As Twitchy reported this weekend, President Obama upped his sneering contempt for business owners and entrepreneurship recently. He told them that if they have a business, they “didn’t build that. Someone else made that happen.” Yesterday, small business owners responded by trying to teach President Obama a little something about business, being that he knows absolutely nothing about business nor even about meeting a payroll. Wearing big boy pants is hard!

Citizens, small business owners among them, are still fuming today. And rightly so; President Obama’s sneering contempt and the scorn he holds for business is shake fisty beyond belief. The worst part is that it was not something gaffe-tastic; it is what he truly believes. He believes that government, not individuals, is paramount. He believes that The State should run all and pesky people should just get out of the way and shaddup. Entrepreneurship is bad, because it is individual and not collective-based.

Well, small business owners refuse to talk to President Obama’s dismissive hand and they are fighting back.

More from the National Federation of Independent Business’s statement:

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 16, 2012 — The following statement is the response from NFIB President and CEO Dan Danner to President Obama’s declaration over the weekend that “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

“What a disappointment to hear President Obama’s revealing comments challenging the significance of America’s entrepreneurs.

“His unfortunate remarks over the weekend show an utter lack of understanding and appreciation for the people who take a huge personal risk and work endless hours to start a business and create jobs.

“I’m sure every small-business owner who took a second mortgage on their home, maxed out their credit cards or borrowed money from their own retirement savings to start their business disagrees strongly with President Obama’s claim. They know that hard work does matter.

“Every small business is not indebted to the government or some other benefactor. If anything, small businesses are historically an economic and job-creating powerhouse in spite of the government.”

Bingo. The president would have you believe that these people sacrificed nothing and should, instead, kiss the hem of the government’s garment (probably made in China). Kowtow to The State, ingrates! Without it, you’d be nothing. Never mind the blood, sweat and tears that you invested, along with your own hard-earned cash, in your business. President Obama and The State did it for you, rubes! And, so, #BarackObamaDidItForThem was born, out of mockery.

That’s another Teachable Moment for you, President Obama. Perhaps you need to hold a summit with people who know what they are talking about, lest you “act stupidly” again.

Small business owners have done more, and will continue to do more, for individuals and families than the government ever could. These business owners, and builders, are Americans who don’t posture. Instead, they take action, work hard and strive to do what needs to be done.  The businesses that they create result in far more good than big government’s failed programs ever will. These entrepreneurs are people who employ others; enriching them and their families in ways that The State cannot. These hard-working and enterprising people beat themselves up every time they are forced to lay someone off due to the incessant interference and constant screw-ups by the government. The very same government, currently “led” by President Obama, that is now smugly dismissing them and blatantly ridiculing and mocking them.

You know what else? The government didn’t build itself; someone else made that happen — We, the people. And you work for us, not the other way around.

