We know The Onion is all about satire, but Wallis is 9 years old! What is wrong with those people?

Bad move, Onion.


If you can’t say Quvenzhané Wallis’ name, you’re probably a disrespectful racist

Some Twitter users defend The Onion’s misogynistic ‘c**t’ joke

More reaction:

Update, 1:49 am ET:

The Onion has deleted the tweet. But like we always say, Twitchy is forever.


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  • https://twitter.com/tweetyuo Tangchung

    Years ago The Onion was funny, kind of like MAD magazine for adults. Now, not so much.

    • Jeremy

      they went way over the line tonight very tasteless.

      • https://twitter.com/tweetyuo Tangchung

        I agree, simply disgusting. Bet they pull the “account hacked” in a hour.

      • Rabid

        Agreed…WAY uncalled for!

    • http://deadbuffaloblog.blogspot.com/ DeadBuffalo Blog

      The onion is as funny as mad magazine is today. Neither are funny.

    • AZWarrior

      Now it’s kinda like MSNBC: Nasty and worthless.

      • EastValleyConservative

        They exist more now to fool readers into thinking they are real news. And sadly, they still have takers on it.

    • http://twitter.com/Gator_Country Stephen K

      I don’t know what the heck The Onion was thinking. Don’t they know it’s only acceptable to attack the children of prominent conservatives with words like that?

  • Terrell Guell

    The Onion is based out of liberal Madison, WI just saying

    • Micheleh

      So what? Would it somehow be more acceptable if it were from the most right-wing city in America?

      • http://twitter.com/1DeadlyVenom Ezell Lester Jr.

        don’t get mad because liberals are mean assholes just like conservatives! we can admit to it with a straight face why can’t you except it with one?

        • Andy Howey

          “except”? What do you mean? To refuse to ACCEPT it? Okay, I’m good with that.

        • Micheleh

          Yeah, you missed my point. Can’t say I’m surprised.

    • Pieta

      Not anymore. They went corporate and sold out, they’re now based in Chicago.

      • http://twitter.com/GlockG22Shooter PetrockShootsaGlock

        And Chicago is sooo much better than Madison… LOL

  • sqeptiq

    Who’s that with the outlandish name?

    • Kenna Williams

      She’s up for an Oscar so apparently she is someone very well know to the Oscar community.

    • operanerd1986

      She was an Oscar nominee for Best Actress this year; in fact, the youngest person ever nominated for that category.

      • sqeptiq

        Thanks. Not sure whether that’s the most bizarre entertainment industry name I’ve ever heard or if it’s still Moon Unit Zappa. Not sure either whether someone at the Onion was eating crack-infused bath salts. Abhorrent, that tweet was.

  • Miles Quatermass

    And another thing: That little dog from The Artist? Apparently, he’s a complete dick in real life.

  • Connor

    Beyond tasteless; reprehensible and shameful,

  • michael s

    why I am not surprised that Ms. Wills is being subjected to racism. Unfortunately this is what Black girls will face. In particular by people who say thier liberals or satirists. Its more disgusting that not a single tweet is calling out the onion writer for his/her blatant racism.

    • Frank Castle Sr

      You are an idiot. No racism here, just bad humor. You must be a racist yourself to even bring it up. Sad for you.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

      There is a difference between racism and vulgarity, Michael. Both are bad, but unique. The Onion violated the line of the latter and not the former. To say that everything is racist, simply because of the target, cheapens racism to the point where one cannot distinguish what is real racism and what is not.

      • cd cd

        ah yes..the year of firsts

    • http://www.20somethingawesome.com 20 Something Awesome

      Please explain how this was at all racist.

      • nofiltergirl

        It wasn’t racist. It was disgusting.

    • penucheBro420

      he didn’t call her a nigger, he called her a cunt.

      • Raul Miller Miller

        touche,in this context they are one and the same

    • http://twitter.com/Gator_Country Stephen K

      I don’t see the racism at all. Whether the child being called that is black, white, brown, yellow or any other color, or is even the child of a conservative, it’s equally vile and uncalled for.

  • Meaghan F.

    This is so disgusting. I unfollowed them right away. It looks like they finally deleted the tweet.

    • http://twitter.com/debraraes debra steinman

      For attacking a 9 yr old child, they should be ‘deleted’ from Twitter!

      • Greg Weber

        Idiot, they didn’t attack her. It was a joke about the back-biting nature of Hollywood.

        • Raul Miller Miller

          ok, let’s call everyone a cunt and dick and let it become common language when referring to children.What value do we as Americans have for kids,we are still minimizing Sandy Hook and calling for more guns and we are defending the right of the Onion to call a young female child a cunt. So America let’s carry on!!!

      • http://www.20somethingawesome.com 20 Something Awesome

        You should be ‘deleted’ from the internet for being short sighted!

    • lainer51

      of course they did…. attacks are only funny to them when directed away from, not AT them.

  • SuperFash

    So grateful Twitchy is forever!

  • Matthew Koch

    You’re not George Carlin, don’t use the C word in a joke.

    If anyone else tries it just doesn’t work. Especially with a child!

  • HARP2

    Tasteless….But Maher will repeat next week.

