Mark Sanford appears to be cruising to an easy victory over Elizabeth Colbert Busch in South Carolina District 1’s special congressional election.  Though the district is a Republican stronghold, Democrats considered the race winnable because of Sanford’s marital woes. Liberals aren’t happy, and some of them are taking it out on South Carolina voters.

So much h8. Sigh.


The hater-ade is still flowing:

  • Spatial Awareness


    • thetreyman

      the butt sting is so bad Dr.

    • Right Wired

      Sounds like victory.

      • Elaine

        Are these the same people who expect us to give all those domestic terrorists a second chance and except them as college professors now?

    • Doobug

      Now they know how we felt when they re-elected Obama????

      • Marvin Nelson

        LOL! Good one!

      • meyou

        A small correction, Ginger…the language. I have NEVER read this vernacular when Republicans lose, unless Reps go on liberal sites and spout off (in which case I wouldn’t know). Libs LOVE the F-word, don’t they????

    • Miss Clairee

      I’m a South Carolinian……and very proud of it! Sanford made a really bad choice, but that is no reason for the liberal “haters” to speak so hatefully about MY state! He won!!!! Suck it up and move on, you damn LIBTURDS!

      • Marvin Nelson

        Libtards only have one reaction when they get a butt kicking. They spew hate because they don’t have anything valid to say.

        • Miss Clairee

          They also seem to Looooove spewing the F-bomb! Eff off LIBTURDS! And hopefully you F-bomb loving liberals will stay out of MY state!!!!!!

    • Lgbpop

      You put the lime in the coconut, drink it all down
      Put the lime in the coconut and call me in the morning, woo woo

      • froggy19510

        Put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up
        You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up
        You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up
        You put the lime in the coconut and call the doctor woke him up
        I said Doctor! Is there nothing I can take
        I said Doctor! To relieve this bellyache
        I said Doctor! Is there nothing I can take
        I said Doctor! To relieve this bellyache

        • Gary

          I am loving this response.

    • Jeremy

      I just laugh at them.

    • Clete Torres

      “especially with Colbert supporting his sis.”

      That’d keep a lot of respectable people from voting Demwit.

  • Sal Williams

    These are the people that go to “Media Matters” site for there news.

    • Karl Winrich

      Take your pick: Media Matters, Salon, The Daily Beast, Politico, ThinkProgress, Move-on…etc…etc….Oh and lets not forget the biggies: NYT, WAPO, HuffPost, MSNBC, ABC, CBS….lets all lean to the left everybody and maybe we CAN sink this ship.

      • betzinva

        Only one exception at Daily Beast….Kirsten Powers is a rock star for her work on Gosnell, and she has smacked the BHO admin over Benghazi and their general thin skinned response to ANYTHING Fox covers. Beyond that, no arguments,bro.

        • Karl Winrich

          I’ll give you that, Kristen Powers is doing her job as a journalist.

          • michael s

            except when it came to mary landrieu attacking fox news. except when it came to abortionist Brigham. and other things i can point out,we know why

          • ForTheRepublic

            Michael, your race-card trolling is getting old. Really old. Either come up with new material, or fall by the wayside. Your choice.

          • lainer51

            except when it came to hating Sanford because of adultery but loving Bubba IN SPITE of pedophilia.

        • Paul Clayton

          Agree! I think Kirsten looks at things very Rational with Common Sense, and without BIAS.. Though I may disagree with her at times, I respect her Opinion..

        • ozconservative

          Found this interesting piece on Ms Powers:

          Powers was raised Episcopalian but later spent much of her adult life as an atheist, only to come to “view everyone as God’s child and that means everyone deserves grace and respect.”
          She now identifies as a Christian stating: “I’m an Orthodox Christian.
          I’d say evangelical but that word is too loaded with cultural baggage,
          so I say Orthodox instead. I came to this faith later in life so for
          people who have known me for a long time this fact is still a bit of a
          mind bender. Honestly, it’s still kind of a mind bender for me too
          considering the atheistic world in which I happily resided for so long.”

          • NickGranite

            That is interesting which makes me wonder how she finds peace with the democrat party and politics in general.

      • anywoman

        Karl: Si! SI PUEDA!!!!!!

      • ronni

        The Grio, the biggest RACIST web site on the planet, COSMO, The NEW YORKER, JET MAGAZINE, Boston Globe, L.A. Times, ST. Petersburg Times, name your LIBERAL RAG PAPER.

    • thetreyman

      i could have said most of those things they said right back to them about the presidential election.

      • TOZ

        If you didn’t, others did.

        • Adela Wagner

          And not only THIS Pres. election..I seem to remember a certain past DEM President making a mockery of the Oval Office and a good cigar……

    • grais

      They’re probably awe-struck by Sheila Jackson Lee’s intelligence and love anything ‘Kennedy’ and ‘Clinton’, too.

    • $4356589

      You mean “their,” genius.

      • Clayton Grant

        You mean “their”, genius.

        • Seriously?


          • Red Blues

            Yes, they’re geniuses in their own minds over there… :- /

        • SpinMeNot

          Oh thank you so much for this post Satirist …

      • jeanbean14

        No, the correct word is “they’re.” It’s a contraction. It means “they are.” Where did you learn English, dude?

        • JohnFLob

          No! “They’re” is not the correct word. But maybe to you “they are” the news. ZekeTX and Satirist are correct in suggesting the possessive pronoun and not the preposition

          • PLS

            There, their, they’re. Pick one. Anything other than the third and ‘you’re’ wrong.

          • Clayton Grant

            That wasn’t what I was doing at all. Zeke was being a troll and trying to correct grammar while failing to use proper punctuation himself. I slay trolls as a public service. 😉

          • SpinMeNot

            “Satirist, the Troll Slayer” — Sounds like the Saturday night movie on the SyFy channel …

            Either way, I always laugh when I read your posts (or is that “you’re”, I don’t know anymore …)

          • Clayton Grant

            Thanx a lot Spin! Likewise.

      • MarcusFenix

        See, just posted above how you’re a fail troll. 2 seconds later, i scroll down, and see you failing here too.

        It’s like a cornucopia of failure!

        To help, i even posted a link to where you can read the difference.,-Their-and-They%27re

      • redheadgrl

        haha Zeke. you said “their” instead of “they are (they’re)”. #FAIL. If you want to correct someone’s grammar, you should make sure you are correct in your corrections. hahahahahaha.

      • redheadgrl

        I had to up-vote Zeke b/c of his massive #Grammar#Fail

  • casino1

    I think we see the quality of voters Obama had the last election. Love it when they lose so gracefully.

    • Karl Winrich

      The spew always flows fastest from the liberals.

      • Jeremy

        yeah it’s not surprising at all.

      • $4356589

        Yeah, because of course there was absolutely none from conservatards the night of November 6, 2012. Riiiight…

        • ForTheRepublic

          Never heard of a “conservatard”. Care to elaborate?

          • TugboatPhil

            Zeke makes even less sense now that the supply of Sudafed for cooking Meth is limited.

          • ForTheRepublic

            I was just hoping for an explanation. It appears as though you offered a darn good one!

        • lainer51

          ever hear of spell check?-
          it’s LIB tards.

        • SpinMeNot

          Can you please change your screen name to ZekeAustinTX … you are an embarrassment to the rest of the us that live outside the Peoples Republic of Austin.

    • Jayve

      And their expanded vocabulary is quite stunning. Deep thinkers those libs.

  • C Ken Davis Sr

    what amazes me is that most of the comments on this election are from people who do not have much of a vocabulary. It seems if it is not vulgarity then they are unaware of how to use the English language. What a sad plight for those who are so low educated.

    • B Crosby

      I don’t think they’re even from my state of South. Carolina

      • Paul Clayton

        I don’t think so either?

    • John

      As I heard said years ago “those who curse lack the intelligence to express themselves in any other way”.

      • Steven Howard

        Profanity is the strongest expression of a weak mind.

        • Red Blues

          “The foolish and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing is a vice so mean and low that every person of sense and character detests and despises it”. – George Washington

          Of course, the vocabulary challenged individuals who are trolling here will need to have someone explain this to them…

  • Michael Shea

    I guess only the democrats can elect cheaters…aka Bill Clinton

    • Spatial Awareness

      Don’t leave out John Edwards OR Ted Kennedy.