  • Kimberly Peacock

    All good points, but the operative word in this discussion is Balance!
    Democracy is balancing the needs and freedoms of the individual against those of the group. Abridging ones freedoms where they may infringe or endanger anothers.
    Economically it is not individual or group, state or individual, it is both acting in balance.
    Capitalism works because it is distributed and is therefore not a centralized command structure. Government can provide a buffer to Capitalism enabling it to operate more effectively by providing smart effecient regulation. Uncontrolled growth in biology is what we know as cancer, and in economics it leads to boom and busts. Government can also help curb feedback loops which help game the capitalist system, but care must be given that they do not do more harm than good.
    Capitalism is amoral and it has no goals except profit, but we humans do have goals and desires, and we prioritize them.
    Government can provide incentives to steer capitalism to address these goals and desires. Price floors and ceilings always come at a price and often with unintende consequences, at best they are useful tools for short term inequalities while you fix underlying structural ones.
    The biggest problem with government is when they use short term tools they never seems to address the structural problems until the problem is so vast it threatens the entire system.
    States rights sound good for social crusaders, but economically it fractures standards and regulation, which end up costing us all much more money than need be.
    Government should try to provide a buffer to society when we are undergoing dramatic change, but it should be treated with a timeline a begining and end with measureable results.
    Today we are going through a period much like the world did after the birth of the industrial revolution.
    The Industrial revolution displaced manpower and craftsman to machines and mass manufacture. Many at the time claimed it was the end of the capitalist system. Although in the end it provided us with more products and services.
    Today we can combat low wage nations by marrying silicon valley and manufacturing via automation. This in the short run will increase unemployment and keep it somewhat higher on average than usual. However it is preferable to outsourcing as money flow as a network effect, and if production is local the money flow stays local providing oppotunity for new products and services.
    Government should provide a buffer for displaced workers, but in doing so it does or should take some freedom away for providing this service. Meaning the training should be on something the economy has demand for, and not just because you enjoy basket weaving. You can choose basket weaving when you can afford to on your own.
    It makes sense that if government taxes me and corporation to provide for you, that I should be able to expect a return on that investment.
    Contrary to the myth we are not born totally free in America, most of us are born indentured servants to some degree.
    However through hard work, some luck, and persistence we should all be able to free ourselves from financial servitude.
    Once upon a time it was a lot easier to be independent in America. 40 Acres and a Mule allowed you to grow your own food, and you could make your own clothes and tools.
    Distributed Manufacturing combined with Intellectual Property and the Internet may make possible for us all in the future to get back some of that independence and ability to produce. Inexpensive energy, combined with automation, and advanced in hydroponics, and aquaculture enable us to grow a lot of our food independently. Individual power generation gets rid of a monthly utility bill. Co-OP type wireless networks could rid ourselves of another monthly utility bill.
    Individuals and Groups will push these things foward, and companies will adapt. Government’s will provide incentives and buffers.
    We can’t all get everything we want, all the time, but if we try and find the right balance, we will all get what we need.

    • Talon

      Now explain the import of much of what you said after you are reminded we are NOT a democracy but a representative republic where the primary purpose of the state itself was intended for the preservation of individual liberty.

      • TomJB

        Exactly! There is no individual vs group protections in our republic. There is the individual’s protection from the government and the individual’s protection against other individuals. Democracy is 50%+1 gets to do what it wants. Our system is designed to protect the 1 from the 100%-1.

        • JSebastian

          Democracy is stupid….and a bad idea. Its nothing more than mob rule, as you point out.

    • BackwardsBoy

      You said, “Government can provide incentives to steer capitalism to address these goals and desires.”
      What you call incentives, the rest of us call intrusion into the free market. Take the awful piece of legislation that got us into our current situation, The Community Redevelopment Act. Instead of insuring a robust economy where everyone has a chance to move up the economic ladder, this law sought to bypass the free market altogether to force banks to lend to people who couldn’t afford a home. Passed by Jimmy Carter, strengthened by Bill Clinton, aided by Barack Obama during his time with ACORN, this is the law that led, quite predictably, to the great Housing Crash of ’08.
      When you add in NAFTA, GATT, ObamaCare, the Dodd-Frank banking bill and a few others, it’s no wonder we’re in the economic mess we’re in. There are too many laws creating too many restrictions for capitalism and wealth creation to function. Then, the people responsible cry that “Capitalism doesn’t work!”
      Only when we start electing people to high office who wish to repeal these horrible laws will we start to recover. We reached a tipping point many years ago where government has far too much influence in our economy. All Washington needs to do is enforce fraud and theft laws, and make sure that private property rights are always upheld. The free market and the American people will do the rest.

      • Kimberly Peacock

        I agree that we need smart efficient regulation. Take for example blue sky laws. Have one standard across the country. Yes the community redevelopment act was a disaster, but the bigger problem was the lack of regulation by the banking industry.

        Growth without regulation is cancer. That said regulation should be like a well defined standard, and really complex stuff should always be pushed to the local domain.

