Wow, we thought Fox News host Geraldo Rivera reached the pinnacle of jackassery when he blamed “homegrown anarchists” for Monday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon.

But no. He was just getting warmed up.

Tonight Geraldo is expressing regret not to the victims of the Boston bombers, but to his “Muslim brothers/sisters.”

That’s right. Because what Geraldo really regrets about what transpired in Boston this week is not that four innocent people died or that scores of people got their legs blown off. What totally bugs him is the added “friction” that Muslims will now feel.

Now’s a good time for Muslims to feel pride, he says.

  • notenoughtime

    Regrets are for the families of the marathon victims and how their lives changed forever. Their crime – living in the U.S. and attending the marathon. Regrets end there and do not extend beyond those affected. Sorry, Gerry.

    • Emily Bailey

      exactly notenoughtime

  • ★♥ Harriet Baldwin

    I will wage my OWN Jihad to get this assclown FIRED from Fox.

    • Tish Gutjahr

      I’ll be joining you!

      • GaylePutt

        Works for me.

        • angeleyez

          * * * * * * * * *
          NEW RULE

      • Gary Crocker

        Count me in, Harriet!!

        • col

          Me too. I couldn’t stand him before but I hate him more now. He has always been an obnoxious ass. If they don’t fire him, I swear I will stop watching FOX NEWS!!!!!

          • rhetorical1

            Sounnds like a plan . Have you requested THE BLAZE from your local cable channel? Where else are we going to get real new that will inform us? I do’t know anymore. I watch BBC and RT but American news, I can’t believe.

          • carlenefrazierwendel

            Do you all remember when it showed this idiot out in the “battle” with his camera in a white shirt? get it, a white shirt… What a fake.

          • SOF Warrior

            Oh yeah, don’t forget when he was drawing out the battle plan in the sand, too! What a moron! He was removed from the field for several months because they were afraid he would be targeted by “friendly” fire!

          • KW Tallent

            And watch what ? Fox is the only option

          • $24698634

            There’s always, turn the TV off.

          • E Quilibrate

            The blank grey screen is a serious improvement
            over this embarrassment. What a fool.

          • E Quilibrate

            The blank grey screen is a serious improvement
            over this embarrassment. What a fool.

    • Guest

      Me too!

    • tammy

      This is just another of his asinine views. He truly is despicable and has so many anti American views. Anything I can do to help get rid of him, call on me. I like other views as long as they are in the best interest of US

      • James Amyx

        He does not have any real views, he says what gets him the most amount of attention, he started out exactly like Jerry Springer, remember?

        • Lady Liberty

          His real name IS Jerry Riviera, you know. He is an embarrassment to America, folks! Look him up on Wikipedia to get his whole background…a Jewish mother and a Puerto Rican father. How is it that the muslims are his brothers & sisters?????

    • twila cooper

      I’ll sign the petition

    • Mike

      I gave up on Fox when they gave up on conservatives.

      • Ray Torres

        me too

      • Batman

        Fox has not given up on conservatives. But, in order to be “balanced” (which, even if they only had conservatives, it would be), they have to have jackasses like Rivera on to appease the liberals.

        • Edward Shott

          Fox is just another propaganda arm for the Jew World Order , like the other networks. and the Democratic Party and the RINOs

          • genann59

            Man, I was OK until I saw this attack on Jews. It really bothers me when someone has to attack all Jewish people for all the evils of the world. When I see something like this, I know the person who wrote it has not read the Bible.

          • Douglas Simmons

            The guy is some nut job Nazi. I am afraid the constitution protects his free speech rights also.

          • Kleverabevera

            Every time I hear this kinda of spew I think of the Oompa Loompa song, I do not know why. Jew! Jew! Doopity Dew!

          • TocksNedlog

            Jay Double-You Oh, baby!

          • PatriotRG

            mr snott – stop munching paint chips and playing with nazi memorabilia in your mothers basement – go outside – get a job

          • E Quilibrate

            He will be serving your Big Mac while wiping his nose on his forearm.

          • E Quilibrate

            He will be serving your Big Mac while wiping his nose on his forearm.

          • $665105

            Ed, go somewhere and die

          • E Quilibrate

            Better dead than Ed.

          • Jillane Kent

            Tell me, does that tin foil aggravate your older fillings? Do you pick up faraway radio signals?

          • Douglas Simmons


          • Joyce Schmidt

            ??????? Please make sense when you post!!

          • Dale Netherton

            Bigotry isn’t the answer to anything.

          • kobrien674

            True American conservatives aren’t racist. Liberal progressives and wingnuts are. There is no “Jew World Order”. If you want to be included as a conservative you’ll have to lose the anti-semitism. Otherwise you’ll be left on the outside looking in.

          • SpinMeNot

            Take off the tinfoil hat, recent research at MIT has shown it actually amplifies the signals …

        • genann59

          f word the liberals. If they have to put on people who hate America they are as bad as MSNBC. There are liberals like Pat Caddel, who still love America. We really do not need racists ranting about how bad white people are. That is Rivera’s constant answer to anything any minority does.

          • Susan Deiker Lange

            I’m with you! Send Rivera to MSNBC where he belongs!

          • 59burst

            Send him to the taliban.

          • SpinMeNot

            He’ll be popular on M.L.T …

          • SOF Warrior

            How about Currant T.V., oops, I mean Muslim T.V., oops, d a m n, I mean Radical Islam T.V…., s h o o t, I really mean Al Jeezera!

        • Joyce Schmidt

          You can never “appease” the liberals!!! They always want MORE!! They will never be happy with Fox News, no matter what crazy they put on!!!

        • Jay Parker

          that’s a good point but ya know, the liberals still hate FOX

        • Frances Lee Lane

          I like to think that Fox has the liberals on to allow the world to see how stupid they are in contrast to the conservatives who show some common sense.

          • $24698634

            Boy, that sure backfired.

          • E Quilibrate

            I hope that’s true, I’m skeptical.

          • E Quilibrate

            I hope that’s true, I’m skeptical.

        • Gary

          Fox has not given up on Conservatives? What about OReilly? They are as balanced as a deflated balloon.

        • McCarty Griffin

          There is no way to “appease” liberals. Like most muslims, the only thing that satisfies them is the complete humiliation and destruction of those they consider enemies. I won’t want Fox anymore because of this foolish “balanced” bullshit of theirs. My attitude is, phuck the liberals, if they want all out war, then so be it.

        • E Quilibrate

          I feel no compulsion to appease liberals or any
          left leaning garbage spewing pos.

        • E Quilibrate

          I feel no compulsion to appease liberals or any
          left leaning garbage spewing pos.

        • plumberskid

          Yes, let’s appease the 3 libs that turn on Fox for a couple of nanoseconds so that they can take another comment out of context and plaster it all over HUffPo…..

        • Lady Liberty

          Why must we ‘appease’ the liberals?

        • $20540928

          especially Bill O’Reilly who pretends to be a heavy weight debater but in fact is just a light weight and afraid to really take a stand that won’t offend the left and the obuma regime.

      • William R. Bailey

        Thats really true about Fox. WTH. I wish conservitives would learne thier numbers here in America and know the ppl wouldnt go all out against them in any cicil manner. Conservitives could add 40 mil voters to our ranks if we just wanted too and if we would get busy in public on recruiting. 40 mil is easy. We could have that with just doing what we did in 93. Recruit and bring a new republican to the polls. Sometimes it looks like it would just be easier to be offended with the left. That doesnt work.

        • Sharon Foley


        • $665105


        • Douglas Simmons

          WTF is he talking about?

          • E Quilibrate

            Won’t you go home Bill Bailey, won’t you go home.
            There’s a song in there somewhere.

          • E Quilibrate

            Won’t you go home Bill Bailey, won’t you go home.
            There’s a song in there somewhere.

        • McCarty Griffin


    • annie brown

      If O’reilly keeps inviting him on his program…. I may decide to turn him off completely!

      • McCarty Griffin

        As long as viewers say “I may decide,” Fox won’t do anything about it. They need to feel the pain of viewers LEAVING before they’ll change. As long as they have the viewers and the money, why would they bother?

    • george Carlin

      Geraldo keeps front and center the moronic left. That is the service he does for our nation.

    • Dan Adams

      I am definitely down. What an A**hole!!!

    • brenda schmidt

      Thought that for a few years.

    • Kathy

      Right behind you Harriet!

    • Bobby

      I’m with ya, he is a joke!

    • James Elliott

      Right on Harriet…Count me in. I’ll bet it’s not too late to get Gerbaldo on the same trash trolly as Peirs.What in the hell is wrong with these idiots ?

      • E Quilibrate

        There is really not enough room, anywhere, to outline
        every thing wrong with that crowd.

      • E Quilibrate

        There is really not enough room, anywhere, to outline
        every thing wrong with that crowd.

    • KentM

      I am all in get him fired.

    • Carla Pena Vergamini

      Geraldo is such a Punk ! He needs to be Fired Tomorrow! The sooner the better!

      • E Quilibrate

        I’d as soon not wait “til tomorrow.

      • E Quilibrate

        I’d as soon not wait “til tomorrow.

    • Frances Tomic

      I will help. Sick to death of this creep

    • Matt Nash

      He’s an insult to true ….El Moronic Douchebagian, I say!

    • genann59

      Me, too. Harriet. Guy is a jerk, a racist against anyone white.

    • Jeanninne Bassinger

      Fox must as well go the way of Al Jazeera……

    • Tel-Jonah Stern

      Do it!

    • Denis Dubreuil

      Like everyone else in the free world, Rivera has the right to give his opinion and we have the right to ours. Let him talk on Fox (and everywhere else) and show the world what kind of clown he is!

      • Elbyiii

        Let’s all contact FOX and demand his removal!

    • bl1962

      I can’t stand him or Juan Williams.

    • Elbyiii

      And I will assist in any way I can, Harriet! I didn’t realize that he was not only a bas—-, but now we learn that he has “muslim brothers and sisters!”

    • Marti

      I’m all in.

  • TheKajunQueen

    Never did like that [email protected]! Now I really have cause to dislike him! And as for your Muslim brothers/sisters we know their game also and we will be waiting!

  • jeanbean14


    • Jim Rice

      It’s Islamic code.

  • peggy mostad

    Geraldo, You need to leave this country and move to your beloved Muslim areas. I used to like ;you around 30 years ago but not anymore ans you just spew vomit

    • usaman

      And take Chris Matthews and Piers Morgan with you.

    • Jerry James


  • azjazzlady

    I don’t watch Geraldo anymore because it is so predictable that he will always side with the loony left! Why FOX continues to have this clown on their network is beyond me!

    • GaylePutt

      for fairness and balance??? This is beyond that now. He needs to go. Stupid, insensitive, ignoramus.

    • JETS

      Maybe because he is such a [email protected] that anyone watching who might be on the fence as to whether the libtards have any brains will be convinced that they do not.

