Troubled actress Amanda Bynes has called her mom “ugly” and her sister, too.

She has also called Miley Cyrus, Jenny McCarthy, Lance Bass, and Courtney Love ugly.

She even called Zac Efron ugly. Um, this is Zac Efron:

'At Any Price' Premiere - Tribeca Film Festival 2013

Bynes pretty clearly has issues around her own personal appearance as well.

When earlier today she called Barack and Michelle Obama ugly, a reasonable person might chalk it up as just one more piece of evidence that Bynes needs help.

But Hayes Brown is not a reasonable person. The Think Progress blogger instinctively cried “racism.” By his own admission, it’s his gut reaction:

Liberals. They can’t even help themselves.

As you might expect, conservatives engaged in a bit of well-deserved mockery:

Did Hayes Brown back down? Of course not.

What? No, sir, you’re being “vilified” because you’re ridiculous.


  • Richard J Sunkle

    I’m going to say that both of them are idiots and calling it a day.

    • Kevin Scott

      Just don’t call Hayes ugly. THAT would be racist.

  • William Race

    Crying racism = Automatic reaction, the new norm. He must have lunch with Chris Matthews regularly.

    • Caves45

      Or maybe he is Vying for a position in the Obama White House . Wait i just said White House ….Is that Racist ?

  • TonyMitch

    The fact it’s Amanda “Destroy my vagina Bynes” tweeting about anything makes it irrelevent. Responding to her is stupid and idiotic.

    • Clete Torres

      AKA, right in a liberal’s wheelhouse.

    • OpenTheDoor

      My daddy always said arguing with an idiot makes you both look bad.
      Imaging how bad you look arguing with a raciss, idiot.

      • TonyMitch

        Your daddy should have taught you the difference between an argument and a comment. Then the difference between a racists statement or racist and someone stating their opinion on someone else’s appearance. Everytime someone of the white complexion makes a comment about a minority does not make them a racist. Maybe, you should look at it as a one person making a comment abpout another person. If race is all people see in this comment you have a serious problem.

        • OpenTheDoor

          Gee Tony, project much?

  • Steve_J

    So, his default position is anything negative about blacks is racist.

    • Elaine

      I think he didn’t like getting called out on that ‘HABIT’ comment. Imagine a conservative using that as an excuse for anything? haha Itchy twitchy – get some meekness cream to rub on that ego now!

    • $38343398

      Isn’t that THE default position for 95% of liberals? Alinsky’s Rules and all that?

      • FreedomLuvr

        Unless you are talking about Margaret Sanger and abortions. Then they look the other way.

  • FreedomLuvr

    A reasonable person might agree with Amanda Bynes. Such arse kissing the media does to the Obamas. It’s sickening.

    • autdrew4real

      agree, I never could understand the fawning over their looks. She constantly looks annoyed or angry, even when smiling & he often takes on a demonic look in his eyes, that mole, those ears, his scrawny skinnyness, not sexy

      • Judy B

        And let’s not forget, “ugly is what ugly does”

  • Shane Elliott

    Racist Crying Liberal, so typical, but THAT is funny –> “Oh goddamn it, my one Internet rule was “Don’t Get Twitchy’d”. Frak.”

    • Elaine

      He asked for it, now go itch that twitch!

  • Stone Bryson

    In a bit of irony lost on leftists, the word ‘racism’ has lost all meaning because of… them!

    These days a progressive calling you a racist is damned near a badge of honor. Again… because of them.

    • ObamaFail

      Then when real racism happens (always perpetuated by a liberal), it goes ignored.

      • FreedomLuvr

        Robert Byrd just tipped his hat to you from hell.

    • Finrod Felagund

      I’ve heard it said that the 21st Century definition of a racist is anyone who is winning an argument with a liberal.

  • Jack Deth

    Kick a pig. Get a grunt out of it.

    Just another day that ends in “y”.

  • David Otto

    I know neither and could care less. This Hayes Brown guy is an obvious idiot.