      • Clete Torres

        Or John F Kennedy.

  • kindamara

    What I found interesting about the election is that Colbert-Whatever was running under two parties – Dems and some other party … And Sandford still won!

    • leo801

      Exactly what I was saying..She had two parties voting for her and still failed like only a loony lib can!!

      • WBee1 Proud Navy Wife

        And what makes it all the more sweeter is that the libs spent over a million bucks in that district – and they still lost.

    • keyboard jockey

      It’s not a democrat district. I don’t see why all the flailing by the left on twitter. I guess they believed that Sanford was toxic, and that gave her a chance.

      • mdtljt

        But her familial ties did her a disservice in this election…so sad too bad…not that this Sandlapper is happy w/Sanford….

      • anywoman

        I guess Sanford’s transgression was “a long time ago”, eh Jay Carney? That line is not going to work for Hillary in 2016. Does she have to give back all that money she’s been grabbing? Hope the stink sticks to her for the rest of her life and that not even Berkley or Haaaaaaaavaaaaaaad give her a single solitary speaking gig.

      • John

        They just can’t believe that we won’t roll over and die now that O was reelected.


      • Native American Potato

        What I find truly bizarre is that many of them are spewing so much hate towards this guy who admitted his wrongdoings and resigned his post in the past but the same people spewing hate either would or did vote for Jessie Jackson Jr. who did the same thing and was being indicted on criminal charges for the same behavior plus stealing campaign funds just before he won his reelection.

        The hypocrisy is amazing.

  • Jimni27

    And these are the same people who are A Okay with Bill Clinton getting BJs in the WH and will be willing to vote for his in- name- only wife.

    • Luke Guidry III

      Bj’s in the white house dont seem so bad compared to what we have had lately! I think Bill had alot wrong idealogically, but he didnt hate America the way this president does!

      • Jimni27

        Oh, I totally agree- just think it’s hypocritical to clutch the pearls when it’s not their guy. That goes for both sides.

        • jeanbean14

          “clutch the pearls” lol!!

      • Gary Freeman

        Agreed. I’d rather have Bill getting BJ’s from his secretary than have Obama and the Senate Democrats trying to bend us over and stick their agenda in us against our will.

    • redheadgrl

      And lying under oath in a sexual harassment case is totally ok as well, especially with that #waronwomen

  • KS

    Lying about your sEx life doesn’t matter… Just ask Willy Clinton

  • Jeff Close

    A typical barrage of F-bombs. Progressive eloquence.

    • Canadian in USA

      A result of the pubic education system, no doubt.

  • Agent_Zeero

    Certainly typical lib reaction. BTW, what in the hell is “hater-ade”? What does that even mean?

    • Red Blues

      The youngsters have taken to using the shortened form of ‘H8’ instead of ‘hate’ (as in ‘h8r’ for ‘hater’). This term is used to describe anyone and everyone who offers an opposing opinion or thought, much in the same way that ‘bigot’ and ‘racist’ are being twisted to mean the polar opposite (Orwellian to say the very least).

      Hence, ‘hater-ade” refers to those who have drank the kool-ade and are now spewing their ‘H8″. Only having two in high school has helped me decipher all of the text shortened phrases or I’d be ‘SMH’ (shaking/scratching my head) asking ‘WTF?’ as well … 😉

  • lgander

    It appears from the comments that liberals can’t quite get beyond 4-letter words…

    • Frank Bennett

      now the dumbass libs know exactly how we felt in November…to hell with their comments….caint git no fre stuf frem Sanford….Take that pizza face Lawrence O Donnell…Cant wait to see the comedy staff of Madcow, Sharptongue, and the rest of these assholes at MSNBC…

  • GreenEyedGal

    Where were these outraged libs when Clinton was governor of Arkansas and then President of the US?

    • nc

      Oh, that was “just sex.” Completely irrelevant. Wassa matta wit you? You don’t see the diff?

      • GreenEyedGal

        I see now! When D’s do it = just sex. When R’s do it = war on women… or something.

        • Gary Freeman

          When a liberal lets a woman drown in his car, it’s “teaching equality!” But let a Republican say that women should pay for their own birth control, then it’s “WAR ON WOMEN!!!!”

    • grais

      Taxpayer funded pre-school?

  • Autiger

    Ahh the sound of tolerance .. love it

  • james

    well i guess that must have pissed more idiots off than i thought .Congrats Mr Sanford

  • Brent Guthrie

    In my best Nelson Muntz voice:

  • leo801

    LOL…The nasty little critters of the loony left take butthurt to a whole new level..They get their “whining little bitch” syndrome from 0-boy himself

  • keyboard jockey

    Oh the butt hurt is strong tonight on the left :)

  • William Jaudon

    Three words for those Dems screaming about Sanford:

    Mayor Marion Barry

    • Terry Hess

      dagger to the heart! good one William

      • Terry Hess

        is that sound of snorting coming from the Mayors office or are we at a bull shit riding event??

    • mdtljt


  • Booker

    It’s gonna be bloodbath in 2014! I can’t wait folks!

  • I Hate Blogs

    Why so upset ? Were they that upset when DC residents kept electing Marion Berry ?

  • Kellie Alexander

    wow. Anyone remember Bill Clinton? John Edwards? *crickets chirping*

    • journogal

      Spitzer and Wiener…

    • lainer51

      probably not – most of the libs on this site are still in Mommy and Daddy’s basement, reading Billary’s autobiography. They don’t get out much.

  • stangbanger49

    Never seen so many whiners in one place? I love watching lefties squirm just wait till 2014? More fun comming!!!

    • Kathy


  • strai8ttalk

    Those who are without sin may cast the first stone- and I suppose all the idiotic comments are from SAINTS?!

  • Andrew

    But Bill Clinton gets a hummer in the ovaland that is ok?

  • Jim Whitaker

    I wonder if they kiss their lesbian moms with those mouths.

  • DeBaliviere

    Maybe the Dems will do better in the next election if they can get Jon Stewart’s sister to run.

  • Val Robinson

    And they talk about SC stupid rednecks. The vile language they use makes them look like the stupid ones…

    • me

      I thought about that while watching the video of the people in Cleveland. And they call us rednecks…

  • Political Liars

    These same liberals probably voted for Bill Clinton, no room to talk, sorry.

  • BackScatter

    Oh this just makes me smile….the Left’s exasperation is just soooooooooo satisfying.

  • Brandon Goeringer

    Didn’t Ted Kennedy kill a woman?

    • mickeyco

      And his brothers- and he- never saw a woman they didn’t…….

      • ozconservative

        Don’t forget daddy Joe being all buddy-buddy with Hitler

        • redheadgrl

          and daddy joe made his fortune by breaking the law – bootlegging during prohibition. also made his mentally-challenged daughter get a lobotomy.

  • LizRey

    Too bad the are utterly incapable of eating their words. They just blame bush when the opportunity presents itself.

  • Autiger

    Sc voter ID worked .. now to get the rest of America on board

  • David J Michel Jr.

    ha ha libtards!

  • IprefertobeAnonymous

    Pretty soon, the only word the left will be able to utter is the F*bomb. Imagine a whole group on people walking around conversing with each other… “F, fff, f etty FF”.

  • american outlaw

    mark Stanford can’t do any worse then the lier and chief we have as a president. obummer has crewed America worse then Stanford can ever do.

  • mc

    These comments show the hatred and foulness of the left. This is why I will never give up my guns. Because people this full of hate will soon care nothing about the voting process or your right to choose a candidate they don’t agree with. Get ready America, these barbarians are at the gate.

    • Frank Bennett

      i agree Mike…..these bastards think they own the country, but hopefully this is just a step in taking it back…the idiots who voted for Oblama in November are the ones spewing all the rhetoric……now, maybe we can get rid of that window store mannequin, Pelosi….

  • Daffy2009

    Judging from the left’s reaction, the people of SC must have done something “right” hee hee

  • funnygirrl35

    Wow….gotta love the class of the left side. Do you think they dropped enough F-bombs? They constantly show ignorance at it’s finest.