  • OrganicGirl

    Opportunistic slime :(

  • Peggy Kempf Willoughby

    Get this fool off the air. The only thing bigger than his ego is the gap between this and his IQ.

  • Kevin Sparkman

    I’ve waffled to both poles about you over the years. Thanks for showing us your true nature in very simple terms. One word to describe you : Ambergris

    • Jfer924

      “Ambergris”? – A waxy substance secreted by whales used for perfume? This is how you describe him? I can think of a better word than that – Judas.

  • EH

    I think Fox needs to let Geraldo go for good. The reason I say this is he has no sense of logic and is completely moronic. Remember he would tear up his NRA card if gun legislation would not pass. Well cut it up Geraldo NRA does not need you as a member and the viewers of Fox does not need you, you clearly have no idea what Americans think or feel when something like the Boston Massacre took place and I sure you are just saying this in hopes of earning votes for you so called up coming campaign–Now that is a joke.

  • debaug1

    Why IS he still at Fox news. He got in trouble in Iraq for giving away our positions and now he feels bad for the muslims? I think he has no brain in his head, just air. And unfortunately that air heats up and comes out of his mouth.

    • usaman

      He has had 5 wives. That should tell you something about his character.

      • Sons Thunder

        Rush Limbaugh is on his fourth. I disagree with a lot about Rivera but this line of ad hominem attack doesn’t do anything but introduce unrelated and pointless arguments.

        • usaman

          I feel the same way about Rush Limbaugh, too. I never listen to him, either.

          • 364NKL

            Why don’t you like Rush, because he tells the TRUTH!!! Rush has never said anything hateful against our country. You might want to try listening to him for a week. You will be amazed at his knowledge of U.S. History, and what it means to be an American. What does the number of marriages have to do with his love of country? Absolutely nothing!

          • aztectrumpet

            You have to be kidding if you think he is always telling the truth or not spewing misinformed crap some of the time though.

          • dan

            Amen! Amazing the info that Rush has on a daily basis that the so called MEDIA can’t find or won’t find.

          • Snazzy Name

            Rush may be right about a lot of things, but he is abrasive and doesn’t represent conservatives like I want to be represented. Presentation is everything.

          • SpinMeNot

            And we need a few guys that are willing to fight on their level … Rush isn’t even close to Matthews, Maddow and Sharpton. Being reserved and letting them control the battlefield has gotten us to where we are.
            (for the record, I did vote you up, I respect your opinion. And prior to the last election I was right there with you.)

          • dan

            You should. Get informed.

        • Zachary Goldberg

          Well Rush Limbaugh is a conservative who probably regrets his past marriages falling apart. But rivera is a liberal pretending to be a republican…remember this guy entertained the idea of running for senator of new jersey on the GOP ticket…god help us

        • joepoli

          This article is not about Limbaugh, is it? We all know about Limbaugh’s four wives. At least Limbaugh is not defending terrorists.

          • Sons Thunder

            The article wasn’t about Geraldo’s marital status either.

      • Rosa Leeann Boyle

        Yes he was married to Kurt Vonneguts daughter, I sat next to her in LA many years ago at the taping of one of his shows. He is a womanizer”

        • Dottie Bowling

          So was Jack Kennedy. So was Ted Kennedy. Your point?

          • KenC

            Bill Clinton still is… seriously though, you don’t have to go far into either party to find someone who can’t keep their parts in their pants.

        • Joyce Schmidt

          Liberals don’t really care about women. They just use women’s issues to get votes!

        • missj

          I believe he also had some domestic violence problems…..Vonnegut HATED him.

    • tammy

      It brings into question his allegiance.

      • Lori Brogan

        It brings more into question
        his “character”

    • Raymond Boettner

      Ya, he was drawing maps in the sand showing the exact location of our troops to the enemy. He should be doing life + 20 for treason

    • Elizabeth Lawson

      He is a butt sucker to our Muslim president

    • Rodman1938

      By way of his large intestine. . . . . .

  • telebusy

    Hard for the people to throw peace signs when their fingers have been blown off.

  • Kerry Tebbe

    Fox needs to fire the bum send him packing to MS LSD

  • sherimac56

    Geraldo, maybe you should move your sorry ass to whatever sorry place you prefer in the middleeast. Your name is nothing here in the states. So bag your bags little doggie.

    • Bob Edwards

      on friday after the bombings a lady called him out on hs radio program telling him he sympayhized w the muslims and the two brothrrs and he denied it and now look at his post to his muslim compatristes Fn loser

  • disqus_FlD2VMR2RJ

    I wonder, would Geraldo Rivera be this understanding if the bombings in Boston had affected him on a personal level?

  • Glenn

    Because they would not hear the truth, God gave them over to a strong delusion….

  • Doug Judson

    get him off the radio.!!!

  • jimmy mcgarity


    • keefer1958

      “MOUGHT?” WTH is a MOUGHT?

      • Miss Clairee

        Using my Southern Redneck voice: You know what he means, Keith! Twitchy ain’t got time for no grammar and spelling nazis!

      • jb

        Actually, I think it is a great attempt at a rhyme. mouth = mought to rhyme with doubt.

    • Bob Edwards

      think Geraldo should have locked himself in capones vault thats when he became a loser and not a journalist

  • Johnny Sipple

    From immigration to this he has proven to be the ultimate asshole in the media. This makes FOX news tanked! Until he is fired I am now boycotting Fox news and I hope everyone follows suit!!!!

  • disqus_FlD2VMR2RJ

    I wonder if we can get a group package deal if Geraldo Rivera and Piers Morgan were to both leave the country?

  • Joe W.

    Fuck you, “Senator” Geraldo.

  • Fancie

    Who cares what this has been Heraldo thinks. He’s just an old man with too many wives.

  • Dave

    I’m almost numb to the stupidity and obnoxious behavior of Leftists. Almost.

    • Rulz

      Yeah, it’s kind of hard to be when they’re always shoving it in our faces.

  • censured

    This is a bigger blunder by Gerry Rivers than his Al Capone vault fiasco! Fox should can his lb ass ASAP!

    • Frances Tomic

      I thought I was the only person that remembered that joke. After that Al Capone thing I realized he was only a media sensationalist and not interested in journalism, just his own agenda. What an ass he is

      • censured

        Total ass, big lib, and a first class phony!

  • Patrick Fallon

    Geraldo Rivera never did have it upstairs he is a big mouth show off know every thing Muslim and un American can you believe we are about to make eleven million Riveras united states citizens

  • Jacquelyn Brown

    I don’t know why in the world Fox News gives this idiot 5 seconds of air time! What a disgrace!!!

    • peggy mostad

      We need a ‘like’ button for these remarks!!!

      • Tre404

        There is. See those little up and down arrows to the left of “reply?” Those are for ‘like’ or ‘dislike.’

        • Rosa Narvaez

          So Michelle visited the Saudi, the one that remains nameless. Maybe that is what Glenn Beck will bring out on tomorrows radio show. A must listen to. He has BIG news about all these goings on.

    • Frances Tomic

      join the rest of us and take fox to task.

  • Phyllis Blazier

    Geraldo, this is the lowest you hae slipped yet. Didn’t know that you were a muslem now!!!! Crazy – move to the Mid-East dude.

  • Beverly Turnmire

    Geraldo, you are a moron. You were on my “iffy” list but there is no longer any doubt.

  • Raejean

    Geraldo, you must be back on the sauce again.

    • twila cooper

      Or the cocaine

  • Ted

    Send Him To MSNBC Where He Belongs!

  • William

    Two Christians beheaded in New Jersey by Moztecs following Koran

    ABC News confirms a Muslim follower of the false prophet Mohammed is facing a murder trial in New Jersey after he reportedly beheaded two Christians, and in a religious terror ritual taught in the Koran by cutting off their hands and heads. The victims were Coptic Christians from Egypt, and it appears the murderer was simply following religious commands from Islam’s “Holy” book the Koran.

    The Koran teaches: “When thy Lord was revealing to the angels, ‘I am with you; so confirm the believers. I shall cast into the unbelievers’ hearts terror; so smite above the necks, and smite every finger of them!” [Dr. Chaps’ comment: Notice the word “terror.” This is the religion of peace? Muslims behead Christians right here in the USA.]

  • Linda Clark Setters

    It is time for all Fox viewers to boycott this news station.

    • mbh2mt2d

      His show, not the station, then we wouldn’t get ANY truth.

    • tammy

      They are the only news that comes even close to giving both sides and the only news that tells the truth. Letters and email the company to get rid of him. He’s not liberal, hes nuts

  • Boyd

    You really never know just what color this this peacock ( Geraldo) will show on any given day. He’s so full of himself. Get this radical ideologue off of Fox News!

  • usaman

    Why is no one asking why Michelle Obama made a visit to the hospital specifically to visit with the ‘person of interest’ that is being deported to Saudi Arabia? There is like a total media blackout on the event. Obama also met with a ‘Saudi official’ in the White House prior to the deportation announcement. Something smells to high heavens here.

    • usaman

      Anyone care?

    • Jim Rice

      You are exactly right. Nobody reports it. Nobody cares.

    • peggy mostad

      I too, have wondered about this. Our government gets more corrupt every day. But she is married to the anointed one, don’t you all know that? His feet will be of clay just watch, God is still on His throne.

      • usaman

        Amen, Peggy. The anointed one has no clothes.

    • John Crouse

      Barack Hussein Obama bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia for a reason. Saudi money bought the office.

    • brenda schmidt

      Because her an her husband only care about the saudi. I heard he had terrorist ties an his deportation was stopped. Im sure the king an queen will have him to the WH

    • twila cooper

      and she was disbarred for unethical practices but does the media report THAT? No they report about her bangs…..I have bangs and it wasn’t reported!

    • tammy

      Smells just like yesterday and every other day since OB took office

    • oldhunter

      Very good points Jeffrey! Got me to wondering also!

  • Bob KT

    Geraldo. You’re done. Put a fork in it, get off the stage, find something else to do that doesn’t involve embarrassing yourself.

  • chewydog

    Same guy who worried more about his fish than human life during hurricane sandy. Same guy who wanted to spit on Malkin. Pathetic

  • Tillmann Puschka

    so NOW the right wingers decide that Rivera is a fool, eh?

    • tammy

      No, he has proved it himself many times over

    • mike_in_kosovo

      If you think that anyone on the right had any respect for Geraldo before this, you haven’t been paying attention.

      That, or you’re an idiot liberal (but I repeat myself) who thinks (for certain values of the word) that conservatives indulge in the same sort of blind support of and belief in Fox that liberal idiots have for any idiotic, liberal (sorry, repeating myself again, twice) “news” source out there.

  • Thomas Sullivan

    The best way to stop Ignorantaldo Rivera is to not give him a voice people. He will always make a ass of himself, because that stirs the public and he gets ONE MORE GIG out of it. Eventually he will burn all his bridges. But acknowledging his ignorance keeps his quest for attention alive. JUST DON”T RESPOND! A reporter without a voice is nothing but a self employed has been.

