As Twitchy reported last night, the media’s breathless Wawa-gate story was completely invented. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell had aired a deceptively edited video in order to create the utterly false narrative. SooperMexican, “just a blogger,” caught her in the act.

Ms. Mitchell was shamed into acknowledging it, barely, today. But did she apologize or denounce deceptive editing? Nope. She gave passing reference to it and then aired some footage that was missing from her original deceptive report.

And she only did that much because she was caught.

Real journalists?

Ha. Real sycophants and shameless liars is more like it.

Twitchy will monitor the rest of her program and will update accordingly. In the meantime, here is video (courtesy of The Right Scoop) of her non-accountability and continued shameful lies.


Update: “Andrea Mitchell” is trending as Twitter users attempt to teach Ms. Mitchell a little something about integrity and truth.

Oh, dear! David Shuster gets a shred of integrity?

Dude, Andrea. When you’ve lost David Shuster …

  • traffic_robot

    Kinda blowing up like an incendiary device, eh, Andrea?

  • Brian

    I really don’t understand how these hacks get any traction…

  • Marty Luther

    <–Grateful for #JustABlogger

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
    • Jason Whitman

      I thought MSNBC’s ratings were already dead?

    • Taylor Kjar

      They were alive??

  • Soopermexican

    Thanks for so much coverage on this story! I LOVES YOU TWITCHY!!

    •!/sarahbellumd sarahbellumd

      awww…we loves you, too!

    • Silence Dogood


    • mnemosyne23

      Rock on, Sooper! How does it feel to make a hack like Andrea Mitchell want to cry? I YEARN to accomplish that same feat some day. *wistful*

    • Cyborg0012

      Nicely done. Congrats!

    • Rob M

      those pesky “just a bloggers” strike again!! LOL love it!! they keep this up nightly news will go the way of soap operas…GONE!

    • Mike Cranny


  • Chip

    I’m pretty sure she and Sarah Jessica Parker were foaled by the same mare.

  • mnemosyne23

    #JustABlogger’s are media sunshine. God bless you all!

  • BwBarrnone

    We must start calling MSNBC – Micro Soft NBC.

    • QuadGMoto

      Believe it or not, that’s exactly where the MS came from. MSNBC was a joint project between NBC and Microsoft.

      • BwBarrnone

        You are correct sir, Oh how we take things/words for granted. I think that Micro Soft would not want their name attached to such pathetic unprofessional journalism.

  • Dick Fox

    Our so-called media is a disgrace.

  • 187thAHCDoorgunner

    And the WINNER of this years Josef Goebbels Prize for Journalistic Integrity is: (May I have the envelope, please?)

  • stuckinIL4now

    This woman is looking as old, tired and fake as her lame excuses.

  • JenniferL

    Its official: the worst “reporter” in the mainstream media is the completely despicable fake news fabricator Andrea Mitchell.
    Previous winners included Dan Rather and Keith Olbermann, now banished to well deserved obscurity.

  • Rick Stones

    Gee, remember the good old days when #RealMedia hacks got fired when they fabricated, and then reported, lies to attack a political candidate that didn’t support their looney, cartoon-world ideology (do you feel me Dan Rather?). Now, not so much.

  • marine37

    Andrea who? I believe Andrea may have been invented too! The video tells all.