Mover over, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks.

To some Twitter users, triple murder suspect Christopher Dorner is what Black History Month is really all about:


Some Twitter users say Christopher Dorner is a real-life ‘Rambo’

Twitter users declare murder suspect Christopher Dorner a ‘modern day,’ ‘real life’ Django

Bloodhounds, SWAT teams continue Christopher Dorner manhunt

Paydirt: Media find connection between alleged cop-killer Chris Dorner and George (H.W.) Bush

Alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner mailed package to CNN’s Anderson Cooper [photos]

MSM covers up Christopher Dorner’s hard-Left political views

Master murder-politicizer Piers Morgan: Don’t politicize Dorner murder spree

Disturbing: Supporters, admirers leap to alleged murderer Christopher Dorner’s defense

  • AnonBr

    Black people are so classy. Great proving all those negative perceptions of your people to be nothing more than stereotypes.

    • rogueco

      Personally I like the flow back and forth from proper English and ebonics from gangsta wanna-be’s. “I’m hard, but I use propah syntax, foo!”

    • Patrick Dennehy

      Come on, those twitter comments are sickening to me, but how can you watch Ben Carson yesterday and then make a blanket statement about “black people”. That’s like defaming “white people” because of the rise of the Third Reich.

    • $8525311

      As a white guy I’d appreciate if you wouldn’t make blanket statements about blacks. You are giving people the impression that the negative perceptions of whites being racist are nothing more than stereotypes.

      • Joe W.

        I don’t see a helluva lot of black people condemning these statements, Corri. Seems to be quite a preponderance of blacks support this bile and 95% support Obama. Time to call ’em out.

        • $8525311

          I wonder if that was the gist of the story, find a handful of comments made by blacks and let the outrage ensue. White journalists with conservative leanings are so classy. See how I did that?

          • Joe W.

            Yep. You did that like a good little liberal moon bat.

          • $8525311

            Thanks Joe, coming from someone who’s all class like yourself, it really means a lot.

          • Joe W.

            My pleasure, Corri. Always eager to enlighten the ignorant amongst us.

          • $8525311

            Good stuff, maybe one day I’ll return the favor by explaining sarcasm to your racist a$$. 😉

          • Joe W.

            You couldn’t explain anything to me, Pea Brain. But you can try by explaining what “you your racist ass” means…..

          • $8525311

            I guess you didn’t post this then: .’ Best way I know to keep the black race hustlers away from my little farm is to keep my “Help Wanted” signs posted. Works like a charm’. Buh Bye.

          • Joe W.

            What’s racist about it, Zippy?? You ever see a black race hustler that wants a job?? And still I ask you, what does “you your” mean?? Sorry you have to run. Is your recess over??

          • tredglx

            Doesn’t HuffPo miss you?

          • $8525311

            I’ll take that as a compliment. I know how tough you baby boomers had it, I’ll leave this site alone moving forward. You’re entitled to a site where no one challenges your ideas.

          • Patrick Dennehy

            I goggled and searched twitter for black condemnation of Dorner, came up empty, if anyone can find a hashtag let me know.

          • Sasha Williams

            That is Twitchy’s way. They find a handful of tweets from ignorant people and paint them as the voice of all liberals/feminists/gays/minorities/non-Christians. Twitchy is nothing more than a gossip smear site. Twitchy has no integrity.

          • Patrick Dennehy

            Quite audacious, to bring up journalistic integrity here, when the leftist media is so rife with hypocrisy. Being a drone of any kind is a dangerous idea, I don’t just mindlessly toe any party line. I value independent thought and critical thinking but I see way less integrity on the left. I don’t agree with Twitchy or everyone on this forum, all the time, but Twitchy’s M.O. is more exposing than smearing.

      • Underwater

        Why did you mention you’re white than?

        • $8525311

          I was mocking Zeike’s post, obviously. And it’s “then,” not “than.” Have a great day.