  • GaylePutt

    Not that I ever watch this boob, but maybe we should all boycott any company that sponsors his show. What an @$$hole.

  • Jeff Talbut

    Jerry Rivers expiration date has been exceeded.

  • Trixiesmom

    Another stupid Jew. Well only Half, but the half that makes him one. I elect him to join the rest of those stupid Jews at the front of the line for the cattle cars who think Never again can’t ever happen. It’s just around the corner MOT. They want us Jews DEAD. Sound familiar?

    • tammy

      You are and ignorant piece of …

  • Bill_Fan

    He’s a libtard

  • Robin

    How disrespectful to those that lost their limbs and lives. You should be ashamed. If you don’t stand with this country and its terrorized victims then you should go to a Muslim country.

  • Guest

    Trying to set himself up for a run at office. Don’t fall for it voters!

  • Craig Gibson

    He has been a royal idiot from day one. Why Fox keeps him employed I never will know.

  • Michele Archer

    Fcuk you Geraldo!

  • Keith N. Gillis

    Regrets he wasn’t next to one of the bombs…Maybe a different take he might have? Who wasn’t done with that nut job after the Capone’s secret vault fiasco?

    • Keith N. Gillis

      But, on a side note, one must say the same thing to Christians when those nut jobs from Westboro Baptist church show up?!

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Only the ones that support WBC.

  • Snookyjack50

    Fox News, fire this S.O.B. NOW!!!!

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    I don’t now, nor did I ever, like Geraldo. He’s a jerk, AND a joke. Part of the reason we keep getting attacks like this one is, because, our PC people keep petting & pampering the Muslims. I don’t care WHAT they say, they are taught from childhood up, to hate ALL infidels, which includes Christians, Jews, & any other religion besides Islam. Plus they HATE homosexuals, Hollywood, & ANYTHING associated with America. So, just why do they come here? To try to kill as many of us as possible!

  • Galaxy Radio

    @GeraldoRivera <– FOX News now has it's own Peirs, Chris Matthews OMG! Fire Him NOW!

  • Zev Goldman

    Heraldo Revolver should crawl inside Capone’s vault and close the door until the dung eating beetles remove him from this world. He plumbs the greater depths of dumb assery with each word he utters.

  • freakinrican

    God O’mighty, what’s this guy thinking?

  • Tarnell Simpkins

    I thought Jerry Rivers was a puerto rican jew,, “regrets to my muslim brothers and sisters?” LOL getthehellouttaherewiththatbullshiggety

  • Gail Wakefield

    geraldo why don’t you take a permanent vacation….America is in too much pain right now to listen to your sympaty for muslims

  • Hal Jordan

    Geraldo’s Muslim brothers and sisters are the reason we need AR-15s with 30-round magazines.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!

  • Maudie Sieberkrob

    Mr Rivera is welcome to his opinions…

    I feel regret that any people will use their interpretation of religion to force their personal agenda on their own children and other innocents who do not agree with them. The USA was established by and for people to allow freedom of religious beliefs…so, I believe anyone who is allowed to visit our country and, most certainly, anyone who is granted citizenship in this great county, agree to abide by the laws of this land which would include that right. So, you do your thing and I will do mine~~you will answer to your GOD and I will answer to MY GOD who teaches me with love and provides me guidance. I am grateful to be American, I love and support our Constitution and I pray every day for all the citizens of this blessed land. GOD bless the USA….Maudie

  • Ken Alan Draper

    So has geraldo just came out of the closet as a Muslim? no wonder he tried to sell our troops out in Iraq.

  • liberalssuck

    It should be simple, renouce your citizenship and move toa muslim dominated country. However I find all liberals cowards and they want other folks to conform, but have them exampted. He truly is an ass clown!!

  • Redmolly

    Does he regret that he has but one nose to break for his country?

  • Jack Guest

    Gerardo , you are, have been, and always will be the village idiot.

  • Troy Chatman

    where is the apology’s to TEA Party Patriots and other American people he slandered and i am sure his Jewish ” brothers and sisters” are feeling warm and fuzzy too…… what a frackin Jackass…….. another obamabot liberal who still just dont get it………….

  • Nilda H Castillo


  • SelfLoathingLeftist

    Geraldo needs to join the rest of the leftist loons at MSNBC!

  • Jim Grady

    Geraldo Rivera isn’t even his real name, it’s Jerry Rivers

  • Todd Fuller

    dear boston marathon victims,,,my regrets go out to you,,cause we all know that the media will blame you for the horrific actions of muslim terrorists, and most importantly some f-ing idiot like geraldo will worry about the friction you have caused by having been blown up and apart.

  • Andy De Mers

    GERALDO, are YOU for REAL? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! Don’t you have an ounce of integrity left? My goodness man! I’m overwhelmed by your insensitivity. That’s all I have to say on this rediculous comment!

  • vetgal1970

    Seriously, kicked out of the war for giving away troop position. Not the epitome of good judgment. Just saying

  • Florida Irregulars

    Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo Rivera; its been a long road to being FNC’s village idiot, from Capone’s secret vault (empty) to claimming Muslim bretheren. What will be your new nom de voyage? Something quaintly middle eastern?

  • jophysgirl

    If only I had a few chairs handy…

  • James Earl Wells

    I thought he was considered a “Traitor” after his little stunt of drawing a map in the dirt so the enemy would know where they were and where they were going. Can’t they send the IDIOT to some other country and bother someone else?

  • Tim Foutz

    Time for this old communist bastard to go.

  • Vince Stagbaugh

    Geraldo – just when did it become logical to sympathize with and consider yourself (“my Muslim brothers/sisters”) one of those whose religious texts condones the killing of infidels?

  • Jeffrey Litwin

    And this dumbass want to run for public office. I am so freaking tired of people apologizing for the crap that goes on in the name of the religion of Islam. If someone dare says anything about their god, religion or book they threaten death and destruction. Sorry to say people need to confront them for what hey are violent people pinned on destroying the infidels.

  • jamesvictorowens

    I cringe already every time this clown is brought in front of the camera by Bill O’Reilly or anyone else on Fox News. He always speaks out of his butt. Now he’s gone off the deep end. Please Fox News, you should have canned him years ago when he made a joke of himself in Afghanistan. Now, for the sake of your viewers, GET RID OF HIM!

  • dunst43

    Boston was caused by Islam. New York, Pennsylvania, and DC were caused by Islam. London was caused by Islam. The Toronto 18 was caused by Islam. Bombay was caused by Islam. The key word there is Islam. #causedbyislam might be an interesting hashtag.

  • Molly S White

    Geraldo may call Muslims brothers and sisters but they call him an embacile not worthy of life unless he converts to Islam. What an idiot and how disgraceful to the victims and Americans. Terrorist do not act alone and are on emboldened by PC.

  • CowboyBob Wallace

    Geraldo, Your have been spreading your moronic thought over the media for way to many years now. Isn’t it about time the media laid you to rest. What an Idiot!

  • Judy

    Why does Fox even allow him to have a show. He really needs to work along-side Chris Matthews!

  • Barbara Schultz

    FNC fire him!

  • Herbal Gal

    He should be fired from Fox! Nauseating!

  • Shirrel van Tassel

    You are sick!

  • twila cooper

    GO TO ABC GERALDO! You’ve lost your ever flippin MIND! No wonder you’ve been divorced so many times, you’re freakin’ CRAZY! FOX, PLEASE FIRE THIS IDIOT NOW!

  • Guest

    @FOXNEWS please fire @GeraldoRivera. He is the only thing wrong with your network.

  • David

    Geraldo is joke, an attorney who never really practiced law; his early show was just short of being Jerry Springer. What do you expect from someone who has never really accomplished much other than his work in TV, which is rather lame.

    Geraldo is still pissed that he found nothing in Capon’s basement, still today this moron continues to embarrass himself with these idiotic statements! In short, leave the US with Piers Morgan, you were meant for each other!

  • Carol Ann Hughes

    wow…I guess he can’t think unless his zipper’s down….

  • Lance Arianna

    He is the fair and balanced side of a guy who has liberal tendencies…

  • georgina alexiou

    he has lost his mind

  • JustMyOpinion

    anyone who sympathizes with terr orists,,,,, needs to be looked at… unamerican is all Geraldo is.

  • HARP2

    My regrets to my Christian brothers and sisters that a poser like Geraldo would call himself one of us.

    • roarjennyroar

      Jesus still loves him.

  • Sandra Buchna

    Fire his ass get him off of fox news….

  • Rob Brent

    regrets to my german bretheren whom cuz of the holocaust caused friction between them and the jewish peoples… whats the dif Geraldo???

  • $29520529

    But the tea party, according to this Jerk, are the real terrorist. What a complete idiot!

  • Bryan P McNamara

    He should move to Chechnya and look for more vaults that belonged to Al Capone! Ass clown!

  • Swartzy

    Geraldo just shut up and go hide in your Al Capone cave. No one thinks you are important any more. Bye Bye

  • Scott Hamlin

    Fox needs to shit-can this jackass.

  • Wanda Haught Etchason

    Geraldo,remember the victims,your liberal friends were hoping it was a white conservative person,is that what you were hoping for as well. Apologize to the families of the dead and injured you idiot. Muslims have nothing coming!!!!!

  • Carolyn Parish Taylor

    And he’s considering running for congress from New Jersey as a Republican. We have enough RINOs there already.

  • Robert Moore

    you are an ass.

  • Buzz Hodge

    He’s a JACKASS! No, he’s a stupid ASS! No, he’s BOTH!

  • Carol P.

    Do you like hot places Geraldo? God has a place for people like you. OOPS, you don;t believe in him, I forgot.

  • John Galt

    One of the many reasons I don’t watch or listen to anything Fox anymore.

  • GetRhonda

    Geraldo needs to give up on real news and stick to opening tombs and artifacts type stuff. He’s not real news kind of people.

  • justtheusa

    Funny how so many are just now seeing this anti-American for what he is. His tweet just put icing on the cake. Maybe it’s time to boycott Fox. He needs to be gone.

    • dareisay

      He’s always taken the side of his law breakers, aka illegal aliens. That attitude of , you owe me, both by him and his beloved illegals is getting tiresome.

  • dareisay

    Geraldo what is wrong with you? Do you ever think before you speak? Time for you to retire!

  • joepoli

    On O’Reilly last week (I’m paraphrasing) Rivera stated that Muslims in the central Asian region were fighting “Christian Russia” and might be angry with the United States because we are a “Christian country”. O’Reilly did not challenge him and I immediately turned off the TV. I refuse to watch Fox when Rivera is on and really am getting sick of Fox for keeping this clown employed. Fox has started to annoy me and I have been watching them less and less with each passing day. Rivera likes to emphasize his “Latino” half yet all of his wives have been non-Latinas; I think he has been married five times, LOL. Sorry, Fox, the Travel Channel is a lot more interesting. He should have been fired long ago and especially after the things he said he would do to Michelle Malkin.

