According to Wikipedia, Amanda Palmer is “an American performer who first rose to prominence as the lead singer, pianist, and lyricist/composer of the duo The Dresden Dolls.”

Palmer has gotten quite a bit of attention today for her poem entitled, “A Poem For Dzhokhar.”

Shortly after publishing the poem, she retweeted the following:

She then tweeted this:

So she’s saying that Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — the guy who allegedly killed an 8-year old boy, among other heinous acts — deserves empathy.

To which we say: What the … ?!?

Blogger Sooper Mexican put it best:

Not all evil can be “understood” – some of it just needs to be extinguished.

Sorry hippies.

  • ThorOdinson

    What a dingbat.

    • John

      Give her a break. If it wasn’t for this, all she’d be good for is asking, “do you want fries with that?” /s

  • David Bruce

    What , no empathy for the 8 year old he murdered ? How about the people he maimed ? Why doesn’t Ms. Palmer go tell that to this terrorists’ victims as she looks them in eye .

  • BlahBlah

    Nothing spells empathy like a 9mm. I feel like I should poem about it.

    • Clayton Grant

      I would have shot the animal
      9mil between the eyes
      I don’t care if he lives
      But I really hope he dies
      At least my poems rhyme.

    • DavidKramer

      Ode to Colt………..

      God created the heavens,
      God created Earth,
      God created man and woman,
      Colt made them equal.

  • The Fonz

    Maybe I’m missing something here…but who in the heck is Amanda Palmer?

    • Oggi

      She’s the lead singer of Dresden Dolls and recently married the British author Neil Gaiman. She’s disgustingly ugly inside and out. Ugh!

    • $2942628

      I didn’t know either. Now I know that she is not worth the air she breaths.

    • mickeyco

      I googled her & her husband. I rarely comment on peoples’ looks. It’s rude & most of us can’t do a lot about it. I’m making an exception. She- and her husband- are every bit as ugly on the outside as she, at least, is on the inside.

  • Miss Clairee

    10 bucks says she’ll be invited to perform at the next White House shindig!

    • syvyn11

      She’s doing a group act with Sandra Fluck.

      • Miss Clairee

        …….and they’ll probably be wearing pink vagina costumes.

      • Spatial Awareness

        Please tell me there are NO animals involved!!! O.o

      • TugboatPhil

        She’ll be a tenured, Department Chair at U. of Chicago.

    • Truth_Wrangler_NC

      Well, I heard that the sequester has seriously cut into Obama’s caviar and champagne budget so she may be an affordable alternative to Jay-Z and Timberlake.

  • Joe W.

    Anyone who places a bomb within inches of an 8 year old boy waiting on his father to finish a race deserves all the empathy my Ruger .357 Magnum Blackhawk can muster. No more and no less.

    • $2942628

      Wood chipper feet first. I’ve got one on standby. All I need is permission form Uncle Sam and I will not even charge.

    • dunst43

      Can’t help thinking car battery and booster cables. We have to declare war on the ideology and not the tactic.

    • Blake Waymire

      SKS, Single-Action Army, Arisaka Type 99, Mosin-Nagant 91/30, Mauser 98, Savage 110. I’ll let the government pick which one they want me to use. I won’t even charge them for ammunition. Personally, the background Tsarnaev comes from, I’d pick the SKS or Nagant, both of which are authentic Russian. Chechens hate Russians.

      • TexSizzle

        Be sure to dip the bullets in pig blood first.

        • Blake Waymire

          Ah, didn’t think about that! You’re right, that should be done, too.

        • Lady 12


    • TugboatPhil

      Ok, my vote is alternating between stun gun and RAID in the face for several hours prior to any of the other choices.

    • wendy harrington

      I don’t know, I vote more

  • 3seven77

    The guy who planted the bombs deserves the same kind of sympathy he showed to that sweet 8-year old boy who died in the street.

  • Kevin

    I expressed myself in haiku: While others defend, I summarize in one thought, you’re a piece of sh!t.

    • TugboatPhil

      I don’t know what the construction of a Haiku looks like, but that brought a tear to my eye.

  • EndangeredNJRepub

    I think she took the song “Sympathy for the Devil” a little too literally.

  • notenoughtime

    We have empathy for the families of the marathon victims and the rest are on their own! Sorry.

  • waltzingmtilda

    Are you effing kidding me with this? What the hell is wrong with this woman?

  • Randy

    I wonder if she would have so much empathy if it had been her loved ones killed or injured in this attack?

