Like she says, #youdontneedituntilyoudo.

Mirabile dictu: Even a gun control advocate admits he wishes he were armed:

  • Maxx

    It’s amazing how quick common sense returns when confronted with the possibility of having your life cut short by someone who places ZERO value on you and your loved ones.

    • CatHerder

      Everybody grows up eventually.

      • tredglx

        Explain Democrats, by and large.

        • dmacleo


          • tredglx

            I was thinking lead paint…

  • dmacleo

    why do people assume only cops and military members can shoot well?
    trajectories do not care what your job is.

    • DaProf

      I practice more than most of the officers I know. And I know a few. And FBI agents. And at 10 yards I’m hitting quarters and giving change with my handgun. At 100 yards, with my rifle…same thing.

      And I’m not the best shot by any measure at the range. Some hit that “one thin dime” Obama keeps talking about.

      • dmacleo

        I WAS in military so take this with grain of salt.
        we only got to practice once a year. 10 shots or so then we qualified. and in germany that was only firing we got.

        could cover group of 3 at 350 meters with a dime.
        so with that little practice I would have to think many who do practice could do it no matter if military or not.

      • tredglx

        Practicing regularly costs too damn much now.

        • DaProf

          Not practicing is costly as well.

          Though I agree:

      • James Thomas Hyde Jr.

        he daprof . i have a question. how stupid do you have to be to mistake two innocent postal workers for a very large very angry ex police officer with a small armory . and not only open fire without checking to see first but firing almost 30 times into the cab of their truck ? lawls

        • DaProf

          Pretty scared, I’m guessing. Since I wasn’t there at the shooting, I’m only guessing.

          As to why they shot them, I guess we’ll have to wait and find out. General postal workers aren’t supposed to be armed.

          Make no mistake…the cops were wrong in everything we’ve seen reported so far and need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

          And yeah, overkill. Seems to me a bunch of protocols were completely ignored, including the force continuum that law enforcement is supposed to follow.

          Unless, of course, there was something else “going on” between the cops and the postal workers that we don’t know about and their shooting the workers was to cover something else. But then, I watch a lot of crime TV.

          That’s why we’ll have to wait and see what develops. And hope that the truth outs and if they are guilty, that they are punished, though it does nothing for the dead.

          Some cops have a tendency to shoot until their magazine is depleted. That’s a training problem, definitely. Tunnel vision. Adrenaline. All sorts of failure.

          Unless, of course, there was *something* else going on.

          • James Thomas Hyde Jr.

            lols but don’t worry everybody you are completely safe . unless you happen to be a average citizen in a truck that looks kinda like a criminals . then all bets are off . .. actually i am glad we are in sc our truck is the same color as dorner’s

          • DaProf

            Or any citizen in a place where the police are on adrenaline overdrive. Interferes with their judgement.

            Though in California, you more likely will be shot by a gang banger than a cop.

            Now, down here in the Gunshine State of Florida, with more than 1 in 20 citizens have a CCW….

  • douchie

    There are no gun-grabbers in foxholes.

  • Tangchung

    Captain Renault: I am making out the report now. We haven’t quite decided yet whether he committed suicide or died trying to escape.

  • DaProf

    Having a firearm doesn’t give you a guarantee of prevailing against a bad guy.

    But the odds in your favor go up significantly when you do. By far better than a pair of scissors, if you can find ones with pointy ends.

    Barring the invention of the perfect personal protection force shield, having offensive capability is your best defense.

    The trick is in the training, whether from your grandfather or some class out in Nevada, to increase offensive confidence.

    For example: (Not even Dorner, but the concept is the same.)

  • sigh

    Buy some scissors you crybabies

    • RblDiver

      Scissors have sharp points and could injure people. Better make ’em safety scissors.

      • lolajl

        I recommend a pair of wool combs. Even better if said pair of comb has 2 or 3 rows of tines. Just saying – google “wool combs spinning” and check the Images section. Unless Bad Guy is 20 feet away . . .

        • tredglx

          Yeah, that’d hurt for sure.

  • Joe W.

    Well Surprise, surprise…..Bless your little hearts…..

  • harleyridr

    The kicker is this guy is a gun control advocate and in his manifesto posted online gives a shout out to Piers Morgan and supports Sen Feinstein Gun Bans…WTF

    • Chuck Harding

      Insanity knows no bounds.

  • River_Rat

    I wish I could be a cop just so I could go over to some of these gun grabber households and confiscate their guns… then tell them Dorner has been seen in the area…”Call your local police if you see anything, they are only 30 minutes away!”

  • River_Rat

    Would it be in bad taste to have a AR-15 with the shell ejector cover engraved with “Screw you Piers Morgan!!” To late, I bought one..

    • Jonny Red

      We all want pics!

  • tredglx

    “i’m for gun control, but i’m kind of scared and wish i had a gun”
    Wow, what staggering hypocrisy.

  • ejochs

    Police get to carry guns. They don’t have to be competent users of firearms.

  • Michelle

    Oh, the poor dears. I live in Los Angeles and not far from the mountain range Dorner may be hiding in. My home enjoys the company of a variety of guns, including “assault weapons.” There’s little to no chance he’ll find his way to my neighborhood, but if he does, I won’t be piddling my pants like the folks in the tweets above.

    • Canadian in USA

      All I can say to that is, “Boo-yah!”

    • TugboatPhil

      If need be, shoot first, dial 911 later.

      • Michelle

        I used to work for LAPD, I’m aware of how it’s done. 😉

  • James Thomas Hyde Jr.

    hey hows that self defense going . i am a nameless liberal anti gun supporter . you should turn in your weapons the police will protect you. please ignore the sound of the police shooting up the town and cappng innocent civilians

    or as the police now call it guilty if your dead innocent if you survive .

    the official statement while getting some good old serve and protect lead shot up your ass is . please bear with us in this transitional period between living and pushing up daisy’s