  • Dymphna Fields

    Are you kidding me. Such an ass. I swear Alan Colms and Geraldo Rivera are black eyes for FOX. Both are demented and need to go to MSNBC and suck up with them. Isn’t it bad enough Gerald drew maps in the sand in Afghanistan and showed the Taliban his location. JERK NEEDS FIRED

    • drew robz

      That’s being the fair and balanced, unlike MSNBC’s liberal ideologies and ratings down the tubes!

  • MoonDogii

    Anybody remember Al Capone’s safe? Not much has changed……….

  • 364NKL

    Hey Geraldo, why don’t you donate $100,000 to the victims of the bombing? Or would you rather donate to your chosen religion of evil – ISLAM??????? You can go to f…ng he$$! I will NEVER watch your show on Fox again. EVER!!!!!!

  • Jimmie Robinson

    I watched duhraldo get his nose busted years it then and now I would love to do it personally to the buttwipe..

  • capisce

    It would be bad enough if Geraldo was an isolated case – sympathy for the devil is oh, so radical chic in the circles his message was targeted to. Disgusting sentiment disguised as inclusiveness. When human life has been stolen, when lives are torn apart by horrendous injuries, statements like his prove on which side of morality his ideology lies.


    It doesn’t how Geraldo may personally feel, he MUST pander to Islam.

  • Rulz

    I don’t see any aggrevation on the part of Bostonians.

    After 9-11, didn’t Massachusetts officials meet with Muslims to discuss concerns?

  • Luis Gutierrez Muniz

    Geraldo. Don’t act so pious. Weren’t you running around Afghanistan ready to shoot some of these while you were reporting live from there, while carrying an “assault rifle?’

    • Garth Haycock

      Actually, he was drawing a map in the sand giving away the location of US troops to anyone who wanted to know where they were.

      • Luis Gutierrez Muniz

        Yes while carrying an assault rifle.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          Sincerely doubt that – the military doesn’t arm embeds.

  • Chris. J. Wadolowski

    Fox is Fair & Balanced. Mostly intelligent, thoughtful Conservative leaning people and enough Liberal mentally deficient jackasses to remind us of what is out there on the other “so called” cable news channels. That’s why Fox is and has been number 1 for years now.

  • Mark_Krieg

    This piece of human fecal matter is nothing but a legend in his own mind !!
    “My muslim brothers/sisters”? Who the hell does he think he is? Or does he even know? There were innocent people hurt and killed ya jerk.

  • TiredofLosers

    Who even watches, listens or follows him? Boycott his tweets and he will go away. He’s a 4’8″ weiner.

  • Raymond Corsetto Jr

    Remember they stopped from drawing a map In the sand in Iraq.. Now you go and comfort the people that never apologize for any terroristic events shame on you.. Gerald go find Al Capones Vault.. Fox News should dump his ass..Go to MSNBC

  • Sigurd Hakonson

    I really thought we were done w/Geraldo after “The Secrets of Al Capone’s Vaults” – but no, he’s been allowed one on-camera fail after another…

  • eldonpittman

    Nice gesture Geraldo! Not every Muslim is to be blamed for the actions of these two.

  • Screaming Eagle

    geraldo has always been a jagoff. his “career” peaked with the al capone fiasco.

  • Rafael A. Hildebrand

    Geraldo Rivera is out of his mind! I never liked him! He should be out Fox News

  • James Rose

    This asshat told O’Reilly, after No. 1 was dead, that No.1 was SLAIN as if that terrorist was MURDERED by the police. When is Fox going to get rid of this Gerald/hole.

    • Bob Truthteller

      It’s as bad as when the libs worry about the living terrorist getting his Maranda rights. I have heard them fret about it a dozen times.

  • Stephen K

    Where the hell is a skinhead with a chair when you really need one?

  • 364NKL

    I am from a suburb of Boston, and my mother told me that she went to church today at St. Susannah’s in Dedham, MA. The very liberal Deacon officiated the mass today, and told the parishoners that they must be sympathetic to the muslims. I was so mad, I told her I would have stood up during the sermon and walked out in disgust. She said that the entire church gave him a standing ovation afterward!!!! This is the twisted liberal logic in Massachusetts. Even though we were attacked by radical muslim Islamists, it is okay because we are tolerant of other religions. Yeah, they are tolerant of everyone except Republicans. PIGS!!!!

    • Frances Tomic

      AMEN !!!!

  • froggy19510

    Jerry Rivers is a media whore and a fool.

  • Jeanette Townsend Snapp

    From that tweet we can surmise that he is now a muslim.

  • Betty Langford

    I have lost all respect for this man!!!!

  • Harry in Buffalo

    Here’s a great way to relieve that friction…get the hell out of this country and go back where you came from!! What is this has been doing on Fox, anyway?! Are you kidding me? He’s no “Journalist” by any stretch of the imagination! He’s a hoax and they need to toss him immediately. Not good for your image, there Fox!!

  • lovispoonful

    Geraldo, there will b no regrets if you leave America and go live with your muslim brothers and sisters immediately.

  • Bob Truthteller

    The only thing he got right is assuming that maybe the perps were “homegrown anarchists.” That is better than joining the kooky left and thinking that peaceful Tea Party patriots could be to blame. It is far more likely, that if it weren’t Islamic terrorists, the guilty party could be the progressive left’s own anarchists, who have bomb-making instructions on their own websites. The media should speculate that the anarchists are the possible culprits before pointing fingers at the far less dangerous people on the right. Anarchists have done property damage across the country and have turned over and burned police cruisers, destroyed the private property of small-business owners and started riots.

    • jdm

      Can you say Bill Ayers?? Need I say more?

  • Abad Don

    Geraldo is a fuckin’ douche.

  • lumendelsol

    As a Puerto Rican guy representing La Isla de encanto….We renounce Geraldo Rivera, and now consider him White. He’s your embarrassment now gringo’s.

  • Blarney Rose

    Regrets my ass! You are hoping to win an election? You are a fool, an ass, a pompous pretender to the throne of Ali-Baba! Grab your prayer rug, you moron! Fox News should rethink WHY you suck up air time, indeed!

  • Jeff May

    So Geraldo cannot feel sorrow and pain for the victims of the bombing while simultaneously feeling bad for those Muslims who will suffer as well from the actions of a couple of extremists? I agree that Muslims in general would do much better if they vehemently spoke out against these things, but still, there are many who do not believe in this violence. Using this as an excuse to hate all Muslims is no better than them hating us for something a few in the government did.

    • ShalomAll

      New concept. Logic! Thanks! :-)

  • Clay B.

    GTFO Geraldo! Join arms with Pierce Morgan and move far far away from the states!Take your Liberal ass and go share your Love with your Muslim brothers and sisters! Fox, wth are you thinking? Get rid of him!

  • Ian Roth

    Sounds like someone was smoking crack in al capones vault

  • cathy m

    i find i have been watching fox less and less especially since the election. i cannot believe that fox still has karl rove on as a commentator. i def turn it off when that blowhard is on. i never watched geraldo’s show anyway. he has announced, though, that he has an interest in running for the NJ senate seat. so, rest assured, he will be going after all the block voters, latinos, blacks, muslims, gays. do whatever it takes to get into office, whether it’s good for the country or not.

  • ServosT

    Would Gerry Riveria express this kind of concern if it was done by one of his Westboro Baptist Chuch brothers?

  • Andrew Truth

    FIRETHAT liberal jackass! Way past the time for him to go to the lamestream gliberal media

    • Frances Tomic

      He would be great at MSLSD

  • drew robz

    Now I understand why Geraldo was smacked in the face with a chair a few years back when he hosted his own T.V. show, all kidding aside, I can’t believe what came out of his piehole with the bombings still fresh in our minds…

  • Lou Ellen Brown

    Good grief. Jerry River has lost it totally and should not ever be on public media again. He has no clue as to what depths the beheaders will go to to win the prize…an infidel head on a spike. 2 were beheaded in New Jersey just a couple of days ago, and Methodists did not do it.

  • Ron Travis

    this man is a class 1 asshole and traitor

  • Kurt

    This is NUTS! blaming Boston in any way is so disrespectful and WRONG! Try supporting your fellow citizens and NOT patronize EVIL!

  • John Jouett Waddell

    maybe we should send geraldo and obama to the middle east to grow old with the remaining members of the muslim brotherhood while we blow these freedom frictionists to their next destination..what the hell is wrong with people..we are under attack financially and ethically..

  • Rick Matson

    There goes the insane PC cringing Geraldo who’s more sympathetic towards the harmful words aimed at Muslims then the bombs aimed at Americans?

  • snkbyt

    FOX keeps Geraldo so they can say they’re fair and balanced…only reason because he’s really annoying to listen to. Extactly the same reason Alan Combs is still there…both are riding around 3 qts low on oil…:)

  • Sandra

    This is pure chicanery on his part … bs to the ultimate max, and assinine to boot … you have lost a lot of respect youjackass…

  • David E McClure

    Send him to MSNBC where he belongs!

  • Wm Thomas Jacks

    I’ve always had a bad vibe about him anyway! I remember when he had a show in 1988 and got hit in the face with a chair.

  • twila cooper

    Harryaldo, Let your Muslim Brothers and Sisters PAY for this idiot “suspects” medical bills and pay for shipping the other corpse BACK to Russia! Better yet, let them pay to receive the corpse C.O.D. Why should WE pay for ANY of this?! Hey Harryaldo, you love the Muslim Brothers and Sisters so much, why don’t YOU pay for all of this crap?!

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    He should apologize to those he assumed we involved in this heinous crime. Home grown anarchists……..another way of saying right wing or Tea Party or evangelical Christians?

  • MNbernie
  • Gary Crocker

    Never liked you, assclown, time for you to shut your stupid mouth and get the hell off public media, especially FOX. Go join your muslim “brothers” in Pakistan, or wherever they will put up with your crap!!!!

  • Boricuafudd1

    I understand that communicating by Twitter is difficult, but in this message, Geraldo managed to be insensitive to the victims, accused Bostonites of Islamaphobia, call non-Muslim intorrelent, excuse the acts of the bombers, and tell Muslims to be proud of the acts done in the name of their religion. Quite a feat.

  • RalphyBoy

    Proof that Geraldo hates America… and loves whatever is anti-America…
    ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’… right Gerry…

  • Sappo

    Will someone please help Geraldo pull his head out of his ASS!!!

