for a living. They want to be in control and have people work just for them.

  • Flunking_retirement

    Yes we are all racist. Cant think of any other epithet, just throw out racist.

    God bless the left. They are making Cromwell seem like a nice guy.

    • majicmahon

      I was thinking Ted Nuggent or Limbaugh myself

      • carmijok

        Before you cast aspersions on Rush Limbaugh, I suggest you actually listen to him instead of media pull quotes. He’s very factual. Something the left likes to ignore. I mean most don’t deal in facts…just innuendo.

  • Platinum Angel

    tsk tsk, why the long face Cher?

  • http://www.facebook.com/brotherjohntheleo John Vaughn

    Guess there’s no room for the hew and cry of Freedom of Speech here, eh?

  • Ritch Bartlett

    What an inarticulate dumbass. Seriously, I’m ashamed to even use the same mother tongue as her – albeit mine demonstrates intellect and education and hers demonstrates …….. well, let me get back to you on that one. Also, what is she going on about making reference to the British Olympics. We may have a (good but slowly failing) universal healthcare system, but we also have mass gangs of feral children nevermind the “actual” gangs; uncontrollable and unprosecutable crime levels, welfare fraud to the tune of billions of pounds, an army that has been shrunk to smaller than our old rivals the French – for God’s sake, our army is dwarfed by the French!?, education system that means a class is only as good as it’s least intelligent or worst behaved pupil. Shall I go on? Murder rates may be down (let’s face it, that’s the one crime the Police put effort into investigating apart from breaches in political correctness) but violent crime is worse now than at almost any time in British history. Most cities in merry ole’ England have vast swathes of no go areas. The liberals who don’t think so live in plush upper middle class suburbs and wouldn’t dare spend a few days living on a council estate without a retinue. Sheesh. Stop acting like Britain is great and to be lauded. We were once, but not anymore, not in any measurable sense. The countryside and the history make me proud to be British and the stubborn hope that on some level we can reforge some of our Empire greatness. Oh yeah, back to Cher – her language demonstrates she can use a twitter account ….. unless her PA did it from a dictation.

    • majicmahon

      “inarticulate dumbass”? Then, “seriously”. We got it!! you’re not even convinced readers understood your own remark.
      Yes, you demonstrated well, your mastery over your native tongue. I don’t tyhink so. Your foot is in your mouth!

      • carmijok

        Gosh Abner…you sound like you’re babbling now. Check your typos BEFORE you post so you don’t sound like a…well…dumbass.

  • radjahshelduck

    Well, maybe she won’t vote for a Republican, but at least she said “I do” to one.

  • Rena

    And now jumps another has been onto the race card platform.. I see it collapsing soon from all the dead weight….

  • Diane Stephan

    If my once adorable little girl turned into a fat, sweaty, hairy man, I’d be bat shit crazy too. Poor thing.

    • majicmahon

      I;m confused. Are you dumping on Cher or so cruel, you’ve added her kid to the mix now? It’s Sunday and you’ve probably gone to church. Hallelulia! Obviously a waste of time and how often do you do this?

      • Guest

        You do seem rather confused. I believe you wanted to use an apostrophe rather than a semi-colon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/walker438 Rags Vnvmc

    Hmmm is Cher still alive??? I thought she was killed in some ski accident years ago while boinking Greg Allman and plastic surgery was done on her corpse… Just a joke…. Cher is an old woman that didn’t even graduate from high school. Her political ramblings are of no value whatsoever. Puleeese Cher do us a favor and lite up a doobie, don’t take your clothes off again, put on some of your old, worn out songs and get back into your rocking chair at the old farts home……

    • majicmahon

      What’s not finishing high school got to do with making millions (and u don’tv do that without a fan base), seeing the world more times than u have left your state….with your high school diploma (which by now you have wiped your lilly white ass with.

