In her latest anti-Tea Party rant, elderly pop star Cher tell her fans about a cartoon portrayal of “t-hadists,” which is Cher-speak for “Tea Party jihadists.

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and logic have never been Cher’s strong points, but the message is clear enough: Cher believes American citizens who advocate for limited government are morally equivalent to the Islamic terrorists who blew up the World Trade Center buildings.

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In related news, Twitchy reached out to Cher’s record label, Warner Brothers Music, and The X Factor, alerting them to Cher’s recent assassination suggestion.

No response yet.  We’ll keep you posted.

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Total Twitter meltdown!

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Our complete Twitchy coverage of Cher can be found here.

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  • Marlene Gentile

    I like the way you dared to call “Cher” an “elderly pop star.” That is probably one of the worst insults she could hear, but it is true.

    • Republicanvet

      Well…”elderly pop musician” would actually be more apropos.

    • World B. Free

      It really should be “elderly FORMER pop star”

    • trixiewoobeans

      Now she’s just an elderly poop.


      Old Hag is a better description.

  • Jay Dickson

    Cher’s an old plastic mummy who gives me smiles when she tweets.

    • trixiewoobeans

      She needs a boyfriend in the worst way! Somebody’s going to have to take one for the team. Do it for America!

      • TJCrane_NCC1701

        Sonny Bono…..

  • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

    Can anyone here translate Gibberish into English? Thanks.

    • al hunt
      I use it anytime celebrities talk

      • angel_e

        hahaha… that’s funny!

      • angel_e

        LOL! This is how the Gibberish Translator translated Cher’s tweet:

        Saxaw pit caxalteen um T-WhADICH ….Who whaxad dynaxamito chlaxappow 7 Stoch din blenk eb Caxapitaxar & saxays 1 “SKUT PEWCT ” .7.POSS COIRICK SOT 7 FRED

        • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

          See, now that makes a lot more sense.

        • Republicanvet

          Oh, it’s Cher again…

  • MLCross

    You have to admit, for an 80 year old, she’s pretty spunky.

    • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

      If by spunky you mean certifiably insane, then yes.

    • trixiewoobeans

      Um, the word is “senile.”

    • Chrissy the Hyphenated

      She should be, since she’s only 67.

      • MLCross

        Are you sure? Because that doesn’t look right at all.

  • c2

    Shouldn’t she be standing in line for a seniors-only early bird special at a Denny’s somewhere? Why is this drop out lecturing people about anything, let alone politics?

    • Republicanvet

      A 6 pack of Ensure and the CAPS LOCK come on!

  • Steve__Jacobson

    I like the picture Warner is using, who is it?

  • Ellis Reyes

    Didn’t she used to be famous? 40 years ago?

    • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

      No, her husband was.

      • Jim Bouch

        Liked her husband!

        • jukin

          Liked both of her husband’s music.

  • missyree68

    It is you and your demo-gogs Cher. You can’t change the facts. How did you get so vapid and ignorant.

    • angel_e

      She didn’t just “get so vapid and ignorant”. She’s been that way for years. She’s typical of the celebritards who base their opinions on rumors and misinformation from each other and from dishonest, agenda-driven distortionists such as…
      Huffington Pist
      Media Muddlers
      Shrink Progress
      Mofo Jones
      et al.

  • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

    That’s it! Just like children sharing a room when they get mad at each other, we need to put tape across the center of the country and tell them to stay on their side.

  • QWYS (Hydralisk of the Swarm)

    Again, It just keeps coming up “MOISTURIZE ME!”

    I used to think she was a just another liberal progressive whore, err, attention whore. Not so sure anymore, she just comes off as bat guano crazy.

    • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

      You know how much skin can dry out stretched out on that frame.

      • trixiewoobeans

        See, that’s why everything is ALL CAPS! She’s been Botoxed and stretched so badly, she’s lost all ability to “facially express” herself, so she’s GOT TO DO THIS!!

    • trixiewoobeans

      I think somebody overwound this Ani-moron-itron and it’s popped a spring.

