Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year — unless you didn’t get that new iPad, iPhone, or xbox you wanted. And @Zooniggah014 isn’t the only one whining.


Here’s a much-needed chaser to wash away the taste of bratty whining: pics of 15 adorable kids who’d rather play with cardboard boxes than Christmas toys. Enjoy!

  • jimdep

    Wow. Can we say SPOILED BRATS!?!?!?!?! I think they need a Dad like the one in NC who shot up his daughters laptop on youtube when she demonstrated disrespect and a blatantly spoiled attitude.

    • Dennis Vest

      She’ll probably report him and he’ll go to jail…

      • vllIowa

        She did (at least I seem to remember she did)… But, he did the right thing…

      • dj.niesborella

        She reported him. He didn’t go to jail. He shot his property with a legal gun on his land. They couldn’t do anything about it. He posted a YouTube video of him doing it too. I applaud him.

    • joshua myles

      LOLLLL that video was fucked up.

  • Bryan R..

    Unbelievable……This kids need to learn gratitude…..

  • radishthegreat

    It’s also a shame none of their parents were able to get them into a school where they could learn to write in English.

    • Ellen K

      Oh we teach standard English in schools, but they don’t speak it. As a teacher, it drives me nuts. As a parent, I hate it that my kids are probably going to have to take up slack for these idiots. Here’s an idea-instead of shoving IPhones and IPads at them to substitute for parenting, how about you gear down the expectations and spend time being a parent? Of course, if you wait until they are teens with their own Twitter accounts, it’s probably too late.

      • TheAmishDude

        Schools don’t punish failure enough. There are no consequences for bad behavior and precious few rewards for aspiration. Of course, kids always act like lobsters, pulling down any who try to rise up.

    • lainer51

      they went to school but this is an example of the school system.

  • rwnutjob

    And not a one of the parents have the cojones to take back what the miserable little twerps are whining about & give them NOTHING in return.

    • radishthegreat

      I’m sure they have no idea their kids are backstabbing them on Twitter. Too many people substitute expensive toys for involvement.

      • Ellen K

        Amen. See my comment above. When you have 9 year olds with cell phones, something is very wrong. And I dare every single parent to look at what their teens-both boys and girls-have on their phones. You would be shocked at some of the images.

    • $36544368

      I am ill this Christmas…recovering from throwing my back out a few days ago, along with a serious lupus flare up. All plans for Christmas had to change…no gifts this year (can’t afford it)…no family able to come down…my few friends are too busy to even text…but I am still breathing and alive, and I’m doing my best to realize that it could be worse…there may be smoke all around and I’m in tatters, but darn it, I’m still alive…I can be thankful for that…that and the fact that this day isn’t about me…it’s about Jesus.

      • Lori Rodriguez

        Merry Christmas to you, and a quick recovery… Happy birthday Jesus!

        • Sho

          Jesus wasn’t even born in the winter.

      • Eric Ellis

        Here’s hoping you get healthier soon! My SIL had Lupus…

      • getalifenatchez

        God bless you….There are many out there just like you alone this Christmas, but you really aren’t alone—God is right there with you….. Merry Christmas too you….. Hope you feel better soon!

      • Robin Wilson Tulloch II

        , hope you feel better and know that at least 1 person out there is thinking about you

      • Terry Skiles

        Merry Christmas and may God give you a speedy recovery!

      • Bastion of Balance

        God Bless a speedy recovery. And Merry Christmas! You’re alive!

      • SuperFash

        I wish you improved health-a friend who surprises you with a concerned call. I’m sure you deserve it!☺

      • Lmest

        Merry Christmas to you and may God bless you,

      • Smitty 

        Actually. It is about celebrating a pagan holiday, putting a Christian Meaning on it, and saying “It’s all about Some Guy who lived 3,500 years ago who preached war as peace, and hating people who were different as an entry point into Heaven”

        Jesus wasn’t born in the Winter – He was born in the Spring. He died in the Spring, Arose in the Spring. How do we know this? Because Science (I know a dirty word to most of the people on Twitchy) and History (another Dirty word) tell us this.