  • Clete Torres

    Call for Pot, Kettle on line 1.

  • David Otto

    Moderation? are you kidding me?

    • Erik Soderstrom

      Yes, comments on Twitchy are moderated.

    • ObamaFail

      It’s mainly because of language (although I’m sure there are other things that can cause it too). Some of my comments have had to wait for approval. Always because of my language. I try to keep my language clean because I don’t want to get myself banned from this site.

  • frank96740

    What does being ‘ugly’ have to do with ‘racism’? Is my DICTIONARY out of date or something? Since I think they are CLUELESS, ANTI AMERICAN AND JUST PLANE STUPID – is that a sign I’M ‘racist’?

    • BenInNY

      Oh no that’s triple racist! It’s like a 3 layer wedding cake of raaaaacism.

      • frank96740

        Bummer – I am CRUSHED! NOT!

        • BenInNY

          Hell with crushed, I’m hungry. And cakeless.

    • John Gabriel

      Exactly Frank….great post. I have been screaming that for years that I don’t think anyone knows what the true definition of racism is.

      • autdrew4real

        I do. I got to experience it first hand, on multiple occasions, when I lived in Korea The only thing I am not 100% sure of is was it because I was white or was it because I was (assumed) to be American. I was actually refused service, twice, and thrown out by a screaming man once, in restaurants in Seoul. My kids couldnt get cabbies to pick them up on the street. I actually was standing outside the cardiac hospital, where my husband had been brought by ambulance, waiting for a cab. For once, there wasnt a bunch of people around but I still stood on the edge of the curb at the cab stand. The only other person around took it upon himself to walk over to me and “accidentally” bumb me & knock me into the street, & walk away laughing. I was in a surgical boot & walking with a cane another time. I got off the subway & was heading to the elevator, which was marked for the handicapped to use. Two men got on & I asked them to hold, one of them saw me & went to hit the hold door button, his friend, smacked his hand away, hit door closed & smirked at me as it shut in my face. Literally in my face, had I stuck my cane out I would have stopped it. Cant tell you how many insults I heard because they didnt realize this waegukin could understand.

        • autdrew4real

          But, I dont think all Koreans are racist. I dont think they are all inconsiderate or rude. I actually had more than one ELDERLY person insist that I take their reserved seat on the subway when I was in my boot & cane. One man was so funny, I kept telling him its ok & he physically grabbed my arm & sat me down in his seat. Awkward!

          • Elytherial Luna

            thanks for clarifying :)

          • frank96740

            Sorry for your experience, I can NOT imagine going through that – it sux!

          • autdrew4real

            Most of the time there was great. Fell in love with the place, actually :-) though I do have to say the screaming, angry man throwing my husband & I out of the restaurant as we walked in def soured me for awhile. It was the 2nd time it happened in that area, which was a highly popular tourist area. Some places actually had signs out that said stuff like no foreigners or no americans allowed. We took the attitude of fine, more money in my pocket and not in yours.
            It was also uncomfortable to have random men come up to me and try to ask me if I was Russian because of how I look. Russian was a type of euphemism for prostitute brought in from another country. Eeew

          • frank96740

            Sad that ANYONE is treated like that in ANY country. I recently took a trip to Japan, a place I lived during the early ’70’s and found the place even more delightful that the first time. I was surprised to find that they are on their way to accepting other cultures more readily than they did when I was living there. My wife and I travel a lot as thus far have had only good experiences. I hope your experience/adventure didn’t discourage you from continued exploring.