  • Brian Roastbeef

    Nothing like having to start a piece about a “celebrity” with the Wikipedia link for the majority of us who have absolutely no idea who the bloody blue hell she is…

  • Zev Goldman

    It is a hodge podge of mindless dribble you ignorant twit.

  • EndangeredNJRepub

    Khaled didn’t know (nor care) that Monica Smith was 7 months pregnant.
    James didn’t know he wasn’t really the Joker.
    Osama didn’t know everything has eyes.
    Adam didn’t know of his mother’s love for him, nor of the love of every mother.
    Jared didn’t know how shaky his hands would be during the darkest point in his life.
    Khaled didn’t know (nor care) that Monica Smith was 7 moths pregnant.
    Minh didn’t know that those arms were attached to children.
    Josef didn’t know that some of those “enemies of the state” were children.
    Martin didn’t know why.
    Martin didn’t know why.
    Martin didnt know why.

    • EndangeredNJRepub

      I left this same comment on her page with her sad excuse for compassionate literature. I feel like she doesn’t understand the meaning of empathy. How can I put myself in the shoes of a monster? How can I feel what someone else feels if they feel nothing?

  • Rob

    I would compare the Dresden Dolls popularity to pubic razor burn.

    • Clayton Grant

      I’m not even going to ask ….



  • Randy

    I wonder if she would have so much empathy for this guy if it had been her loved ones killed or injured?

  • Brett McMicken

    if this had been the work of a tea party member, her fifty shades of gray glasses would be cast aside

  • majordeagan

    Bernie Dohrn and Bill Ayers are looking for interns at UI, NWU

  • Clayton Grant

    Romanticising terror. What could be more pathetic?

    • Richard Jefferies

      If they killed an abortion doctor the same people would crying out for blood.

      • Clayton Grant

        The prosecution in the Gosnell case rested today. I’m anxious to know how the defense is going to try to spin this one.

        • Stephen K

          Protip – do not come up with any drinking games involving playing of the race card. Your liver won’t survive the first day of testimony.

        • Garth Haycock

          My guess is an affirmative defense.

          “Yeah, I killed them. But they were going to kill me.”

    • PatriotRG

      she has well know company – Fonda – Redford – Rivera – Moore – Most of Hollywood – ACLU – Pretty much 90 % of the Democrats – 90% Academia – NBC – MSNBC CNN – ABC…..

      • TugboatPhil

        Yeah, Redford is coming out with a movie praising the Weather Underground.

  • Stephen K

    He killed three people, maimed many, many more for life, and all this liberal nitwit can say is, “Turn that frown upside down!” That pretty well sums up what’s wrong with this country today, doesn’t it?

    • Michael Anderson (WB)

      He killed five people, the three killed at the blast, the MIT officer and his own brother who would have faced justice until Dzhokhar ran over him.

    • lana ward

      In the end times, that which is evil will be called good, that which is good will be called. Start praying–and mean it!

  • u_scruffy_nerf_herder

    I doubt she would have an ounce of empathy for Dzhokhar if he and his brother shot all those people with AR-15s.

    • camnpat

      I bet she would because it wouldn’t have been him “doing the killing”. It would have been those darned guns killing people and that eeeevvviiilllll NRA for corrupting a “good kid” into doing such horrible things. Hence, she would have still called for empathy for the terrorist.

      We live in the age in which the perpetrator is no longer culpable for his/her actions. It is YOU, the victim, for making him/her do it. And sadly, I have seen this before in my .country of origin where many thieves have gone free because “it wasn’t their fault they stole- it was yours for having more stuff than them and tempting them with it”.

      Sad and worrisome.

  • camnpat

    I bet she is an anti- death penalty gal. Sorry Amanda, but putting a bomb in a crowd is not a “call for healing” or help. A person attempting suicide may be a cry for help. Trying to kill as many people as possible, whatever your reason, is just plain evil.

    Why are you so concerned about the bomber? Why don’t you show concern in a poem for the kid that died, or the 3 adults that followed his fate? What about the 70+ people that won’t be able to walk, run, or grab a cup of coffee like they used to? What about the hundreds who will have nightmares for God knows how long, or who won’t be able to walk on the street fearing that some other nut is trying to kill Americans? Where’s your empathy for them?

    Dear Lord- some people don’t live in reality.

    • TomJB

      Amanda’s tweet is a “call for a slap to the back of the head”

  • independentjones

    A Haiku for Dzhokhar:

    When they fry your ass,
    think of your dead brother, and
    how you ran him down.