        Many companies can get away with murder through obfuscation, although in our modern world with computers we can eliminate this if we were to choose to.

        Transparency of information, with all financial records being disclosed and searchable.

    • rustynail1960

      @Kimberly…Thanks for the Rolling Stones Moment! Geeze!!!!

    • Sandy Pfaff

      So are you suggesting this “buffer” be put on only the small business owners that suddenly spring into something bigger or does it also apply to individuals whose incomes exceed disproportionate amounts like Oprah Winfrey’s et al….hmmmm? When is enough…enough in the eyes of a Liberal…government does nothing but interfere….nature will take care of her own if every governmental official stepped down and did “nothing” for the rest of time…..elected officials have made up too many new rules as they go along to make themselves appear more valuable to society than they are. Politicians want three things in life…to be famous…or well-known (ego) to be rich and to have power over others…..they do not serve….

    • Joe Duhamel

      Rights apply only to the individual. There is no need for any balance, ever. All rights are individual rights. When you start giving rights to a “group” you immediately throw off the balance. So… some people have MORE rights if they are in a group? That’s not what the Constitution says.

      • gingerdog

        Additionally, ‘rights’ are not a good or service. ‘Rights’ cannot be purchased. ‘Rights’ are a part of who we are as individuals just by ‘being’. obama (lower-case intentional) and the rest of the utopian statists must destroy individual sovereignty in order to have conformity, uniformity, and, in their minds, equality. Their goal is equality of outcome rather than preserving individual sovereignty and equality of opportunity.

      • JSebastian

        The problem with the system is American democracy itself – it doesn’t work. “Representative democracy” is nothing more than mob rule, easily corrupted by special interests. The only answer is a voluntary society or Minarchy. I prefer Minarchy, because of the risks of anarchy.

      • Kimberly Peacock

        The citizens as a group elect representatives, who enact laws that represent the group. We are a republic because the founding fathers wanted to protect individuals and minority groups from mob rule.

        You are free and are born free to do anything you want. You can kill someone, but the group may exact a price for killing someone.

        Laws abridge and individuals liberty to ensure that anothers liberty is not curtailed or endangered.

      • Melody Canterberry

        Exactly. If everyone has ‘individual rights,’ then there should be no minority groups and minority interests, correct? I am not saying that there won’t be truly needy people among us (not the entitlement class like we have now), but it’s not the government’s job to take care of them. We as a nation can take care of them through individual acts of charity.

    • dizzydaisy

      What’s wrong with boom and bust anyway? The very nature of boom/bust means that boom is right around the corner. You fall and gee, guess what, you get up again. This bailing out of so called too big to fail companies is what’s ruining not just our country but also the people et al, who are propped up and never allowed to hit bottom and learn from their mistakes. Even during the dust bowl and great depression, there were some winners. As bad as it is now, there are still many small medium and large businesses opening their doors. Not because of this misbegotten mess of a liberal government but in spite of them!

      • Kimberly Peacock

        One simple way of looking at this is by the analogy of rabbit populations on Islands with no natural predators. The rabbot population will boom until they all starve to death. That is not conducive to a modern society.

        Part of it is the result of the industrial revolution which was a centralyzing process. Moving people from rural areas to be concentrated in cities for production. As people became more specialized people become more inter dependent.

        Distributed manufacturing combined with Intellectual Property and the Internet may bring us back to a time when we all control more of our local production and are therefore more independent.

        Advanced in hydroponics, aquaculture, allow even city dwellers the opptotunity to grow a significant amount of their own food production.

        Distributed manufacturing allows just raw commodities and local commodites to be used in production of products locally.

    • Sheerie Knoll

      So, your rather wordy explanation amounts to: Capitalism bad; Socialism good. Yes?. I disagree.

      • Kimberly Peacock

        No only Moron think in black and white in these types of issues.
        Capitalism is in fact the most scalable system and centrally managed systems do not scale well and are prone to cascade failures, hence too big to fail is real.