  • Denise Guesserly

    LET ME BE CLEAR, Islam and muslims activities for over 100’s of YEARS speak for themselves, women are treated like property , raped and beheaded every day in their culture as well as VERY YOUNG GIRLS if they refuse to be GIVEN to very old men, they KILL their OWN children with no remorse calling it “honor killings” in the name of islam. So how in the Hell is America responsible for the acts of a culture that act like soulless ANIMALS in EVERY SINGLE country that welcomes them in. ALL muslims live by THE SAME QURAN that promises them 72 virgins if they kill many infidels, so the bottom line is muslims kill other human beings for sexual gratification they THINK they are getting when they die. The “moderate” muslims quietly holds the feet of the infidel by saying nothing about the treacherous actions of islam as the “radical” beheads the infidel.. their silence is their consent … CLEAR ENOUGH?

  • Jim McCormack

    That does it ! Catering to Muslims after 4 murders and horrible dismemberment of innocents is totally insane. Fox should fire you for such poor judgment. I shall no longer view your portions of Fox programming.

  • Mike D Hylton

    He’s alwys been borderline nuts now he’s fell off the cliff, he’s a whackjob

  • Neil Leininger

    and any chance he had at becoming a Senator is gone.

  • PLB

    Wow, you can tell that he’s getting ready to run for office! What an ass..

  • Carla J. Sinquefield Duke

    Geraldo lost ll credibility when he failed to find anything in Al Capone’s vault. He is the height of irrational sensational journalism and is trying to stir up controversy in order to feel relevant to society.

  • Chuck T Sr.

    Geraldo Rivera is a Bleeding Heart Liberal or a Secular Progressive,so what do you expect from a Muslim Jihadist sympathizer,he’d be right at home at MSNBC with Chris Matthews,why Fox has him on their Air ,i don’t know.

  • Della Thorne

    This so-called man is an embarrassment. Dr Death and Sir Stupid pretty much wraps it up… I am so angry Ailes has decided it was important to get rid of conservatives and go center left (his words, not mine)….

  • Richard Landers

    Just one more bit of nonsense from this asshat. He should be utterly discredited at this point. He should be eradicated from FOX news just like MSNBC purges conservatives. No one needs to hear any more tripe from this douche. And as far as friction goes, right now Muslims in America are earning all the friction they deserve by worrying about themselves rather than the innocent victims of these murderous islamic terrorists.

  • lumendelsol

    this is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

    Rivera’s father was a descendant of Catholic conversos Puerto Rican
    Sephardic Jews ,and his mother is of Ashkenazi Russian Jewish
    descent. He was raised “mostly Jewish” and had a Bar Mitzvah ..there’s
    no boricua in this guy ..he could be from a race called “Liberal” LoL…

    From my friend Johnny nice one bro, nice one…lol

  • Kenneth Hill

    I am very Conservative But I do not want to become like the Left and silence any voices we might not agree with. This is the reason Fox is # 1 , Because you truly get both views from the left as well as the right. I am shocked at the number of you people calling for his dismissal, That would lower Fox down to the gutter with MSNBC if Geraldo was fired. If you call yourself a true Conservative you can tolerate opposing views and not call out for censorship like they teach at liberal colleges like Harvard, Yale, Princeton and all the others who will not hire a Conservative Professor and teach our young group think and will not tolerate any Conservative talk on their closed mined campuses , Throw cream pies at those they disagree with like Ann Coulter or Carl Rove. Lets be better people than the left, Stop calling for Geraldo to be fired because he has a different opinion than yours and instead engage him in a dialouge about his feelings. I love his segments on The Factor with Bill O”Reilly and I am sure Bill will call him out on this.

    • edwardreynolds

      Kenneth I am very conservative too and think this idiot should go as well. Fox is a right leaning network and that’s why we choose to watch it, but this A-hole feels sorry for his muslim brothers and sisters, give me a break! WHAT ABOUT THE THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF THEIR VICTIMS??

  • Cindy Post

    Geraldo has always tried to play both sides. Guess he doesn’t realize it makes him look like an ass! I lost what little respect I had for him after the Al Capone’s vault debacle!

  • Johnny Blade

    This assclown still owns my favorite moment of the day time talk circuit when a fight broke out on his show and he blocked a chair with his face… classic…. I could stand to see that on a loop.

    • edwardreynolds

      Good memory Johnny as I had forgotten about that!

  • Bob Shaw

    You are out of your mine Geraldo, FOX needs to get rid of you.

  • Dennis Lippy

    We don’t have any Muslim brothers and sisters………I wish we could get all of them out of this country…….I don’t trust any of them……..Islam believers cannot be trusted around those who are not Muslims.

  • Lee Workman

    Geraldo is still mad that he found nothing in Capone’s safe and made a total fool of himself on national TV. Pretty much the same as he is doing right now.

  • Bob Mathias

    Just goes to show you a liberal is a liberal no matter where they work.

  • edwardreynolds

    Simply put you’re a slimy attorney that got a TV job. You have no creditability so step back into Capone’s vault and shut the door behind you, you are a disgrace to your religion, your country and your an idiot!

  • Piper2

    Political correctness in Geraldo world is profiling Caucasians only. This far left loon Moron should be kick out of this country Along with all the Islamic Muslim terrorist that are hear . This sick Muslim terrorist dog shot a Young policeman in the back of the head and murdered three others and these democrats want to Make sure this scum bag is Mirandized. Obama Will protect his Muslims pals as long as he’s in the White House. It wouldn’t surprise me if Obama gave him a scholarship After this Islamic Muslim terrorist maniac gets out of hospital.

  • David Gray

    Rivera has always been a jerk.

  • Edward

    How does Fox news justify keeping him on, he is no longer relevant .

  • Skevvy

    Hey, Jerry Rivers. How do you say DOOOOOFUS in Spanish?

  • Scott Weldy

    Geraldo I quit watching you when you stole 4 hrs of my life on that Al Capone’s Cavern bullshit 25 yrs ago. Your a fraud it and it’s no surprise to anyone where your worthless life has led you. Your a dipshit drama queen. How about the victims asshole. Maybe fi you had lost a leg or two you would feel different. Lawdog 545

  • disqus_e2F2oUH6C7

    @GeraldoRivera This does not surprise me coming from Geraldo.

  • Tarantula2

    He’s 100% behind amnesty too…

  • Gene Roberts

    I’m surprised he hasn’t made a plea for stronger bomb control laws.

  • Paula

    That is a shameful statement. Shameful. And the parents of that young 8 year old boy, and those two young women, not to mention the survivors, have to hear that filth come from your mouth. What is wrong with you??

  • Guest

    I agree with GERALDO on this, although I can’t speak for his other views. You don’t understand being pegged with terrorists because of your faith. People know enough Christians to know that those who bomb abortion clinics and are part of the westboro baptist church aren’t the norm…people often aren’t educated enough on the Islamic faith. Differing views doesn’t make someone an idiot. We can all feel for the Boston victims, as well as the many innocent, peaceful Muslim believers who will suffer discrimination for this.

    • Catchance

      Sorry… but if there are peaceful Muslims it’s because they haven’t read or don’t believe what the Koran says. There are 164 verses in the Koran calling for Jihad, and it’s not for retaliation, either… it’s because anyone who does not believe the “Holy Q’ran” or that Mohammed was a prophet is automatically an infidel and to be killed. That means any other religion.

    • Kleverabevera

      Huge difference mate. The vast majority 99% of other Christians would condemn those acts in a heart beat. Most of them would carry out the sentencing themselves.
      Muslims do not care or rather dance in the streets.

    • ShalomAll

      I’m not a big Geraldo fan, and I know very little about his stance on the bombing. Is this ( Regrets to my Muslim brothers/sisters) a blanket statement, or just one of his many statements taken out of context to further revile him and those who are thought to be like-minded? What are his entire sentiments on the incident?

      “GUEST”, I agree with you re: people judging you entirely because of your faith, your race, etc. In reading this forum I see several insensitive and degrading posts regarding Jews. Being a Jew… and a Christian (not of the Westboro ilk), I could take offense at many unobjective statements on many forums! But due to their lack of knowledge, I don’t.

      Before I make a judgement I like to do my research first, lest I shine as the fool later.

  • BigJohn39

    A leopard never changes his spots. Once a jung lord always a jung lord. You still have your purple beret Jerry…..

  • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    He is an idiot I have said that for years.

  • doree10

    A total joke, Fox, needs to go…

  • Joyce Dadek

    I agree with GERALDO on this, although I can’t speak for his other views. You don’t understand being pegged with terrorists because of your faith. People know enough Christians to know that those who bomb abortion clinics and are part of the westboro baptist church aren’t the norm…people often aren’t educated enough on the Islamic faith. Differing views doesn’t make someone an idiot. We can all feel for the Boston victims, as well as the many innocent, peaceful Muslim believers who will suffer discrimination for this

  • Mitchell Waylett

    He’s lost it .. he would be one of first ones beheaded if they could get their hands on him.

  • Jerry James

    geraldo has always been a charletan, an ignoramous, a stupid idiot. he is out to try to be a sensationalist. I saw that years ago, when he tried to make himself look BRAVE by running out into a street where some gunfire was going on, BUT, WHEN HE GOT IN THE STREET, HE HUNKERED DOWN BEHIND A SMALL BOY OF ABOUT 10 -12 YEARS OLD. HE HID BEHIND THE KID, HOW BRAVE IS THAT???? HE IS STUPID, CAN’T TOLERATE THE IDIOT.

  • Ron Austin

    I’d rank him right up there with Hanoi Jane

  • Batman

    What an insensitive jackass.

  • Joan Risley

    I’ve been thinking for some time now, Geraldo has severe Dementia…. A sane person, would not be holding sympathy with the Muslim Brotherhood… But, with the innocent victims and their families. Many will be, maimed for life…

  • Dave_in_MA

    My 2nd favorite Chair-Nose moment was when he was getting pelted with hurricane debris a few years ago.

  • Bill Hammer

    Geraldo has totally lost all decency to mankind. He needs to go. Move to the Middle East with your Muslim brothers. See how well they take care of you over there, you loser.

  • jackie820

    The reason this idiot sent regrets to “his muslim brothers” is that NOW THEY MIGHT TIGHTEN UP THE BORDERS…You know he’s all for illegals….

  • jimf1958

    It sounds to me like He has become one of them, P.O.S.!

  • Rosa Narvaez

    Regrets to the victims of the Boston bombing for having a moron like Geraldo Rivera open his mouth and show his true colors.

  • tessaprn

    Patience for what?

  • ARJ190

    I like FOX but, when Geraldo the fool is on……. channel gets changed!!!! Did he ever find Al Capone’s secret vault in Chicago???? LOL

  • Guest

    Its true! There is no fool like and OLD FOOL!!!

  • John W. Kerr

    It IS true!……..There is No Fool like and OLD FOOL!!! Thanks Geraldo for the demonstration!!!

  • Eric Cochrane

    I am honestly trying to figure out why anyone takes this twit seriously anymore.He has basically built a career on making an ass of himself, so it really-unfortunately-doesn’t come as a shock that he would say something so patently asinine.