  • Skip Nordenholz

    Maybe its because the C word here in Australia is not as big a deal as the US, but I thought it was funny, because its hard to image how a child could be a c..t, it just a ridiculous thing to say about a child, it sort of implies older and bitter. Maybe it is the sort of joke you save for friends who understand you enough to know there is no malice.

    • Bryan

      Not as big of a deal? Really? it’s just as offensive as it is anywhere. And unwanted.

    • wwbdinct

      Hey Skippy – go to Huffpo or Kos or Politico, et al. and call old and bitter Michelle Obama that word. See what happens. Except they’ll delete your post before anyone even gets a chance to respond.

    • bluewaternavy

      Skippy, I have plenty of Australian relatives-all of them are now FORMER Onion readers. No decent Australian would ever say that about-or to-a child. Ever…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3WKYMJKQUY64QS67BDRTSQXUYM Ellen

      hey there, Skippy….do you not understand that the “C” word is a derogatory slang term for a female body part which reduces said female to that body part? It is not only wrong to refer to anybody by that term, it is sexist….stick that in your kangaroo pouch!

  • Socoral

    Michelle Malkin. She stands up for free speech.

    Oh wait, not when it drives traffic to her website. Typical Republican money before principle behaviour.

    • http://twitter.com/TheAngieNC2 Angie (D)

      Unlike you idiot progs, Michelle Malkin understands that freedom of speech only applies to the GOVERNMENT not being allowed to shut you down for speaking your mind — everyone else is allowed to like/dislike/ignore/shut down your speech.

    • 3seven77

      The Onion was free to tweet what it did. No one said they couldn’t post that tweet and no one stopped them from doing it. That’s free speech.
      Now The Onion has to deal with the reactions to what they tweeted. That’s what’s known as “consequences”. Running and hiding from the consequences of an act is typical lefty behavior.

  • gjonionguis

    Get over it. Who gives a damn? Wahhh. Good job The Onion. Quit whining and being PC hippies, people.

  • http://twitter.com/danielcsaffert Daniel Saffert

    The humor is lost on so many here. It’s pretty clearly a satire of the way in which people denigrate hollywood actresses–targeting a 9 year old highlights the absurdity. People will claim that this is awful on the basis of Walls’ age. They are liars. Everyone’s issue here is clearly with the word “cunt.” Had the Onion used a less edgy word there wouldn’t have been a backlash, or at least one of this magnitude. It just people letting their distaste (for a word of all things) get in the way of what should be obvious irony.

    The Onion has won so hard with this joke. The same people who attack them for this tweet have probably, at some point in their own pathetic Twitter careers, called the Kardashians a bunch of shallow, money grubbing bimbos (or something similar). Why get mad at one and not the other?

    • http://www.20somethingawesome.com 20 Something Awesome

      Exactly. This tweet was hilarious and I’m pretty bummed they deleted the tweet.

      I imagine these are the same people laughing at jokes about K. Stewart being a terrible actress. They are letting their short sighted “emotions” getting in the way of thinking clearly or realizing the source of the tweets. Their outrage shouldn’t be pandered to.

      • cd cd

        glad you got your humor fill at the expense of a child. I imagine the child has learned a valuable lesson and prob didnt find it as funny as you.

        • http://www.20somethingawesome.com 20 Something Awesome

          What? You realize this was a satire site. This was not an attack on the girl, but the stupidity of people attacking the character and looks of all the females who go to these award shows. That could easily be explained to even the simplest minds. Probably even yours!

          The stupidity of this world makes me glad something self reflective like The Onion exists. If only you could look past your nose and see it for what it is…

          • crowTrobot

            Wow! You are a genius! A “self reflective” tweet? Who knew? If only The Onion had not deleted this important contribution to American humor, your brilliance would be acknowledged by all.

          • Randy W

            funny, I missed The onion tweet about Malia and Sasha being cunts. The Onion would never let that fly, so maybe you should unfollow @TheOnion for being spineless unfunny prudes who don’t understand satire.

          • Andy Howey

            Much as I despise the Obamas, I wouldn’t even refer to their offspring in that manner.

          • Jodi Reed

            no their mother just publicly called them fat! As she stuffed her face with another ice cream. That word should not be used publicly about a child, actually not about anyone. There are ways to convey that without coarse words, show some intellect and use them

          • Isabella1709

            When you are so deep in the sewer you can’t separate humor from tasteless twaddle there is little hope for you…unless you chose to grow up.

          • Proud2bfromtheUSA

            I don’t care they could have used a less sexually charged word for a nine year old. I can imagine that a nine year old would also lack the ability to see the humor in this but then I suppose she is open game in your eyes since she is in a movie. I have daughters and if this was said about one of them in public venue or by a nationally followed site I would sue.

          • bluewaternavy

            You realise that the target of this “satire” is a nine year old?

          • rickg62

            Gee by your screen name, you’re not too full of yourself are you? Yes we all know what The Onion is, except maybe MSNBC who has a habit of thinking it’s real news. We get satire, we get humor. The Onion had a room full of female air-heads to work this with, but they chose a nine-year old. The outrage comes from the sexual root of the insult aimed at a minor. there is no equivalent pejorative male term that holds the same impact.
            The Onion self reflective? If you want self reflective, sit in your yard and stare at a daisy.

