If you’re a former National Security Council spokesman being interviewed on national television about the Benghazi coverup, dismissing the controversy with dude-speak is going to make you a target for visual snarkmeisters with a penchant for Photoshop and Google image search.  Tommy Vietor is finding that out today.




Dude, Obama’s defenders are like ‘National Lampoon’s White House Communications Team’ [pics]

Dude: Tommy Vietor inspires rash of ‘that was, like, years ago’ excuses

‘Dude, this was like two years ago’: Tommy Vietor talks Benghazi with Bret Baier

  • Don Carpenter

    I can’t be the first one to make a Lebowski reference out of this. It’s not possible. Is it?

    • thedumbblonde


    • spaceycakes

      the dude abides

      • colonialmarine

        “A Nihilist? Dude, I hate Nihilists”
        and Dude serenely responds,

  • colonialmarine

    M’thinks Vietor’s problems started long before his Progresso Au’Linsky frat daze.

    Apparently OFA’s Jim Messina was very interested in little Tommy’s “grooming”.

    • trixiewoobeans

      Oof! That explains a lot!

    • CLEmom

      Jim Messina and Valerie Jarrett both have very odd facial features…can’t figure it out, but something’s weird and creepy about both of their physical appearances.

      • spaceycakes

        val jay-jay looks like a suede muppet

        • nc ✓s & balances

          OMG you’re right!

        • colonialmarine

          Not Jim Henson’s (or worse “Aliens” H.R.Giger’s) darkest
          nightmares could conceive something as insidiously
          creepy & malevolent as Valerie Jarrett…

    • TVree

      I didn’t think Messina could get any creepier… yikes!

  • Maxx

    “We’re screwed.”

    “Relax, alright? My old man is Ted Cruz, a nation repairman, he’s got this ultimate set of tools. He can fix it.”

  • worldscam

    This is GReAT! Michelle Malkin is a Goddess!

  • Lou Bator

    Channeling his inner Lebowski. You’re a little to old to be called “Tommy”, dude!

    • http://twitter.com/THE_DAILY_BLEAT VACUOUS CIPHER

      But it really tied the room together…

      • TomJB

        Uncle Joe said to take any rug in the house

      • trangbang68

        He looks like an escapee from “Children of the Corn”

    • Gregor Eisenstein

      Don’t worry, he talked to Jen Psaki about appropriate professional names and she said his ‘dude name’ was righteous.

      • CHHR

        I’ll bet she even hashtaged it for him!

      • trangbang68

        In exchange, he leant her a vowel

    • Spinmamma

      Just following in the footsteps of Jimmy.

    • snakebit

      Wait, could this be Harry Reid’s friend “Tommy” that told him Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes?

  • frozeninbemidji

    As soon as his interview was over he called his frat brothers, of course he had to leave voice mails because they were all still in Seattle breaking windows.

  • Frank DiSalle

    “Obama Slams Republicans” – Dude, that was like, yesterday!

  • Roadster73

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy has a shining future in the dem party

  • copperpeony

    He used to be a VAN driver for Obama and all of the sudden he became National Security Spokesperson. Like Obama being a community organizer to president. The Dems scrape the bottom of the slimy barrel for their top echelon people.

    • CHHR

      I don’t know, lately my ears have been filled with incredibly stupid sound bites that tell me THESE guys are actually the TOP of the democrat barrel…

    • Gregor Eisenstein

      He wound up living in a VAN, down by the WHITE HOUSE!

      • SQL DBA

        Dude where’s my van

      • Pookiedr

        Isn’t that the mayor of Toronto?

  • bidentime

    Dude! Why the orange face?

    • arttie

      He is orange because of a cheap spray on tan which isn’t taxed as much as a tanning booth tan.

      • Gretz

        What, I thought that he went to school like Fauxcahontas, being 1/64th Ooompa Loompa.

        Its the cheekbones.

      • trangbang68

        He was spotted with Johnny Boner at all night bathhouse and tanning emporium

  • HughdePayens

    Yea yea yea hahah…before we laugh too hard remember these numbskulls are kicking our asses. Our country is being lost right before our eyes…by these idiots.



    • CHHR

      America voted for children to do the job of the big boys… just a guess

    • World B. Free

      They used widespread voter fraud to steal the election?

      • CHHR

        but… but… the actual “documented” voter fraud is only .000000123% as per James Carvil.

        • snakebit

          Yeah, I love the “There’s no proof of what we refuse to investigate” claim.

  • World B. Free

    Victoria @v_odescalchi

    Oddly, Tommy Vietor looked and acted like Annoying Orange last night.

    He IS ANNOYING ORANGE! #Benghazi

    Dude, the orange is much less annoying and creepy than Tommy dude.

  • AmericanMom

    Vieter is much better suited for driving people around in cars, cabs or limos (like he used to do before Barry promoted him).