  • Bill Livingston

    Fox needs to sever relationship with this jihadist sympathizer.

  • dan

    Fox is becoming as lib as the other moron cable networks. I quit watching months
    ago. They have hired to many lefties and CNN rejects. (same thing, I know)

  • NotaLemming

    Geraldo Rivera ✔ @GeraldoRivera
    Regrets to my Muslim brothers/sisters. He is simply Brown nosing… Looking for a raise form Fox news Co-Owner, Saudi Prince Alaweed <<<>>>>

  • Carla Pena Vergamini

    Geraldo needs to removed from Fox permanently! Right after he publicly apologizes to Boston and its Victims and their families! #boycottgeraldoatlarge

  • loriaw07

    If he thinks he is shining a favorable light on himself to his “Muslim brothers/sisters, he is sadly mistaken. They would just as well kill him as any of us. They aren’t going to say “don’t drop the bag near Geraldo.” Ignorant bleeding heart.

  • Frances Tomic

    Geraldo you are an ASS CLOWN. For all of you damned muslim sympathizers I wish it was You or your families that were blown up, & not innocent people. I bet you would really change your tune if it was one of yours.

  • Randy Whitman

    Geraldo, Need to go over to Afganistan and forget how to get back to the USA. He can chum around with the Taliban. Fox needs to get rid of that loud mouth talk over everone idiot……

  • canuck

    All corporations and governments have token jackasses, quota hires were ordered by the UN years ago.

  • Jackie Rivet Camara

    Geraldo has been washed up for a long time… just trying to grab a little more of the lime light… you know what they say “Any publicity is good publicity”…. I hope for his sake he isn’t visiting Boston in the near future or in the future period. Bostonians have very good memories…….

  • mike grant

    This low-rent loser gives Jerry Springer a good name.

  • Ken Rizza

    Time to retire that idiot

  • Frankie Gigs

    Your a real Jackass ,,, I used to think you were really cool , but youve turned into a reall asswipe. John Lennon is turning in his grave.

  • godspal53

    regrets to your butthole for being on your face, and in your mid

  • Fred Harman

    And this from Jerry Rivers. That’s right. Geraldo Rivera’s real name is Jerry Rivers. He changed his name to identify with the hispanic community in San Diego and they all think the man is a joke. Why Fox allows this fraud in front of the camera is beyond me. I am sick of his progressive liberal leftwing BS. Put him on a plane with Nancy Peolosi, and teh left wing nuts and send them to Iran to live. Its that simple.

  • disqus_NnXodPcveN

    Shame on Geraldo!

  • Jm Gee

    rewind about 25 years – now i wanna shake the hand of the aryan brother who busted Jerry Rivers (his real name) nose on his own tv show. if he feels that strongly about it, jerry should take the place of the terrorist when they use “alternative questioning techniques” on his ass off shore.

  • Joan Blankenship

    Geraldo needs serious help! Fox needs to send him packing

  • tacticomp

    Regrets to my Human Brethren for this Useful Idiot apologist for Barbarians, who will likely behead a Jew like him when they get a chance!

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Geraldo just tossed a pressure cooker bomb into what’s left of his career. What a utterly stupid, insensitive, senseless thing to say. Of course, we’ve all come to expect nothing more from this ass-clown.

  • Jory Cohen

    Geraldo tu eres una desgracia para los Hispanos ,maldito musulman lover

  • Jory Cohen

    Geraldo you are the disgrace for the hispanics ,you moron sob

  • This Comment Was Deleted

    Here’s the thing about Geraldo….he is going to sympathize with minorities/other ethnicities no matter what. It doesn’t matter what they’ve done, what crime they’ve committed, etc…he’s not interested in hearing that. He has made up his mind he will side with them based entirely because of their racial/ethnic background. He will never sympathize with white Americans…even if they are the victims of a heinous crime. It’s essentially reverse racism. Rather than discriminate against someone because of their racial/ethnic background, he actually gives them preferential treatment even when it’s not due.

  • Bill Board

    I knew Geraldo was a Puerto Rican and a dumbass but now a muslime as well?

  • Charles Dykes

    His idiocy goes all the way back to the first time (that I know of) that he made a complete fool of himself on TV. I think show ran on the ABC network in the mid 80’s te 70’s – could have been on ABC 20/20 – but there was much hype and many TV commercials that ran hawking the show.

  • William R. Bailey

    Geraldo simply is a lib lap puppy. WE CONSERVITIVES THINK IT IS OK AND PROFITABLE TO MARKET WHATEVER SOME DUMBASS LEFTY HAS TO SAY. aS A RESULT, THE LEFT IS EXAULTED. And the right looks scared. Not but 1 or 2 of you could even tell me who Christian Klar is without going to the web. In the 70s he had the same potencial as Osahma. He is just a europian. In 1980 as a new tropp with a 3 yr tour in Germany i was briefed on how to handle attn grabers and terrorist. Just dont mention them accept as a countering force from our side and certainly not in the press. The left got its restart from Fox and ritewing radio. We are noit handling ourselfs and our enemy well at all. This is why ppl feel a void of leadership in our party. You let our leaders be shown up by culture punks. Snap out of it republican or you will see the complete dismantling of our party. That thought makes me sick. A Republican voter.

  • Charles Dykes

    Crap!! Hit the enter key by mistake!!!! So, let me clarify….it was in fact in the mid 80’s that the show hyped was ‘Al Capones’ vault. They brought in all kinds of ‘crew’ to break down the wall……Making it short here…there was nothing in the bricked in area at all except for dirt……he had a heck of a time filling dead air trying to explain the entire mess……..jI realize there are a lot of folks out here that are not old enough to remember that of which I speak but it really was a total embarrassment for Rivera. You can Google it to get the full run down….it is interesting if nothing else. I do not think he knows today which side of the political spectrum he really believes in ………..kind of floats around from event to event! Doesn’t really seem like a bad guy….would probably be an interesting person to chat with over an adult beverage or so……..

  • TRyan

    Geraldo is a large Equinne Posterior Orifice.

  • cherie bone

    Hey Geraldo. Open letter. Aren’t you going to enter politics, run for some-or-other office? I see what you got going on: are you chummin’ for votes? I think you might be. So you’re not only an insensitive supercilious jack wagon, you’re a pandering insensitive supercilious jack wagon.

  • genann59

    He has not changed since the days he would get in fights on camera with members of the KKK. He is a jerk and always will be. I cannot stand him and never could. He and Alan Combs are Fox’s token assholes.

  • Sickofthis

    Regrets to my Muslim brothers/sisters. Hmmm! I always though he looked a bit Muslim !!!

  • Quantummist

    Now everyone also remember that he was Kicked Out of Iraq for drawing a map showing the Enemy where our troops were at and moving too… Has Everyone forgotten his treasonous act in the Iraq War?

  • Charlene Geren

    For Petes sake…what is wrong with these news people,we need a real news channel…im sick of fox now…why is everyone such fraidy cats…tell the truth for crying out loud!!!

  • Hosea Arcadian


  • David Wilson

    He has never had a mind he is a crazy asshole

  • Steven Kunkel

    My sympathy to everyone who lost a loved one or was maimed in this terrible tragedy! My disgust goes out to people that take advantage of this tragedy and use it as a political platform ! I also do not care for celebrities and so called movie stars putting their two cents worth in , they should learn to silence themselves!

  • chetnapier

    every time i see or hear him two words come to mind CAPONE’S VAULT

  • Steven Kunkel

    We need to abandon the present news media and start our own!

  • sonnygc

    He is just showing his true colors (My apologies to the Blacks) Black as the deepest night of the soul.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Muslim brothers and sisters? I never realized Geraldo was Muslim……what a sack of sheeeeeeeeet!

  • TocksNedlog

    So . . . Geraldo is apologizing for the intense emotions being expressed by some Bostonians? while, as a by-product, characterizing some Muslims as being people that will respond to such emotional expressions by committing further acts of violence?

    Congratulations Geraldo — once again you have managed to insult both of the ‘sides’ in an argument without settling anything.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    I think Boston should hold national Bacon week…..just for Geraldo

  • Rebecca Monge

    He shows the quality Fox news stands for and is only one example of it. He needs to be sent to live over there with his brothers as we want him to be happy.

  • Drew

    Wow, what a bunch of racists, dicks and assholes commenting on this site!

    • John Smith

      What race is Muslim again? Because last time I checked, Muslim/Islam wasn’t a race.

      • Drew

        So, you’re saying semantics prevents you from being a racist in this particular case – you’re just a dick?

  • David Johnson

    Stupid is as stupid does!

  • Wrath of A War Child

    Geraldo’s head is as empty as Capone’s vault. Fox News FIRE HIS ASS!!! I am sure that all of my fellow citizens/unfortunate victims in Boston, MY CITY DAMN IT, agree w/ me!!! I am deeply offended!!!

  • Tammi Viken

    Once long ago I respected you. You can throw that into the wind, buddy. You are a sh!tbag!

  • Jan

    What a jerk! Have tried to listen or watch him & I just can’t ….. even more proof why! Your Muslim “brothers & sisters”…(really???)….did not suffer squat because of Boston bombing…. the families of the 4 dead & dozens maimed for life & injured are the ones suffering you idiot!

  • Nora

    I can understand why he is saying what he is saying because this will cause more Muslims to be victimized. He is being fair…what do you expect him to say. You know the media…they always make things bigger than they really are and it starts hate crimes.

  • eleanor campbell

    how come we never hear of “peace loving” muslins comdeming the actions of their radical “brothers” are any of you peace loving. come on speak up, or are you just waiting for the right time to terrorize us “infidels”??? SPEAK UP.

  • Sharon Foley

    Is Geraldo a Musslim? What is wrong with you? It’s like you don’t even realize what you are saying!

  • Matt Angelucci

    Has he ever referred to his “Christian brothers/sisters?”

  • michael reagan

    Dumbass. Read the precepts of Islam you moron. Their are no radical Muslims. Islam is a radical religion. Why did they do it? It’s called Jihad. Educate yourself.

  • William Sharff

    geraldo is a cartoon, has been for years. a complete phony.

  • Sarandipity44

    Perhaps obama should find a place in his administration for Geraldo, along with the other muslims he favors.

    • copperpeony

      He already has them in his administration. We have them in Congress too.

  • John Smith

    Geraldo is a useful idiot. Muslims don’t consider us to be brothers and sisters to them. We’re kafirs, per their hate filled book, the Koran. I wonder if this moron has ever read the Koran, Hadith, or the sirat. If he did, he would know that a true Muslim will NEVER accept a non-believer! As paradoxical as it sounds, the radical salfi/whabbist sects that infest al-Qaeda and like-minded groups are actually practicing Islam the way Mohammed wanted it practiced.