          • Jodi Reed

            You hit the onion on the head! I hear her parents are conservative? If so that probably had something to do with it. If they were not it would of been “racist” and a “war on women”. It is not the Conservatives that have these issues it is the Liberals. Oh may I clarify, far left and far right are both a waste of air. The left is louder in their crazy these days

          • Raul Miller Miller

            If the Onion had called dakota Fanning a c word, everyone would be up in arms,but because it’s a young,black,female child the word should be viewed as satirical..Shame,Shame,Shame

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/3WKYMJKQUY64QS67BDRTSQXUYM Ellen

            Listen up, Mr. Obvious — there is NOTHING satirical about calling a child (or anybody) an ugly slang term for a female part that reduces her to that body part. It is ugly, wrong and SEXIST!

        • wwbdinct

          Nor her parents.

      • Randy W

        Satire doesn’t work without irony and subtley. Everyone here “gets it”…Ok, it’s called not being a bully to a little girl. Or is that concept too serious for u?

    • lainer51

      OMG – STHU!!!!!!!!!

    • http://foxnews.com Larry Miller

      Probably got the ”joke” from Obama.

    • GaylePutt

      She’s a child…why even go there? They stepped over the line.

    • Proud2bfromtheUSA

      I am sorry common decency decries using the word edgy to describe the C word. they could have used the word haggard or bitter if they wanted to convey that thought. The C word is to women what the D word is to men. It is horribly offensive to call someone by their reproductive bits. Just as offensive is using the N word referring to blacks. Would you call that edgy. I wouldn’t I would call it offensive same as this.

      • http://twitter.com/danielcsaffert Daniel Saffert

        You do realize what you’re doing right? Saying “the c-word” or “the n-word” is the same as saying cunt and nigger. You’re just putting the word in my head, even though you think you aren’t. As I have stated in another reply below, there is a difference between what we commonly view as the meaning of a word (which is arbitrary and apt to change) and how it is used or its intent. The word cunt, as used by the Onion, is not being used in its traditional sense. Rather, the Onion is using the negative associations with the word to highlight a dark aspect of our attitude towards celebrities. It’s obviously a fine line, but I don’t think what they did was shameful. If people understood this better it wouldn’t be a big deal. But most people would rather cling to preconceived notions about what words mean and which ones are appropriate

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/3WKYMJKQUY64QS67BDRTSQXUYM Ellen

          ….so in other words, Dan…it’s okay for us to call you a DICK?

          • shimauma

            or an Onion employee same/same

        • Proud2bfromtheUSA

          Just because you are comfortable using the common words as opposed to my more polite C-Word, N-Word, D-Word usage doesn’t mean I have to climb down into the swill with you and use those words. Not sure what Low occupation one has to sink to in order for those words to become a comfortable part of your vocabulary. Mean while I stand by my statement that this is inappropriate usage in reference to a 9 year old in any context. There is nothing remotely humorous about it. Just as there is nothing humorous about referring to her by the N_word.

        • Proud2bfromtheUSA

          Just because you are comfortable using the common words as opposed to my more polite C-Word, N-Word, D-Word usage doesn’t mean I have to climb down into the swill with you and use those words. Not sure what Low occupation one has to sink to in order for those words to become a comfortable part of your vocabulary. Mean while I stand by my statement that this is inappropriate usage in reference to a 9 year old in any context. There is nothing remotely humorous about it. Just as there is nothing humorous about referring to her by the N_word.

        • willis2

          I actually agree with you, kinda. everyone else here is upset because they are 40+ prudish moms. what the Onion said was wrong, and they should definitely apologize, however I don’t think it was said maliciously, stupidly rather. nor do I think they were trying to demean a 9 year old girl down to “her body parts”, also, i guarantee 100% of these people who are so offended by the word don’t view calling a man a “dick” anywhere near as offensive as calling a woman a “cunt”, even though it is the exact same scenario.

    • Andy Howey

      Edgy? Really? If you have a daughter, how would you like it if someone said something like that about her? If it were my daughter they were talking about, I’d be filing a defamation lawsuit. However, apparently it’s okay with you to call anyone anything you want because you apparently have no humanity.

      • http://twitter.com/danielcsaffert Daniel Saffert

        “apparently you have no humanity”

        Love these classy ad hominems. I’m sorry that people can’t find something funny because it doesn’t conform to their arbitrary notion of what words people are and aren’t allowed to use. What so many people have missed here is the difference between words and their intent/use. The word cunt is not being used in its “traditional” sense (which is arbitrary by the way), it is being used to highlight a dark fact about the way people look at celebrities. I’m sorry you couldn’t see that.

        As for your poorly thought out hypothetical, of course I would be incensed if someone said that to my imaginary daughter. The difference of course would be that that person would be using the word cunt explicitly to shame or hurt my daughter and not for the effect which the onion used it, which is something your “humanity” cannot seem to reconcile.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/3WKYMJKQUY64QS67BDRTSQXUYM Ellen

          Are you really that obtuse? The word is a negative slang term for a female body part. When a female is referred to AS that body part, it reduces said female to that body part. There is NO other definition, period. It is ugly and wrong to refer to anyone by that term and it IS sexist! How ’bout you go crawl back under your rock?

      • Micheleh

        I don’t understand how humour that would’ve been acceptable 60 years ago is “edgy.”