        Capitalism is not society, and it is not governance. Capitalism is amoral.

        Capitalism properly regulated is the closest we will ever get to an ideal system, because no system can reach perfection.

    • Del Olds

      Brevity, Brevity, Brevity!

    • BabyGlock

      Dear Ms. Peacock:
      “Brevity is the soul of wit” (Shakespeare)
      Please increase your wit. You may get paid by the word to write, but we do not get paid by the word to read. In this kind of forum, if you cannot make your point in a paragraph, most readers will ignore you.

      • Darth_Venomous

        Most readers ought to ignore the bimbo anyway – one paragraph or not.

      • Kimberly Peacock

        I do not get paid to write. Unfortunately you may be right, and that may be the most damning thing about our society. Nothing of substance only of surface paint.

        • Bitterblue

          I don’t mind reading paragraph after paragraph, but if I am going to spend time reading anything that has more than one paragraph, it has to be GOOD. What you’ve “written”, if it can even be called that, is nothing more than communist agitprop. I’ve seen and heard it all before and most people here have also seen your BS talking points over and over again. We have better things to do than waste precious minutes of our lives reading your bad rewrite of The Communist Manifesto.

          • Kimberly Peacock

            And I have seen your BS.

            The resorting to communist or socialist, is rich!

            I bet you believe in creationism? Yeah the world is only 6,000 years old?

            Or do you wear magic underwear?

    • lillymckim

      Pollyanna your goat is missing…

  • James Atkins

    Don’t the poor people use the same roads that the rich use? Since the poor pay no taxes, isn’t it the rich who built those roads by paying taxes? I think the rich should be thanked for allowing ALL people to use those roads.

    • gingerdog

      Excellent point.

    • Orangeone

      I think those of us that worked and paid for those roads should prohibit the poor who haven’t paid from using them. That would follow O’Bambi’s piss poor logic.

      • Elaine

        Just charge them a fee/penatly/tax/ you call it.

  • RIChris

    The Founding Fathers didn’t put an expiration date on the Constitution. #BarackObamaDidItForThem

  • Sandy Pfaff

    Seriously though…Barack OBama didn’t win the election for presidency….his ethnicity did…and that is a fact…

  • DrKennethNoisewaterMD

    Hussein just needs the shame vote to keep the election in steal-range, and they’re doing their job. Nipple voters only see the old cliche rich cigar man.

  • Jane

    @facebook-1488420198:disqus the democracy you describe is what they have in Greece, Italy, Spain, to name a few. Do you seriously want to live the way they live in those countries? If you do be my guest I will help you pack, Just don’t let our borders hit you where the Good Lord split you on your way out.
    As has been stated by a few of my compatriots earlier, The United States of America is a REPUBLIC…. think about the pledge you say when, apparently, you are forced. AND TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS. What did you think that meant all these years when you were blindly saying it, but obviously not meaning it?
    Go back to school, take some REAL history and economics classes. Actually attempt to learn something about this GREAT NATION. Then and only then will you be able to speak intelligently about anything.

    • Orangeone

      If only REAL history and economics were taught in our public schools.

      • Kimberly Peacock

        If only people learned science and engineering, and math, then maybe we would not have a world filled with idiots.

    • Kimberly Peacock

      I have you Moron. Economics I’m surprised you can read a book. Try readinga little of Barabasi and the network effect and how it impacts economically.

      Try also reading Gibbons “The rise and fall of the Roman Empire.”

      Then explain to me the unintended consequences of farm subsidies, and our U.S. policy of providing food to foreign nations devastated by natural dissaster?

      I will gladly live in Canada or Finland, they have a higher standard of living than we do in the U.S. why is that?

      • Melody Canterberry

        I’m sure that Canada or Finland would gladly take you, and we are glad to send you off to them. I’ll even pay for your one-way ticket outta here if you think the US is so bad. You sound like part of the problem.