    • NRPax

      “It puts the lotion on its skin…”

      • idalily


  • angel_e

    It never ceases to astound me that so-called “liberals” like Cher can be so arrogant, despite their stupidity. You’d think they’d be embarrassed by their ignorance. But for that to happen, they’d need to first realize their ignorance. And for that to happen, they’d need to first have some semblance of a clue as to what’s really going on in this country.

  • $472942

    Yes, elderly and overdue for a death panel…

  • angel_e

    I tweeted Cher. Suggested that perhaps she (Ms. Moneybags) might like to stand up and tell the class just HOW the Affordable Care Act is “affordable” for the average person.

    (also informed her that the Affordable Care Act is aka Obamacare – something she very likely doesn’t know)

    I expect no reply. Or perhaps a vitriolic reply.

    • Ronald Green

      I just invited her to move to N. Korea. Then she can be their problem.

  • Walter

    And then Cher said… Um, who cares?

    • angel_e

      uh… apparently, she cares, given all the vitriol and venom-spittin’ she’s been doing.

  • ozconservative

    Cher always reminds me of this character from Doctor Who

    • chicagorefugee

      Nah, that’s San Fran Nan!

      • twinx

        Naw. THIS is Pelosi Galore:

  • KCMike

    Wasn’t she at the FIRST Tea Party?? Probably calling them names with her quill & parchment! #Cheradactyl

    • twinx

      That was epic, KC. LOL. She’s got the leftover wig on and all.

  • michael s

    Pres Obama is constantly equated with jihadists Hamas Muslim brotherhood so the same thing applies here. Even though cher raised 2 deviants she is applying the same standard that’s done to Pres Obama.

    • Ronald Green

      Boring and stooopid.

    • Catchance

      Michael, go eat your cereal and go to bed.

      • michael s

        I prefer pop tarts.

        • Barry A. Brewer

          Cite ONE instance, Michael, if he is “constantly equated.” Crickets chirp. Lying liars lie, it’s just what they do.

          • michael s

            Read Edward Alexander’s post. Read angel e post. Watch the episode of hardball where tingles rips up Kevin James. James equates Obama with Hamas. I could go on and on. So if this can be done to Pres Obama, it can be done to the tea party as far as I’m concerned.

          • Barry A. Brewer

            You DO realize, don’t you that individual COMMENTORS can say things but that does no EQUATE with national SOURCES sayoing it? Or are you just playing victim (again) and taling out of your ass?

          • michael s

            Spell check.

          • Barry A. Brewer

            Once again, pathetic is ALL you have.

          • MrSnuggles2k2

            Obama’s actions are in support of the muslim brotherhood. It is one thing to point that fact out, but its entirely shameful to accuse someone of being a terrorist when they are your fellow american citizens doing nothing unprecedented.

        • angel_e


        • Chrissy the Hyphenated

          You are what you eat. Michelle says so.

    • NRPax

      Is it somehow our fault that he’s shown more support towards and willingness to talk to said terrorist groups?

    • Edwin Alexander

      Difference IS, O is siding with jihadists, arming them, etc the Tea Party is not. See how easy it is to use logic, critical thinking…heh heh

    • angel_e

      One big difference, you ill-informed dhimmi tool:
      Obama is… that’s right > is < … Obama is involved with the Muslim Brotherhood on several fronts. He supports them both vocally and financially. He employs several MB'ers within his administration.

      He is also aiding (ie, arming and funding) jihadists in Egypt, Libya and Syria.

      He is also enabling jihad recruitment & funding right here in our back yards.

      I'd recommend a list of books and real investigative reports… authored by people and teams with extensive experience and backgrounds in intel, foreign affairs and homeland security but…

      judging from your sadly ignorant comment… and your need to draw a nonexistent equivalence… you still wouldn't see the difference.

  • URGR82

    If the Tea party never existed she would be saying the same thing about Republicans. Which is what they did before the Tea Party came to be.

  • jukin

    Well she Did such a fine Job with her child, I will totally take what she says as super smart and live my life by them.