      • carmijok

        So how do you know how many times Cher has ‘toured the world’? And what difference does it make if she has? You are right about one thing…Cher has made millions without the education to back it up…and that’s what’s great about this country…anyone has the opportunity to become anything they want as long as they have the desire and work ethic to make it happen. Oh wait…I forgot…Obama said NO one could make it on their own…they had to have help from the government or someone else! Individual achievement is just a myth.

  • Guest

    Meh. I don’t think she’s even worth an attempt at satire, it might make her feel relevent.

    • majicmahon

      We’re not looking for satire here. We want relevant comments. Instead of name-calling, why not state something that, again is relevant.

      • Guest

        “We’re”? Do you represent Cher’s interweb defense league?
        I thought this was for commentary on current social media topics, but next time I’ll be sure to seek a quorom before posting.

        • majicmahon

          No, no…next time push “spell check. Nope don’t represent her. I represent the 532% who think the same way. Voting results if you don’t understand.
          CVS have douce on sale this week…..stock up.

          • Guest

            I’m sorry, but what on earth are you on about?

          • Cyborg0012

            You can only have 100% of a sample. Please educate yourself about mathematics before making such an egregious error.

          • SonofHawg

            You may want to work on your grammar as well.

        • majicmahon

          shhhhh…use spell check dummy. Word 101 basics.

          • SonofHawg

            Seems spell check didn’t work so well for you in a different post (‘criten’). Who’s the dummy?

      • carmijok

        You first!

  • http://twitter.com/cozyrn cozette westenberger

    Really, why are we even discussing Cher? Did she finish high school? What besides her naval is her claim to fame? Her list of embarrassments is long and should be extinguished. Be gone Cher.

  • allenbarr

    Cher left the only man she ever loved. Her daughter became a man. Why is she full of hate. Well let’s just say that she should be. For all her success her home life has been pitiful. In the name of Jesus help this woman to see the Light. AMEN!

  • http://twitter.com/cozyrn cozette westenberger

    Bring it on Cher. We would love to see you at a Tea Party gathering. You would truly be amazed. We are very kind people and we care about America, not Hollywood.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dick.baker.7 Dick Baker

    I saw Cher on The Larry King show during the 1996 Republican convention. King asked her opinion on Republicans, and she said she didn’t know much about politics, but she thought Republicans seemed “mean”. (And remember, this was when the milque-toast Bob Dole was the candidate). I remember being struck by the interview, in that Cher really didn’t seem particularly bright. I was surprised. She has every right in the world to spout her opinions. Why anyone would listen is beyond me.

    • Rena

      And yet Abner believes she got her insight to politics from her former husband Sonny, who was a Republican for the House of Representatives till ’98, just two years AFTER that interview…

  • Iceman00767

    I’m noticing a trend here of washed up/has been hollywood relics who try to remain the least bit relevant by bashing conservatives. Yawn……don’t these morons realize that the majority of the country leans center-right? I for one would never support any film, music, or product that involves Cher, Ellen Barkin, Roseanne Barr, etc. after the vile crap that has come out of their filthy pie-holes over the past few weeks. They’re cutting their noses to spite their faces as far as can see.

    • SonofHawg

      I think they just don’t have anything else to do. No one will touch Roseanne now, professionally or personally. Cher is about 75. I thought Barkin had retired, I haven’t seen her since Buckaroo Banzaii.

    • majicmahon

      These washed-up critens are probably twice your age. That means experience. Vietnam, Contra, Watergate, Gulf War, Iraq, Aphganistan………….all Republican wars. They’ve seen and lost enough, just to fil the pockets of Haliburtan et al.

      • SonofHawg

        Hard to follow your gibberish. Are you saying that Contra and Watergate were wars? And are you saying that Vietnam was a Republican war? And just how did these things impoverish Cher, et al?

        • majicmahon

          I’m talking Repug catastrophies. The Gulf Of Tonkin…….a hoax to go in. Man, now I know why we had American history books….you guys weren’t reading them..
          Heyy I gotta go get some stitches out of my arm. Cost….$0.00
          And Lovin’ it!!!