    • wwbdinct

      Yup – they won so hard that they were FORCED to profusely apologize. Guess they won so hard that they’re actually losers now. Bwaaahahahahah!

    • shimauma

      Do you work for the Onion daniel?

  • pj

    hmm, i think it’s actually pretty funny, because i think the idea is who calls a kid a cunt?

    Yeah, the person saying this is crossing a line that people normally wouldn’t cross, and he/she kind of knows it. For example, if you take this to an extreme, it’s like when you see all your family cooing over your 9 month old niece, and you call the little baby a dork. Pretty funny

  • Guest

    The best satire today is the Daily Rash.

  • mike

    The joke was funny. Get a life and learn the difference between calling someone (even a child) a “naughty” word and creating a concise premise. Obviously she is a charming young girl with immense talent; the joke was self deprecating, as in “who the hell would have such an absurd opinion of this adorable little girl”. Anyone calling for the firing of a comedian over that joke doesn’t understand the first amendment any better than Islamic fundamentalists calling for the execution of a cartoonist for drawing Muhammad. Funnel your outrage toward something that actually matters.

    • RandomStranger2

      You’re an ugly retarded cunt.

      • Raul Miller Miller

        Apparently, your language skills are limited.

        • RandomStranger2

          I was only joking. You are a humorless whiny cunt.

    • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

      What rubbish! The people who are vocal in their disgust with and hatred for this arsehole are exercising THEIR 1st Amendment rights, and as the right0wing nutters are so fond of saying, “Let the market decide!”

      The market has spoken. Fire the arsehole. Neeeeext.

    • wwbdinct

      “as in “who the hell would have such an absurd opinion of this adorable little girl”.

      Who had that opinion in the first place? Was there a rash of people making fun of this child that prompted The Onion to tweet this “satire”?

      • Raul Miller Miller

        Damn,when does the ugly discourse in America stop. This is an example of our insulting,ugly, and demeaning language towards one another. We need more civility

    • ceyanne

      If it was so funny and jokey, why did the Onion delete the tweet?

      • Clinton Weir


        I don’t find the joke particularly funny myself, because I have no context. I know the little girl was in a movie, but that’s about it.

        But I interpret the joke as a dig against the people who disparage celebrities in general. Whether you’re targeting a 9 year old girl or a 90 year old man (or anything in between) it’s impolite, yet out culture feeds on it.

        The Onion probably went too far, and the point of the joke will probably be lost, but I think it’s clear that they did not mean the tweet as an attack against the little girl.

        • ceyanne

          Clinton, I don’t feel like one has to have ANY context in this situation to know that calling a 9 yr. old girl a cunt is wrong. It is wrong in any context. I do agree that our culture feeds on the nasty and disparaging. So many people look for ways to tear others down. It’s unfortunate.

          • Clinton Weir

            But they AREN’T calling her a cunt – it’s a joke. You understand the difference, right?

            Or are you one of those people who thinks Stephen Colbert really is an ultra-right-wing lunatic?

          • ceyanne

            I understand that they didn’t say she was a cunt. Tying that word to a 9 yr. old in any way, however, is wrong. I’m saying it doesn’t matter if they meant it as a joke or not. Putting it in the same sentence with a child is wrong. Even as a “joke”.

          • Jodi Reed

            What people do not get here is that there are ways to make the point they were trying to make without attacking a child. That there were PLENTY of other stars that could of had that comment made. Although there are better and more professional ways to have got the “joke” across, if only they had went to school and learned instead of partying on mommy and daddy’s money. The first amendment does not protect hate speech, this is very close because she was targeted for being a child from a certain family with certain beliefs. And as for those rights, when I was growing up we had more of them but we also could get punched in the face for them, it was called “socialization” where we learned appropriate and inappropriate social behavior, that is not the case anymore.

          • Clinton Weir

            You are using the word “she” to refer to the 9 year old girl, right? So you put the word “cunt” in the same sentence with a child. That was wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          • ceyanne

            Don’t be a jackass and try to twist what I said. You’re being intentionally obtuse and argumentative.

          • Clinton Weir

            What you said: “Putting it in the same sentence with a child is wrong.”
            What else you said: “I understand that they didn’t say she was a cunt.”

            What you meant by “she”: the same 9 year old girl they were talking about
            What you did: put the word ‘cunt’ in the same sentence as a child.

            Pot, kettle, black, and checkmate.

          • Proud2bfromtheUSA

            This is not a game it is life and using the c word in reference to any female is sexist and inappropriate. I understand that most people now are not taught morality because their parents are obviously deficient as evidenced by their inability to understand most of our outrage at this event. Your inability to put two and two together is a point in this matter obviously your parents failed to convey any sense of morality and common decency to you maybe they did not have any their-self to convey or maybe they where just lazy but it is quite apparent to all of us they failed you miserably.

          • Clinton Weir

            “using the c word in reference to any female is sexist and inappropriate” – I agree completely, which, I choose to believe, was the point of the joke. People are freaking out because they used the name of a 9 year old girl in the joke, but we shouldn’t be calling _ANYONE_ such foul and disgusting things, and yet the same people look the other way while the media says much worse things about adult celebrities. After all, calling someone a cunt is just a more graphic way of saying the person has a dislikable personality. Accusing celebrities of drug use, sexual impurity, etc, is all stuff we hear so often that we’ve kinda grown immune to the filth of it.

