Indeed. Also, we don’t think they know what the meaning of “good” is. As Twitchy reported yesterday, the oh-so-civil ‘comedian’ tweeted out a picture of dog feces, labeled #Romney2012. Yuk, yuk, yuk! Or, yuck, yuck, yuck. To be fair, at least it was a break from his usual “comedy” of naughty boy bits  jokes. Here is one of his hilarious “jokes” from today.

Twitchy’s post on Mr. Delaney resulted in Mr. Delaney whining to his fans and fellow ‘comedians’ (see update); his fans responded with filth and misogyny aimed at Michelle Malkin.

Calling her out for not having a sense of humor? Here’s more of his “oh, just joshing!”

Sexualizing and demeaning a conservative woman once again. That’s the real war on women right there.

In honoring Rob Delaney, Daily Dose absurdly claims he is full of humanity:

Delaney has developed a distinct voice on the microblogging platform. His jokes are usually profane and filthy, yet unlike many shock comics, his humanity often shines through intweets like this one, which picked up more than 7,800 retweets: “I love gay people. Or as I sometimes call them, ‘people.’”

Humanity. Huh. That’s not what we would call it. But, we guess conservative women aren’t considered “people,” now, are they?

  • Rob Stevely

    Again I ask….Who?

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Whomever he is, his mother must be very proud… even is she won’t let him kiss her withered brow with that mouth.

  • SuperstionQueen

    Don’t even know who the guy is, but it appears the left gives a pass to any prick who is demeaning to conservative women. Note they aren’t brave enough to do this in public, just on Twitter, a blog, or in the safety net of a stage. If they pulled that in public, they would have to answer to a few people.


    The weaker someone is the more help they need. Thus all the responses for this guy. Never even heard of him until these Twitchy posts. Must be so famous.


    progressives are a regressive form of humanity

  • Owen007

    So what, is Rob Delaney another one of those guys liberal Hollywood will tells us is funny, but will never have an even moderately successful project? Guess he’ll go to work on “The Daily Show” or “Colbert” then.