          • carmijok

            How about the Bay of Pigs? Or did you think that was just a vacation spot? I’m so glad you got your stitches out for $0. It costs the same thing in the States to get stitches out. Difference is, you think everything is ‘free’ when you are paying out the ass in taxes! And you’re paying those taxes to cover people who DON’T pay taxes at all! Good move!

          • SonofHawg

            What’s your point about it costing nothing? If getting the stitches put IN cost nothing then you are simply on medicaide (whichever one is for the welfare types, anyway). Or do you think ObiCare has begun? But yeah, you really need to read those history books you mentioned. Or, more importantly, KEEP reading after you drop out of jr. high school, which you apparently did.

          • SonofHawg

            BTW, Johnson was president during the Gulf of Tonkin incident, IDIOT. And he was, big surprise, a DEMOCRAT! What an asshat.

      • Iceman00767

        Vietnam was a Republican war? What friggin’ parallel universe do you live in? You might want to pick up a history book or two. Oh, and by the way genius, I served in the gulf war, something I’m sure that you or your liberal heroes like Cher never did. That said, I think I’m more than qualified to voice an “experienced” opinion! As for those “critens” being twice my age, exactly what does that mean? Somehow being old means they’re correct? Newsflash, you can be old and still be clueless and stupid. Cher is a prime example of that. BTW – I’m still wondering what a criten is. Perhaps YOU should use spellcheck!

      • carmijok

        Ah perhaps you don’t remember that John Kennedy got us INTO Vietnam, Lyndon Johnson escalated it and Richard Nixon got us out. I believe that BO has been in office almost 4 years and we’re still in Iraq and Afghanistan, Gitmo is still open and we actually WON the Gulf War (under Bush). My two brothers were in Vietnam…were you?

  • majicmahon

    Even Cheney says (today) Palin was a mistake. Go figure. And Cher is wrong? HAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s a big laugh in case you idiots don’t understand. Can’t assume with you bird droppings.

  • http://www.facebook.com/debra.belisleputnam Debra Belisle-putnam

    Osiya’ Cher: love ya and always respect your opinions. i have been a fan forever. much love your way. I will not be voting for Mitt, he is of bad seed. but i can not vote for Obama either. i m in sad place. we do as our hearts lead us. signed Debra, O
    Osage people Wolf Clan

  • George Caylor

    As if Cher’s opinion means squat.


    Cher continues to blather her ignorance and hate. Keep it up, old lady. You make me laugh.

  • SimpleFacts

    Cher? Cher? Wait, didn’t she use to be an actress or something? Maybe like a singer?
    Really people, who cares what this twit or any Hollywood has-been has to say. They have, on the whole, little education, no experience in any governmental field much less in international policy. So they have an opinion – like everyone else. Just ignore them and they go away. Or pout. Or run for mayor of New York.

  • eerapelje

    Cher, I have always thought you were a pig and everytime you open your big mouth you prove it. Why do you want this country that I fought for destroyed? You should be ashamed for your vile language.

  • ASC

    Right, Cher. The animals in ‘War Horse’ have not been ridden as much as you.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDUB4TOCBOL6VXCSF32TTHTBV4 Jerry P

    CHER??? I thought that was Howard Stern! LOL!

  • http://twitter.com/colts1taylorfan Ricky Marcus

    Cher, We dont care what you say. Crawl back in your hollywood cave. You are the real racsit. Bet she has less white guilt after her comment.

  • Patricia Devinney

    Cher needs to shut up and concentrate on her wigs and plastic surgery.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=12722229 Jarryd Ashby

    Not one was called a “fascist?” Was she in a coma during Bush’s presidency? Also, obviously the 11 before Obama couldn’t be African. They were honkies. Using that as a description wouldn’t make any sense/would be inaccurate.

