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    I used to like Magic Johnson. He lost my respect when he smeared President George H.W. Bush in 1992.

    President Bush had appointed Magic Johnson to his HIV/AIDS commission, one of those blue ribbon task forces that presidents create to get input for problem solving.

    During the 1992 election that gave us the Clintons, Johnson accused President George H.W. Bush of not doing anything to stop AIDS, and Johnson resigned his spot on the commission.

    Shame on him. If he wanted to vote for Clinton, that’s fine. He could have done that. Or if he really felt in his heart that President Bush wanted to commit genocide or whatever, he could have quietly resigned. But he made a political statement. A fashion statement. A public, John-Kerry-throw-your-phony-medals-over-the-fence statement.

    I remember when President Bush was asked by reporters about Johnson’s public smear. The look on President Bush’s face was one of a man who had been betrayed. He said something to the effect of “this is the first I’ve heard that Magic is concerned about my efforts, he didn’t approach me about it, never said a word.”

    We all get one big chance in the spotlight, Magic. You blew yours. You let us all down, my friend. I haven’t forgotten. I felt sorry for President Bush. I wouldn’t expect my worst enemy to betray me in public like you did to President Bush.

  • Kenny Hitt

    They don’t call him “Magic Johnson” for nothing.