            And that’s the joke – WE are.

          • Proud2bfromtheUSA

            This is not a game it is life and using the c word in reference to any female is sexist and inappropriate. I understand that most people now are not taught morality because their parents are obviously deficient as evidenced by their inability to understand most of our outrage at this event. Your inability to put two and two together is a point in this matter obviously your parents failed to convey any sense of morality and common decency to you maybe they did not have any their-self to convey or maybe they where just lazy but it is quite apparent to all of us they failed you miserably.

          • Raul Miller Miller

            We get it was supposed to be satirical,but it came off as CRASS and insulting,you get that don’t you

          • Clinton Weir

            Obviously. I said they went too far. They tried to make a very valid point, and there was probably some very good justification for using the 9-yr old girl (“nobody could POSSIBLY think we’re being serious if we use HER!”) but they didn’t think about it from every angle, and it blew up in their faces.

    • ceyanne

      FYI, “self deprecating” is when one makes fun of oneself, hence the “self” part. This little girl did no such thing and calling for the firing of the boob who thought calling a 9 yr. old a cunt, even in a “joking” manner, is entirely different than calling for someone’s death over a cartoon. The 2 don’t even compare. Sure there is such a thing as free speech, but even free speech has consequences.

      • mike

        The self deprecating comes from the writer taking the role of an obviously absurd caricature of a Joan Rivers or Chealsea Handler. The same way Stepehen Colbert is an extreme caricature of Bill O’rielly. Purposely making yourself appear silly is self deprecating.

        • ceyanne

          Wow, I don’t even know how to reply to the idiocy you just exhibited. Self-deprecating is when YOU make fun of YOURSELF, you know, when you make others laugh at your own expense, making yourself the joke. The person who wrote that tweet was definitely NOT making themselves the butt of the joke, thus their “humor” was not even remotely self-deprecating. Get a clue.

    • Raul Miller Miller

      I wonder how “gallant” your attitude toward this CRUDE dribble would be if it was your daughter

  • kazoshay

    jesus christ people, it’s a JOKE

    • waltzingmtilda

      Yea, we get that…but it’s a terrible one. Sometimes, you get called out for your sh!tty jokes. Deal.

      • mike

        It was a brilliant joke. Satire on our celebrity culture at it’s finest. All of this ill-placed outrage and backlash makes it even better. I hope the comedian gets a promotion.

        • lainer51

          probably will – ignorance awards ignorance.

        • Andy Howey

          You, and this so-called comedian, need to go back to kindergarten and learn respect for your fellow human being. When is it ever appropriate to publicly humiliate another person, especially a child, for the sake of what degenerates such as yourself consider to be “comedy”? If the onion gets sued over this, perhaps you would like to be a co-defendant in the case, since you find it immensely funny to call little girls evil names. Maybe you don’t even consider her to be a person, but rather an object to be ridiculed, leered at, and worse, hmmm?

          • mike

            For the millionth time, the onion did not say, “hey little girl, you are a cunt.” The tweet was meant to be read as if the writer were a caricature of Joan Rivers or Chealsea Handler. The point was to call attention to exactly what you said; our culture treating celebrities as OBJECTS rather than people. If you read it literally, you will continue to miss the point.

          • Raul Miller Miller

            And you Sir have also missed the point

      • http://www.20somethingawesome.com 20 Something Awesome

        No you all don’t “get that”.. You aren’t outraged at it not being funny. You’re all outraged because you don’t get it, because it’s about YOU.

        • Andy Howey

          You are a self-centered, arrogant, egotistical fool. Calling a little girl evil names is not in the least funny — in any context. Your parents must be very proud of you for thinking it’s funny to humiliate other people. Or, maybe the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree??? Personally, I think that you, and anyone who claims to find this funny, are jealous that this little girl has achieved more in her young life than you ever will, and so you try to compensate by ridiculing her or condoning ridicule of her.

          • http://www.20somethingawesome.com 20 Something Awesome

            Did you even read the tweet? Do you understand the context of it? You realize how OUTRAGEOUS it is that anyone would call an innocent child a cunt? Do you realize satire and jokes are often an extreme exaggeration of reality? It was in no way serious and it is only taken seriously by reactionary, simple minded people like you.

            Are you aware what The Onion is? Based on this response I’m guessing you believe it’s a serious news outlet.

    • lakawak

      How so? Where was the humor in it?

    • RandomStranger2

      You’re a dumb cunt. HAHAHA I’M SO FUNNY!

      • Andy Howey

        Yep, you’re so, so very funny that I forgot to laugh.

        • RandomStranger2

          It’s because you’re a humorless cunt.

      • Raul Miller Miller

        You’re a reprobate,hiding behind the internet to spew your vile hatred and ignorance.

    • Guest

      Jesus isn’t laughing.

    • oneanswer

      Jesus isn’t laughing and I bet the girl and her parents aren’t either.I guess you have to have a sick, reprehensible sense of humor huh?

    • nofiltergirl

      If she were your 9 year old and she just attended a party and was called the worst thing a woman can be called would you find it funny?