          • autdrew4real

            Goodness No! I love exploring, so does my family. We chalked it up to rotten people everywhere, dont represent the majority. One of the things we learned when we arrived (we had to take a cultural awareness class) is that what Americans consider rude is not necessarily what others think is rude & vise versa. It was very hard to learn to talk without looking at the other persons eyes, now that Im back in the States, its hard to get used to looking a person in the eye again lol. I dont know if it is the same in Japan, but in Korea, there was no talking to strangers unless you had to. No idle chit chat or small talk if you hadnt been formally introduced. Then I moved to the great state of Georgia. Almost everyone is so friendly and chatty & I lost that & have to work on it again lol

          • frank96740

            Interesting to say the least. Japan was NO problem, strangers would come up to us and ask if we needed help if we were looking at maps are figuring out their vending machines. They would even make room for us in their little street ‘restaurants’ when we approached. We will be visiting Korea in a couple of years, your insight will be remembered. I am sure you will adjust – imagine living in Hawaii were after 60 years of Democrat rule, outsiders are just that – outsiders, even after 10 years..

          • autdrew4real

            lol, Very true. Before Korea, we lived in CA for 7 years. In my time in Korea, we had maybe 3 people offer to help with directions. I had several people (including my daughter) who were able to go to Japan & they say the contrast is startling. But whatever you do, dont say positive things about Japan in Korea! lol, Im serious. The animosity is still VERY strong. They had 2 international incidents when I was there and the level of outrage was something I had never seen in person. Korean people tell you they have PASSION (always said with a fist up, lol). They have one thing there that I noticed immediately and envied. Absolute love of their country, their culture, even their written language (it has its own holiday). We had so many people tell us about the 3000 years of recorded history & that they have four distinct seasons, that it became a running shorthand in my family. I do think you will enjoy your time in Korea. I really is a beautiful place with a lot of history & culture to admire. Aside from MASH, I had never given the place much thought. Now Im glad I learned so much while I was there. Did you know they invented the printing press? According to their history, they did it first, it was stolen by the Chinese who in turn had it stolen by the Europeans. The way we were taught was Koreans may not agree with everything in their culture etc but woe to anyone who dares speak against it! Claws come out! They also have zero problem flying the Taeguki flag all over. VERY proud!

          • frank96740

            great that you still have a great attitude about the whole thing..i do recall reading something about the printing press, had forgotten..

          • Marbran

            The Koreans didn’t invent the printing press, but they have the earliest evidence of transfer printing, whether from inked wood blocks, or leaves, etc. They never ‘industrialized’ the process as Johannes Gutenberg did. The transfer process in Korea was viewed as more of an artistic novelty than a useful means of communication through printed media.

          • autdrew4real

            I know. I was stating what we were taught about it while in Korea.

          • Marbran

            You reminded me…peeing outside in full public view apparently isn’t considered rude there, either. At least the road worker at the intersection didn’t seem to think so. lol

          • autdrew4real

            No, an spitting & hocking lugies is fine just don’t wipe your nose with a tissue & put it in your pocket lol

          • Marbran

            I had mostly wonderful experiences in Korea. You’re always going to find azzhats wherever you go.

            Thanks for your service, too.

    • angel_e

      You’re part right; Michelle & Barack are anti-American. But neither “clueless” nor “stupid” — farrrr from it. They’re not incompetent — they’re agenda-driven. Oh AND…. they’re both racists.

      • frank96740

        SO TRUE!

    • Driver_S

      Liberals are probably in the process of re-writing the dictionary like they’ve done to the history books to further their agendas.

      • frank96740

        You are correct with that, they even want to re-write children’s books and the classics…

  • glm64

    everything’s racist, to a racist

  • BenInNY

    I got thinking about this last night: I’ve only been called racist by white people.

    Oh what does it all mean?!

    • ObamaFail

      Always by people who probably traced their family tree and found out their family owned slaves, so their white guilt overwhelms them and they feel obligated to prove they’re not racists.

      • BenInNY

        While that’s a strong possibility I’m beginning to lean toward idiocy and inability to form a cogent… anything

        • ObamaFail

          My brother traced our family tree for a class assignment. Found out the good news my family never owned slaves. My family was strongly opposed to it. But I bet these white libs are experiencing white guilt because they probably got a similar assignment and found out the shocking truth that they are descended from slave drivers.

    • nilobee

      White people are the first to cry racism because it’s their excuse to proclaim themselves as good and decent and the other white guy is racist=evil. You can’t say directly “I’m good looking”, you just have to say the other person is ugly.

