Apparently the smoke is drifting in from one of the wildfires elsewhere in the state.

  • Clayton Grant

    Gonna be strange when we find out one or more of the Colorado fires was started by a roach.

  • Suzanne Cole-Rice

    #EastPeakFire on East Spanish Peak, #WestForkFire Complex west of Alamosa, , #BullGulchFire north of hwy 50 west of Canon City. Those are the ones south that would affect Colorado Springs per the sat view. Then there is #LimeGulchFire near Pine, #WildRoseFire in Rio Blanco Co, #WardGulchFire near Rifle, #BigMeadowsFire near Grand Lake, let alone the #BlackForestFire. Yes the state is burning again this year.

  • yestradamous

    I feel for you guys in CO. 2 years ago we got inundated by smoke from the Arizona fires, and there were days we literally couldn’t open a window. Burning eyes, intense smell of smoke 200 miles away. Just amazing.