          • Bruce

            You seem like one of those who has his head, shoulder deep up O’s backside, in your view it doesnt matter what constitutional and civil rights are violated, what back room deals are made, what crimes are covered up by his administration and the media, anything goes as long as its a black guy doing it right, just like this guy Doner, because its black history month or some complete foolishness like that, its idiots like you that are the problem, instead of what is right forf the good of the people, the community, and future generations, its all good because its a black guy hurting white’s, this is not going to end good for anyone!

          • $8525311

            Hey Bruce, where you got any of your conclusions about me… is beyond me. A guy posts a blanket statement about how all blacks are classless, I call him on it, nothing to do with political parties, nothing to do with Donner. You are either drunk, or have really limited reading comprehension, or you meant to respond to someone else. Apology accepted either way.

      • Underwater

        No, you mention you’re white because you think your opinion is superior.
        Typical of bleeding heart whites.

        • Bruce

          What a completly STUPID thing to say, more blanket statments, it is a shame. This president seems to have brought more racial division than any other, the great devider, who claimed that he would bring all together, but instead has plundered those who have gotten up and went to work every day. This is not going to end well for anyone.

        • $8525311

          My opinions (IMO) are superior because I am educated, open minded, and was raised to treat everyone based on their actions not their appearance. You may disagree that these qualities make my opinion superior, that would be your opinion. Obviously the name calling makes me think you believe your opinion is superior. So there we are. I also think it is more effective for whites to call out racist whites, than for those targeted by racism to do so. There is a level of shaming that goes on when it is coming from someone who could, but doesn’t have the same racist sensibilities the racist does. But then you probably know all about that, dontcha?

          • Underwater

            Oh my. A liberal being called a racist. It really fits doesn’t it. I can tell by your reaction. I think we all know who the REAL racists are.

          • tredglx

            “My opinions (IMO) are superior because I am educated, open minded, and was raised to treat everyone based on their actions not their appearance.
            So, you’re a conservative?

  • Benjamin Fountain

    wtf, how could anyone rationalize calling this man a hero?

  • CynicOwl

    I’m all for making this man history.

    • tredglx

      Exactly. What better way to remember Black History Month.
      MLK would be so proud.

  • oxpoqxo

    Here I hoped having a Black President would encourage more general civil obedience and maybe even family values but when you vote for someone just because of his race and not his policy you earn racism. This is beyond disgusting.

    • TheAmishDude

      It may have been different if Obama were a better man. Even Colin Powell, for whom I have no respect anymore, would have been better on this score.

      Obama, however, is one who is desperate not to be judged by the content of his character.

      • TugboatPhil

        I may have thought that about Powell before he twice endorsed Obama, for little reason other than race. He also allowed Scooter Libby to become a felon for hiding from the FBI that his aide, Dick Armitage was the leak of Valerie Plame’s name as being in the CIA.

        He’s just another Democrat hack.

  • Neva

    Good Lord.

  • Fire and Adjust!

    So on the one hand, these people will love MLK and say he was a gentle man who wanted people to be judged by their character, yet these VERY SAME people want Dorner enshrined in black history month for ambushing and killing unarmed civilians, one of which was a black man………… yeah, makes perfect sense

    • schiebe

      “for ambushing and killing unarmed civilians” when did he do that?

      • Fire and Adjust!

        Dorner’s first two victims were Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence on Sunday night, of which Dorner snuck up on them as they sat in their car in their condo parking lot and shot them both. Sounds like an ambush to me and there has been no indication Monica or Keith was armed…………does that answer your question?

      • DrEvil007

        Ignorant comment

  • TheAmishDude

    You know, given what Black History Month has come to be about, I’m not sure these tweets are at all off the mark. I saw a poster of Black History Month, advertising some events and the three pictures on the poster were Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and… Jesse Jackson.

    Of course MLK wasn’t there, but no Jackie Robinson? No GW Carver?

    Then again, no Obama either.

    • tredglx

      Black history, like all history, is subject to revisionist re-writing.

      Give it ten years: Ella and Satchmo will be replaced by Jamie Foxx and Spike Lee.

  • Lady 12

    Wow. This guy is unraveling everything that the Civl Rights Movement fought for.

    • tredglx

      Which is precisely why he needs to make history.

      • Patrick Dennehy

        tredglx, are you saying you are against Civil Rights?

