The “Where the wild things are” author died today at the age of 83. He suffered a stroke last Friday. Where the wild things are is trending this morning, in remembrance of the author and his most famous book.

“And now,” cried Max, “Let the wild rumpus start!”

I heard those words first cuddled up beside my mother as a two-year-old. She would roar a terrible roar and gnash her terrible teeth as she read the 338 words that composed Maurice Sendak’s most famous book, “Where the Wild Things Are.”

We all remember hearing those words and us mamas still read them to our little ones.!/GottaMeetDianna/status/199874881326821376!/BuchananPR/status/199875488603324416!/DBJacksonAuthor/status/199891633624457217!/washingtonpost/status/199886769938890752

Celebrities are also remembering and mourning the loss.!/mccordalex/status/199845753076727808!/Slash/status/199885897418809344!/Slash/status/199897591692005377!/hwinkler4real/status/199837498812272640

Rest in peace — and wild rumpuses.

And more memories.!/AnnCurry/status/199890565750460416!/hwinkler4real/status/199874518804742144!/jaketapper/status/199862515642011649!/jaketapper/status/199849468730941440!/Doc_0/status/199839542591758336


  • driveswift

    May he finally find peace with his partner of 50 years, Eugene Glynn. God bless them both.

  • xbox361

    My son is Max, partly because of where the wild things are.
    wish we could all be remembered so fondly.
    Thank you, Mr. Sendak.
    you were way cool, say hi to god for me, not a bientot!

  • xbox361

    crap, he was a fag?
    take it all back.

    just kidding.
    may you rest in peace