        • Kimberly Peacock

          You would not need to pau for my ticket. I would buy my own and 1st calss. I’m not part of the problem. I am just staing an inconvenient truth. America is not number one in the world in so many categories.
          The ideals of America are great! The declaration of Independance is to me one of the most beautiful and eloquent documents ever penned.

          The founding fathers were products of the enlightenment.

          We have not been perfected yet, and we never will, we are a constant work in progress.

          Through reason and science we can self govern and lift up society, and we have and continue that march to this day.

          Capitalism can be the most liberating and also the most oppresive of economic systems but it scales, and regulated properly it is indeed the greatest force for good on the planet.

          I would be the first to admit that we have too much regulation without the ability to enforce it. We need to streamline and make enforceable and it needs to scale from small to large so that it is equally enforceable.

          However to argue capitalism without constraint is to argue for coal mining towns and slavery.

          Conservatives can argue that Unions have hurt us, and they in many cases are right, because they have insisted on fighting the last war, and have not adapted, and have in many cases not recognise that they are part of an ecosystem in which they must co-exist. Being competitive is just as much as concern to Unions as to investors and mangement at least it should be.

          The problem I have to a degree with both liberals and conservatives is that the argument is framed in black and white.

          Most of these issues are not black and white issues but finding a balance point and with that compromise.

          It is a lot easier to make every decision into a binary one. It is a lot easier to not have to think and make judgement calls and find an imperfect balance.

          These are the issues our founding fathers struggled with when they set about constructing our government. We are still far from perfect, but they understood we would never get perfection, the best we can hope for is a constant move toward perfection knowing it can never be reached.

          • Bitterblue

            Cute how you act so superior to the rest of us rubes when you can’t even spell independence. This country would be better off if morons like you weren’t in it, since you are clearly beyond help.

          • Kimberly Peacock

            Well I’m not the best typist, that is for sure. Yes and what have you done with your life?

            You will be reading about me, shortly. As I have made a breakthrough in material science which will change the economics of energy production.

            Having someone mentally handicapped call you a moron, just makes one smile at the absurd!

  • Jonk

    SEAL Team 6 didn’t kill bin Laden; #BarackObamaDidItForThem

  • Billkammerer

    Perhaps he is taking credit for the businesses that go out of business in the first 5 years… That would actually make sense…

  • respectfulwoman

    If you know anything about the book Manifesto written by Karl Marx’s, Marxism/socialism. Take a strong look at this book and you will see a good picture of what dictator want to -be Barack Obama is up to. He wants to kill the spirit of what has made this glorious country so great. Lets reveal what this man truly stands for, removing the mask of a Marxist, hiding behind socialism.

  • Alice J Ross

    I heard roads and bridges to get to work, the internet, and all the other crazy stuff…don’t we pay personal property taxes, real estate taxes, gas taxes, sales taxes, employment taxes, state taxes, federal taxes, etc. The federal government was created by the states and exists only by taxes. So, in reality, Obama wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the taxpayers…not the other way around.

    • JSebastian

      The Federal govt has got to go – it has become “destructive of these ends” (referring to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness), and it should be dissolved or destroyed, whichever is required, and replaced with nothing. States could exist independently or form themselves into smaller groups. The USSR broke up and it was the best thing to happen for the Soviet people in 200 years.

  • Mike Cooper

    My apologies, but when you get the man off the teleprompter, he’s a moron.

    • TugboatPhil

      Mike, I disagree. He can just read a teleprompter very well, but he’s still a moron even while doing that.

  • Jim Bricker

    “You know what else? The government didn’t build itself; someone else made that happen — We, the people. And you work for us, not the other way around.”

    I want to high-five and/or hug whoever wrote that.

    • C D

      Absolutely agree with you – that is just the greatest American comment.