  • lillymckim

    Cher aka Old Droopy Butt speaks again


  • Bill Gordon

    How can anybody so old and ugly say anything about anybody. Just another hollywood phoney with nothing else to do but run their mouth.

  • MaryEllen Smith


  • Emma Brown

    Cher is just one more bitter hag who has to visit her plastic surgeon every couple of years to keep the wrinkles away….and was sooooo disappointed that her only daughter turned out to be a “son”…she is more than likely ate up with jealousy over Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman…..

  • $2943864

    What a foul, disgusting human being.

  • Bswanson

    @cher is how old? Really I thought she had died of old age years ago.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.hoehn.5 Jim Hoehn

    So many washed up entertainers are trying to gain publicity from this election by making “shocking” comments. Why do people care? Is Cher suddenly intelligent, knowlegable? Is she sudddenlt politically informed or sophisticated. the only reason i care what she thisnk is so I can now decide to turn her off everytime I see or hear her and to make sure NONE of my money gets into her hands.

  • Patrick Wickersham

    She has to be nasty, nasty is all she has. And unless you want several thousand transvestite, Cher impersonators on the march, you better go along. If fact are sure this isnt one of them, some of them have had nearly as many face surgeries as she has, and all you need is testicals and an adams apple to sound just like her anyway. ask your friends about teabagging you have your terms confused.

  • anjullyn

    What a hag. She will do and say anything for attention now that she’s a senior citizen.

  • J_Stuart_Mill


    Calling people RACIST while making “I have a big dick (because I’m black?)” jokes on THE VIEW…? Having Biden echo the joke. Who’s the RACIST…?

    YOU, motherf*ckers, YOU, BARRY. YOU, CHER — YOU are RACISTS.

    It’s DANGEROUS and Pathetic. When Obama loses in November, remember YOU’RE BLAMING IT ON HIS RACE (well, half) … REALLY? Really? Really … with 1.5% growth, no, no … it’s his f*cking RACE. You *SSHOLES…!!!


    The most DIVISIVE President ever, playing the RACE CARD?! He’s the LAST person who should be playing that, due to his “reach” … amazing, really. File under “WHAT HAVE COME TO” … “SAD BUT TRUE” … and “INSANITY”….


  • dangerousfreedom

    Cher fighting Palin? The plastic doll against the scrapper Basketball captain who led her team to victory on a broken foot. Actually, that might be fun. The first punch Palin threw, Cher’s head would probably fall off, like the rest of the preserved dead in LA.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

    Cher should get her own public service announcement gig. Certainly her grammar and incoherence would convince millions of children to remain in school, lest they remain ignorant for life.

  • Superinfidel

    Why does Cher hate gay men? I mean, they ARE tea baggers, right? I thought tea baggers are great according to all the lefties.

  • https://www.facebook.com/NorthernSentinel northern_sentinel

    Cher?….is she the one with the lovely little daughter that grew up to mutilated her own sex organs and didn’t it have something to do with the child being left alone with and raped by a lesbian friend of Cher’s while Cher was off galavanting around?

  • http://youtu.be/efJUFlD1S8Q DaleVM14W

    All this whining from a woman who let’s her daughter turn into a Cousin It from the Aadams Family.

  • Platinum Angel

    T-Baggies… sounds like her ancient transvestive pals – guess they’re always up for a fight

  • Platinum Angel

    Where was the side Cher reserves for criminals when her “friend” Joan was raping her underage daughter? Her response to that perverted crime was that it would be a good experience for her child… WTF

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1597476066 Lisa Edward


  • Toni Parker

    What is it with all these wealthy hollywood people who have such filthy mouths and such self rightous opinions that they throw around. Please people, you were paid because you entertain… sometimes its better to stick to your scripts and lyrics than try to engage in intellegant conversations.