        • tredglx

          Not at all, and I’d thank you to not put words in my mouth. I’m saying that perhaps this clown will perhaps open some eyes. That’s all.

          • Patrick Dennehy

            Your post, in that context, could easily be interpreted that way. I wasn’t pointing fingers, that’s why I asked a question.
            Thx for the clarification &#9774

          • tredglx

            Anytime, Patrick.

        • Bruce

          I think civil rights are for everyone, not one race, times have changed for everyone, some are still clinging like a turd to the bowl, staing everyone is against them because of thier color, and want to punnish and take anything they can, because because of what a small minority of people did in the past. True there was a time when things needed to change, but it has gone over board and all the progress that has been scratched and clawed for will be lost, this will not end well for anyone.

  • jkdvsass

    But…but…I thought whites were the bad guys and blacks were the downtrodden yet still saintly population of the country. I guess not.

  • i1776

    These “people” are dangerous idiots and are a danger to themselves not to mention everyone else around them.

  • Patricia Taylor

    I would say to these black people saying Dorner is their hero – “you do know that he killed a black man, right?”

  • lisalake

    Wow. Were the cops white? It’s OK then…

  • Maxx

    It’s kind of sad that an Irish-Scottish white guy with freckles understands the legacy of Dr. King and what he promoted with more clarity than these kids. Black History Month and what it represents is completely lost on these imbeciles.

  • $129448

    Do these people have brains?

    • Guest

      Do you? I’m getting the impression you’re just some dumb broad who has nothing better to do than troll message boards.

      • $129448

        whoah dude, back off, you creep

  • Billy boy

    These morons voted for Obama. I guess that says it all.

  • aliswell

    Black History Month. More of that promoting American unity by placing on a pedestal ANY race but whites and CELEBRATING the fact they’re not whites. Don’t forget to throw in a month of movies, mini-series, documentaries and “specials” all pointing out how evil whites are and the terrible, awful horrors they inflicted on the ancestors of whatever non-white race we’re celebrating this month. And whatever you do, don’t even hint at the war on whites going on for the past couple of decades and the flagrant, anti-white racism coming from our own current government.

    United we stand, divided we fall, right Commies?

  • Jd Logsdon

    If all else fails, this proves that liberal ideas constitute a mental illness….

  • CatHerder

    He’s history, all right.

  • thepoliticalchef

    Reblogged this on Thepoliticalchef's Blog and commented:
    So, now a murderer is going to be on the same level as MLK Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks…have these folks lost their ever-luvin minds? OMGosh…:0

  • Marty Luther

    Making a mark: Some people build. Some people gang-tag.

  • EffeminateIvyLeagueFob

    “When he’s finished Chris Dorner’s name gonna be frozen in Black History month forever”

    One can hope. Somehow,I have this nagging feeling that the perpetrator’s race and any racial implications of his murder spree will be swept under the carpet as neatly as his political leanings and rabid support of Barack Hussein Obama,but that’s just me.

  • 1azuce

    Jaime Foxx “How black is that?”

  • Nick Burlile

    This is Obama’s Amerika. Murderers are heroes.

  • Ntr

    Want to know what types of sick people are praising this guy? Google: “all whites r terrorists”

  • John

    Obama never had the idea to try and bring this country further together. Community organizers and communists don’t do that. They divide and deride. I don’t believe that these blacks are the norm any more than I believe whites are all racist but, given just a little more time, the white man will suffer greatly for all their supposed past sins. None of these idiots who are making this guy out as a black hero have taken advantage of every social program available to them and the first to scream how discriminated against they are. How they suffered so much because of “slavery” when We the People paid for most, if not all, of there college educations, if they have one. Pathetic state of affairs.

  • Bruce

    So if he’s black and murdering its all OK right because its black history month, what a totally stupid thing to admit and to want added to black history, it show how racist blacks have become, pointing fingers at everyone else for the slightest mistep and call it racist while themselves making open blantent statments and actions that tell the true, story. America is beginning to see the true, go ahead add him to Black History Month, what a great addition, LMFAO

  • oneword