        Jesus (as you understand him) is the reason for your season – but not everyone’s.

        • Catchance

          You are more to be pitied than scorned.

          • Smitty 

            why would you pity me ma’am? Because I don’t hold the same beliefs as you do? Because i choose to keep religion to myself? Please expound on this thought i would love to hear your explanation.

        • WhatWouldJeffersonDo?

          I have nothing for Christianity either, but you are woefully misinformed.
          Perhaps you should read a little before commenting. You come off as a parrot, regurgitating the marxist line.

    • annoyinglittletwerp

      Excuse me, but I AM a ‘littletwerp’…and my parents woulda kicked my butt had I displayed the ungrateful attitude that these ‘spawn’ are showing.

    • israelp

      Some of these brat kids may be twenty-six years old.

      • WentWorth8022

        You must mean obamabrats!

      • Melissa Thayer Jones

        Their actions make them little twerps and disrespectful little punks!

      • Dennis Vest

        Still on their parent’s insurance…

    • Dawgfan70

      No kidding! I would have returned every gift and had a field day on myself from the refunds.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Stupid parents should have given them a Webster’s dictionary and 6-months worth of English tutoring. Dumb-asses.

    • ojamesw

      Amen to that brother!!!

    • sayitisntsoh

      that’s awesomemy hilarious

      • Rightturn

        Right, it’s awesomemy hilarious to make fun of someone’s English proficiency. Just awesomemy.

        • David Shrock

          I suggest they write a letter to Mr. Oblamo, I am quite sure he has free gifts for them all!

        • sayitisntsoh

          I’m sorry sir. I didn’t mean to make a mistake. But you know, typos happen. (I proof read this for you before posting. I don’t know if it’s grammatically correct but everything is spelled correctly.)

    • $22639970


    • Morgan


    • joshua myles

      LMFAOOO I know this made my night. I just had to post my own xmas storys just to be a dick. LOL… but seriously damn kids shouldn’t even complain kids out that don’t even have an xmas. :(

    • d55may

      Notice ALL the gifts called for a separation from each other. NO ONE talks normally anymore.

    • Sho

      Should put them on rations and take away ALL their toys. Can’t stand spoiled brats.

  • Jason

    Merry Christmas, friends of Twitchy. That’s all I wanted to say.

    • Eric Ellis

      Merry Christmas,Twitchy friend!

    • Brian Mouland

      Right back at ya Jason!

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Obama voters.

    • lainer51

      and O. lovers

    • PopArt

      Hey!!! I really NEEDED to get an Obamaphone for Christmas! Instead I got a lame-o gold coin. – Hallelujah you said Hello Jerry. Should be no surprise considering how Dear Leader wants Americans to disrespect and disregard Christmas and it’s true meaning.

    • $36544368

      What? No one got an Obama phone for Christmas?

      • RblDiver

        Obamaphones are always given out on Christmas. Just remember, December 25th is only one of the 365 days of Christmas in this administration!

        • Mary

          They may be waiting for Kwannza to open their gifts. They said they started the tradition two years ago.

      • Dennis Vest

        The Obama phones aren’t smart phones so these spoiled brats wouldn’t have them! This is what happens when people are used to getting things from Obama’s stash…

    • hb

      Ignorance at it’s finest.^
      Pretty pathetic as well, feeling the need to try to rant about politics on Christmas morning. Still butt hurt? Poor guy.

    • v1cious

      Man, you guys are like a PSA for ODS.

      • Catchance

        See, you need to understand that the ‘D’ stands for ‘derangement’. We have plenty of real reasons to hate Obama, (The economy, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, OWS, ObamaCare, Cronyism, ie Solyndra, Voter fraud, etc.) while you hate Sarah Palin for no actual reasons, except that you disagree with her. The kids in the tweets above have the exact same attitude as the Occupy Wall Street morons. They’ve been given everything all their lives, and can’t understand when they’re not given exactly what they want now.