  • tcbinc

    It’s sad to see that old bag try to hang on to that slutty youthful look she had now she just looks like a old wore out hooker

  • monawelsh

    Please consider that we are dealing with a woman who has become a plumped up, bo-toxed, face lifted cartoon of the old Cher. Give her a break. She had a hard time accepting her daughter’s sex change. What’s right for us isn’t right for her elite life. Is she part of the 1%??? If she feels bad, then stop using tax breaks.Pay the full amount! Just because it’s there doesn’t make it morally right. Come on brave woman, give back all the freebies you have taken.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Oh, Cher again, sigh. This woman has been a mental case for a very long time now. Why take anything she says serious? She is a freak.

  • FromNJ

    Hey Cher, it’s hard 2 t8k U srsly when U txt lyk an idiot.

  • John Fowler

    I think she might have issues.

  • http://www.facebook.com/greg.tharp.146 Greg Tharp

    Nonsensical gibberish, uttered frantically in an attempt at remaining relevant. Alas. It’s over. Put the horse down. She’s become an embarrassment.

  • tinker_thinker

    She has a plastic mind as well as a plastic body…you should have spent some of that money actually learning things cher…SONY was right about you no wonder he divorced such a shallow thinker. Too bad it was him who died instead of you.

  • majicmahon

    Something you kids can relate to. “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Think I’ll find another Rightie board and piss them off. Hope they have a bit more backbone and intelligence. See you guys in November.
    You’ll hear a collection cheer on election night from Canada when our man “O” is re-elected and continues to undo what Georgie boy did.

    • https://www.facebook.com/NorthernSentinel northern_sentinel

      This dipwad does not speak for Canadians.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.lienhart.9 Thomas Lienhart

    Hey Cher….SHUT THE F UP!!! Holy crap woman!! The American people have enough to deal with due to the wonderful job Mr Farce has done!!…. we have to hear ignorance spewed from the likes of you and the Hollywood morons….Really??!??!!! Cher…..Go-eth back to thy Caveth where thou hath slithered from…..Go visit your plastic surgeon & have him sew your lips shut :) Please :) Thank you

  • disqus_LASIg6epmj

    We should dedicate Garbage’s “Stupid Girl” to Cher. 😉

  • bret robertson

    wow I bet sonny is happy is finally free of that raving lunatic RIP SONNY BONO

  • $1718659

    If anyone is “teabagging”, i.e. sucking balls, it you, skank.

  • Claudia Jones

    I mean… who really gives a $%#&*shit what Cher thinks or anyone else in Hollywood for that matter. I know one thing.. I won’t be buying anymore of her music, with her making stupid statements like these. Don’t any of these people who side & follow Obama realize he’s out to destroy this country? Obama hates capitalism, but he is to stipid to relaize that without it the government wouldn’t exist. How would they be paid their wage? Nothing would thrive and NO ONE would have any money to throw away on Hollywood movies. Y’all better pray that we never loose our capitalism and become a socilist country, like Obama is working towards. Think about it!!! It’s our hard earned TAX dollars, that’s paid by American citizens and small business owners that pay our governments wages. Why would they want to destroy all that??? As far as you Cher. You would never woop Sara Palins but.. she’s a tough lady and YOU ARE OLD!!!!

  • Maurizme

    Usually, when I’m considering the beauty + brains equation, Cher is never on the other side of the equal sign… it’s Palin. And it usually takes a racist to call someone else a racist, because that is what they think about. I don’t think about people’s race or color most of the time, so it’s a non-issue to me. When someone points it out, that someone is usually the problem, not the solution.

  • MikeRios

    Who is Cher? Oh yea, she’s that OLD has been who married a guy old enough to be her dad, then married a junkie and then started going with little boys to make herself look like she used to. And now we’re supposed to care what she thinks about Romney? Her record shows that she is not very swift in making life judgement calls. Yawn.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Bubba9349 Pete Gonzales

    Abner, what are you so angry about? You need to find a way to channel your frustrations where it will do some good. Cher is Cher. Can’t take her very serious!!