  • Legal Immigrant in TX

    Lying and calling someone they don’t agree with a racist is inherent to a liberal.

    • mickeyco

      Right. It’s their default position.

  • Jimmie Robinson

    Amanda is probably talking about those folks are ugly on the inside…I think the Obama’s are both..inside and out…

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      “Amanda is probably talking about those folks are ugly on the inside…I think the Obama’s are both..inside and out…”

      Could be. There’s subjective ugly, as in the physical condition one is saddled with at birth. Not much to be done about it. We all can’t be Cosmo/GQ purty.

      Still, such folks might be the brightest, kindest, most selfless folks you’ll ever meet, if you’re not an overly superficial sort. One of the mile-wide-inch-deep sort that avoids ’em because you can not see beyond their covering.

      Then there’s fugly. To fully develop that condition, years of cultivating a malevolent attitude and behavior to match is required.

      Fuglys are the folks one is well advised to steer around.

      Like pappy always said, beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone.

  • The Penguin

    cause like you’re racist?

  • rivers

    So one must think – or at least claim to think – that Barack and Michelle are reeeally reeeally good looking, otherwise be charged as racist.
    Reminds me of that twilight zone episode where everyone had to tell that kid that everything he did was very very good or else he would turn them into a Jack-in-the-box or whatnot.
    Yeah, you’ve been twitchy’d Hayes, for knee jerk stupidity.

    • Mary Lee

      It really is like that Twilight Zone episode! Oh my gosh, you’re right.

  • $30423294

    Please try to speak more reverently, Mr. Brown. It is a sin to defile our creator’s name, even on Twitter, regardless of how important you are.

    Now to the point: I think if you’re honest with yourself, you will admit that Amanda has a fetish for the word ugly. She is calling every one and every thing ugly.

    There’s an old philosophy of language principle that I’d like to share with you:

    In a world where everything is green, the word green has no meaning.

    Apply this principle:

    In the confines of Amanda’s world, everything is ugly. Therefore the word ugly has no meaning to her.

    But if the word ugly is meaningless, it can’t be racist.

    Are we clear on this? Cut the girl some slack. You have a heart. Use it.

    • Beth

      Similarly, in a world where everything is racist, the concept of racism loses all meaning.

    • Finrod Felagund

      Liberals’ hearts are more shrivelled than the Grinch’s (pre-Christmas).

  • notenoughtime

    My advice to Brown is that ugly comes in all shapes, sizes and colors and a personal observation. Don’t think racism is the root cause just another fire to throw out the race card.

  • alanstorm

    I’m sorry, Mr. Brown, your Race Card© has been declined. Do you have a valid response instead?

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    What a bafoon. Oh, I’m sorry, is that racist too?

    • Jim McLarey

      That’s misspelled.

      • Jim McLarey

        …and racist, bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, politically incorrect, rude and not nice, but true.

  • ObamaFail

    So you can’t call an ugly person ugly if their skin color is different than yours? Just like apparently you can’t criticize the bad job Obama’s done as President because he’s black.
    Next time we have a white president, can we cry racism anytime black liberals criticize them?

    • CatHerder

      Please do.

    • redstone357

      You dont understand liberals and the left very well. Whites can only be the perpetrators of racism they cannot be the victims. Black racism in the US is everywhere, all the time, and the LSM don’t see it, because they really believe it cannot exist. They are not intelligent, and not aware of anything but the fantasies they choose to believe.

      • autdrew4real

        agreed. When I was in high school in Detroit, I was in the minority & most of the time it was ok. I had one girl who was nation of islam & constantly spouting off about the white devils & blue eyed devils & how whites wanted to kill blacks etc. I told her she was flat out racist. I was told that it is impossible for blacks to be racist because in order to be racist, you have to have power. Since blacks have no power (in 85% black detroit?) it is impossible to be racist.
        and here I was thinking racist meant you hated someone & discriminated against someone based solely on their color or national origin! Yeah, what was I thinking?!
        I think THIS is the definition of racism the LSM is going off of

        • ObamaFail

          Seems they’ve failed to notice the black guy currently in the White House.