    • Raul Miller Miller

      Oh yeah, it’s a joke when referring to a 9yr old child

  • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

    In satire, there are times when you say something that offends some people who are otherwise blessed with a sense of humour. This was not one of those times. Anyone who found this funny is a racist sack of pig manure.

    In satire, you sometimes cross a line in highlighting a certain quality or aspect of a person. This was not one of those times. The Onion’s tweet was a complete non sequitur. Only the hackiest, third-rate comedians trolling for gigs (like this fuckface: http://comediandaveanthony.tumblr.com/post/43968325022/you-can-be-mad-at-the-onion-all-you-want) and KKK winter jamborees will praise this as “satire”.

    On the bright side, if you’ve always wanted to know how to destroy a brand in 140 characters or less…

    • mike

      Please explain how you came to the conclusion that the tweet or dave anthony’s explanation is at all racist.

      • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

        I never said or even implied that. You were polite in your ignorance, so I’ll be polite in asking you to re-read my post and reply accordingly.

        • mike

          You’re right. I replied to the wrong post after reloading. Cheers to manners on the internet.

          • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

            I’m not always polite, but I’m always right. Good on ya for recognizing.

  • Icarus8

    Actually, if you don’t choose to be offended by it, their joke is hilarious. It’s because she’s 9 years old and probably sweet and childlike, the exact opposite of a c—, that they said it. It’s not a statement about Wallis, it’s a sardonic statement about insecure, bitchy people who are threatened by someone else’s success. And anyone injecting race into it is rather dim. The joke would have the exact same connotations when made about a white Oscar-nominated 9-year-old.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Boyd/100001302412854 Mark Boyd

      I totally agree with you, but you self-censor cunt and not bitchy? WTF people.

    • wwbdinct

      Who was threatened by this girl’s success? What was the original issue that started this? Frankly, I’ve never heard of her until this story.

    • Raul Miller Miller

      So say you sir,but I wonder if the Cword would have been injected.

  • shingoex

    Well, stocks in Preparation H skyrocketed. All that butthurt…

  • Facsimilesmiles

    As if there is anything in the slightest bit tasteful about the Oscars. The joke isn’t any more awful than the insufferable crotch-sniffing ritual this whole evening represents. Which is I think the whole point of the joke (however be it failed).

  • Adam Jonas Waldorf

    Y’all are not really understanding the whole satire thing, huh? This was not an attack on a nine year-old, it was a joke about gossipy twitterers. Please get off your high horse and think a little.

  • charrenee

    This is why you shouldn’t Mix Politics with public education

  • Sam Sproul

    its not that funny, but frankly, its not that bad either.

  • John (it true me am)

    You know, a liberal poster made a glib reference to this in one of the numerous replies, but this is actually a great example of how a free market works. The Onion had every right to make that joke, and the consumer has every right to be shocked and offended, responding appropriately with individuals choosing no longer to partake in a product.
    Personally I am hard to offend and my “line” is way out there(thank you Internet, I think), and while I didn’t think the tweet was insulting(outside the realm of bad comedy), it was a textbook example of stupid. How in the world could they not have known the backlash they’d get from the general audience? They deserve to lose followers/readers based on stupidity alone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Boyd/100001302412854 Mark Boyd

    Why star out the letters when you don’t in the tweets? Like Louis CK says: “When you say ‘the n-word,’ you just make *me* say it in my head.”

    • Proud2bfromtheUSA

      Those of us who use terms like N word and c word are only responsible for what we say or type we are not responsible for what goes on in your head that would be your responsibility. When I read the word N-word yes I know what that indicates but in my head I read the reference and I do not hear what the N word stands for even though I know what is meant by it I only hear what I read. again I do not care what goes on in others peoples heads as long as there is some semblance of sanity there or I am removed physically from it I could care less.

  • http://deadbuffaloblog.blogspot.com/ DeadBuffalo Blog

    Now if the tweet was about Shelly O, that’d be really funny!

  • AZWarrior

    Imagine if a Conservative tweeted that about Mooch Obama.

    • Texyank

      In the Moochs case the word prick comes to mind

  • penucheBro420

    i laughed

  • http://skottlinde.com/ Skottlinde Rice

    Why are children above name calling? It is simply a word correct?, to which others have attached some sort of a ‘definitive’ description?
    Who REALLY, ACTUALLY cares about this?; or, who instead has simply developed an opinion of this article and it’s subject matter based upon the time and effort they just expended reading it and/or they just want to have something to talk about amongst their peers?

    • nofiltergirl

      You do NOT know me

  • http://twitter.com/1DeadlyVenom Ezell Lester Jr.

    I read this twice and still can’t stop laughing at the fact I would beat the sh$t out of the person who called my kid a cunt. May not be legal but still fun!

  • http://twitter.com/1RandiStarr Randi Starr

    Oh……the mask slips and everyone is shocked or offended. Pfffft.

  • http://www.majorgeeks.com/ Timothy

    Hilarious. These people read and follow the Onion for their over the top stories, unless it bothers them, then it isn’t funny anymore. Sort of missed the point.

  • http://twitter.com/1DeadlyVenom Ezell Lester Jr.

    I am not angry hell it shows that Liberals are what they eat and yes you people are normal in every way that’s why I can understand the high and mighty attitude that comes from you people? You hate God and the people who love him but you then say you are not bad evil people?? I know I’m a cunt just lovely!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mrsgunby Sandras Daughter

    No it was not funny at all. Completely out of order.