  • http://twitter.com/cherrypie702 Lori Jensen

    Well if anybody knows about “T-bagging” it would be Cher!…. she also lost her talent a long time ago – but loves to flaunt her old bagging, sagging body.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Angeli-Sclone/100002139497322 Angeli Sclone


  • http://www.righthook38.com righthook38

    Good grief….she sounds so ignorant. Is a teenager writing her tweets?

  • Romans 8:39

    @cher You preach tolerance, how about you practice what you preach.

  • Botzilla

    Palin would give Cher the beat down of a lifetime.

  • EastValleyConservative

    What a disgusting immature woman.

  • weRbroke

    Cher’s fanbase consists almost entirely of DRAG QUEEN DIVAS that like to pretend they look like her.

  • Angelfire4280

    Cher, sweetie, just cause you type come big words on Twitter doesn’t mean you actually KNOW anything.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.kukis Gary Kukis

    Please please please, MSNBC hire Cher. She would make a brilliant addition to their staff.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bob.josey.3 Bob Josey

    GO CHER, What gets me? How can so called intelligent people, who haven’t the slightest clue on what is going on in our government, form an intelligent opinion? Well they can’t! Oh but they sure think they can! Yes they can have an opinion but what is it based on? They could not even tell you because they don’t know! They fall for the propaganda from the Right and or the Left?
    For starters they are letting… someone else form an opinion for them, taking the easy way out. Someone else, for example, takes, lets say a clips from an Obama speech and they use it to get their agenda across. Don’t be Too lazy to watch the speech for yourself or use the excuse “I can’t stand to watch him”
    Lame excuse! Watch the speech and most of the time like 90% of the time you will see how they distort the truth. This is just an example, easy to understand, I hope. Check what they tell you on other things and you will soon find most it is just NOT true! Learn the facts as best you can, then you will be better equipped to make an opinion! It is imposable to carry on an intelligent conversation with someone who brings the propaganda’s opinions to the table. Next they use your own bias, bigotry and predigest against you or should I say use it to get you to fall for their selfish agenda. I assure you the welfare of the common good is not their objective as they tell you! What is their agenda? Well to take care of where the dollars are coming from! Yes it’s that simple! follow the money! It’s actually way more complicated than that, if you do follow the money! I don’t have the time or space to get into that here!
    Congress! Well this is the lamest, good for nothing, Congress in the history of the United States, their record stands. They have done very little if anything for the good of the American people! Why because the Republican congress will do anything to get their man elected. Oh they tell you it is for your own good, but don’t fall for that crap! Then they put the blame on others for their incompetence. Democrats don’t have the ball to stand up to them and they have their people to take care of as well!
    Please don’t believe me– get educated. Don’t follow what your party tells you. As long as you are lazy and let others think for you then you Will remain ignorant ! Get educated then we can talk! I sure as hell don’t know it all but I don’t fall for all the crap I’m seeing others fall for hook line and sinker! BJ

  • 1weaver1

    I think maybe they pulled something back just a little too tight during her last facelift.
    When I was young, communists were still regularly black-balled in Hollywood. When I was growing up we were fighting a war against communists in Viet Nam. Communism just wasn’t tolerated in America back then. And when I was old enough, I joined the Navy to go fight the communists. I miss those days.

  • lainer51

    she is such a loser, has-been… This is the closest she has been to fame since 1969 (other than what crumbs Chastity/Chaz throws her way)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6UQZDKWJAIBHZBMCGE3336WS2A RayV

    You have to keep in mind that Cher graduated from the second grade right before she launched her career as a “singer” so please give the poor wretch a break. LOL She is dumber than a bag of hammers and even a drug addicted Greg Allman could not stay with her after he sobered up. She just wants to make herself relevant (and I will not say again because she never was) and all she has is vulgarities. She is white trash!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/darrylcliff Darryl Cliff Brown

    Youre as real as that fake nose of your’s.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XJ6HK3JHHPVSVSJF7URFU42R6I the crazy betty

    please… sarah palin would knock cher on her butt implants.