          • TexSizzle

            They only notice his white half for the fact that he has any power.

        • Finrod Felagund

          I knew a guy that was an out-and-out Communist who tried to claim that in order to be racist you had to have power. So I told him that poor white people can’t be racist then because they have no power. He didn’t like that very much (-:

          • autdrew4real

            Good one. I was told we had power simply by virtue of being white. That we had doors open & opportunities we didn’t realize we’re because of whiteness. somehow my sharcropping, white, dirt poor great grandparents had it easy!

    • Dee

      If (God forbid) it’s Hillary, it’s gonna be “SEX-ISSSTT!!!!”

  • redstone357

    of course the cry racism first, it is their only growth industry.

  • FreedomLuvr

    So sorry, your race card has now been returned to you for lack of funds.

    • ClinkinKY

      If it’s a Capital One “race card” he’ll be fine.

  • Linda (Lou) Norris

    That he admits his knee-jerk response is to cry “racist” speaks volumes. Haha, he got “Twitchy’d”!

  • Lisa Brown

    These idiots who constantly cry racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, whatever … are watering down the real incidences of such, and are making a mockery of genuine ism’s in this country. You’re making this shit funny all over again.

  • Joe W.

    Well you assclown, when you say such stupid a RACIST stuff on Twitter, you can EXPECT to be “Twitchy’d” (sic)…..

  • therantinggeek

    @HayesBrown: “…my one Internet rule was “Don’t Get Twitchy’d”. Frak”

  • Political Splash

    @HayesBrown “Oh goddamn it”! I see. So being a racist is bad, but being a blasphemer is cool?

  • Marcy Cook

    Everybody sing now: I’m a racist, You’re a racist, Wouldn’t you like to be a racist too??

  • Cy

    Question for liberals: If a half black guy thinks his black features are ugly, does that make him half racist?

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III


  • Eileen Reilly

    I’ll never understand the “race card”. OBAMA IS HALF WHITE!!

    • radishthegreat

      “One drop.” It’s not just for Jim Crow anymore.

  • socalcon

    “my one Internet rule was “Don’t Get Twitchy’d”. ”
    Apparently, more a guideline, than a rule.

  • Willy Thompson

    gut reaction–How about first line of defense–Pathetic

  • Phil Kruse

    Hayden your just another racist white hater

  • Jackalope

    What is truly so sad is that so many people, like Mr. Brown, have misused, over-used, and thoughtlessly used the word “racist” that it no longer has any meaning or impact. In today’s world, when someone really does encounter racism it is generally disregarded because of people like Mr. Brown who have exaggerated it and said it without cause or reason.

  • Guest

    Social media has really flipped its lid. Everything is racist, racist, racist. So sick of it. Caves45 said it all….”Wait; I just said Whit House…Is that Racist?” LOL

  • billeeblue

    Social media has really flipped its lid. Everything is racist, racist, racist. So sick of it. Caves45 said it all….”Wait; I just said White House…Is that Racist?” LOL

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Is “Off-White House” any less P.C.? Jawamax 8<{D}

  • ClinkinKY

    “my one Internet rule was “Don’t Get Twitchy’d”. ”

    Hayes Brown

    My one internet rule is “don’t be a racist”.

  • billeeblue

    The entertainment industry digs their claws into these young gifted actors and actresses and destroys them. Amanda Bynes, Lelo, and others…horrible.

  • LinTaylor

    “Oh goddamn it, my one Internet rule was “Don’t Get Twitchy’d”.”

    When your website produces that kind of reaction, you’ve gotta be doing something right.

  • justIMHO

    Please – let’s quit confusing “racism” with other problems – like garden-variety stupidity….

