As Twitchy reported yesterday, actor Jon Lovitz rightly, and epically, took issue with President Obama’s sneering remarks to entrepreneurs. A reminder: President Obama said “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

The Left wasn’t completely silent, though. While they hoped to silence his honesty, they couldn’t resist falling into their usual attack and insult mode.

Mr. Lovitz took it in stride and kindly tried to explain the truth to the wilfully ignorant. Basic concepts like freedom, individuality, hard work, perseverance and what freedom actually is are apparently hard for some.

That is another hard concept, evidently. Equal opportunity does not, and should not, guarantee equal results.

Jon Lovitz has created or saved more jobs than President Obama.


Democrats have grossly tried to convince people that they need to rely on the government from cradle to grave, tethered to the government teat all their lives. And that they should kowtow and kiss the government’s garment with gratitude for any speck that is thrown their way.

He also explains a little something about taxes and the people who pay them. Hint: It’s not the government.

Hilarious and smart. Never change, Lovitz.

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Update: His awesome just keeps getting, well, awesomer.

Wow. Common sense!


Double boom!

He even hilariously slams Joe Biden.

You’re welcome! Keep being awesome and honest, Lovitz!



    Lovitz has always been funny. And it’s nice to know that Dennis Miller isn’t the only funny guy who thinks for himself. And…Lovitz is funnier, to be honest.

  • Ntr

    White liberals and their opinions are such failures.

  • Kevin V Gantnier Sr.

    It’s funny to see people freaking out over the truth…..yet when it was Bush bashing time they were all over it….BTW…I don’t give a shit how they do it in Hollywood.

  • AstroNerdBoy

    Jon is more libertarian than he realizes. I think that being from Hollywood, being a Leftist is just what one does in order to get work and to fit in. When this whole thing started several weeks back, I bet Jon just thought he’d crack something on Obama as he’d done against Bush. Back during the Bush years, his cracks were “genius.” Now, he dares attack “The One,” and we see the result.

    I doubt I’d agree with Jon on all of his politics, but I respect him for taking a stand, and thus taking a beating from the “inclusive and tollerant” Left.

  • The Physics Chick

    Lovitz is a talentless wanna be comedian…who gives a fuck what he has to say on politics?

    • Brad Bettin

      That’s interesting – – – so if Lovitz was a “talented comedian,” his opinion would be worth something ….

      Can’t touch the message – – attack the messenger. Got it.

    • Eddie Stewart

      Apply most of that to yourself.

    • Rolando Medrano

      Very classy way to put it. Why so much hate. What are u gays afraid of.

    • Son of Kochthulu

      I regularly wonder the same thing about Bill Maher…

    • douglas59

      I do. Its good to see the left being bashed and taken down to size. Some of your own medicine.

    • Joel Walker

      Typical left wing ingnorance!!! Someone said something daddy Obama wouldnt like quick make short sticks and stones comments to hurt him. People like you are the reason the sad ass left wingers are losing power slowly

    • dugbru

      You do dumb ass… You posted here…

    • crocobull

      What’s a potty mouth like you doing in a nice place like this..Go back with your kind on yahoo where all the trash is.

    • $21590057

      You’re asking who cares (I have to paraphrase; I don’t use language like that)? Well, it looks like you do, doesn’t it? Thanks for the laugh, though. :)

    • Danny

      Spoken like a true hate spewing liberal. Perhaps you should work on your vocabulary a little bit, so you can come up with a better word that the “F” word to get your point across. But in your defense, that’s just what liberals do. They spew their hate on anyone who has a difference of opinion. God forbid that he actually think for himself and go against the grain in Hollywood.

  • Johnny Blade

    Hey Jon, don’t know if you read this but I will patronize anything with your name on it to prevent the ‘tolerant left’ from driving you out of Hollyweird.

  • Brad Bettin

    Well, yeah … the Left has never had a sense of humor … to much energy devoted to being earnest ….

  • Eddie Stewart

    I think its funny that all they can do is call names and attack his career. They really dont want to talk about anything for real. It blows my mind to that they think government just gets money out of thin air. I would also ask about maybe the rich that buy all the bonds for the cities and states that also help build roads and bridges.The ones that are all going bankrupt now and screwing those same people out of their money cause they have to pay all those public employee pensions. Im sure they would do something better with that money though if they had it, idiots.

    • crocobull

      The bible has a nane for them..Dumb brutes without inderstanding ..

  • Joel Walker

    The left should do the world a favore and just stop talking… All they can do is use childish playground bullying to push their views. Even their own the bash as soon as they stand up for whats right in America. Jon you are an awsome man and thanks for the many years of great work someone else gave us for you lol.