  • Indian Andy

    Where’s all their tolerance?

  • adriaperez

    I guess dems are the only ones that can lie and cheat , how quickly we forget our infamous cigar man Bill Clinton.

  • B Crosby

    Sanford, is a good man, he’s human like us all, marital problems aside, he loves south Carolina, and his country. I guess only liberals can have affairs and get away with it….

  • Mackie72

    Libs think they sound so much cooler when they say “fuck.” It’s almost like a Lib calling card on Twitter.

    But to me, they sound STUPID as FUCK.

  • dmbatten

    Hear the pitiful cries of #UniteBlue & #OFA 4 ‘family values’ w/respect to Sanford winning SC..but where were you when Gosnell murdered kids

    • Canadian in USA

      Now you see their priorities.

  • John David Hill

    We in SC are Republicans and you kiss ass Democrats can take a flying leap. Sanford won and we are proud of it

  • the_bat

    And, aren’t these mostly the same people who voted for Obama?

  • David Johnson

    Well maybe if the dem’s had run a real candidate. All she had going for her was her brother and was mad Sanford wanted to debate the issues & not his affair. Sure is funny the dem’s hero’s are President John Kennedy (Hell any male in the Kennedy family) & President Bill Clinton who are just pillars of family values!

  • Gary

    Look at those tweets! F**K this and F**K that…calling other people names! I thought libturds were all about rainbows, sunshine, pixie dust, and tolerance? Yeah…suuuure they are.

    • Kathy

      Only if they agree with it. Otherwise they spew venom.

  • Canadian in USA

    Hey, if they want to leave, all I have to say is…see ya!

  • adriaperez

    Oh the Obamanation is having a melt down because a Republican won, well get ready for 2014, we will own the house and the senate.

  • Ann Tucker

    Well , I didn’t think he should have won , although I’m a Republican and a conservative, any more than I though nasty Bill Clinton should have been re-elected after lying to the world, and cheating on his wife and embarrassing her and his child and letting his DEMOCRAT PARTY down by doing MONICA IN THE OVAL OFFICE…but the way you Libs are lacking in vocabulary and using the F word in every post makes me think maybe he’s no worse than any of you Democrats after all .

    • TexasTemplar

      he’s 100 times better than Colbert’s lame-ass Liberal sister.

  • MontanaGal

    You ever notice that when the rabid lefties (uninformed, btw) don’t get their way, many will resort to lowest-common-denominator F-bombs? Just makes me want to reply with “Ooooh. You’re SO erudite!” Confused looks, crickets, anger, more F-bombs will inevitably ensue…

  • Jared Mucha

    I could say the same about them voting for Obama, but I (And 90% of the conservatives and right) have more class than that.

    • bullib

      I don’t. If it would remove the King from office I would say F a lot.

  • Barbara Hemingway

    What is wrong with you people! You are afraid of this man? Why? Because he tells the truth? You are all a bunch of idiots that deserve what you get! All of you are stupid morons! I bet you voted for the person getting ready to go down!

  • Amy in SC

    I live in SC and couldn’t be more thrilled to have Mark Sanford back. He is very fiscally conservative and did great things while Governor and will do great things as Senator. He sleeps in his office to save money!

  • Harry Myers

    Such tolerance from the left.

  • $4356589

    Congratulations, conservtards. You are no longer the party of “morals” and “family values.” No hate here, just noting the hypocrisy of a state full of self-proclaimed Christian conservatives voting for a sinner. At least now we can all take “moral high ground” off the table.

    • John Dale

      Remember Bill Clinton, you sore loser. lol

      • $4356589

        Bill Clinton wasn’t a conservatard who embraced morality as a political platform, so I fail to see your point.

        • Slapweasel

          We’ve been hoist on that petard for too long, while watching (D)epraved, (D)enounced, (D)ivisive, (D)im-witted, (D)- Theftocrats get voted into office to “service the people.”

          Try something else. The cherry’s been broken.

    • vfrtower

      “At least now we can all take “moral high ground” off the table.”
      Gonna be hard for you to reach the table unless your momma lets you out of your high chair.

    • bullib

      I’ll take an adulterer over a Marxist, anyday.

    • bullib

      Didn’t you know that being a dirtbag, commie, lib, America-hating Marxist is a sin?

    • waltzingmtilda

      Zeke, I’m not quite sure you have a grasp of how Christianity works. There’s this whole bit about forgiveness and he who is without sin, etc…

    • Glen Graybill Sr

      Can i bring up Bill Clinton and his activities in the Oral Office?

      • $4356589

        You can, but it doesn’t really apply, since, y’know, liberals don’t make a point of branding themselves as purveyors of moral perfection. The point is that conservatards do, and when they enthusiastically support a sinner/adulterer/stalker like Sanford, they show their hypocrisy.

        • Slapweasel

          Hyperbole much?

        • redheadgrl

          Yeah, those tweets listed above don’t say anything about the man’s morals. hahahah.

    • J. Cox

      “Moral high ground”…..a place no gutter trolls like you have ever seen.

      • $4356589

        That’s really the best you can do? Bless your heart…

        • J. Cox

          I could do alot better,if I had someone who could,you know,actually debate an issue.However…pearls before swine and all.CYA at the OFA luvfest.

  • vfrtower

    If God created stupid, libs are the perfect example of His success.

  • bullib

    Any time you piss of commies this much, you must have done something right.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Apparently SC voters are still smarter than the DNC strategists who backed Colbert-Busch.

  • arttie

    Brings back memories of Wilbur Mills and the Argentine Firecracker.

  • Michael Land

    Hmmm… Is there a liberal who can form a sentence without the F word in it?

  • JustMyOpinion

    we need R’s to be in control of the house and senate. the dems alone have done so much damage. Glad Sanford won

  • Michelle Sampson Merritt

    Can these morons not make a sentence without curse words in it? How lame, sad, unintelligent. I cannot take someone seriously who talks like that!

  • Jetta Kyzar

    a man that had an affair is the worst thing that one can do,them red necks.But yet you idiots yankees liberal voted a muslim,for president who we have yet proved where he is from,taking all our freedom away,protecting our enemy’s,giving every lazy person free food,free phones,free rent,and you are pist because they voted in an American who had an affair,like clinton did.

  • Jeffrey King

    And these are the complaining liberals that re-elected Marion Barry after his drug convictions and corruption charges.

  • Bill Kelly

    Look at all the Liberal HATE. Almost all of them have the F–K word. Idiots can’t even make a comment without using it. Their age is higher than their IQ.

  • kayakingfatso

    These people are disgusting. They hate this guy but ADORE and worship clinton. Someone tweeted about republicans lack of family values… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Really?! Oh how short their memories are. Idiots.

  • Gloria Wandrous

    Obama voters: Trash.

  • DB

    And all these “asshats” helped to elect the worst President in modern history. All these Liberals deserve what they get because of it.

    • Kathy

      History period!

  • detroit19

    Boo hoo from NY, SC :) Although Mark Sanford would not be my first choice, he is far more qualified than Stephen Colbert’s sister, which, incidentally, is her only qualification/recommendation. Word to the wise, Rep. Elect Sanford? Tim Scott is a rock star…take lessons.

    • me

      You forgot Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy, “Carpetbagger” Clinton, Bawny “Minor Prostitute Ring in my Basement” Frank and Chris “Make me a Sandwich” Dodd.

      • me

        And who could forget Anthony “Wanna See my Weiner” Weiner

    • TMZ2

      Marion Barry, Rod Blagoavich, and Jesse Jackson Jr. And what’s his name is Hank Johnson.

  • FreedomFighter

    Liberals are seriously panicking over this. I posted two comments on the Huffington Post website and received 18 nasty comments back.

    • nc

      You’re a brave soul. I salute you.

  • David

    I’m no fan of Sanford, but if he was a democrat he would be up for a cabinet position.

  • Red Fred

    See that’s just it. You lefties think you can push everyone in the direction YOU think everyone should go. South Carolina doesn’t give the slightest “for unlawful carnal knowledge” what you think. :)

  • Kathy Maidens

    Do you stupid people know any other word beside the f word. just showes hoe stupid you are.