  • Indynana

    The obammies are robbing this country blind, and they aren’t even using ski masks! = Is that racist? *(i.4 Billion in vacations!*)

  • Clayton

    Sick and tired of black people screaming racism just to get what they want. You people, yeah I said YOU PEOPLE, are the most racist pieces of crap on Earth. Cracker isn’t racist? Okay. So then saying you look like you painted your skin with poop must not be racist either….

  • MOFO

    She was spot-on (on the Obamas)

  • ShawnBoike

    Who plays this more than African Americans? Unfortunate some can’t get over it, even with our current President…

  • Banned_by_KBTX

    Hayes Brown is a racist. And ugly, too. And at no extra charge I’ll throw in obsequious, stupid, and purple.

    There. Now he can consider himself properly vilified.

  • RedSoloCup

    So I guess just like “Chicago” and “dog whistle” now saying “ugly” is considered raaa-cist!

    I guess Tingles will be making his endorsement sooner or later.

    • Zach Smith

      And don’t dare point out he’s lazy or arrogant.

    • ObamaFail

      Don’t forget. IRS, Benghazi, NSA, deficit, budget, scandal and golfer-in-chief are also now considered racist terms.

  • American_by_Choice

    Well, uh…

    First, they NEVER “THINK” and nothing they say could, even potentially, advance the culture, in a positive sense, OKA: Progress.

    Which is why they need to CALL themselves that…

    IF they actually COULD THINK-Progress, they wouldn’t need to cry about it.

  • Emily B

    Well, it’s official. Anyone who calls Zac Efron ugly should be rushed to the nearest mental institution and checked in immediately and never be allowed to see the light of day again. 😉

    • willicaroline

      That’s actually true. . . .

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    Even though Amanda Bynes is clearly off her rocker, I’d have to say she’s about 70-80% correct with her ugly calls.

  • IceColdTroll

    Well, of course.
    Honest to God, maybe they’re ugly and maybe they aint but that is the LEAST of our worries about them!

  • Stephen L. Hall

    We have been looking at this all wrong.

    Ugly is a NEW racial classification, the ugly race, highly discriminated against and in need of protection. Soon to be joined by the Stupid and the Obese racial classifications.

    And, Amanda was just helpfully pointing out which individuals were in this new protected racial class category, in case people were wondering.

    Hayes Brown was merely expressing his intellectual disagreement with the new classification systems in preparation for the highly anticipated debate between himself, Ms. Bynes and a few other intellectual elites.

    • unknown

      He should join all those social justice warriors on Tumblr

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Like Rush Limbaugh once described as “Uglo-Americans?” Uh-oh…. RAAAACCCCIIIISSSTTT! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Spasmolytic

    This about sums it up —

  • Dane Kruse

    LMAO at his last tweet! “Don’t Get Twitchy’d”. Well don’t be a racist moron and that’ll help ya!

  • therain

    hayes brown is apparently a FULL-ON RACIST,

    and if I ever figure out who he is, I won’t watch, listen and/or buy whatever he does

  • larry

    Who is Amanda Bynes and why is “SHE” so important, anyway?

  • therain

    I think michelle is an UGLY person with an UGLY soul, and I don’t care what you say about me

  • descolada9

    Dear Mr. Brown, you can’t play the race card near as well as Sharpton or Jackson. So do the world a favor and STFU and go away.

    • Worship Dancer

      oh please sharpton & jackson are irrelevant

  • Sue Boardman Momsen-Suttles

    everybody cries racist whenever something negative is said about the obamas. I think they are ugly as well, inside AND out. And I am NOT a racist….

  • bo1921

    Once, I actually saw an unattractive black person! I swear it’s true.

  • John Alvarado

    Do some liberal have a disease where they call any criticism racist?

    • Zach Smith

      That’s just a symptom of the disease.

      • John Alvarado

        Kind of like turrets?

  • Richard Lowery

    I would like Mr Brown to give us all a list of words, to describe Obama in a negative way, that are not racist. Because I go after Obama, Because of his terrible work as the president. I am called a racist.