  • JR48

    Oh that poor misunderstood teenager…who absolutely committed a series of crimes so heinous that only God can completely forgive it.

    To the poet: I challenge you to spend a shift next to the healthcare professionals who are caring for the victims. Do scut work and help. Nothing messy, just help them get to the bathroom or help get them into a chair. 8 hours only. Tell me what you feel about them afterwards…

    …and then ask yourself, is there anything so terrible that could have happened to you while in the US as a college student that would motivate you to drop a bomb at the feet of an eight year old, and then just let it go off while you watched.

    You won’t be able to do it because you’re sane. But you’re living in a romantic fantasy world. Come into the real one and then report back.

  • shirshelshalom

    Hypocritical, disgusting pieces of garbage. They ask you to empathize with a murderer while ignoring the effects of this empathy on 180 injured, some for the rest of forever, the families of the murdered and those who will be seeing a therapist for PTSD for years to come. Screw those silly people, they don’t to be put first in this situation! Let’s put the expression of, “art”, above the actual empathy for actual people who actually deserve it.

    Goooood thinking, tolerant and peaceful ones.

  • Steve Kellmeyer

    Waiting for a Poem for David Duke

    • HopeyChangey

      Don’t worry, they’re giving literary awards to his imitators just cuz they don’t look like him. Then they smack a “justice” tag on it and, voila, ya got yer racist-anti-racist justice.

  • PostLiberal

    How much empathy does Amanda have for wingnuts?

  • Stephen K

    Little J_tsar dropped a bomb
    and the Left screeched “Party of Tea!”
    We found that J_tsar hearts Islam
    and the Left rushed to hug him
    and cry “Woe is he!”

  • michael s

    1st of all it’s terrorist not bombing suspect. I hope this disgusting person is subjected to the same treatment Marc Lamont Hill was over his Christopher Dorner comments. Evil hag.

  • LinTaylor

    Where’s Greg Gutfield when you need him?

  • Charles Hammond Jr

    So this person is calling for kindness and compassion for a cold hearted killer.

    I wonder what she would say about the NRA, or NRA supporters… whose only crime is to support not only their own rights, but the rights of others to keep and bear arms?

  • TN05

    Dzhokhar deserves no empathy on a personal level and is guilty of terrorism, murder, and attempted mass murder. He should and will be executed, where he can meet his brother in hell. We do need to analyze this case, however, as one where a radicalized older brother radicalized his younger one. I don’t think he would have done this without his older brother’s influence.

    Think about this like we did with Columbine, where analysts determined it was the result of a homicidal psychopath (Eric Harris) befriending a suicidal depressive (Dylan Klebold). Klebold is just as guilty from a moral and ethical point and he deserves no empathy, but he probably wouldn’t have done it if he never had met Harris. This is incredibly important to study and analyze, to help solve other crimes and determine better criminal models.

  • mickeyco

    I knew I didn’t want to read this. Why did !

    • Stephen K

      The same reason you can’t tear your eyes away from a really bloody car wreck, I suppose.

  • Jack Deth

    Sympathy for a fanatic who blows up little kids and traumatically amputates adults?

    I don’t think so!!!

    Arraign him. No chance of bail. Put him in General population. If he survives. Give him a nice fair trial before being found guilty on multiple counts of murder. Including the murder of a cop.

    Then hang him!

  • HopeyChangey

    I don’t know if she’s being sympathetic but she sure misses the directness of setting off improvised claymore mines on a public street meant to murder people. Guess that needs to be chewed over until some epiphany comes out the other end.

  • Anthony_A

    It’s a crappy poem. It would probably violate the Geneva conventions to make Joker listen to it over and over.

  • HopeyChangey

    No. Some acts are just cold-blooded murder. You’re welcome. Looking forward to conflicted-Hitler poems.

  • TocksNedlog

    She should retitle her poem to “I Spit On Four Graves”.

  • TocksNedlog

    “A Poem For Amanda Palmer”
    — Dzhokhar blew an eight year old boy to smithereens;
    Try to empathize with THAT pain, you pile of sh*t!!! —

    Thank you.

  • MarcusFenix

    I think Amanda should stick to singing about dildos. Just my 2 cents.

    • skiddlydo

      i’ll give you a dime!!

      • MarcusFenix


  • Wolfy Ghalkhani

    Wow. its so easy to write poem condoning hate and barbarity while in the comfort of a warm home. Wow, its so easy to rah-rah for a terrorist when you never experienced terror. Wow, its so easy to worry about a Jihadist when you never left the USA to live in a land ruined by Sharia. Wow, its so easy to look the other way as others who dont follow the creed of Islam scream in terror and pain as they are tortured, defiled, and expelled from their homes. Wow, its so easy to be a lefty preaching sympathy for a sworn enemy because she lives in a land called the USA.

