CBS News carried a live interview of President Obama from the White House this afternoon, prior to this evening’s Super Bowl. The interviewer, Scott Pelley, asked Obama about gay scoutmasters, taxes, women in combat, and other issues.

Judging by the response to the interview on Twitter, quite a few Super Bowl fans were not happy to see politics injected into the pre-game show.

  • Dalsx1

    He was just testing the waters to see if he was in line for the MVP of the game trophy, yet

  • syvyn11

    What makes it worse (I didn’t see it, thank goodness) is that you had that butt kisser, Scott Pelley do this interview.

    • twinx

      A quick feel-better antidote for you: Remember when Newt NUKED Pelley in the first debates? Ol’ Scott was speechless when Newt schooled him & Scott looked like he had just swallowed a hairbrush! I’ll never forget it.

  • ThinkbeforeyouSpeak

    Blame the interviewer for asking the political questions.

  • scatterometry

    hey me too! That I have to see this feckless fool EVERYWHERE just pissed me off…. @scatterometry

  • tredglx

    Haven’t you heard? They’re renaming The Big Game: The Skeeter Bowl.

    • TugboatPhil

      They had intended to do that during Clinton’s term, but had to reconsider.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    It’s always a treat to hear a rare few words from His Majesty, especially on an important day of sports.

    This year at the Daytona 500, the drivers will pull over after 50 laps while Obama speaks and tells them to keep their tires inflated properly and take the train next time.

    At the Masters, the players will pause on the back nine to listen to Obama give golf tips to the nation and tell us that he gets a mulligan on every hole because he’s the President of the United States.

    • CatHerder

      He’s going to have to really spin the golf thing after Kim Jong-Un’s tale.

  • James Anderson

    I wonder how much it cost us for Obama to ruin Super Bowl Sunday?

  • HARP2

    Will he be watching or is he off to kill some more skeets ?

  • Axelgreaser

    LAST NIGHT I HAD DINNER WITH MY LIBERAL FRIENDS. Being from Illinois, that’s all that is available to me. We no not import Republican’s, but rather chase them off to Florida, we are in fact a state held hostage by ‘low information’ and ‘911’ voters and fully welcomed illegal’s who will vote at their ‘hosts’ pleasure. They say to me by entree: ‘Get Over It! Obama Won. ObamaCare is a wonderful thing. Everyone will now have ‘free’ healthcare. Would you deny so and so healthcare because she cannot afford it?” And so on and so on. I no longer get into the definition of the word ‘free’, it falls on deaf ears and lately, shockingly, my friends are actually using the phrase: “I don’t mind paying my fair share.” Me (speaking in Twitterese to myself, in my head): ‘Yes,ButI’mOneOfThe’Half’Of AmericansThatRejectHim!”

    But my mostly employed within upper academia friends (and therefore ‘Democrats) with their big tuition inflating salaries and fat pensions are hard nuts to crack. They are very in lock-step with our Celebrity President. These well educated freinds of mine look at Obama as a ‘savior’ and it’s really a horror to watch their faces light up when the name ‘Obama’ is invoked and like-wise see those same faces turn to the lowly Republican among them as they contort if I dare to remind them we are worse off, not better. It’s the Chris Mathews ‘legasm’ moment, safely concealed under the dinner table which I always expect will begin to ‘wobble’ and levitate as if it were a Ouija reading.

    When I hear the name Obama I only see the U.S. Constitution and our Sovereignty being crushed, the fast approaching edge of the universe, and a manipulative, ‘press endoresed’ despicable, Newtown grief and Super Bowl Sunday crasher-propagandist and shameless, needy narcissist. They see Obama as the glass FULL when in truth, he won narrowly and the glass is nearly, not now more than half empty. My friends are wealthy enough (forget the old saw ‘poor teachers’) to still be in denial over little everyday things such as a package of fresh asparagus weighing no more than 2/3 lb. selling for nearly $7. They are beginning to accept mediocrity, underachievement and lower expectations for our nation because that is the ‘Kings message’. It’s hard to choke down dessert, after dinner ‘digestifs’ and coffee’s after such a realization.
    At this point, Republican’s could well take after Obama, who ‘hi-jacks’ the achievement’s of other’s and re-assigns it to himself, and coopt his old bumper slogan: ‘Hope & Change.’ We could use some and it’s NEVER going to spring out of Socialism and Marxism. You’d think my friends would know that. But,….there are those ‘pensions’ to consider. And if unwise political choices are made now by these worried, older Americans: “What possible difference could it make now?”

    • wwbdinct

      Wonderful post. I share your pain as I live in CT and that sounds all too familiar.

    • justintu

      There are plenty of Republicans south of Champaign. It is just impossible to hear us over the nonsense coming out of Chicagoland.

  • Doctor Bulldog

    Yeah, I turned off the Super Bowl coverage the moment CBS started airing a Sandy Hook massacre segment, so I missed our dear leader, thank God.