  • vanbratch

    you know how the kids use a term to describe something that actually means the opposite, like ‘sick’ for something that’s awesome? Could be, right? :/

  • Manawai

    When you’ve nothing intelligent to say….cry “RACIST!”

  • NRPax

    What are you worried about, Hayes? You’re a liberal, you work for Media Matters and you’re black. You can be a bigot and no one is going to fire you for it. Game on!

  • m4foru

    Ugly is not always about looks it can be about personalty.

  • AMP48

    Don’t want to be twitchied? Then don’t be an asshole, Hayes.

  • BAW

    “….my one Internet rule was “Don’t Get Twitchy’d”

    Isn’t being “Twitchy’d” usually a good thing?

    So this guy’s rule is based on his understanding he will never say anything noteworthy for a good reason like being informative, smart, or funny?

    • Neely

      Or because he knows once Twitchy reports on his tweets, he can’t delete them.

  • TallDave

    “And then I come back to Twitter to discover that I’m being vilified for Amanda Bynes’ tweet because Internet.”

    Yes, in much the same sense that Hitler was vilified for being a vegetarian because Jews.

  • stuckinIL4now

    The Obamuhs ARE ugly–and I’m not talking about their physical appearance.

    • Indynana

      They are ugly and I AM talking about their physical appearance! she is trashy, crude with huge clumsy oafish animal actions.

  • David

    Is it racist of me to think Hayes Brown is a moron?

    • TexSizzle

      Apparently it’s racist for us conservatives to think.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Amanda Bynes is an influential celebrity…Doesn’t she have more of a right to “Free Speech” than we do? /Sarc Jawamax 8<{D} But I do Agree.. the OBAMAS ARE UGLY!

  • Rusty Shackleford

    This guys a douche but his last tweet made me laugh. I can picture Ashton Kutcher popping up behind him “You got twitchy’d bro!”

  • Andrew King

    This guy is the typical liberal. Call everybody a name first. Label them so the issue your discussing can be ignored and they can just keep calling you names. Thats what you do when you can win with your ideas. Amanda Bynes is immaterial here in this story. The story is his “gut reaction” The same gut he uses everyday when competing in the arena of ideas. This kind of “gut reaction” is whats wrong with the political system and why issues of race will always be blown out of proportion and never solved.

  • Aitch748

    Silly crap like this is why I can’t even read the word “racist” anymore without rolling my eyes.

  • Brian J. Umholtz

    Someone needs to tell their pawns to stop leaving pages of the game plan out for the other team to read.

    • Guest

      Simon’s cat?? I love him!

      • Indynana

        I think that IS Simon’s cat!

  • Indynana

    Ugly = I think they were being kind!

    • Indynana

      Hideous is a more realistic definition for these hillbillies in the White House!

      • Worship Dancer

        beverly hillbillies had more class than these clowns

    • $1014973

      For God’s sake I’ve never seen that picture. What on earth is she thinking?

    • neoface

      I guess there is no mirrors in the Whitehouse and not everyone should be wearing spandex pants. I hope the girls didn’t inherit her butt. LOL!!!

  • Conservaguy

    They’re morons too.

  • Indynana

    This is our First *”Lady””! Classy EH?

  • Tim jones

    Our nation is openly racist against white people. Whites need to start throwing racism right back at these panzies crying about the old white man one minute and that’s racist the next minute.

    We aren’t equal, every standard of measurement has to have a black version, and quotas that guarantee employment because of ones black skin.

    Who cares about your black skin or obammys black skin? It’s like blacks hate themselves because they are black and they hate that you too aren’t black soooo raaaar you’re a racist and damnit that should mean something…

    Get a real job on your own ya bums…

  • Indynana

    Here is one “Change” – our classy First Lady – replaced by a no class frump!

    • Tim jones

      Just a nasty jacked-up-mouth-having ivy-league wanna-be-victim that turned Chicago hospital patient dumping schemes into a way of business that is the single reason for high deaths of the many black Chicago shooting victims. Shooting victims in Chicago don’t go to the nearest hospital in Chicago, they go the farthest hospital so they’ll hopefully just die in an ambulance.