  • chris stevenson

    More lack of taste/class, whatever you want to call it. These people are proof some of the media in America is pure trash. Calling a 9-year old such a derogatory term is unforgivable. Boycott onion and any company supporting them with any form of financial aid: advertising, whatever. Just say no to pigs like this.

    • kiloblaze

      i vote to boycott warning labels so that all these stupid people die off.

  • Woody Smith

    Uhhh, it’s not OK for a satirical journal to insult a child? Are children now immune from insults?

    That’s not how it was when I was a kid.

  • Ty

    Dont think it was funny, but the girl needs to get used to people talking shit anyways. Being famous is always has lovers and haters that dont even know you.

    • nofiltergirl

      That is certainly no excuse.

  • Max Di

    love it

  • Ron Blaise

    Never knew people could be that cruel to a nine year old child! I hope heads roll over this idiotic, stupid statement. And all you people who “liked” it are A.S.O.L’s!

  • Dutch

    I’ve said worse things to 9 year olds that beat me on Call of Duty.

    • Proud2bfromtheUSA

      Well the difference is that you have experienced their personality and you know that if they play that game their parents don’t really care enough about them to be offended by what you call them. It doesn’t make it OK to call a random stranger that you have never spoken to something vile and nasty but you don’t have to fear the repercussions because you did it anonymously. The onion is not anonymous and therefore will have to take the consequences of their actions .

  • George Murrey

    I like the Onion, but not for their tasteless verbiage about a little girl. Somebody should be fired for this. This is not considered a joke, not matter was news media it is.


    Onion fail.

  • Richard Tebaldi

    The “Onion” is showing it’s tasteless colors.

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    Michelle Obama, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Joy Behar, Jeanene Garafalo – you could call them all the “C” word and you’d be right…but this beautiful child has done nothing to deserve that.

    • Andy Howey

      Don’t forget Barbara Boxer, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, or Barack Obama. That word can be used to describe all of them, as well.

      • samthor

        yes, that’s what all over-privileged sexist trolls use to describe a woman they find threatening…. they demean her down to one body part. it’s much easier than coming up with a reasoned argument and requires way less thinking.

        • Bryan Leach

          No. Some women really are c*nts!!

          • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

            So are many men. For example, you.

    • http://twitter.com/0_Canada Jesus H. Schmesus

      It takes a special kind of cunt to go online and badmouth a bunch of women because they, or in one case, her husband, don’t dance to the tune you call. You, sir, are that cunt.

    • SMH_shameonitall

      Charity starts at home LOSER! Anyone with ANY working brain cells never refers to ANYONE as a c—. Unless of course you are speaking about yourself a$$hole! Go jump off a bridge. NOW!

  • $18912735


  • midevil62

    the girl is only 9 leave her the hell alone they brave behind a keyboard if that was daughter and i saw that puke that wrote that shit i would smack him in the mouth than ask him who the cnt really is

    • kiloblaze

      well if sumone said that about your daughter it probably wouldnt be in a facetious satire way and you would actually have a right to be offended(tho its still just a word no big deal and you should teach your daughter that). no one understands the fact that no one was trying to say she is a cunt. they think ppl who have nothing better to do but talk shit bout celebs are ridiculous and have little boundry. calling a nine year old a cunt brings into perspective the outrageous things that ppl say about adult celebs on a regular basis which no one seems to have a problem with.

    • kiloblaze

      y’alls heart is in the right place but you are not very openminded

  • rrtzrealmd

    …does anyone not see that “theonion” accomplished exactly what it wanted?…this story is EVERYWHERE on the web…

    …not to mention the “theonion” is a humor site that does its best to rile people…

    …I’m surprised no one complained about this story:

    “Republicans reach out To Women With New ‘No Punch Pretty Lady’ Bill”

    …I thought it was hilarious!…

  • andy

    its a word people, get over it

    • Thevelvetkitten

      It is a CHILD!!!!! You get over it and get a moral compass while your at it.

  • Brother Bo

    Calling someone a c**t is such a liberal democrat thing to do. I have never heard that word from the mouth of a conservative. Why are liberals always so nasty and hateful? Oh, that’s right, It’s because they are never held to account for anything they say or do.

    • The Original Chicken Hawk

      When Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a ‘sl..’, perhaps you thought that was a ‘term of endearment’.

      You should face reality, nasty and hateful is the calling card of the ‘conservative movement’, or at least try to do better yourself.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        That was a metaphor for her demanding PAYMENT from taxpayers for contraception on the public stage in the political arena.

        How is this similar?

      • Thevelvetkitten

        It was a metaphor!!! Besides,why is it liberals always excuse a behavior by one yet not by another..can you at least be consistent so we can at least take you serious?

  • digitalPimple

    E! and others are now on this story.

  • lillymckim

    Obnoxious, bratty, self absorbed, and egotistical but the “C” word?
    Never appropriate especially a child.

    • Raul Miller Miller

      Why is she obnoxious and bratty??? Is it because she was nominated?

  • JR48

    Calling anyone a cunt is reprehensible. Calling a 9 year old girl a cunt is just plain evil, especially since the internet is forever. Thinking that any of that could possibly be funny means that something is wrong with this person’s brain.