  • CO2 Producer

    The photo accompanying the post title is hilarious. Good job, Twitchy.

  • chetnapier

    I love Twitchy where else would i get to read the the insane ramblings of some one i have never heard of but thinks that they are important. empathy my backside

  • Jake

    Amanda Palmer is aself absorbed, illiterate, stupid scientology bitch. The really offensive part of this “poem” is that Amanda Palmer doesn’t give a flying crap about the victims or the terrorists who bombed them.

    All she cares about is herself. She truly is one of the ugliest human beings I have ever seen.

    And she is a god-awful writer on top of being an all around disaster of a human being.

  • Seriously?

    Those people who comment how much they love the poem are some sick puppies. Not everything should be published.

  • brightshadows

    I am waiting for a Twilightish fan-fiction involving those two brothers

  • Jack

    take away the absurd, attention grabbing misnomer of a title, the poem is just plain ridiculous and appears to have come from the mind of a 6th grader.(from the Special Ed class, and I apologize to them for that comment)

  • oneword

    lets blow her legs off and read the poem to her every 5 minutes for the rest of her life.

  • SlimWich

    Is her ode to the Newtown killer in the works? I anxiously await it’s release.

  • ShadowShook

    Still waiting for her poem of empathy for a dad who had his son blown to pieces and his wife and daughter maimed by this terrorist SOB. I won’t hold my breath.

  • Gordon

    I look forward to her next one, “Ode to an Anti-Abortion Clinic Protester – A Cry of Love”

    • Chevypowered

      Only thing missing is audio of her saying “duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

  • bo1921

    The pic of her is too funny. Good job Twitchy!

  • Chevypowered

    chance are good her poem would start out with ‘kill the f@#$%er if the bombers were white Christian tea party males.

  • AZWarrior

    Mad cow disease.

  • BoltUp

    Fight thugs with hugs. I’m going to try and understand you while you continue to punch me in the face.

    • Matt

      lol yep that works right up to the point where the terrorist hijacks her car at gunpoint.

  • ceemack

    That’s funny…she’s doesn’t look Vogon at all.

    But I think I’d rather be waterboarded than have to sit through a reading of that poem.

  • Orlando Cee

    Why doesn’t Amanda Palmer write about Ed Gein (the basis for Silence of the Lambs and Psycho) and tell us how he was just misunderstood men with mommy issues? Or Ted Bundy and how he was just looking for the right woman?

    Or Hitler?

    They were all young at one time.

    • camnpat

      And don’t forget Mao. The number of people he killed were just an “accounting typo” in Amanda’s mind.

  • rbeccah

    People like this Amanda Palmer want to be seen as “good”, when what they really are is unforgiveably stupid.

  • Bozo Sapien

    Maybe if the American media weren’t so wrapped up in building a narrative to make excuses for the animals responsible for this and had the stones to show people uncensored photos of the bombing carnage, people could relate to the VICTIMS instead of the TERRORISTS.

  • Diane Stephan

    She should have him over for dinner, he can bring his pressure cooker.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Invite Bill Ayers and Bernadine too.

  • Derelictus

    Are there any “artists” out there who don’t loathe America so much that they have more sympathy for murderous foreigners than their own born-and-bred countrymen? Besides most country artists and Ted Nugent, whose music I don’t particularly care for? I try to give all artists the benefit of the doubt, even if they’re (Americanized) liberal, but this is beyond the pale.

  • cscape

    let’s picture this…… (1945) “A Poem for Hitler”

  • KenPrescott

    Sounds like Vogon poetry…

  • Laurie

    Let’s for a moment, dear Amanda, say it was your 8 yr old son BLOWN UP in front of you while your 6 yr old daughter had her leg BLOWN OFF in front of you. Tell me then how much empathy you would have?

  • froggy19510

    Why would you post an article about someone you had to look up on Wikipedia?
    Isn’t it obvious she is just another wannabe trying to make a name for herself?

  • Tanille

    People really shouldn’t expect anything good to come from this chick. The Dresden Dolls sucked hardcore too. I saw them once open for another band. Never again did I want to hear a thing they put out.

  • Guest

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue
    You suck.

  • Evil Otto


  • yourmamatoo

    Then by all means, she should house all of their friends and relatives.

