Civility! The oh-so-tolerant Left once again showed itself to be hate-filled and violent. As Twitchy reported earlier, the United States Supreme Court handed down decisions today on Arizona’s immigration law. They also ruled on an important case involving free speech, which reaffirmed the Citizens United decision.

To the Left, this was cause to spew hate. And death wishes.

Justice Thomas was a target as well, starting even a couple of days ago.

Some more new tone!

As always, the Left says new tone for thee, but not for me.

Stay classy, Left. We won’t hold our breaths, however.

Sadly, yes. That is sure to happen. The Left is nothing if not predictable in their bigotry and hate.

  • MaddMedic

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  • d.

    The left is awesome at pissing in their socks.~squish~ Look at their behavior in Wisconsin. It easily cost them 4% of the 8% margin.

  • Brian

    What is wrong with these people?

    • jdkchem

      Failed late term abortions?

      • Brian

        Ha…that’s the likely cause.

  • midnightgolfer

    I would be too embarrassed to reference the president’s kill list. Sick.

  • Ntr

    What these tweets showing hate for Scalia and Clarence Thomas shows is that we have too many stupid people in this nation. And it’s good that the progress they see is angering them. Leftists like them, all around, are f*ing jokes. Let them react angrily and then send in the National Guard to clean their “communities” out. Especially concerning their expected violent reactions if Obama doesn’t win the election this year.

    • Scott SCRIBE Pratt

      I would agree w/ You nthisrain, but we have to ask ourselves if we can trust our “Militia” to right by us (Americans who still have a clue), or would we look just like everybody else?

  • Angry American

    And the left speakes again with love and tenderness in their hearts..One actually called Thomas a ni**er .Savility ? Not on this page.IF somebody on the right said something CLOSE to whats on this page and the news would go nuts,Papers will have it on the front page and MSNBC will be going insane yelling at whomever is on the show .

    • Ian Goldberg

      If you looked, you’d notice that the guy who called him a ni**er is black. The point was more that he should have been a slave.

  • Teritd

    Thank God for the conservative justices. We need more of them. That’s another reason to vote Obama out.

  • $24835958

    As Supreme Court Justices are protected by federal marshalls, death threats against them are investigated. Shame on the criminals threatening our judiciary.

  • ScottSCRIBEPratt

    Can you even imagine how fast “law enfarcement” & Secret Service would be rounding up conservatives, if we ever vented in like manner regarding the offenses being perpetrated on our Country by the COMMIES!?!

  • Jeffrey Harbin

    Are liberals even capable of completing a sentence without an f-bomb? Twitter only allows 140-something characters…you’d think they would not want to waste any on words that fail to move their arguments forward.
    Oh, wait…


    When == not IF — obamacare gets overturned, it’s going to be a great day! Thursday can’t come fast enough. Fireworks at 10:05 a.m.!

  • stuckinIL4now

    I really, really find this leftturd hate disgusting and loathesome and wonder why they’re so bleeping blind to what their own side has said and done. However, I hope the Obamascare ruling is such that it causes their scorn, enmity and malice to ignite once again, just before they’re devoured by their own hate. We’ll all be better off without them and Obamascare.

  • mhojai

    Absolutley mind boggling– a unanimous decisionand they only blame conservatives?
    It truly is a mental disorder! There’s no reasoning with dementia.

  • Stanley Ann Dunham

    JuanaBlanca tweeted: “Every time an immigrant gets deported, Antonin Scalia, no matter where he is, spontaneously comes in his pants.” Wow, so do I…..

    • Peter Lewis

      I wasn’t aware of any immigrants being deported recently. Illegal aliens, yes…but no immigrants.