      Michelle obammy all the way, way to help out your fellow Afro American Michelle ya piece of downtown garbage.

    • michael s

      i bet michael douglas disagrees

      • Indynana

        A LOT of idiots will disagree… but LOOK at the photo. It speaks louder!

  • lynnlynn

    How about everything the OBAMAS do is ugly???? still racist? Oh well lol

  • neoface

    Hayes Brown uses “racism” like Amanda Bynes use the word “ugly”, both very immature. However, Michelle Obama does have an under bite, must be her manly lower jaw.

  • AZWarrior

    I wish I could go one day on the net without that tired and ridiculously over used and under handed charge of “racist”. The situation is so bad, that the word ‘racist’ means nothing any more and, just as in the story of the little boy crying wolf, when a real racist needs to be confronted, no one will pay the least bit of attention. We only hurt the cause of bettering racial relations and equal treatment by the false and common use of that charge.

  • ObamaFail

    The race card is getting a little worn out at this point.

  • Truth Gun

    America need not wear a hair-shirt for the institution of slavery forever. At some point, the negative impact on Blacks because of their slave-born great great great great grandmother’s hardships shrinks to statistical insignificance.

    Further, more than half the population lives in states that either fought to free the slaves, or in states that didn’t exist in 1865. Descendants of slaves have zero claim on them.

    Further still, nobody alive owned black slaves in 1865. We do not punish children and grandchildren and ever-more-distant descendants for their ancestors’ crimes.

    And further still, there are millions of people (black, white, asian, mixed race, whatever) whose ancestors immigrated after the Civil War. They have neither claims upon nor obligations toward Americans descended from Civil War times.

    Democrats are engaging in the soft bigotry of low expectations. Blacks are human beings. We are all responsible for making the best of our myriad situations and talents. The sooner we stop coddling people based on superficial and irrelevant physical traits over which they have no control, the better. Stop trying to smother blacks with patronizing silliness. And Democrats, don’t you dare demand your neighbors’ property/labor to fund your ego-stroking utopian horse crap.

    Reading this thread (and many others) it is clear the overwhelming consensus is that the race card has lost most of its effectiveness. It still holds nominal sway in Liberal precincts.

    • VetPat

      UR missing the point … there’s mileage to be made by throwing out the race card!

  • tjp77

    Racism! Everything is racism! DO YOU HEAR ME? EVERYTHING!!!

  • michael s

    I support Mr Hayes. He’s right about that yenta.

    • Bumr50

      Let me guess, your mutant gene allows you to detect racism…

    • $8245944


    • tops116

      Well, a liberal behaved like a racist and amazingly enough, michael s supports that. How unexpected. Next up, michael s’ ode to Robert Byrd.

    • JoshuaCJCohen

      No one cares what you think, Michael. It always amazes me the most out and out racists are liberals. Yenta, eh? You’re a standup guy.

  • BraveNative

    RACIST??? The most overused word now days. Its meaningless.

  • tops116

    Hayes Brown summarized: “I’ll confess that my dubbing it racist is more of a gut reaction than anything else. But stop calling me a racist for engaging in racist behavior, you racist! It’s not fair to hold me accountable for my own words and actions the way I do that with everyone else. Insert outdated pop culture reference to a crappy sci-fi show here.”

    As for Amanda Bynes, well, she’s self-destructing, out of control and is a lot more unpleasant nowadays. And yet, she still comes out of this better than Hayes did. Go figure.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “I’ll confess that my dubbing anything racist is more of a gut reaction than anything else.”

  • sgb1

    I think that the ugly on the inside is showing up on the outside.

  • Benyamin Tover

    It’s getting continually more tiresome to hear the word racism appended to any comment at all directed toward people of color. Amanda Bynes knows full well that the profound ugliness of the Obama’s is related to their inward Marxist beliefs and their America hating character. To that end, Amanda was spot on.