  • Flunking_retirement

    Mr President, with all due respect; you sir, are a stupid twit!

    • JSebastian

      He’s due no respect. He’s an usurper, a war criminal, has not proved he is a citizen, is probably complicit in forging that digital birth certificate, and is clearly a commie/Marxist who hates America and is doing his best to destroy is. He belongs in jail…or at the end of a rope.

      • Flunking_retirement

        Concur totally, my respect is for the Office, not the current incumbent; a concept which he more than any other utterly fails to comprehend.

  • respectfulwoman

    If you know anything about the book Manifesto written by Karl Marx’s, Marxism/socialism. Take a strong look at this book and you will see a good picture of what dictator want to -be Barack Obama is up to. He wants to kill the spirit of what has made this glorious country so great. Lets reveal what this man truly stands for, removing the mask of a Marxist, hiding behind socialism.

  • Orangeone

    Mitt, you should vet NFIB President and CEO Dan Danner for VP! Or at a very minimum please, please have him in a commercial. Every state in America is filled with Entrepreneurs!

  • TugboatPhil

    Mr President, you mentioned good teachers and hard workers who supposedly “made” the small businesses work. Those teachers and hard workers, where do you suppose they buy food & clothes, or hire a tradesman to build or repair something for them? Small businesses.

    Please take the honorable way out and announce that you are resigning.

    • TroyGates

      Who paid those teachers to do their job? Aren’t teachers like everyone else that are paid to do a job? Or are they magical creatures that work wonders in the world?

  • Reed Manuel

    someone should inform the president that there is a thing called ‘social entrepreneurship’, which DOES focus on the collective, not individual.

  • Shirley Williams

    Obama is soooooo got his head up his +++

  • Danny Huizinga

    I love the tweets! Wow, what a great way to engrave this into people’s minds so that they remember come November.

  • onceanarmymedic

    So does this mean Obama didn’t really win the election?

  • david christoph

    successful people do not owe government their gratitude.
    it is government that owes the successful gratitude.

  • maquignon

    To paraphrase Michelle Obama, For the first time I am embarrassed and ashamed of my president. He is in way over his head. He hasn’t a clue. He’s beginning to sound like Al Gore. What else is he going to take credit for? Did he invent the internet? Was Love Story written about him?

    • Larry Baron

      Actually, I think the idiot Al Gore is smarter than this stupid twat in D.C……does this make me a racist?

  • David Desrosiers

    Never mind that the people who built the businesses paid 70% of the taxes for the roads and bridges. This jackass treats everyone like they’re as stupid as he tries to make us.

  • Kimberly Peacock

    After reading many of the comments here I am reminded of the phrase “no one went broke under estimating the intelligence of the american people”!

    Personally I am going to be ok financially no matter what happens as a member of the 1%.

    I guess I would like America to continue to be a leader in innovation and production, but unfortunately the stupid rule.

    Hey, it is to be expected there are more stupid than smart.

    It is not socialism good and capitalism bad morons! That black and white thinking is what has mentally handicapped you.

    Capitalism is the most scalable system. Like an ecosystem winning ideas and products are diffused through the system. Capitalism is amoral, and that is ok.

    Price floors such as used in Farming are an incentive as are price ceilings such as rent control, and at best they are short term solutions to long term issues.

    Like Capitalism there is nothing wrong with them but they do come with unintended consequences as a result of the inbalances they generate.

    In nature evolution is concerned with survival of the species not the individual. The individual is expendable. Yet the individual is what pushes boundaries and makes progress.

    We are simultaneously individual and group.

    There needs to be a balance between the two. That balance is why we have laws. We limit the individuals freedom where it would infringe or endanger anothers freedom.

    I would never want to be President because it would mean having to pander to the idiots. As a founder of a company I can be a benficial dictator and it is much easier to get things done that way.

    Capitalism and Government are tools for society and we should use those tools to lift up society.