  • douglas59

    I just wish I could bitch-slap people like unfunny Bill Maher with his black hookers and David Letterman the intern F#%ker.

  • BwBarrnone

    Rar Race is funny and the last comedy made before 9/11. Jon has a bit in the movie that is a classic.

  • mechanic540

    So, thats the best of the left? OK, so, who’s up for a game of kick the OWSer down the road?

  • Georges T. Lebrun


  • stingerbee

    The Far Left is all about nervous laughter to cover up oppression of free speech and their intolerance. Good for Jon for standing his ground on his own innovative talent which comes from his own brain, and is executed by his own mouth and body, and got him 2 Emmy nominations… Unless somebody else did that; and somebody else made that happen… Hmmm. Anybody check him for puppet strings, and a Chatty Cathy string on his back?

  • dunst43

    Welcome home Jon. You’re among friends.

  • Rhonda Omberg

    That guy needs no help from me. I just let him go. Him and Adam Carolla – good as gold.

  • 49Teid

    I find amusing when the President gets attacked, the arguments coming from his supporters are not arguments, they are just insults and name calling. Are they really trying to argue the point or are they just so upset that someone dared disagree with the President? My guess is they have no argument and thus have nothing to say but insults. I liked how Jon just kept on pushing back. Good for him.

  • Disco Biscuits

    If it wasn’t for roadz, he wouldn’t be funny.

  • Billy Bathgate Eger

    Jon Lovitz Rules.thanks Jon for helping the stupid understand.even tho they will blindly follow the sleeper cell in the whitehouse.CANT FIX STUPID

  • Sharon G

    It’s so refreshing to hear a Hollywood celebrity speaking his mind about what is going on in our government. Go Jon…’re the best!!

  • buzzer7

    The Left likes to keep its Base in line! If someone from La La Land breaks ranks, and criticize the “Anointed One”, they quickly have their Myrmidons box that persons ears! Good for you, John Lovitz! Not only are you funny, but you speak your own mind. Those are admirable traits, especially in “HollywoodLand”! Don’t let those humorless Toads at the “Huffing-Puffing Volk News” push your around!

  • Siobhan_McCallen

    “I was talking to the cigarette!”

    Good times…good times…

  • OSW

    The issue of how the economy works is neither right nor left, its common sense. Private enterprise productivity generates all wealth- period. Without it FIRST, there are no bridges, roads, government, etc… These dumb people who will not see this are willfully committing to no seeing it, and if they have their way, we will all have nothing but wide-spread poverty. No amount of education or gov’t services can change that.

  • tidalpool

    It confuses me that so many people apparently think the federal government is the source of anything. We, the 52% of the USA that pay 100% of all federal taxes are the source of all moneys the flow thru the governemnt.
    Your beliefs are fundamentally wrong. Its like claiming gas comes from the gas pump. Sorry, gas is is trucked to the pump, from refinerys, who recieve the basic ingrediants from multiple sources, who drill or dig them up from the ground, after they have been located by engineers and geologists and even wildcatters. All so you can pull up to a pump, and get gas.
    This president could not be more wrong. Every school, every home, every road, every airport, every ship was built by ‘We, the people” who thru work , and taxable income supported our share of the infrastructure of this country. Obama’s peculiar opinion is based on the type of governemnt they have, for example, in Kenya, or Indonesia, where the rich pay for what infrastructure is there, and the rich just happen to be the government. Odd factoid, but true, non the less.

    • Brahmin

      Marc, you nailed it. The masses just don’t see reality and the mainstream media supports the obfuscation THEIR elected officials spew forth. “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”
      ― Marcus Aurelius

  • $376377

    The Romney campaign should invite Lovitz to the convention, he’d have the audience in stitches.

  • Jeff Jefferson

    Poor Jon. He has yet to learn that his peers are not interested in logic. If this keeps up, he might have to reassess his world view.

  • carmijok

    I have always loved Jon Lovitz…from his devil-playing days on SNL , his stellar performance in A League of Their Own, and to his appearance on an episode of Friends where all he had to say was ‘tartlets’ to get me giggling. He’s just funny! And now I know how smart he is…and brave considering how ‘Big Entertainment’ likes their members to tow a liberal line at all times. Nice to know there’s a basic liberal-leaning member of Hollywood who can think for themselves and is not afraid to speak out against those who are but lemmings speeding towards the nearest cliff.

  • Paul E Guiteau

    John’s observations are accurate and correct. Hopefully he’ll be able to hang tough, not get ground down by the insults and more folks will follow his example.

  • Nancy Merk Bruce

    pleasantly surprised by this man’s opinions. So unlike so many in the “entertainment” industry.

  • Dave

    Way to speak your mind Jon!