        • Mish Mosh

          The economy is slowly getting better. Voter fraud only exists in your mind. If you want to talk cronyism, then you have to bring in Boeing, Blackwater, Haliburton, etc. Why do you hate affordable health care for Americans? I’ll give you Fast & Furious if you admit it was a program the Bush administration started. We don’t have all the facts on Benghazi. If you do, please share with the rest of the country. There are spoiled kids on both sides of the political spectrum. Generalizations don’t help the discourse.

          • Mary

            “Low information voter” = Mish Mosh. If you don’t know about all the things you just said above…everyone of them false then that is what you are. F&F was proven to be Obama. My health insurance premiums went up 27% since 2010. They will go higher wait for it. Benghazi? Exposed by Glenn Beck. Seriously, Google it. Watch it and say you don’t believe it. I agree spoiled brats don’t carry a D or R or even Independent, Tea Party or Conservative, Progressive, Liberal etc. They’re dopes 90% of the time.

          • Anthony Aprigliano

            MUWAHAHAHAHAA! Are you SHITTING ME??? NO Voter Fraud? 18 Adolf Hitlers voted! TONS of DEAD people voted! In multiple counties 100% of voters reportedly voted for OBAMA! In one county 19,000 people & NOT ONE Romney Voter in MAINE??? You head is sooo far up your ASS that there is NO WAY you can see the LIGHT!!!

          • DebEast

            The unemployed who have run out of benefits and are taken off of the unemployment rolls ARTIFICIALLY INFLATE the employment rolls. The economy is worse than ever. Your “affordable” health care is paid for by TAX PAYERS for NON TAX PAYERS. Fast and Furious was ABSOLUTELY Obama’s program.

          • DebEast

            And WHO put you in charge of “discourse rules”? “Discourse” is an honest discussion — not possible when you make up “facts” to try and bolster an untenable position.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Bush’s program was Wide Receiver, done with the full knowledge and support of the Mexican gov’t. F&F is all Obama/Holder’s baby, done without the knowledge or support of the Mexican gov’t.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Wow. Sorry, but the Interwebs here owned you.

          • Moonbat2English

            “I belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve! I can still blame BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!! But let me throw out this ‘both sides’ meme to make myself appear ‘moderate’. That always works.”

      • Moonbat2English

        “How DARE you meanie poopieheads make fun of me about my Super Serious complaint on Twitter about the INJUSTICE of not getting what I wanted!”

    • DebEast

      And WHAT do you suppose these pitiful piles of excrement GAVE their parents? Do you think even ONE of them worked and earned the money to BUY gifts for others?

      • $22639970

        They probably gave their parents a year’s worth of grief.

    • $22639970

      Damn, Jerry, you beat me to the punch.

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    I will be most happy to take any or all of their iPads away. I want one so badly, but can’t afford it. I agree with RWnutjob, the parents should take them away and give the brats NOTHING in place of them. Ingrates!

  • Conrad2010

    Molly, meet Val. Val, meet Molly.
    Valerie ♡
    My dad got me an iPhone . Wtf I didn’t want an iPhone -.-

    I got loads of stuff i guess but i really wanted an iphone i know thats selfish but cmon like

  • Josephine (D)

    You already have the gift of life. You should be grateful for any and all material things you get.

  • $30423294

    We need to recognize that our Christmas is not the winter retail festival that just ended. That holiday is a remnant of the pagan rites of old. The tears of these little children are not an aberration from the true meaning of the winter retail festival, they are the essence of that secular festival.

    But the real Christmas began last evening and continues until January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany. You know, the 12 days of Christmas? We call it Christmastide. It is a lovely sequence of feasts and observances.

    No tears in my house today :) The real Christmas has just begun. And it has nothing to do with retail shopping.

  • Steve_in_RR

    Sadly…this is today’s culture.

  • radjahshelduck

    May I suggest that for future gifts, these parents consider giving their children a trip to some developing country to see how people live in lands where simply getting a good meal is difficult?

    • USAPatriotSC

      I disagree, I think they should be sent to a Communistic Country to see what their future holds if they keep voting the Liberals in.

      • $23629333

        Jason, I agree with you. Everyone with offspring old enough to vote and travel unescorted should send them to Greece during the Spring Break, assuming they’re still in school. If not, send them any time.