  • Madashell

    Cher would be living in an El Centro trailer park hustling brewskis at the local karaoke bar without Sonny, a conservative Republican.

  • Ntr

    Someone please take the AARP-funded, Twitter enabled Jitterbug phone away from her…

  • DV S1EOG

    Starting to think that Sonny purposely aimed for that tree so he could finally be free of Cher.

    • BronxJo

      He was free of her a long time before. Half the reason she is unhinged is that he became a Republican, I bet.

      • DV S1EOG

        They had a kid together. I am sure he had to deal with her here and there. She is probably one of the biggest reasons he became a Republican. Hell, I am starting to think that she is so toxic that her own child changed sex to reduce the number of things that “he” had in common with her.

  • twinx

    That broad need some Twitter-time-off.

  • JamesJinSC

    no wonder her daughter became such a trainwreck

  • Ymtise Ghost

    Senile old douchebag.

  • Pilgrim22

    Serious, I hope Medicare covers mental disorders cause she’s flipping out.

  • Belle

    She seems to be coming off the rails…Do you think Obama is stalking and sending her microwave messages through the walls too?

  • sodakhic

    How is Chastity, Cher?

  • AMERICAN Kafir™ ✓ certified

    .@cher ‘Splain, please, what exactly is a ‘dept ceiling’?

  • BoscoBolt

    Cher’s constant attacks on America, and those who love this nation, are beyond the pale – she is a disgusting POS.

    • keyboard jockey

      Poor kid it had to be chaos 24/7 growing up Bono.

  • Anne Bailey

    Cher is worse than the Dixie Chicks. She is in another country demeaning ours. Makes me think Fonda.

  • World B. Free

    Cher’s political views are about as credible as her blonde hair

    • ZH38

      And that surgically-retooled face. I wonder how many of her gay male concert goers dress up like her at the shows?

  • Pat

    Old age does not always end in breakdowns, this is an example of when it does.

  • Red Fred

    Cher is really getting scary, calling people like me names like t-hadist. I think she may have undiagnosed issues. Call Dr. Drew. Can we get her an intervention?

  • Pat Arnold

    I have a quirky little rule I have learned to follow that has helped me greatly in life. Basically it boils down to, if someone has had giant sunflowers tattooed on their butt cheeks and they displayed these butt cheeks to the US Navy – never listen to their political advice

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    What I think of her and the influence she has been on young people can’t be printed here. When she calls people names, she has to remember not everyone was a freaking hippie in the 60’s. She is talking about people that are her age, that took a different path, the one of decency.

  • Patrick Apple

    In her day I think I recall the Weather Underground. Nice peaceful bunch. She seems to be losing it fast.

  • binky354

    Drugs have messed up Cher’s brain. Or was she always so stupid?

    • BronxJo

      Yes and yes.

  • BronxJo

    my reply

    @cher We have demonstrations now against tyranny, and we also never expected true evil to flourish. #usegrammar

  • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

    Cher, you’re concerned about the US hitting the debt ceiling, but you should be more concerned about you hitting the Derp Ceiling.

  • SturJen

    As a TEA Party member (no, there are no dues, and no the Koch Bros don’t fund me) I’d like to walk up to Cher, and others like that dude from Family fued who exhort to all their twitter followers to kill ‘all Teabaggers’ and tell them, “Here I am, a member of the TEA Party, Kill me.”and see what they do.

    Face-to-Face with a middle-aged white girl who has no beef against them. It would be interesting. Would they kill the human being in front of them simply because someone told them to? (Godwin’s law would apply in this instance) or would a semblance of intelligence override and my life be spared.

    Either way: Kill me, I go to Heaven and they go to Hell. or maybe, MAYBE they realize that they’ve been played like a cheap meth whore by those who don’t give two sh*ts about them except to use them to their own evil ends.


    What happened to the call for civility after the terrible Arizona shooting tragedy that was blamed on violent, irresponsible, right wing, conservative rhetoric? Oh yes, that’s right, I’m sorry, the LEFT needs to use that rhetoric now, so it is like, totally OK! Silly me.