    Society is lifted up when we collectively invest in the common good. It was recognized early on by Jefferson that Universal education was going to be needed to have a stable republic, and that should be extended to all. He was not able of course to implement that idea in his lifetime.

    My generation born after world war II unfortunately never learned that it also takes sacrifice to build a nation. Our parents and grandparents understood that.

    Maybe the idiots are right, the whole system has to come crashing down, before people learn that selfishness has to be balanced. That the individual must commit themselves to causes greater than just themselves.

    That we are all connected for better or worse.

    Under the law we have the ideal that we are all equal, but are we really?

    Some of us are smarter, some stronger, do we really want a society in which winner takes all? If some are smarter and stronger did they earn that or were they given that talent? That is not to say they did not work at making the most of it?

    Answering the above provides no easy back and white answers, there is no perfect system which can be fair to all.

    As Camus stated, “the best we can do is lean toward the light”.

    • Bitterblue

      Oh look, more nonsense from the brain dead bimbo who can’t spell.

  • Eric Gregori

    The presidents statement has had an interesting side effect. It’s highlighting the contributors and the takers. I have noticed that the people who agree with his statement tend to be takers, while the people who disagree with him tend to be contributors.

  • Junie3

    Oblamer tells on himself, it’s always been on someone elses dime to advance his career he’s not climbed any mountains on his own. He’s bought and paid for and quite proud of it. A professional lowlife.

  • Junie3

    Romney should create an ad praising as many American entrepreneurs as possible to the back drop of this illegal aliens pathetic speech.

  • Mikki Mead

    Hell ya, right on the money with that last paragraph! The government works for us and its high time we showed them.

  • Mac1000

    This makes me half furious, half tearful with frustration. My husband and I each own a small business and we also work extra jobs and we keep all the balls in the air and work long hard hours because we are BUILDING something. The government’s main contribution is being a gaping, sucking chest wound draining off our money when we have a good year.

  • mjury

    Obumma believes that using government provided roads and school built all businesses. But our prison population used these same things to help dream up their nefarious schemes. Does that make government complicit in the crimes committed? Is my logic incorrect on this point? Please correct me, Comrades!

  • ComanderCody

    Obama, my little man, one day you will eat your stupid words.

  • TroyGates

    Romney didn’t build Bain Capitol #BarackObamaDidItForHim

  • conservativechick

    CLOSED but Obama HELPS him by renting space…

  • [email protected]

    What a waste this pos pretending to be president is!!!!!!!!!!!!! This arrogant asshat has got to go along with his pos first ho wife!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greg Dent

    Did anybody here hear — or care — what Obama actually said? He said the entrepreneurs didn’t do it BY THEMSELVES. They got to use the streets and schools and electrical grids and the internet and all the other things that were put there by others. Obama didn’t claim that HE did it. Just that we’re all picking up where somebody else left off. Good grief!

    • C D

      You kind of don’t get it, Mr. Dent. Who are the ‘put there by others’ are you talking about?? Please don’t dismiss the fact that all of our services are paid for by the producing taxpayers – the teachers, police, fire personnel, and all government workers – they exist only because of the producing taxpayer. No government worker has produced wealth for this country – they exist (and that includes the President of the United States) on the wealth provided by the producers. The entrepreneurs use the streets and schools, electrical grids, and internet that they and generations of other entrepreneurs provided for us with their taxes paid – no one else is more entitled to use those things than they. We need to be eternally grateful to the successful because they pay (disproportionately and excessively) for everything that all of us use.

      • Greg Dent

        C D, you’re right. I don’t get it. I get it that entrepreneurs use things built and or paid for by other entrepreneurs and other taxpayers, and they’re certainly entitled to do so. But if they say, “I built this all by myself,” I’m not going to believe them or be inclined to buy what they sell.

        What’s really hard to believe is all the incredibly egotistical entrepreneurs and would-be millionaires coming out of the woodwork and actually claiming they had no help.