The idea is gaining traction in Washington DC as well:

So now liberals think it’s OK to put armed police in schools?

It seems like the ACLU didn’t get the memo:


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  • Andrew

    Obviously the school superintendent is some kind of NRA shill, right?

    • steveop567

      So because they support police in school they are an agent of the NRA?

      • ranchdancer

        who was screaming against it in the first place….

      • Andrew

        I’m sorry that you missed my sarcasm.

    • ozone_ethos

      is Obama Pro? or just when it comes to his kids? the guards at his kids school are not using nonlethal weapons, and they shouldn’t we all know you fight fire with fire..only the idiot anti gun grabbers seem to over look the obvious, stop being an idiot and come to grips with the fact none of the 23 are going to pass.. 50% drop in crime in the last 20 years gun sales and background checks are at an all time high one is asking anything from the anti side, i’d like to see you people think without tossing out the lefts numbers cause its a lie.. gun free zones kill our kids . the NRA said at the last one how to save lives.. the bill of rights is here to stay.. now if America was only sucker free .. i trust in my fellow man way more than i do gun grabbing idiots and crooks.

  • sleazyrider

    And you’re a shill for the stupid?

    • burbanite223

      Well how do you see it then Einstein?

  • Ruben Leal

    actually obomber said 1000 support personal to make our schools safer, never mentioned armed guards i think. he porbly means like people with a whistle, and cell phone and a orange vest.

  • Verity Media

    Give her all she wants. If kids realize that good people with firearms aren’t something to fear, maybe the next generation won’t buy the Progressive, utopian fantasy that’s swallowed the previous 2.

    • ozone_ethos

      good point .. i say let the kids have a shot at the budget ..but that would be unthinkable odds are the kids would put us back in the black.. the president and his tricks were freaking low ..use the kids as a pr stunt..

    • Dave Silva

      the younger generation already rejects liberalism. They are the ones facing 50% unemployment after graduation. Anyone under 30 something who has already graduated college and was forced to move back home because they couldn’t even string together two part time jobs that would pay them enough to afford to share a place with 2 or 3 other people get how horrible liberalism is. If the country and the world survives another decade, liberalism will be known to be a failure, as will so called “democracy.” The Republics stand strong, basically everything else fails.

  • River_Rat

    Bull Hocky, Already around a third of the schools in our country have police presence. Especially inner city schools. Whether its to dicipline (arrest) unruly students or to arrest trespassers, search student and teacher’s cars, whatever. Armed police are probably already in your kid’s school. Get over it. And yes, this is a good thing!

    • dwsmokin

      True! Those on the left seem to think this is a new and evil concept-been going on for years-successfully I might add.

  • LL1885

    Gee, the NRA proposes it… BOOO HISSS!
    Obama proposes it.. THANK GOD!

  • dwsmokin

    Where have these people been? The schools in our area have had armed officers in them for years. This is not a new concept, but it has been a successful one.

  • Ronald Barrry Cabral

    As a former school principal in San Francisco I can attest that the police in the schools SRO programs do lower school crime and raise school safety. I always liked having a black and white police car parked in front of the school.

  • stellatruman

    I think most if not all schools in the USA are feeling vulnerable and even paranoid…what I had to go thru to dismiss my daughter a half hour early today for an doctor’s appointment was radically different than it was one month ago. So be it if it makes or tightened security and makes people feel safer

    • TomJB

      What traumatizing ritual did you have to go through? Did you have to *gasp* show ID to prove who you were?

      And its time the left gets over the “making people feel safer”. Government reactions to these things is always meant to make people feel safer. I couldn’t give a rats behind about how anyone feels – I want to actually *be* safer, and I want my kids to actually *be* safer. Unfortunately, from a government point of view, providing actual security is hard, expensive, and a long-term proposition that will eventually lose the interest of the voters. No politician wants to waste time on things that can’t get them votes.

    • TocksNedlog

      It’s not about ‘feeling’ safer; it’s about BEING safer.

  • PatriotOne

    Having armed police / security at schools is such a no-brainer. If these liberals & progressives would get their heads out of their butts maybe, just maybe, they could see that

  • TocksNedlog

    WHOSE civil liberties does the ACLU believe will be violated?