    • CHHR

      proves how low that bar was when Obama entered the big boy’s world… sadly it also proves just how much more horrendous things are than already informed about.

      • AmericanMom

        Obama has done what many losers do: surrounding himself with dolts, idiots and morons – making himself look better.

    • laker12

      Dude are you saying he is not qualified to be running the White House Situation Room in the absence of Obama?

      • AmericanMom

        Not only no, but hell no. A bum off the street would be more qualified to run the Situation Room than Obama. He is, however, stellar at donor funding events and vacations.

  • CHHR

    Do you think we’ve finally gotten to the point where we can agree pop culture does not belong in politics… pretending to be important by selfishly calling yourself a ‘bureaucrat’ as you callously oversee the delicate lives of millions?

    • Vennoye

      Well…..for this crew, if you take away pop culture, what other frame of reference are they going to have??

      • CHHR

        you racist you…

        • Vennoye

          Oh well…………….what can I say???? I just agree with the opinion that the left is a mile wide and 1 inch deep!! :-)

  • NotBuyingItEvenForADollar

    When speaking of the horrendous deaths of Americans, cavalier frat boy is not the attitude partake of. I’m no Emily Post, but even I know this is a no-no.

    • neoface

      Would the Whitehouse double down and put him on again. Let’s say I wouldn’t be surprised, O’s administration knows “no” shame.

      • nc ✓s & balances

        If they did they’ve done a fine job of hiding it all this time. What am I saying? Anyone who feels even a smidgen of shame could never behave the way these people do.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      It’s all a part of the lack of respect for the Fox News organization and its viewers. He really didn’t care what kind of impression he made because he figured he was just speaking to a bunch of hayseed wackos, so what difference did it make?

    • laker12

      Dude I think Vietor should replace the Carney man.


    Dude where’s Benghazi !!

  • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

    He doesn’t look like an orange . . . dude, looks like a lady:

    • Maryland_Malcontent

      Is that what the Game of Thrones TV show decided that the ultra-virago paired up with the One Armed Man should look like?

      The face reminds me a bit of “McGeek” from NCIS…

  • bluemount

    obviously too much tanner.

  • Hank_Scorpio

    Brett Baer should just reached over and smacked him….

    • nc ✓s & balances

      Well, he verbally did. Did you see the interview? Bret did NOT take it, but still maintained his professionalism.

      • cyndo123

        One of the best interviews I have seen live in a long time! :)

        • laker12

          This is why Fox rocks Dude!

  • tonnyb2

    Except the question itself didn’t make any sense. Anyone notice that?

  • http://www.consultrac.com/prracewire.html Rick Carlton

    You guys are killing me…….dudes. A little musical interlude to break down your afternoon……http://youtu.be/nf0oXY4nDxE

  • tonnyb2

    TPM now has two reports.

  • OpenTheDoor

    Wonder if this dude and Boner tan together?

  • Shane Falco

    Aloha, Mr. Hand.

  • Pookiedr

    This would be so much easier, if I could find a word that rhymes with orange.

  • mndasher


  • Hotlanta Mike
  • LegalizeShemp

    Dude where’s my car? I traded it in for Cash for Clunkers mon, that was like 2 years ago brau !

  • Super Marsupial

    dude? more of a dud

  • BorderGuard

    Guttfeld said, “Tommy Vietor makes Pajama Boy seem like the Terminator.” LOL

  • laker12

    Must have been cool for this Dude to go from being a $10 an hour bus driver to making $200,000 a year as a member of the National Security Council over a period of two years.

  • laker12

    Dude you should be happy that we have a Limo driver running the White House when Obama is busy with his card games.

  • Jjj1965

    Where does Obama get his people from. They really are not the sharpest tools in the shed are they?

    • LegalizeShemp

      Any run of the mill radical far left university in the US is just filled with these worthless dunderheads.

    • costa rozza

      Surrounds himself with like – minded individuals.

  • costa rozza

    Dude Looks Like a Baby.

  • https://twitter.com/UnicornOfMayhem Hi This Is My Username

    He really needs some eyebrows. He looks like a mannequin without them. Creepy.

  • trangbang68

    Usually being called Tommy or Billy or Joey when you’re an adult in a seemingly important job is a sign of being an immature twit. Calling the interviewer “dude” just shows Tommy is another unqualified lame in the Obama Carnival of Fools. He probably sure plays a mean pinball though.

  • RA_H

    Dude, wasn’t he in Weird Science..

  • Nan231

    I think Obama’s new chief council is screaming, “get that guy outta there!”


    I know that “dude” will get the majority of the attention (the weasel pic caused an LOL for me…) but this twink also dropped a “like”… as in “that was LIKE two years ago…”

    That cannot be overlooked.

  • Concerned


  • Seneca Crane

    It’s up to each of us to help secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878