  • harry

    Fox, send this guy to CNN, they are short a couople of idioits there

  • Michael P. Harney

    Geraldo wheres Hoffa? You undoubtedly are the lamest reporter ever to step in front of a camera, I rank you right up there with Jane Fonda And the king and queen obama’s

  • Glenn Berman

    This is the same Geraldo who drew a map in the sand of American troop locations on national TV during war time.

  • Glenn Berman
  • roger barone

    Geraldo should consider some meditation time in Al Capone’s Vault

  • Wilkins Micawber

    When you come to think of it, the Mohammadans really are Rivera’s siblings. They’re vermin and he is too.

  • Guest

    Rivera is a pandering carrion crow…
    an obsequious little twerp with a fully-justified inferiority complex.

  • Mark T Davis

    Why is it only Anglos get fired for comments like Geraldo’s? Just sayin’…

  • Miguel Gonzalez

    This is the one who also dreams of every latino in the world coming here and turning this into another latino country, with the injustice and corruption they have over there.

  • Kay Ramsey

    Just more of Geraldo’s BS. I pretty much figured out what he was many years ago. He’s one of the “fair and unbalanced” contributors to Fox.

  • Marty L Dunn

    hes an idiot so dosnt surprise me!!! probley why I don’t watch him anymore&when he is on I switch channels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes a fucking inconciderate moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wonder if his loved one or child died he being saying that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dumb ass!!

  • oneword

    such a douche

  • Mike Barr

    Good job Jerry Rivers may your beliefs RIP

  • cebg

    No one pays attention to Geraldo ever since the fiasco 27 years ago of Al Capone’s vault. I have not watched him since then. Another wanna be ‘real’ news reporter.

  • catcon69

    Wow…this is absolutely crazy! There are people that have lost limbs and their lives…families have been destroyed…and you feel the need to post your regret to your Muslim brothers and sisters because Boston will aggravate life’s friction…UGH…wth has happened to you?

  • Mickey O’Brien

    “We know how Boston will aggravate life’s frictions”. ??? Blowing up the Boston Marathon and throwing bombs at pursuing law enforcement is “life’s frictions?” NO ONE has blamed the Islamic community in the Boston area – and certainly not the people of Cambridge where these two monsters lived. Cambridge celebrates its ethnic diversity and welcomed them with open arms. If anyone should be aggrieved it is Cambridge, whose tolerance was betrayed. How about serving up some love to THEM, Geraldo?

  • Donna Jackson

    This is the same man that said the Weavers fired on his helecoptor at Ruby Ridge, when even the pilot said it wasn’t true. He will say anything to be the center of attention. Take him off the air!

  • LA screenwriter

    What the hell–!?
    Now is the time for patience, pride and understanding???

    “Pride” over what? That members of their own community were — wow, what a shock, who saw THIS plot twist coming? — freaking TERRORISTS hoping to kill as many Americans as they could? I guess we now live in Superman “Bizarro World” where everything is OPPOSITE from what it actually is. Because rather than having “pride” shouldn’t the Muslim community be feeling total SHAME instead?

    And “understanding”? Gee, how about the Muslim community understanding this ISN’T about America’s need to bend over backwards — in some vomit inducing, politically correct way — in order to placate them once again. Little news flash for the terminally STUPID out there, like Rivera. AMERICA was the injured party here. Which means it’s THEIR turn to step up to the plate…and THEY need to speak out and publicly denounce radical Islam. Tell you what, I’ll start “understanding” the Muslim community when they STOP acting like cave dwelling barbarians and join the rest of us in the modern world.

    And as for “patience”… MY patience is gone when it comes to Fox keeping a complete idiot like Rivera around. This latest statement is truly toilet flushable CRAP — although
    I guess this moron wanted to switch gears and take a break from his usual garbage of seeking to turn America into Mexico: Part 2 and promoting his ultimate dream of seeing
    our nation completely overrun by illegal aliens.

    On the plus side… Holy Cow, I can already foresee the shout-fest between Rivera
    and O’Reilly over this lunatic Tweet. That could be a smack down for the ages.

  • Herman Vogel

    Once an Uber-Liberal,,,ALWAYS and Uber-Liberal. It’s genetic. Like Leopards they never change their spots.

  • Alecia Tisdale

    I have tried to tolerate Geraldo on Fox, but this is the end of it for me. I will be letting the folks at Fox know how I feel. Geraldo is just a big JOKE!!!

    • beachmom2

      As soon as he comes on I hit the mute button. Can’t stand him and his foolishness and arrogance.

    • ClinkinKY

      He was once married to Kurt Vonnegut’s daughter. I enjoyed reading Vonnegut back in my college days (when I was still being indoctrinated by academia). Once I found out that Jerry was his son-in-law the writing took on a whole new meaning:)

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Hey, wait a minute-I thought Geraldo Hypocrito was Jewish! And, why did Fox News hire that Jackass in the first place? Jawamax 8<{D}

    • Cap

      Because they’re “fair and balanced.” Gotta hire people on both sides to hold that title

    • Steve_J

      Roger Ailes likes him.

  • Jake Wilde

    Geraldo is a racist and a sexist.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Geraldo once referred to Obama as the “Healer-in-Chief.” He’s just another liberal dumbass in the media that carries Obama’s water instead of holding his feet to the fire.

  • Stephen Unangst

    so much for fair and balanced. The morons that Rivera defends are the ones trying
    to take away the very rights that allow him to be an overpaid jackass.

  • beachmom2

    Fox & Friends will have him on on Friday and not even mention this.

    They are enablers to his jackazzedness.

  • Pat Brown

    Fox should dump this jerk.. I have never liked him and he is getting worse and worse.

  • wildbillxxxx


  • sheldon cohen

    Up until Friday I listened to Geraldo Rivera. after his idiotic remarks I am no longer a fan of his. He is preaching his liberal views and he claims be a Republican. I heard this lady on Friday rip him a new asshole. he was so upset by the truth that he could not handle his next guest.Get rid of this moron and his ass kissing sidekick Noam Laden.

  • Viet Vet 67

    Unload this asshat from FOX. He has ALWAYS been a self absorbed jerk but now he is also an apologist for the Muslim community! What a complete ASS!

  • Right Wired

    Wow, I thought this tool was going to finally be on the side of right (which for some odd reason is the ‘right’ side 99 times out of 100) after seeing him on O’Reilly on Friday.

  • Miriam Quirch

    Deep inside he has always been an asshole. There are things he cannot shake off and they come out in moments like these….

  • Army Guy

    Jerkardo needs to go over to MSNBC with the rest of the loonies.

  • Ben Petrone

    Move over Chris Matthews On MSNBC. Here come another asshole .
    Geraldo Rivera

  • Guest

    sick and tired

  • shorebarb

    Fox has needed to fire this bum for years. He is a disgrace.

    • booger71

      And take Shlep Smith with him

  • bo1921

    Do you think he’s be as kind to his “redneck” brothers and sisters?

  • bl1962

    I think the skin grafts from his ass to his head years ago finelly has choked off the oxygen to his brain

  • ClinkinKY

    Sigh. Diversity trumps common sense…even if it’s false.

  • Carolyn Cloke

    This is not against muslim”s, It’s against radicals Killing and ijuring people.

  • Wayne Wire

    And his real name is George Rivers, he wanted to sound more ethnic…WHAT A JOKE HE IS..

  • religionandhistory

    I believe that was a Barak Obama retweet ??? Once a liberal …always becoming a more progressive liberal !

  • dis cus ted

    He’s a legend in his own mind and a product of his own ignorance.

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    Geraldo, just needs to move to Hollywood, makeout with the celebrities, (since he always loved kissing anyones butt that is on tv. like Jose (Casey Anthony), he just loves celebrities), FOX, I guess fair and balanced, but do we need fair and idiot?

  • shovelhead74

    I have called him on his radio show numerous times….the minute you gain ground, he talks over you or goes for the off button. He is a statist, an elitist, and a prancing narcissist……and an effete little fairy.

  • Patrick Garrison

    Once upon a time Geraldo was a serious, investigative reporter back on WABC channel 7, New York. I had respect for him then. Since then, not so much.

  • Dee

    I can not stand to listen to liberal/socialist Geraldo!!! Every time he comes on. I turn him off!!

  • RK

    He once again proves his ignorance. Maybe he should start another pathetic talk show and get punch in the nose by his guests again. This kind of comment by him seems like a typical talk show statement to get a reaction. You can’t fix stupid.

  • usnavy83

    Why FOX keeps him is beyond reason.

  • ray

    This to Fox.. U need to get rid of him. If he feels so strong about his jihad let him get his ass out of the US. We don’t need him here…

  • beachbaby28

    we need a petition to sign and present it to the big wigs at FOX. Let them know how we feel about this fool.

    • booger71

      They don’t want to hear from us. I’ve tried. When they got rid of Judge Napalitono’s show I let them have it. I heard nothing back.

  • Annette Padgett

    We really need to keep an eye on you Geraldo…scary!

  • Robert Conrrad

    Liberal IDIOT.

  • drsmith

    Hmmm…the “Black Helicopter” crowd will think that Geraldo’s message is actually a message to Jihadists. Well come to think of it, so should Big Sis.


    Douchebaggery at it’s finest

  • Big Papa

    Has anyone followed this idiots career. He is an ambulance chaser that feeds on the fact that we all have total disdain for him. He needs to be put in Al Capones vault with the white supremist that busted his nose and lock it up for good. He thrives on our comments. He is the one inflaming the hatred toward Muslims by many with his asinine comments. Just STFU and move back into the closet where you belong Geraldo. No one, and I mean NO ONE gives a shit what you think.

  • Teri Brown

    Wait, @FoxNews keeps @GeraldoRivera but gets rid of @SarahPalinUSA? Something is just not right,

  • missj

    Exposing the horrors of Willowbrook was the only decent thing this cretin ever did. He’s an instigator, a sensationalist and serial cheater and spouse abuser and a rabid, radical left wing dolt.

  • golftilidrop

    But that’s how liberals react to crime. They sympathize with the perps and piss on the victims. Just like they are for the murder of innocent unborn children and against the execution of a guilty murderer.

  • Dale Netherton

    Tolerance for idiots seems to be alive and well at Fox.

  • Steven O’Connor

    Never cared for him. He always does his best to make the enemy look innocent and loving. Why he is not with MSNBC is beyond me. I thought they would love him. I have no doubt he woudl get his own fiction show like all the others on MSNBC.

  • Bongo Mawongo

    Did someone hijack Geraldo’s Tweet account?

    I noticed he wasn’t on Fox last night during his time slot.

  • Gary

    Another empty cavern. What a dolt!

  • Gary

    Anytime Geraldo is on anything it gives me the chance to watch anything else.

  • jb

    Next thing Jerry Rivers is going to say is is you can’t say the word ‘illegal.’ It is as big a pejorative as saying the word ‘Negro'”. Oh wait… he is saying that: it is replayed over and over on one of the ads for his talk show. See, Jerry Rivers wants control of you by controlling and defining language the way he sees fit.