    Tolerance, acceptance, and diversity, ROCK ON! all you unicorn ridin’ and rainbow fartin’ libs!

  • Redzilla

    Another Hollywood leftist emboldened by her unwarranted self regard.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Liberals keep veering wildly from “Obama won, T-baggers lost” to “T-baggers responsible, Obama helpless”.

  • EyesWideOpen

    Just because you are famous doesn’t mean anyone cares about your opinions Cher. Your all-cap rants make you look like a lunatic…oh wait…

  • Scott Murphy

    This totally irrelevant loon has completely lost her mind. Just one more example of how malignant liberalism is a mental disease. How did Sonny put up with her stupid a$$ for as long as he did?

  • ZH38

    Does this loon still wear electrical tape bikinis? Gag!

  • ZH38

    Consider the source, folks…

    this old broad gave birth to a daughter who became a son (kind of)

    She prances around on stage in front of hordes of gay men.

  • ZH38

    Granny twerk lashes out; is is this a sign of Alzheimers?

  • Paul C.

    Her avatar looks 50 years old

  • Belinda Henry

    Bet it was hard for her to march around with her skirt up over her head.

  • maddaddyssa

    Oh, so now we’re jihadists. Perhaps the celebutards are finally figuring out that the old “Nazi” label is “old hat”, “blasé”, so 20th century (or maybe, at some level, they realize that the 0bama regime are a bunch of closet Nazis)

  • charlie_peligro

    how’s that- raising a daughter going?

  • ConservativeThinker

    Poor Cher – her mental capacity has diminished (has anyone seen her perform lately).

    Clearly a person that does not care about the people.. She has made and squandered her millions – and she will be damned if anyone else has a chance to make their millions… Only progressive socialist should be allowed to acquire wealth – according to her tirades. <– exposing the liberal agenda …

  • LandofDave

    Who’s Cher? Oh that’s right she is that old senile women that hasn’t had a entertaining song since the 1970’s … shut up Cher you are meaningless.

  • Axelgreaser

    CHER DEAR, HAVE YOU TRIED ‘HIGH COLONICS’ OR PERHAPS MEDICAL MARIJUANA COULD EASE YOUR PARANOIA. ‘T’-hadist is an ugly word, btw, and you should know better. And you should know too that people are throwing your CD’s into the trash can. And following that train of thought, why don’t you throw your I-phone into the Pacific Ocean and spare us your monumental, prolific, grinding ignorance. Hang out with your homies, Bette and Kathy…and spare us. When will you get it through your head, your party if the party of gypsies, tramps and thieves. Go away old woman, who will never have to suffer the punitive results of what you have helped to inflict on the nation from your bedroom Tweeting Central. STFU.

  • Erik Bartlam

    That’s why we love you Cher…you never stop shedding the light.

  • Barry A. Brewer

    She really is a very special kind of stupid. Her plastic surgeon has stretched that skin so far she will soon have a cleft chin and a unibrow.

  • MichellesBigBeaver2

    Great grandma Cher is the evil in politics today, the plastic poster child for the low info voters. Sonny is spinning in his grave

  • idalily

    Cher had a meltdown. There’s a shocker.

  • marion vega

    that’s what you get if they inject botox & filler directly into whats left of her brain

  • Goldcoaster

    who is this cher person?

  • j p✓ʳᵉᶠʳᶦᵉᵈ

    ” If a Body is Riddled W/CANCER U
    Cut it out”
    Seems I remember a day when this country was a whole lot healthier. I think it would be pretty easy to trace the sources of the infections that have diseased it. I wouldn’t doubt that every one of them are connected to our lawyerly Napoleonic politicians along with their lobbyists finding loopholes to the constitution and seeing their constituents as expendable resources to be exploited for the gain of power and wealth. Those are he things that the Tea Party and constitutionalists are fighting to cure. So you can get yourself a quack doctor who will move on to the next patient after cutting out your spleen or you can scream while an educated doctor cuts out the real cancer.