  • Dallas Collins

    don’t care for the man but glad it’s an R and not a D in SC1.

    • journogal

      That is the way I look at it as well.

  • J.B.

    Libs losing what little bit of their minds they have left. LOVE IT, they show what they really are a bunch of haters. Bobbleheads for obama gone wild.

  • Infidel_jack

    Beating a Communist in South Carolina. Imagine that.

  • bullib

    When people that vote for their own freedom are demeaned like this, it just shows you how truly screwed we are. Because it’s slimeballs like those that wrote these comments that are running the country.

  • Infidel_jack

    I am waiting for their comments about sending Tim Scott back to Africa because he refuses to stay on the KKK Demonazi plantation.

  • Robby Gregg

    Wow looks like all these people know how to spell is fuck lol the one that says she wants to move lets start a fund for her and get her out of our damn state

  • Dallas Collins

    Anytime someone Pelosi bankrolls loses my smile goes a mile. Her brother actually hurt her chances.

  • TexasTemplar

    her idiot brother cost her the race in SC. Voters in SC don’t care AT ALL for his (or her) brand of smarmy smart-ass. We’re a lot better off without another Leftist idiot in office. Congratulations, Mark.

  • Glen Graybill Sr

    This is just the beginning. In 2014 Democraps are going to find out they have awoken a sleeping giant. The House and Senate will be in Republican control and IF Obama is still in office will be so lame he will need a wheelchair.

  • lgander

    Any bets on how many of these whiners are government workers??

  • Lisa 670

    The left has such a limited vocabulary…that explains their inability to tPity…ink logically and do math.

  • Dave

    ummmm….I just love the smell of government cheese eaters going wild in the night.

  • FaithColeridge33

    At least it’s the beginning of the month and they have a balance left on their EBT cards. They can buy something to wash down the crow.

  • AZWarrior

    There they (the Democrats) go again… Clinging to their tired old sexual hangups and intolerance. If a cigar and an intern is good enough for old Bill Clinton, then it is good enough for Sandford. Eat it libs.

  • Joe Kelly

    Nice, when the lib crazies have a pedophile from NJ SAY IT NEVER HAPPENED, or a president get impeached screwing someone in the Oval Office, Bengazi.

  • Roger Bournival

    From a conservative Mass. resident:
    Elizabeth Warren, fake Indian who built her career at Harvard on that lie & a lawyer practicing law in MA w/o a license, winning MA Senate seat = speaking truth to power!
    Mark Sanford winning SC 01 Congressional seat – blood vessels burst all over the place.
    To hell with these SOB’s…

    • Kathy

      I know, but he only got elected because 160% of the minority voters elected him.

      • Kathy

        That was supposed to go on David Hutton’s post. Sorry

  • David Hutton

    Well, Obama was elected twice…..
    People vote. That’s how our system works.
    No guarantees you’ll like it.
    Funny when a CommieDem is indiscreet and takes public funds, Puppet Libs make apologies or applaud, or call it normal business.
    Asshurt lefties = hypocrites.

  • GeauxinUp

    Billy-bob Clinton got a BJ in the white house and libtards think he hung the moon…hypocrite much?

  • ra44mr2

    So wait…the guy cheats on his wife..wrong yes absolutely, however democrats are FULL of scumbags that have done everything from drugs to hookers to any number of things and suddenly its the republicans that will vote for anyone?

  • Bemani Dog

    They’re butt-hurt because some chick whose only real claim to fame is being the sister of a comedian didn’t get elected.

  • Ctskip

    I’ve gotta at this point in time. What is it that is so bad about the “other candidate” that caused them not to win if Sanford is so bad. She must be worse,eh?

  • Terry Hess

    WOW and ya know many of voted for Bill Clinton without a moments hesitation..hypocrites…just normal every day jerks..oh and thanks for the duchbag Pres….

  • NewWest 123

    I suppose all these morons voted for Obama!! Are they posting on their free Obama phones?? Does anyone remember Bill Clinton?? Monica?? Likely not cause most of them weren’t born… He’ll I bet most of these losers don’t know squat!

  • Cheyenne Mongrandi

    What lovely messages most of these people are posting. It seems all they can do is say fuck. I guess that’s their way of having a tantrum when they didn’t get the wrong way. I guess that’s about as much class as one can expect from people who probably voted for Obama responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.

  • scprguy

    As a South Carolinian; to all those tolerant sensitive lefties who are afraid of their own shadow, and love the taste of the Obam-aid………..You’re welcome!! How do you like us now? :) HA!

  • Shane Falco

    …like when the DC GOP got Marion Barry back into office after his “peccadillos”…no, wait…

    • Jim Denney

      Now just a minute, that was different! Marion had a difficult childhood. He was disenfranchised by the evil white devils, which left him with low self esteem, AND da bitch set him up!
      Damn racist!

      BTW – “Duh Mayor for Life” is coming out with an autobiography, so I’m looking forward to confirmation that he really was comforting a distraught young female constituent at 3AM in his parked car, and that the crack pipe and drugs belonged to her. The cops misinterpreted the whole situation.
      Damn racists!

  • TexasMeow

    Wow…what low class scum bags. I’m sure SC would be more than happy to see them leave. I’m sure the stench of failure would follow them. Liberals certainly do know how to throw a first class hissy fit when they lose that is for sure. Trashy and pathetic.

  • Gordon Waite

    Just listen to yourselves and your hate. Now you know how we felt when Obama was elected, both times. But we have the class to be civil, and refrain from saying Fu*k every other word!

    • michael s

      except when you’re being racist towards Pres Obama and using racist code like Obamaphone

      • Slapweasel

        HAHAHAHAHA! That’s the best you got? “Codewords” that only you can hear?

        Your tears are yummy.

  • marcellucci

    If Sanford had a gay tryst….the Libs would be dancing in the streets….
    Straddling the fence feels good for a while lefties…eventually….you start to chafe…

  • Jim

    Mark Sanford is just as capable and no more morally wrong than the majority of the other political leaders. He wasn’t as lucky as others, he got caught. Bill Clinton was/is a fornicator and adulterer and, he continued on as president to sell us out. Give Mr. Sanford an opportunity to be an asset to SC. His private life shouldn’t be brought into his political life, if so, then all the rest in government should be judged accordingly. Only ignorant and delusional people judge a man’s ability beforehand. We gave President Obama the opportunity to prove himself after he became president without discrimination or judgment and, we find that he is lacking managerial skills. Just sayin.

  • Thomas Kuhn

    I love the sound of tolerant liberals when they don’t get their way. The most common word they used was F–K and they even wanted to burn SC like in the days when heretics were burned at the stake for disagreeing with the powers that be

  • Kathy

    YEA, SC! Very smart move!

  • texray

    Poor babies are afraid the rednecks won’t give them their spoonful of molasses every Sunday.

  • nc

    If Sanford can get libbies this upset, well, he’s just earned himself several extra brownie points in my book.

  • Tony Deisla

    Don’t be silly you stupid liberals. You know damn well you would have voted for Sanford over a moderate Republican if he was a Democrat.

  • Jim Youngblood

    and they are the same people that are still in love with Bill CLinton. They will also vote for Anthony “the weiner” Weiner if he runs for NYC mayor. And lets not forget Elliot Spitzer.

  • Jim Youngblood

    I dont think he should have ever run. I hate that he won the primary. However there was really no choose once he won it. It was either him or an uber liberal

  • gjsmith_62

    Can’t you just feeeeel the love?

    Hey asswipes, Bill Clinton was the real “War on Women”

  • Rodney Brungardt

    Mark Sanford must be the right guy if he get’s that many liberal panties all wadded up. Love the sound of progressive whining after an election!!!

  • LinTaylor

    What? You mean the politician whose only point of interest is being related to an overrated political comedian lost?! No wai!

  • porgiefirefighter

    If Sanford came out as a gay Democrat, these same Twits would praising his courage and intelligence, while complimenting SC voter and saying his wife got what she deserved.

  • RememberSekhmet

    The song of my people, let me sing it for you

  • lillymckim

    A wins a win!!
    Thank You SC!

  • TMZ2

    The New Tone is same as the Old Tone. Nothing much different. The left never changes.