    • kiloblaze

      i think words r just words and being so offended by words is stupid. especially when they weren’t literally saying she was a cunt. they were being facetious. go cry about it. i dont understand why everyone is so sensitive.

      • JR48

        You’re sort of creating your own reality. Words aren’t ‘just words’…unless having relationships with other people, both personally and professionally, doesn’t matter.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.everhart Jeffrey Everhart

    Isn’t there more to worry about than some newspaper writing about a self adsorbed Hollywood type?

    • Joe W.

      She’s NINE YEATS OLD, Jeffrey!! You have any daughters???

    • GTFOBigGovt

      I believe the kid does NOT have that reputation – so try another alibi.

      How about when Palin was running and a crowd of hatemongers surrounded her vehicle on the streets of Phila. and her speaking events wearing “Sarah Palin is a C” tee shirts and screaming it in front of our daughters we brought with us to hear her speak?

      Or is it when it comes to women – anything goes? I guess you think 9 year olds are to be forced to “grow up” at any cost.

      I notice you mostly post about military people so maybe you think this treatment would be “nothing” if it was given to Chris Kyle’s daughters.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.everhart Jeffrey Everhart

    It’s just art isn’t it?

  • mummamom1

    Calling anyone a cunt is trashy!

    • Joe W.

      USING the word is trashy, Martha. AND offensive. Yet you use it??

  • DrQ

    Its funny because its absurd, and it satirizes how the public constantly judges celebrities as if they had a right to. Real comments like this are made all the time and nobody cares.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Oh thanks from the illiterate. Doesn’t explain how EVERY website now references and even aggregates Tweets but whatevs.

      Totally explains why they didn’t say it about Michelle Obama.

      Last piece they wrote about HER in Sept. positioned her a victim, objectified,”used as a puppet”. and forced to enter HER daughters into a public dog and pony show. And closed blaming THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not her dbag husband or personal choices.

      Now what would be courageous by YOUR standards would be calling her and HER daughers Cs.

      • DrQ

        You’re reading too much into it. It doesn’t matter who was called a cunt, as along as it was a person who nobody would ever think that about. It wasn’t political, it was social commentary.

  • chaloner

    The Onion is run by Obama worshipers.

    • The Original Chicken Hawk

      Do you honestly believe that saying such things will make people vote Republican? Welcome to the dustbin of history GOP.

      • chaloner

        Who says im Republican? Just shows you are Obama’s puppet.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      PROVEN by their Sept “satire” claiming Michelle Obama is forced to carry out her husband and party’s dog and pony shows because of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – not their mutual desire to fundamentally transform the country into Cuba.

    • Raul Miller Miller

      It’s run by tasteless and hate spewing reprobates like you

      • chaloner

        Now we know you worship Obama.

  • http://twitter.com/Goddesspower Sharon Stevens

    Wow. Nasty. And a child too. What a small human being. Here’s to the original meaning of the “c” word: Anatomical Jewel. Hugs for the lovely & talented Miss Wallis

  • danpommer

    wahoooo…who gives a shit

  • danpommer


  • tom


  • octanejunglist

    Well I think it’s funny.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dan.s.davis.7 Dan Stig Davis

    This world is way too uptight. It’s called a joke. I’ll be handing out some called a Sense Of Humor this weekend to anyone that needs it. And it seems a whole lot of people need one.

    • aliwilcox

      Calling a little girl that word is not a joke, not remotely funny. Perhaps you need to adjust your sense of humor.

  • http://twitter.com/MikeyGaraz M

    Look at all these people getting upset over a short string of letters placed in a particular order. Offensive or not, it was intended as a joke and should be viewed as such. Tasteless, yes but no need to pound away angrily at your keyboard over .____.

    • aliwilcox

      If you have a daughter, I feel sorry for her. If you don’t have a daughter, try not to procreate. Ever.

    • Thevelvetkitten

      The fact that you would even excuse treating ANY child in that manner shows the serious decline in a moral compass and lack of civility that our nation is facing.

  • Morton Sprawl

    Yes. We should all look to The Onion as the pinnacle of taste and decorum.

  • 56Survivor


  • Samh09

    Another comment at The Onion that needed to be peeled back.

  • http://Twitter.com/jkerrysforehead John Kerry’s Forehead

    I weep for this country.

  • Bumr50

    Ignore this.

    It’s a distraction, as disgusting as it may be.

    If they “got a rise out of you,” they’ve won.

  • Deborah DirkHaley

    How dare anyone call a Child the C Word! Who the heck do they think they are? If they would have called one of my Nieces, Sister, or Mother a C word, the fight would be on!

  • $791171

    Funny how most of the anger seems to come from the black community

  • http://batman-news.com BQRealityBites

    I need context – sorry I’m sooo out of the TMZ zone here but WHY would they even go there? There has to be a basis for this stupidity…

  • BeeKaaay

    The Onion sounds like what a pedophile would say….

  • Jessica Grace


  • http://www.facebook.com/mindy.newton.714 Mindy Newton

    I’ve read a couple dozen comments about this. Not one of them speaks to the real issue. How does uttering a slur count as a political argument for or against something? Onion is degenerate, yes, but the primary degeneracy is in their reasoning.