The gun violence in “Django Unchained” is so graphic that many moviegoers experience nausea. But not Michael Moore. The anti-gun documentary maker endorsed the movie a few weeks ago and is still singing its praises.


Anti-gun zealot Michael Moore endorses shoot-em-up film, ‘Django Unchained’

Django Unchained makes moviegoers sick to their stomachs … literally

Moviegoer: ‘Seeing Django reignited my desire to kill white people’

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    Yes, Moore can tell the difference between satire and metaphors and actual threats. He just chooses not to when it’s convenient.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    on topic…sort of (bear with me)

    So apparently I was either watching something on TLC earlier this morning or had accidentally clicked on the channel (Hell I don’t know, I’ve been drinking). So now bunch of friends over, eating crawfish & watching NFC game.

    Matty sits on remote, “butt dials” the recall button, which switches the channel to TLC to everyone’s horror (hold on, I’m getting there).

    During the time it took to get Matty’s ass off the remote & change the channel back, the revelation hit me.

    Michael Moore is the true biological father of Honey Boo Boo.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


    • nc

      Respectfully disagree. Honey Boo Boo and her kin have WAY more class than Michael Moore and have nothing in common with him other than extra heft.

      • DaleVM14W

        It could be possible that Michael Moore and Honey Boo Boo are related… .

        • JustLikeAnimals

          Actually, Geraldo is going to do an exposé that produces evidence that Michael “I ate the planet” Moore is Honey Boo Boo.

  • Kristine

    It’s almost amazing how deep in denial the “Hollywood” types are. They very much believe their “message movies” and social TV shows have great influence over the masses. They are proud of themselves when they get their politics or agenda out there for mass consumption, believing they are shaping the commentary and influencing young minds.

    However, they also believe that violence in their movies and TV shows doesn’t influence or affect anyone. That it’s “just fiction” and there’s no relation to real life violence.

    So Michael Moore, after being very vocally anti-gun, even making one of his movies about guns, excuses himself from reality by saying that the gun violence in this movie isn’t really violence, it’s satire!

    People like him, and there’s A LOT like him, are so deep in denial and detached from reality. They are blind. They don’t even remotely understand how hypocritical they are. They can’t even imagine they would be. It would be easier for them to imagine riding on a rocket powered unicorn than it would be to imagine they could be wrong about an issue or just plain in denial.

    I wish there was a way to open their eyes to their own comments.

    By the same token, Kevin Williamson, after the Newtown shooting, was all over Twitter calling gun owners “stupid” and flinging other insults. Yet, he’s the guy who has put out “The Following”, a new TV show about a serial killer with a cult following, FULL of intense, bloody violence. He doesn’t see the hypocrisy either. WTF is it with these people and can anything change it?? Ugh.

  • Love of Country

    Michael Moore is a fricken clueless, feckless and communist stooge!
    (link contains adult language)

  • Bob Almighty

    I just have no respect for hate-monger Michael Whore.

  • dmacleo

    a hypocrite says I’M MICHAEL MOORE

  • Gallatin

    I’ll pass.

  • $129448

    He is a fat idiot

    • Clayton B

      If Peter Griffin from Family Guy had an avatar, it would be Michael Moore.

      • La’Milton

        Thats insulting to fat idiots with poor hygene

  • Danny Wheeler

    More hypocrisy from the libtard elite!

  • LoriGirl

    What a coincidence! I named my .38 Special “Satire”!

  • v1cious

    You can always tell when people here haven’t seen a movie. The movie’s even shot like a bad spaghetti western. I personally thought it was quite funny:

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      I bet you laughed your arse off over all the funny, satirical uses of the word n166er, too. Try, “Birth Of A Nation” next. The lynchings are –haha!- pure slapstick.

      • v1cious

        I noticed you left out that Jamie Foxx and Samuel L Jackson also use the word a lot in the movie. Anyone who actually WATCHED it knows it’s a parody. But of course, that wouldn’t fit the right wing meme of “LOL liberals are all racist”.

        • BushDidIt

          I found Mortal Kombat quite funny back in the day,didn’t stop you all from trying to have it banned. You can’t simultaneously believe that the media we consume has an effect on people and doesn’t have an effect on people. You were all sure that playing DOOM was going to turn us all into mass murderers,but now you’re saying Django is funny.