  • Rationalthinker

    Oh…she was Colbert’s SISTER??? Oh, that changes everything!

  • woody1290

    Libbies hate Sanford but LUV, Clinton, Weiner, Barney Frank, Teddy Kennedy. What a bunch of hypocrites. South Carolina is a great state.

  • TMZ2

    In the words of the infamous leftist poet Richard Louis: California can go F itself. There I said it.

  • Steve_J

    At least they proved they know a few four letter words.

  • James Paul

    So when democrats win elections, usually with the help of walt disney characters, the voters have spoken. When republicans win elections, its stupid voters… figures…

  • everyonesamerica

    We wondered the same when these Obots voted for Obama.

  • Michael Extinctionlevelevent M

    I hope some of you philosphers from above read this: Dont be mad b/c SC has always been at the forfront of liberty and freedom, IE: 1776, 1861, 2010, and yes the special election of 2013. Sanford is the epitome of fiscal conservatism. You ppl are a bunch of clowns. I hope you cant sleep tonight asshats.

    • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

      Good…time for a slap back to the Rat Party cheats…Voter IDs work really well…suck it up…That’s why Eric Holder is so adamant against Voters’ IDs…cheating….triple voting…bussing people from other States a la Florida
      Ohio and Indiana in 2012..I prefer clowns to liars and cheats…

  • AccountantCas

    Talk about voting for the lesser of two evils. It’s a sad day in America when good people have to choose between a Liberal and an adulterer. Seems like a lose-lose situation. There should have been a third option…’None of the above’. ‘None of the above’ would have won by a landslide and would have been as good as or even better that 99.9% of the other politicians in Congress.

  • Givemeliberty

    Obviously these comments come from the more enlightened, intellectual, and tolerant liberals amongst us. Their vast vocabulary range gives them away.

  • mapache

    I only hope we hear it ten times worse in November 2014!

    • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

      How sweet it is when Voter IDs actually work well by keeping those whining scum bags out from voter 3 or 4 times or having Obamas’ illegals from Florida or other States being bussed in…Hey Eric Holder…payback is a b–ch…

  • Melanie LeBato Branham

    Wow! Liberals sure do know how to spell one word. “F—“. As a resident of SC, you liberal morons, who seem to preach political correctness, sure lost your cool in these tweets. Your unhappiness with our choice only makes us proud. 😉

  • I M Free

    hahahaha! expected comments from losers

  • redrick

    See its only cool if you are a democrat to screw around on your wife, to misappropriate government funds or be a racist.

  • Lgbpop

    Wow, feel the love. Next time, Democrats, nominate someone who hasn’t been on Comedy Central or SCTV. That was a fluke, not a trend.

    Ha ha haaa, what a bunch of putzes. For those of you on the Left Coast who haven’t figured this out yet, South Carolina has had centuries of memorable (if sometimes fire-breathing) statesmen. They will vote for a slightly-embarrassed former governor with a good record before they will vote for some insipid candidate with platitudes for policy. Except for Jim Clyburn, still trying to figure out his draw.

    • me

      Jim Clyburn is gerrymandered. Look up District 6’s lines. He’ll die in office more than likely.

  • Gary Freeman

    They’re just mad that another America hating lib cunt wasn’t elected to help push the Obama agenda down our throats.

  • I M Free

    i’d rather elect a cheater who repented than the one who said “i did not have any sexual relationship with that woman” or “guam might tip over”

  • froggy19510

    Funny how the tolerant left gets plain nasty when they loose an it’s fun to watch.
    If that were the only reason to be happy it’s a good one.

  • Clint Norwood

    Man! This is sweet!

  • Whiteeagle

    Ha, ha, ha ….this is Great !!! …. Guess there’s no possibility that a buncha’ ‘no-neck’, limp-wristed, Liberal-Progressive Elitist, Socialists & Marxists Under the ‘Headship’ of one Brock Obama, had anything to do with a ‘flawed’ Republican getting the ‘Nod’ !!!

  • Jeremy

    Ah yes the always tolerant left in action.

  • Jeremy

    The left hates the south and always calls them hillbillies or racists.

    • Roto

      That’s right…….. UNTIL they need their vote.

  • DianaRae_FL

    Blows my mind the dems go on about Sanford. I mean they have Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner!

    • Michelle

      Don’t forget John Edwards.

  • Jeremy

    Colbert’s sister was a horrible candidate as well.

  • Robert S. Latimer IV

    Damn that stupid bitch he was running against must have REALLY sucked!

  • DrSamHerman

    Looks like crow is on the Democrat menu for tonight.

  • liberty or death

    It is so very enjoyable to watch the leftists lose their little minds. I guess Sanford’s marital infidelity while on the job was different than that of Jim Mcgreevy, Elliot Spitzer, the Breck Girl John Edwards, and the grand daddy of all liars Bill Clinton.

  • tessaprn

    Loving all this liberal love!!!!!

  • Guest

    Yup! It means, Americans are waking up to the reality that this country is being ravage by liberalism. I want my country back. No Socialism and Dictatorship for me.

  • Ron Travis


  • bunny06

    SC voting for a female Al Franken would have been scary. ANyone see her mugshot

  • Charlotte Powell

    How many of those people are bill Clinton fans? Lol, they can kiss my redneck sc a$$!!!!!!!!! And I’m sure they all voted for obombus too!

  • Mead

    I’m going to sleep well tonight knowing these clowns aren’t.

  • henryknox

    Don’t know why they are complaining. There really wasn’t a good choice on the ballot. If the Dems would have put up a decent candidate they could have won. Sanford is not a good candidate and probably caused lots of people to stay home.

  • anywoman

    Hmmmm, the tweeters are black. Sanford is white. The comments are nasty. Does that constitute ‘hate speech” and cries of “racism”? ought to.

  • Guest

    The angst and pain of these bigoted liberals is like ambrosia to my soul.

  • Swampcat

    Sanford/Palin 2016! Oh Yeah!

    • tops116

      Sanford would certainly be preferable to Hillary “What difference does it make?” Clinton.

  • DizzyMissL

    Yet these folks give standing ovations to BJClinton.

  • Kenai

    Hey, Libtards, now you’re getting a little taste of how we thought about people who reelected Dinglebarry Obunghole. How do ya’ like it? Can you say schadenfreude?

  • sodakhic

    Libs should love Sanford. A womanizer like Slick Willie. At least Sanford didn’t screw around with a 21 year old. Anyone that supports Clinton after Monica, Kathleen, Jennifer, Jaunita, and Paula is an effing idiot loser.

  • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    How great it is when honest elections are held…Voter IDs kept the usual triple+ voters out of S Carolina…as well as keeping the Obama’s illegals and out of state crooks out…Demand voter IDs to be mandated in every state before the 2014 elections…The hell with Eric Holder and the m*f*Judges and their cheating of the we, the people’s rights…we cannot let the RAT Party to continue cheating their way in…

  • HARP2

    Name on the ballot twice and still can`t win.
    Commies are losers.

  • obowmasbananarepublic

    Liberals only want our Representatives to have sex in the White House Oral Office. Maybe Sanford can do it there later…

  • Kannibal Jones

    people of the united states are the dumbasses…afterall they elected a communist bastard 2x…nevada re elected reid…pelosi still has a job,,,hillary says we lost 4 americans in benghazi,what difference does it make how…typical of the left to whine n cry…they dont really care about the children they just abort and murder them…fuck all you lame bastards

  • Chris Turner

    This should qualify as hate speech. Period.

  • Brown Eminence

    I am a lefty but I am happy for the guy. Maybe it is because it is one of the true underdog stories. The guy was hated on and left to the wolves by the Republican party-hey what about Reagan’s 11th commandment?
    As Bill Maher said this guy wasn’t a serial philanderer like Spitzer, Gingrich, Haggard, Vitter, Clinton etc. He wasn’t messing around with hookers or interns, he really fell in love. He was forced out by political correctness, suburban house wives, pu##y whipped husbands, and the morality police. He took them all on and won -good for him! Also he was the first Republican to “embrace” the Hispanics before it became the cool thing to do.
    To my fellow lefties…Remember Marion Barry? Sanford ain’t nothing.