  • $15774159

    Now is the time for Fox, to pull the umbilical cord they have on Rivera. He has always been a loose cannon, and as he ages, his mentality is still warped in the 60’s, mentality. Rivera, is a perfec fit for MSNBC, right next to Matthews. A great duo, shit and stink.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Yes how dare people associate radical Islam with terrorism, Jerry Rivers. What a Summer’s Eve nozzle this guy is.

  • wyatt81

    The man doesn’t have a mind-he’s all emotion-and misguided emotion at that. Why Fox keeps him on is a mystery. A perfect poster child for what is wrong with the media.

  • Christine Wright

    Your Muslim brothers need to be far more proactive against those who want to destroy America if they want respect and pride in this country. Hiding their cowardly heads in the sand does not work.

  • Larry Wallace

    Rivera is good for my health. When I see him, I have a good bowel release.

  • neoface

    Rivera is an imbecile!!! Not sure why he is not on MSNBC, he would be a better fit along side of Chris Matthews.

  • Diane Stephan

    Stockholm Syndrome.

  • kobrien674

    I’ve thought Geraldo was an opportunist jerk ever since he was Barbara Walters’ gigilo back in the day (1970’s) when he was her reporter (like Burt Reynolds and Dinah Shore except Burt didn’t work for Dinah). Not just saying that. It was very well known and not disputed by either of them. Not to mention Geraldo’s idiotic Al Capone safe debacle.

  • KW Tallent

    You really screwed this one up. Time for a retraction

  • kobrien674

    I haven’t thought much of Geraldo since the 1970’s when he was Barbara Walters’ reporter and gigilo, something that was well known and documented, and wasn’t denied by either of them. Not to mention the self-promoting Al Capone safe debacle. One thing he’s always done is shamelessly promote himself and talk about how great he is. He’s ALWAYS taken whatever side/position is opposite traditional America, so although disappointing as always, I’m not really surprised he’s more interested in stroking Muslim sensibilities than supporting the victims of Muslim extremists.

  • Andrew Truth

    Deport Geraldo to Iran ASAP! I will buy the oneway ticket. he deserves to live under Muslim tyranny!

  • Papa Dog

    Geraldo is not part of the solution, therefore he is part of the problem. As is FOX News for giving him a platform.

  • jimmc1952

    Is this guy brain dead? Does he even realize what an ass he is?….this is truly the pinnacle of idiocy.

  • JoeHoliday

    Can’t figure out who is the biggest a-hole Geraldo Rube-era or Bob Bungholekles.

  • kjatexas

    Geraldo: Are you a complete moron?


    @geraldorivera what are your muslim brothers/sisters doing to stop the radicalization & America hating going on in American mosques?

  • Bouncerquinn

    Never should have hired him. He has been a discredit to Fox News, from day one!!

  • CarnactheMagnificent

    brothers? I didn’t even know gerald was a muzzi!!! USEFUL IDIOT

  • Churchill4President

    Geraldo Rivera: fake name, fake hair. Barnacle from the 1970’s. How can he get a show at Fox News but Michelle Malkin can’t? Answer: Bill O’Reilly.

  • Red Fred

    Okay, I’ve defended him in the past, but that’s it! Patience, pride, and understanding has grown threadbare.

  • 123Star

    FIRE GERALDO, it’s that simple Fox News, FIRE Him Now. He Has Know Love For Americans, Just His Stupid Liberal Views. We will not Watch Fox until He Fired.

  • Orlando Burgos

    Geraldo, you stupid ass… The Muslim citizens don’t count any other group as brothers and sisters. They are in a fucked up world all of their own. Maybe you should leave us alone and go join that crowd. Moron…

  • Andy Dandy Hammel

    I don’t get the problem. He never said he wasn’t sympathetic to the victims of Boston. After 9/11, life was made harder for Muslims in America, especially in the New York area. Now, it’s definitely possible that they’re lives will be made difficult once again, on account of a fringe >1% of people who CLAIM to be Muslim, but aren’t any more Muslim than the WBC is Baptist. His first post wasn’t even offensive: he never intended to downplay the deaths that did occur, he EXPLICITLY STATED HE WAS THANKFUL THAT THEY’RE WOULDN’T BE MORE. I don’t even like Geraldo Rivera, I’m not Muslim, and I’m as conservative as any of you, but SERIOUSLY!?

    Just read the parts that you want to read, forget the rest of the post. I used to be harassed by liberal friends of mine for watching FOX because they ‘took everything out of context and reported what they wanted to’. I denied that then. It’s getting progressively harder to do that.

    • Joe Comiskey

      Thats right Andy you dont get….its not about the poor Muslims….its about the Americans who were blown to peices on the Street by the Muslim Terrorists….Try to think outside the Box Andy….

    • $26572429

      Of course you don’t, dear….you’re a loony leftist.

      • Drew

        Not sure if the moderators took your oh-so-intelligent comment off my post, Raj, or if you just chickened out (on an anonymous site!), but looking at your comments on this site I see you’re a real braniac. Get out much?

  • Colleen Shelnutt

    Geraldo—you are a dhimmi douche! Muslims do this to themselves, as they always do, by committing heinous acts of TERRORISM!!!! Get real you pitiful excuse for a journalist.

  • Joe Comiskey

    I wonder if Geraldo the Idiot got his Legs blown off and watched HIS KNEE CAP go flying down the street like a Hockey Puck….would he still have this Heartfelt Compassion….No….The Selfish Cockroach would not….

  • Teddy Berge

    fox should fire Geraldo , hes more concerned about his muslim brothers an sisters , Then americans who were born here & worked here all there lives, so he could say what he wants and make a xxx of himself. i remember seeing him in afgan. when he was drawing a map of his an american soiders location. i thought then nothing like telling the enemy where your at. what a dumb-xxx ! LETS REMEMBER THOSE WHO DIED IN THE TERRORIST BOMBINGS , & THOSE WHO WERE INJURED & THE FIRST RESPONDERS!

  • Guest

    Once and idiot, always an idiot. Geraldo hasn’t changed in years … and if you thought so, it’s your need not his behavior.

  • TJB

    Once an idiot, always an idiot. Geraldo hasn’t changed in years … and if you thought so, it’s your need not his behavior.

  • Arthur E Jackson

    I wonder is that the one knee approach, or two? If that guy ever gets arrested he would be telling bubba he was sorry bubba butt banged him…sorry bubba I didn’t give you a bj too.

  • Arthur E Jackson

    Hey stupid, if I armed robbed you, raped your wife, would you tell me you are sorry to? You are what’s wrong with the communist Democratic party….

  • Lynn R

    Just when I thought there was hope for you, Geraldo, you go and say this.

  • Delia Matthews-Smith

    FOX better wake up!! I won’t be watching it if this bimbo is on it.

  • Delia Matthews-Smith

    FOX better wake up!! I won’t be watching it if this bimbo is on it.

  • Carol Chadbourne

    Hey Foxnews… that clown..he did not have anything to say about the victims..?? ??

  • Tim ward

    I saw the way he was a long time ago now everybody is seeing him as he is.i don’t see why fox has him.i change the channel every time he comes on.

  • matt higgins

    You’ve always been a weirdo, G, but have gone too far. Get off the airwaves,you f#$&ing idiot.:

  • matt higgins

    You’ve always been a weirdo, G, but have gone too far. Get off the airwaves,you f#$&ing idiot.:

  • E Quilibrate

    His jackassery is only exceeded by his nincompoopery, this a$$hat
    must go in shame.

  • SideshowJon36

    My guess is that life won’t be any harder for Muslims after Boston than it was before

  • Frank Plachy

    what a moron!

  • AlecJ

    Just more proof that im not missing anything on Fox News. I havent turned it on since Beck left.

  • Steve Paige

    Why no regrets for the people your Muslim brother killed and injured with their bombing you POS?????As for your Boston comments,STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM BOSTON YOU FRIGGIN LOSER!!!!!!

  • Beef Blogonoff

    Geraldodo Rivera: Wearing a hoodie gets you killed. Saying “illegal immigrant” is like saying Negro, and now sends regrets to Muslims who were harmed in no way. A liberal mind is a terrible thing laid waste.

  • Terry Tubb

    FUC U Geraldo– move to Iran-i will buy the ticket one way for ever!

  • hwy505

    Time to fire this jerk from Fox!

  • James N. Roland

    This guy is lost, sympathizing with the people of a fanatical religion that is violent and kills innocent people like it turns on/off a light. Geraldo you are a disgrace.

  • lillymckim

    Proof positive what drugs do to the grey matter this 60’s burn out mind is mush.

  • IrishKing

    This may be the last straw for Roger Ailes.

  • Dennis Jacobs

    Fire Geraldo, HIRE Erica Hill who is now wasted on MSNBC

  • MikeBratton

    Between Jerry Rivers, Alan Colmes and Bill “Inside Edition” O’Reilly, I’m finding more and more reasons to turn off FOX News.

  • Bob Kost

    A sick, twisted, delusional person

  • Mark Muylaert

    rivera is a putz.

  • jobird

    I turn him off.He is a disgrace and a buffoon liberal jerk.A real smart- a–.
    And Fox let Dick Morris go because he called the debacle of 2012 wrong.too many of us
    prayed he was right abut R/R winning.I know in my being the election was stolen by these un =American cretins.

  • Jeffrey Hardin

    I would love to bend this idiot over and with a well placed kick, `break his other nose on his corn holster…

  • Dee McWilliams

    I hope this is Geraldo’s Swan Song from Fox and TV– I believe he’s overstepped what people will to tolerate from him. Enough!!

  • $20540928

    no muslim considers Geraldo their brother. He just doesn’t get it. He is a infidel and that’s all.

  • SOF Warrior

    What a joke! And he wants to run for the senate as a Republican for New Jersey? There truly ought to be a law we could use against these sorry RINOs and prosecute them for contributing to the destruction of our Republic!

  • rant stocks

    WOW…… I didn’t know this JERK was a Muslim……..he has aspirations of politics,well go for it fool you can’t make a bigger mess than what we have now……get off my FOX.

  • ultra57

    I can’t stand this twisted minded liberal moron and I can’t understand why he Is on Fox News, he needs to go! Wake up Fox, and while you’re at it, get rid of Alan Colmbs, Juan Williams, and Bob Beckel! Sometimes, I believe that you’re more “unfair and unbalanced”!

  • Lady Hank

    Geraldo, i cannot believe you are supporting Muslims, I didn’t realize you were a Muslim, and that is fine, but to support them blows my mind that you would support the Muslims that were responsible for this. I have lost all respect for you as a man.

  • John Zimmer

    Enough of your liberal lunacy Geraldo, leave Fox and join your lunatic buddies at CNN ABC, CBS, NBC MSNBC and PBS where your heart and head resides.

  • Michael Baker

    This guy is always on the wrong side of an issue.