          You must think dead elementary school kids are hilarious.

          Personally,I believe if the U.S. government spent millions of dollars trying to brainwash people into becoming assassins with LSD and strobe lights and sleep deprivation and couldn’t get it done,a couple of rounds of Goldeneye 64 isn’t going to work either.

          I just wish you liberals would stop selectively focusing your insanity and just do it across the board. As it is, depending on your current hysterical knee-jerk reaction I can get coffee but no sugar,bullets but no gun,Robitussin but no Sudafed,bread but no sandwich meat,cereal but no milk,on and on and on,you have no idea how frustrating it is to the average person to have to put up with the effects of your actions in society.

          I really hope something that other people are doing is interfering with whatever hobbies you have or your current lifestyle to offset the constant grating irritations you cause me,or I will give up any hope that there is justice in the universe.

          • v1cious

            And now you’re putting words in my mouth, I don’t recall saying I agree with Tipper Gore. But since we’re going there, wasn’t it the NRA that blamed movies and video games for Newtown? Funny how that works.

        • PennyRobinsonFanClub

          That’s why all the funny, satirical Tweets about “Django make me wanna go shoot white people!”? Yeah, real funny.

          • v1cious

            Your’re right, I’m sure it wasn’t just sarcasm. There’s a secret cabal on Twitter planning to massacre white people.

  • Anthony Baker

    I don’t like Michael Moore, but he is correct here – the violence in Tarantino films is often satirical and humorous.

    • Frustrated Teacher

      But it is still gratuitous violence and the more you view it, the more used to it you become. It takes much more to shock you (Tarantino has proven this quite well over the years). I teach Middle School and the kids are going to see these movies. They are a bit young to ‘get’ the satire, but they are saturated in the violence and culture the movie seems to advocate….

      • Anthony Baker

        His films seem more and more to be *about* the violence rather than clever story and dialogue. I thought “Django” was one of his weaker films. It was sort of a “Kill Bill 3” – another chapter of revenge epic – it is getting old.

  • peoplectr

    If the government taxed us according to our fat index, Moore would be in the top 0.00000001%

  • Nonya

    as if I even care what “moo”re has to say in regards to anything.
    Stupid ass thinks people care what he says.

  • Teresa Davis McCormick

    He really goes over the top to get noticed, doesn’t he? What a moron.

  • Alexander Ivan

    His picture bespeaks a circumcision gone horribly wrong.

  • Trudy Hill

    Hey, where has loud mouth Cher been? She needs to pay her fair share for promoting gun violence for her horrific song way back in the day ” BANG BANG my Baby shot me Down.”

  • AlertUpUSA

    “Hollywood”, meaning the investment money behind the movies is responsible for the degree of violence allowed per frame.

    Don’t think for a minute this money bunch has no agenda to promote….

    If you invested $10MM of your own money wouldn’t you want to make just a small statement while making another $50MM?

    Violence, sex and foul language – not to mention fear and horror are today’s guarantee the investment will return 5 times – at the expense of the numbed out populace blindly spending more money at our 21st century version of the Coliseum.

    Gee, this is the same group of consumers as the …..”TAXPAYERS”!!! what connection could there be?

    Do you think the hypocrisy and irony could get any worse? These movies serially brainwash us into numbness with post-hypnotic suggestions to want the power of violence for excitement. The self-righteous liberals and money of media and movies now have the unmitigated BALLS to cry foul???

    True gun owners abhor violence, and own weapons not to inflict it, rather prevent it being done to themselves (as a last resort).

  • LivingRedInABlueState

    I’d love to see how hilarious he will find it when he meets the business end of a gun… As politically incorrect as it may sound, no one will deserve it better.

  • TeutonicKnight67

    What WOULD make the film “hilarious”, would be that bloated windbag hypocrite being blasted by Django. I could DVR that and watch it endlessly. Tears would flow down my cheeks from the gut-wrenching laughter that I would no doubt experience as I watch the soros-stooge wildebeest get some!

  • madian_kikyou

    This guy makes me sick.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Like the “satire” of 1.2 million innocent babies murdered each year. Oh yeah. I get it, now. I get it!