  • yacope

    hmmm I don’t remember this kind of thing when Jesse Jackson Jr won HIS election while in rehab…and wasn’t there more scandal than that??? The hypocrisy of these people.

    For dems the bar is about an inch off the ground for everyone else is about 12 feet up…

    But I must admit is funny to see them so unhinged.

  • MisterIncredible

    I’d say these people have a serious case of buttmad.

  • GMMI

    Just remember libs kept re-electing Teddy Kennedy, Gerry Studds, Barney Frank, Jessie Jackson, JR, Blago etc.

  • OwnItObama

    That was pretty much my reaction in reverse when Oblamo was re-elected by a majority of STUPID, IDIOTIC LOW INFO VOTERS.

  • Cameron Brown

    I was a little surprised that he won, all things considered. Pleasantly surprised. I guess S.C. needs more than a celebrity’s name on the ballot to vote. Definitely more intelligence than the left gives them credit for.

  • Jerome Goolsby

    Sanford may be a liar but his opponent was a convicted criminal who did jail time. DSA standards are EXTREMELY low.

    Plus a lot of these same Moonbats were cheering the election of The Obamassiah and Lieawatha Warren in Massachusetts, both of whom are supernarcisstic blantant liars.

  • Guest

    I love the guy about the murder if you put an R in front of his name…. well, same could be said for NY, CA, CO,CT with a D in front of the name. Idiots.

    • Angie

      Don’t forget MA — (see, Ted Kennedy).

  • Charles David Edinger

    Wow! All these wacky Liberals seem so unhappy. Guess they’re forgetting they voted our Dear Leader into office twice. Mark Sanford at least apologized for his mistakes and is a talented legislator. Obama turns everything he touches to garbage and then blames others. Interesting.

  • Guest

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million more times before I die:

    Liberals are some of the most hate-filled, angry, intolerant people you will ever have the misfortune of meeting.

    And they prove it every time they open their vitriolic, froth-spewing mouths.

  • jeanbean14

    Hahaha! Jim DeMint seems like a great guy.

    One question: Can any of these people express themselves with the F word?

  • JustLikeAnimals

    And if you’re not from SC#1, it’s none of your f&^%$#king business.

    Do you really want all the voters from SC#1 getting all up in your s&^%t about the stupid ass-monkeys that you elected in 2008/2012? I didn’t think so.

    So sit down, drink your government-issued Kool-Aid, and STFU.

    And if you think you hate another R in the House, wait until the Senate turns RED in 2014, whiny little biatches.

  • Richard Lindsey

    These same people would defend Bill Clinton to the end.

    • tops116

      Would? I’m certain they already did… in the last hour, no less.

  • lindanderson

    You know what? i am wondering where all the kind, loving, and tolerant Democrats/Liberals are? I thought us conservatives were supposed to be the intolerant “Haters”.

  • Michelle

    I love it when Liberals have epic meltdowns.

  • TBrandon62

    Hey I would have voted for Sanford over Bush, Republican over Democrat. I live in Florida!

  • BAW

    Okay, I wouldn’t have voted for Sanford in the primary but I’d have held my nose and voted for him over Elizabeth Colbert Busch. Perhaps the Democrats should have nominated someone a bit more…… a little less …..

  • tops116

    I’m guessing these guys and gals already had “Colbert victory validates Obama” tweets at the ready. Too bad. And is it really that hard to believe Sanford won? Look who he was running against–the sister of a Jon Stewart knockoff.

    But oh well, thanks for the meltdown, liberals. It’s been very entertaining.

  • bobbymike34

    Clinton had very credible RAPE allegations against him as well as sexual battery and these Tweeting leftists would lay down their lives for him.
    A prominent liberal journalist said she would gladly give Clinton a Lewinsky because he kept abortion legal.
    These people are so sick but the real lesson here is that they are also our enemy and must be defeated. Does ANYONE think the left will compromise?

    • Julie the Jarhead

      I wonder if “You better put some ice on that” will ever make it into Bartlett’s Book of Quotations?

  • $23293071

    The ex-governor of the Appalachian Trails ex-wife is probably thinking WTF as well.

  • Wilkins Micawber

    2014 is starting a year early!

  • Doubting Thomas

    Even though I thought Sanford was a poor choice and is a criminal. It’s still better than the same people whining here that voted for Obama.

  • HerodiousPeaskinner

    Pfft. These are the same people who never have any comment about the “dumbass voters of DC” who keep re-electing Marion Barry. And why do they always threaten to move? Go ahead and leave already. The good people of SC would be grateful.

  • Axelgreaser

    NOTHING SHOULD DISTRACT FROM RETAINING THE HOUSE. All embarrassed, shocked Republican’s re: Sanford, will plug their noses and ‘deal with it’ (already have) and move on. Every bit of sludge oozing out of the buttocks of the Dem party machine will be aimed at destroying opposition to their candidates for the House, our only firewall to Obama, given the United States has a press that is owned by foreigner’s and vague progressives intent on destorying the Republic. Anything to override Barack Insane Obama who is making a shambles of a great nation. No transgression (perhaps outside of grotesque sex perv’s Wiener and Franks) can match the vile incompetence and EVIL of the Obama Presidency and the HORROR of contemplating being led by a nearly 100 year old raving lunatic who spouts eye-watering Democrat trapped like a rat ‘tude’ such as(Imagine the shrike screeching, the coke bottle glasses,the purposefully chosen bleak green pantsuit, the puffy eyes): “What difference could it possibly make now!’

    OMG! No…no, please God NO!

  • Rob Stevely

    I wonder how many of these people bitching voted for Bill Clinton….twice.

  • Axelgreaser

    OUR MOST SHAMEFUL EPOCH. When I read the Tweets above, one particularly virulent comment simply stated: “FUCK South Carolina!” I have to think…what other President in my lifetime has brought this kind of horror and real hatred down upon the Ameican people? I cannot think of a single one. There have been bad Presidents in my lifetime, two that standout, but THIS divisive nightmare is nothing America EVER deserved.

    Fuck South Carolina!?

  • galen_b

    Leftist love democracy, unless they lose. Then it isn’t fair so they have to find another way to win. Spoiled brats!

  • therantinggeek

    RC deWinter: “**** me running backwards in my grandmother’s dress!”

    Um, no thanks. I’ve seen your mug shot and I wouldn’t even want to touch THAT with a ten-foot pole…

  • therantinggeek

    Keith M (@ksecus): “You could put a mass murderer with an R beside their name and win the South Carolina election”

    You could put someone with a D beside their name and the media will always give that person a free pass.

    • wwbdinct

      Yup. The (D)’s kept Ted Kennedy, a real murderer, in office for 40 years. That didn’t seem to bother anyone.

  • Junie3

    But they run to hear a Bill Clinton speech and vote for anyone he recommends, got it.

    • ThorOdinson

      No kidding, right? You’ve got to love the blazing hypocrisy.

  • claytoC001

    The most intelligent response from liberals seems to be the word “Fuck”!

    • ozconservative

      They need to watch “The Kings Speech”, they may learn how to swear with some class.

    • Julie the Jarhead

      In all fairness, it does come in handy sometimes.

    • therantinggeek

      Must be an obsession for them. #justsayin

    • barney59

      It’s the ‘Go-To’ adjective for the progressive!

  • oneword

    Yet these morons don’t remark how dumb people are for voting for another 4 years of Obama. Did they also forget about Monica Lewinsky & Clinton? What a bunch of dummies.

  • daeghrefn

    These people idolize Bill Clinton and then rag on Sanford and South Carolina? And they want to talk about idiots?

  • unknown

    Sad that the only “acceptable” form of bigotry is redneck, cracker, whitey, or any other form of slur directed at White Americans (especially if they live in the Southern states).

    • Elaine

      Bunch of real racists.

    • daeghrefn

      Yeah, but it’s become such a cliche that we southerners don’t even notice it.

  • Abiss

    *cough* Sheila Jackson Lee *cough*

  • RIChris

    Mark Sanford had an affair. He didn’t drown her, impregnate her or have her in to the Governor’s office for a cigar. Are these people upset because he’s such a rookie?