  • pajamakat

    Yes, Amanda. I’m sure the families of the MURDERED and the people that lost their limbs will be so happy to join your band wagon. You are a moron of the first degree.

  • dark angel

    Crazy (and stupid) comes in all stripes. Wonder how much dope she smoked before writing this crap.

  • JR48

    He put a bomb in a bag behind an eight year old boy…and then watched while he and others were killed.

    He decided to act subhuman and deserves no empathy. Civilized behavior on our part as a society, yes. Empathy, no.

    And spare me the pompous ‘black and white’ viewpoint thing. There are some things in life that are actually just plain wrong, and this situation qualifies. Amanda, you’re not intellectually superior, you’re just a moron.

  • JR48

    He put a bomb in a bag behind an eight year old boy…and then watched while he and others were killed.

    He decided to act subhuman and deserves no empathy. Civilized behavior on our part as a society, yes. Empathy, no.

    And spare me the pompous ‘black and white’ viewpoint thing. There are some things in life that are actually just plain wrong, and this situation qualifies. Amanda, you’re not intellectually superior, you’re just a moron.

  • Junie3

    What is wrong with this person? I mean seriously, what in the world causes such idiocy?

  • Paul Coppolelli

    anyone who cannot understand amanda’s motivations for writing this is, in my opinion, part of what is wrong with the world

  • Deborah Hallsted

    Sick, twisted and demented.

  • Jeff Hepler

    She is trying get a Nobel Peace Prize. I guess since Obama won one for doing nothing but bombing other nations, she can win one for empathizing with terrorists..In the name of peace.

  • Traci Hayner Vanover

    Three words for this nutball – Desperate. SELF. PROMOTION. Someone told her it worked for Amanda Bynes.

  • InformNow

    Amanda, would you still write your poem if Dzhokhar used an AR-15 Rifle to shoot up a bunch of 6 year olds at the Boston Marathon?

  • ChicagoJohn

    Whenever someone on the left does something like this, I can’t help but wonder:
    How would they react to a conservative expressing empathy for the bomber, if the bomber was a member of a far-right Christian group that bombed an abortion clinic full of pregnant women?

    Would she write:
    “You don’t know how many lives you inadvertently saved?”

    Of course she fucking wouldn’t. Because only a dumbass would express thoughts like that out loud, and appear to show empathy for a guy who randomly killed 3 people, and maimed dozens of others for life.

  • $2943864

    The line she forgot: “you don’t know how selfish you are until you run over and drag your own brother just to indulge yourself for a few more hours.”

  • TexSizzle

    Is she also a terrorist, or does she not understand the difference between sympathy and empathy? Empathy is relating to someone else because you have been in a similar situation or experience.

  • Ookook Eekeek

    …and if there was a nest of hornets in her yard, she would run for pen and paper, or a can of poisonous aerosol?

  • skiddlydo

    she in my eyes is a traitor: giving sympathy to a traitor: she is a useless piece of labia!

  • 1CatEye

    Moral equivalence: what dims do best.

  • Guest

    Couldn’t Palmer have kept her mouth shut? I really liked her music and her husband’s novels, but her ignorance has completely ruined it.

  • Harbormaster

    I don’t normally make disparaging comments about a person’s physical appearance, but the photo in the story headline makes Ms. Palmer look like a slack-jawed-mouth-breather.

    And that’s not something to be proud of.

    Just sayin’.

  • Jedd McHead

    Amanda who?

  • Liberty

    The photo of her used for this post (on the front page) frightens me. Such a banal stare!

  • Chris Chambers

    another poem for dzhokhar

    What the hell were you and Tam thinkin’
    when you made all those bombs? Had you two been drinkin’?

    You can’t really believe that was a good idea
    Did you not expect security cameras to see ya’?

    You guys killed three people and injured dozens more
    leaving trails of blood in the hospital floor

    Then you go home and chill like everything’s cool
    getting stoned and partying and acting like fools

    We all knew it was just a matter of time
    before the clues led cops to the scene of the crime

    Then, honestly, and I don’t mean to sound rude,
    but you ran down and killed you own brother, dude!

    Your time had run out so you hid in a boat
    fought with the cops and got shot in the throat

    America was glad when the Boston cops nailed ya’
    Do you feel all special now they went and jailed ya’?

    You won’t escape though. I don’t need to boast.
    We’ll all sit tight until we see you roast!

  • Lou Windsor

    If we were ever to wonder why elections were lost to Obama, behold the hyper emotional twitches and self loathing meat puppets that puke the sort of drivel we read above.