The lapdog media, once again carrying the Obama administration’s water, are refusing to report on the fact that Catholic institutions are suing the administration over Obamacare mandates. Some background on the lawsuits from

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, has joined with Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington D.C., the University of Notre Dame, and 40 other U.S. Catholic dioceses and organizations in a lawsuit against the Obama administration. Twelve different lawsuits, charging the administration with violation of the Church’s First Amendment right to freedom of religion, are being filed in federal courts around the nation.

The Archdiocese of Washington D.C. has established a website,, to explain the lawsuit and its development. The website states:

This lawsuit is about an unprecedented attack by the federal government on one of America’s most cherished freedoms: the freedom to practice one’s religion without government interference. It is not about whether people have access to certain services; it is about whether the government may force religious institutions and individuals to facilitate and fund services which violate their religious beliefs.

Newsworthy, right? Not according to the lapdog media!

Nineteen seconds. Move along, bitter clingers! Nothing to see here. Plus, how can they fit it into news reports, what with all the hack reporting on Romney’s high school pranks and fomenting bigotry against Mormons?

And it doesn’t fit their narrative, sillies! Endless days of breathless reporting over Sandra Fluke, turning her into a martyr and lying about how she was fighting for “access” to birth control that is readily available to anyone at any drug store. They left out the pesky religious liberty thing, of course. Understandable; the Constitution is confusing, what with being over a hundred years old and all.

Gee, we wonder why the press is quashing this?

Bingo. So much for “if you like your plan, you  can keep your plan.” Huh.

Evidently, Catholics “need not apply.”

  • Larry James Dungan

    I wouldn’t expect ANYTHING less from the “MAO”bama “Puppet” News(LESS) Media!

  • fluffymuffin

    universities dropping healthcare (and dropping charities, closing hospitals) is just what the regime wants!

  • chasjay

    The Catholic bishops buy their own newsprint by the roll and ink by the barrel. They have their own diocesan organs and editors and reporters. Let them publicize their efforts themselves. Perhaps the day will also come when not every word and movement of Cardinal Dolan becomes national news.

  • Chris M.

    What is really at
    Stake Regarding the Health Care Act and Religious Freedom?

    The Obama Administration continues to say that the provision
    in the HHS mandate, for providing contraceptive services, is all about women
    and their reproductive rights. That is far
    from the reality of the mandate and what it really is meant to control.

    The Catholic Church continues to teach that the artificial
    birth control and abortion are morally wrong.
    The fact that most women who profess to be Catholic practice some form
    of artificial birth control is not the issue.
    The Church is not a democracy and its creed is not governed by public
    opinion. There are Catholics who occupy
    the penal system in this country who are Catholic, yet they are there because
    they have broken some type of law, laws that run contrary to Catholic teaching.

    There are two issues here: one that the government has the
    right to redefine a religious institution that is characterized by the people
    it ministers to and those whom they hire.
    Secondly, the government requiring a religion to pay for abortion
    inducing drugs that is clearly against that religion’s teachings.

    The suit filed by the Catholic bishops, and other Catholic
    institutions, is clearly about challenging the government of the United States,
    who is overstepping their authority by trying to define a religion. It is all about the First Amendment.