    • daeghrefn

      They’re upset because they’re mindless O-bots and Sanford has an (R) after his name. Actually I wouldn’t exactly have been heartbroken if he had lost.

  • NickGranite

    I think some of the black tweeters in particular should look at their own record of sending the same urban blight to Washington, DC election after election with horrific results for their constituencies before throwing stones at SC.

  • sgb1

    I wonder if any of these people ever heard of Bill Clinton?

  • DavidKramer

    Shhhhh, when stalking Republicans, never, ever mention Clinton…….

  • notenoughtime

    If given a choice between a red neck and the love, peace and togetherness crowd, proudly prefer a red neck!

  • Daniel Medicis

    The Left can say all they want about the Sanford win but it does say two things:

    1) Sanford was an ATROCIOUS choice by the Right. Losing to him meant the Left had put an even ATROCIOS-er choice up in Colbert.

    2) The people saying SC voters are stupid for electing Sanford – um, the biggest criticizers elected… Obama. And Clinton twice.

  • redheadgrl

    heh. wonder where all this outrage was when Mr. Clinton was having affairs from the oval office? And lying under oath?

  • Kate

    Well, using Liberal Logic, they just don’t like Sanford because his fiancee is South American…clearly racist.


    Awwh, the sound of victory…

    “Honey, run to the store and get the babies a bigger pacifier, would you please.”


    maybe this will make them feel so much better since its always T h e i r intellect that is so easily bruised, and they won’t be taken aback to Willy’s oval office event (double standard)…

  • David Edward Smith

    South Carolina, it’s GREAT to see that you still have SOME sense of honor and decency. Granted, MOST of these posters don’t LIVE in your state. Hell, they probably have no idea who Sanford IS…just another low key, unassuming, straight forward, intelligent, ENGLISH speaking conservative family oriented America loving man who doesn’t NEED to use the F bomb every 2nd word to make his point. Just LOOK at the HATE spewing from these clowns because they LOST. Sorry if I offended any real clowns…circus, rodeo, class…etc.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      I lived for six weeks in Georgetown, with frequent trips to Charleston and Monck’s Corners (Where my Step-Father once lived and worked), and you DO have a GREAT STATE with GREAT PEOPLE (Including Mark Sanford). I am only familliar with his opponent, in the fact that she is the sister of Stephen Colbert (Of “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central fame). Her supporters (even outside South Carolina) are rude, immature, and know nothing of how to fix this Country’s problems. All they do is hurl insults and profanities, because they didn’t get their way! #RightWard Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Eric Lynes

    2 words: Bill Clinton.


    Isn’t it ironic that they don’t choose to help their “neighbor” out, yet they stand in such stark judgement and just how unforgiving of them it seems…
    Wait, Al Sharpton didn’t show up to forgive Sanford, uhm I mean Bill.
    Love South Carolina and all the other 49 States! They be Neighbors!

  • Dana

    I didn’t support Mark Sanford, and would rather have seen an honorable Democrat — despite how she’d vote — than a dishonorable Republican in that seat, but after seeing the reaction of our friends on the left, I’m happier with Mr Sanford’s victory than I’d have been otherwise. :)

    • OKC_Bill

      Please define “honorable Democrat.” It’s an oxymoron of the highest magnitude.

      • Dana

        An honorable Democrat would be one who has neither been accused nor convicted of a crime or of moral turpitude. That should be a rather low standard to have to meet, but ’tis apparently a higher one than one might expect.

        As nearly as I can tell, Mrs Busch has done a reasonable job in her current position, and has no disqualifying personal characteristics. That her opinions and political philosophies are wrongheaded does not make her dishonorable.

        • Secede

          Ummm…Her Arrest record ?


    We all bleed red blood.
    The continual use of F words just states the exact fact that you are not aware how many other words are in the dictionary and exudes the intelligence and respect level that one does not have about self.
    Please have a nice day, One Sunrise, One Sunset…What do you do in between?

    • daeghrefn

      Pretty soon “the N-word” is going to be the only obscenity in the English language. “The F-word” is becoming as common as and, but and or. It’s losing its power to shock.

  • GoodGrief

    Rebuttal: Charles Rangel. ’nuff said.

  • david calvert

    Many high IQs in these responses.

  • John

    Profanity is the truest expression of a weak mind! I think we have identified the 300,000 that consistently watch CNN! Seriously, it’s not even a surprise anymore that these people regurgitate everything they see on the news. I often debate lefties on Facebook for a good and easy laugh!!!

  • aliwilcox

    Do they all want to have sex with Mark Sanford? What’s with the F word in 98% of their posts?

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    But it was OK that a dem POTUS was banging an intern in the Oval Office.

  • NickGranite

    You know what you constitutionally challenged dumbas_es from the north and west? If you embraced State self-determination and helped us defund the federal government to minimum levels so states could tax commensurate with their needs, you wouldn’t have to worry about what the “rednecks” in SC are doing. You could have all the sanctuary cities and welfare you can dish out. Until you go broke of course.

  • VonMagnum

    I’m an Independent That means I actually think for myself. I don’t want immorality and unethical behavior representing me from EITHER party. I see people throwing terms like “Libturds”, “Libtards” and other forms of “Retard” around and frankly, the only “slow” people are those that have nothing better to say than tow party lines, call names and generally prove they just don’t have the intelligence to make a good vote.

    Sanford is an adulterer that wasted taxpayer’s money to finance his business class trips to South America so he could have sex his adulteress. You’re telling me that the Republican Party could not manage to find one single candidate in South Carolina with better ethics and morals than Mark Sanford? Is he a true representative of the people there? Are those their values? Or is it simply a matter of someone with a lot of money and name recognition getting elected by people that have been brain washed by endless propaganda bought and paid for by people that will do anything to keep their power in government?

    Frankly, this election (and petty bickering low intelligence comments all around) have me convinced that Plato was right and that Democracy in general is a bad form of government because the average citizen is obviously just too darn ignorant to make good decisions, especially ones that affect everyone like leaders in government. Or perhaps Mr. Sanford really does represent the moral and ethical values of the people of South Carolina? I always suspected the so-called Bible Belt was little more than a lot of hypocrisy and hot wind and this pretty much convinces me of it. I mean why not push “second chances” since forgiveness is in the Bible? The South used the Bible to justify slavery, after all. And all the NAME CALLING on here is SO Christian, after all. Jesus taught to spew ignorance, hatred and adultery…. Oh wait. He didn’t. (roll eyes)

    • daeghrefn

      “Sanford is an adulterant that wasted taxpayer’s money to finance his business class trips to South America so he could have sex his adulteress. You’re telling me that the Republican Party could not manage to find one single candidate in South Carolina with better ethics and morals than Mark Sanford?”

      Did the Democrats have anyone better to go against him? Those ignorant rednecks vote for an obvious sinner, and it’s “hypocrisy”. If they don’t vote for an obvious sinner, they’re too puritanical and moralistic. “Heads I win, tails you lose.”

      • VonMagnum

        I’m not a Democrat so I don’t know whom they could have had run instead as I don’t follow their ranks. I do know that someone that wastes the tax payer’s money to finance personal trips so he can cheat on and lie to his wife is not someone I would vote for under any circumstance. There’s always an alternative. And if people continue to think that Independent candidates have no chance to win and so it’s a “wasted vote” you will continue to ONLY get “party” people in government. It’s worked so well for us lately, after all. I consider myself a moderate overall with leanings in both directions on certain issues. I actually consider the issues and I don’t let political propaganda tell me how to vote. Those who actually want me to consider their viewpoint won’t get very far with the name-calling I see all over this site.

        • daeghrefn

          “I consider myself a moderate overall with leanings in both directions on certain issues.”

          So you’re pretty much a liberal. Tell me, did you ever cast a vote for Bill Clinton? Would you vote for Hillary?

          • VonMagnum

            So your definition of a liberal is anyone who believes in equal rights for all citizens? It’s been in our Declaration of Independence all along, but sadly our country has not embraced our own ideals. I find it sad that believing such a basic right for equality has to be a liberal issue, but the patriarchal and racial stance of society in our history has made it so. I believe in God and the 10 Commandments. That’s not very “liberal” of me, is it? I consider myself a moderate. I’ll vote for whatever candidate represents my beliefs best. And no, I did not vote for Bill Clinton.

          • daeghrefn

            “And no, I did not vote for Bill Clinton.”
            Did you vote for McCain in 2008? As I asked, would you vote for Hillary?
            A “liberal” would probably be someone who gets their panties in a wad over the use of terms like “libtard” while apparently not noticing tweets that wish SC to be nuked simply because they voted for someone with an (R) after his name.

          • VonMagnum

            It’s pretty obvious by your comments (“panties in a wad”, “basically a liberal”, the “faculty room” and demanding to know my voting record) that you are not interested in a real discussion about this election or ethical values and are just looking for a chance to pounce and name-call on the liberal card like the person worried about grammatical and text correction rather than providing any actual content. Asking how I would vote in 2016 without any candidates to vote for is obvious troll baiting given the hypothetical nature with no opposing candidates mentioned. I want to see a good alternative to Hillary run instead (regardless of party), but what’s my alternative choice? Yet another Bush as some rumors have speculated? Is that the best we can do?

            McCain used to have my support until he went far right of his previous more reasonable positions that once got him labeled a “maverick” for thinking for himself instead of just going along with his party (like most people in Congress do now without question) just to keep his seat. I no longer trust him to do the right thing if his job is more important than his ethics and that is PRECISELY why I can’t believe that people would vote Mark Sanford back into office. He’s already proven he cannot be trusted. Surely, there was a better alternative even within his own party, but it is the public that voted him in and so he and any future failings are their responsibility. One does get tired of hearing about broken government and a low Congressional approval rating when people keep voting in the same people, even after they’ve proven themselves unworthy of the public’s trust. I do not want to see Anthony Wiener run again either for similar reasons.

          • daeghrefn

            ” you are not interested in a real discussion about this election or ethical values and are just looking for a chance to pounce and name-call on the liberal card”

            “Liberal card”? What’s wrong with that? You seem to have supported McCain as long as he hewed more closely to the liberal line. It didn’t matter to you if he had cheated on wife #1.
            I didn’t DEMAND to know your voting record. I just asked. If you’re too ashamed of your votes that you don’t want to discuss them in light of your apparently high ethical standards, that’s your problem, not mine. And I just posed a hypothetical situation: in 2016, would you be open to voting for Hillary?

            ” I want to see a good alternative to Hillary run instead (regardless of party), but what’s my alternative choice? Yet another Bush as some rumors have speculated? Is that the best we can do?”

            So I take it you would vote for Hillary over Jeb on the basis of policy, regardless of the ethical character of either. And yet you would deny the voters in South Carolina the same luxury.

          • daeghrefn

            ” but the patriarchal and racial stance of society”
            Oooooooh, the dreaded “patriarchy” in our “gendered society”. Cripes, sounds like the faculty lounge.

    • VotingForZombieReagan2016

      Mark Sanford is a adulterer, not an adulterant. So much for Plato and ignorance.

  • SlimWich

    Was there an F word sale yesterday?

  • Gray Dee

    ironic that many of these people are also the most staunch defenders of Bill Clinton, who essentially did the exact same thing.

    • barney59

      Exactly, Lib hypocrisy on display yet again…

  • sb36695

    If I lived in SC, I would be elated these people weren’t around me! Way to go SC!

  • © Sponge

    Maybe, just maybe, they should not run a Comedy Central clown that will make a mockery of the political process (his sister, I know, but you KNOW what that would’ve lead to) and they’d have a better chance.

    Not that I actually want to see them win anything ever again, but this pathetic mistreatment of American Politics by those involved in it really has to stop. Sanford included. I’m embarrassed as a conservative that he is representing SC.

  • Paul C.

    It just goes to show you anybody but a Democrap.

  • $35072932

    If the Proppressives didn’t have Double Standards, they wouldn’t have standards at all.

    • barney59


  • barney59

    Libs have perfected the art of hypocricy.

  • maltwit

    Let’s see …

    Bill Clinton had an affair. Liberals say no biggie – all is forgiven.

    Mark Sanford had an affair. Liberals say outrageous – burn him at the stake.

    Do I detect a hint of hypocrisy, or is it just me?

  • Tony Reese

    Such language from the left! Did their parents not have enough soap to wash out their mouths while growing up? My mom sure did.

  • Amey

    Funny how they oppose Sanford but would fall all over themselves to re-elect Bill Clinton’s adulterous self who spent Arkansas money and U.S. money on his dallyances…

  • CrustyB

    If I’d known Sanford would cause this much butthurt among liberals I would have supported him.

  • NCRelite

    We win, you lose — now go away Elizabeth Colbert-Busch and take your hyphenated last name with you

  • Cal

    Well, if the lefties are in a tizzy over it, I suppose I can be glad that Sanford won. ;D

  • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    What are they so upset about, Clinton was just as bad or worse and they loved him. Also the woman he ran against had a criminal record. Mark Sanford made some really bad choices but not any worse than most liberals who don’t want anyone to have any limits on their behaviors or morals. But I guess that is ok for liberals to be amoral pigs but not for conservatives.

  • DeNorte

    The only thing more astounding than the hypocrisy of these leftist critics is their arrogance. Once again the Left reveals its inherent commitment to tyranny in refusal to accept the right of others to differ with its ‘wisdom’.

  • RK

    Libs just can’t hide their hate when they don’t get their way. Always such classy people. I guess they think their savior obummer and his cronies aren’t stealing tax payer money?

  • Joseph Livori

    lib call people redneck,this is with words like fuck,and stupid remarks. this is libs intelligent.Shame.

  • Joseph Livori

    that is it, libs as nothing intelligent to say. they speak hate, and use bad words.that is all they have. But yet,Rep are the one’s that hate every body,wow,look in the mirror now and then.

  • Juan Motie

    Seems like the only thing liberal about so-called liberals is their liberal use of obscenities and ad hominem attacks when their little feelings get hurt!

  • Gary

    Let me get this straight, MA continued to vote a murderer to
    represent them in the Senate and that was just fine but they are outraged that
    SC voted Sanford back into office?

  • Guest

    Those Leftists do love their F-word, don’t they? If a President was elected , under similar circumstances and got to keep his job after continued behavior, then power to Mark Sanford!

  • Secede

    Pretty much mirrors my feelings when Obama got re-elected…

  • carolina mama

    Dang, Liberals are stupid!

    Lots of private sector manufacturing in SC. Ms. CB favored NLRB and Unions over private sector businesses.

    Think the voters in SC want to end up like a blue state?

  • Gary

    Makes me happy happy happy.

  • Kevin Scott

    Um, didn’t the residents D.C. re-elect Marion Barry? The conversation regarding which geographical area possesses the least amount of intelligence should end there, as if Obama’s re-election wasn’t enough proof of that.

  • ThomasER916

    Redneck is the new Kulak.

    Liberals are being groomed for a mass genocide against rural, white Christian farmers. It began with the Soviet Union and spread like a Khazar Cancer across the globe.

    Holodomor in Ukraine
    Genocide in Serbia
    Genocide in Zimbabwe
    Boer Genocide in SA

    What makes Americans think they’re any different?

  • $3838536

    If it weren’t for the “F” word, loony lefties would be speechless.

  • Judy Reid Couch Ro

    You all must be liberals only a liberal would say things like that ,Bill Clinton had a lover in the whitehouse. He had them before he was president ,so what the sam hell imakes Mark so different. Michele Obama takes a vacation ever month at your expense you don’t have anything to say about that . I think she goes AND GETS LAID SOMEWHERE, we know she don’t get it from Barack she is the wrong sex . Funny how it pisses all of you off about South Carolina . Mark Sandford is no worse than any joker that has a D beside his name . He was one hell of a a Governor and will be even GREATER PRESIDENT . A lot of rich and famous live in SC and they are all Republican .So, eat your hearts out mufkers.Ha Ha . Anyway when did Demorcats become so MORAL ? That is the biggest laugh ,you like killing babies and believe in same sex marriages .Go to hell who cares what you think > BABY KILLERS , Mark Sandford is better any day of the week than muslin Obama in the whitehouse .Speak of stupid and rednecks you voted for a commie an to stupid to know it. YOU ARE MORANS