    • TugboatPhil

      Even closer to home they should take a trip to a pediatric cancer ward or a VA hospital. Although I’m not sure some of them have a developed sense of empathy to even understand why they were there.

  • Jack Deth

    Welcome to the post-atomic family!

    I will wager that none of these sickeningly spoiled brats exchange five words with their parents throughout the day.

    We’ve all gotten Christmas and birthday gifts we didn’t want, but we accepted them and usually found a use for them later.

    If these little bastards don’t like their gifts. The parents should have yanked them right out of their ungrateful spawn’s hands to be returned. Or donated them in Care Packages to soldiers overseas!

    • linzyloo2

      Thank you, that’s very kind. I know how fortunate I feel to have her. She’s the love of my life! I hope to have a wonderful Christmas.

  • Armando

    Merry Christmas to everybody, including the right wing wackos and the trolls

    • lainer51

      Merry Christmas to everybody, including the left wing wackos and hacks.

    • USAPatriotSC

      Thank You Communist Pig, the same to you. Merry Christmas….your welfare check and food stamps will be late this year because of the Holiday’s and O needed it for his vacation.

    • Joe W.

      Didn’t think you atheists believed in Christmas.

  • lainer51

    I would have bought them a lump of coal and a bar of soap for those FILTHY mouths…. This is our future… God help us all!

  • Maxwell

    T.V.. Ipad, Iphone… those aren’t exactly cheap. Really, with some kids getting maybe one toy for Christmas, they should be grateful they got anything at all.

  • Steve_J

    The one person who got shit for Christmas should be happy. At least he/she got something.

    • $23629333

      You’re right. When spring comes, he/she can use it to start a garden.

  • USAPatriotSC

    Obama will take care of them soon, I think the attitude will change when they are eating Government cheese and bread. Hey whiners, heres and clue….get a job and buy your own crap, stop waiting for someone else to give you something for free.
    Whiny little Liberal brats!!!

  • Rico Mapster

    We didn’t have the money for any Christmas gifts…and these clowns are whining???

    • SuperLogic

      Agreed. Growing up, we received very few Christmas presents, but any we received were very special, and you can bet we were 100X happier then these kids who thinks the world owes them an iPad! :oP

    • orringtonmom (D)

      same here, with promises that maybe next year they can get the things they hoped for this year. and they’ve accepted it with happy hearts. love my kids and thankful that they are not like those ingrates.

  • Scott

    See if i pay my taxes next year, little spoiled PISS ANTS wont get any Damn thing!!!
    They need to meet @vanessariddle
    a cancer patient that only asked for followers on Twitter, and spends most of the time tweeting to help OTHER children. A true blessing to us all, only some dont realize it.
    GOD BLESS HER, and forgive me for being a sinner and all of these spoiled children that dont know how truly fortunate they are.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone(no strings attached)

  • mickeyco

    I am so grateful to have grandkids being raised by Christians. They not only never would think of saying f**k- even the teens, they show their gratitude for any gifts they get. What a way for the brats tweeting to celebrate our Lord’s birth.

  • HARP2

    I would repackage the presents and return them and tell the little shits……now you got nothing.
    I`ll bet next year there would be NO complaints.

  • Brian Mouland

    A few years ago a friends son complained about the toy he got for Christmas and played with the box. In the years since he has grown up obviously these whiners have not

  • LoriGirl


  • joey753

    Stupid is what stupid does and says.

    • lainer51

      and you can’t fix it.

  • EastValleyConservative


  • Lovetorun2

    Conversation a few weeks before Christmas with my, at the time, 8 year old daughter:

    Me: “Kate, you haven’t told me what you want for Christmas this year.”
    Kate: “I don’t want anything but the love of my family.”
    Kate: “Wait, there is one thing I want. I want Poppy to get better but you can’t give that to me, only God can.”

    “Poppy” is my dad – we are losing him to Alzheimer’s Dementia.

    Hope these spoiled brats one day learn that there are things more important and precious than iPads and iPhones!

    • WentWorth8022

      Judging by the results of the recent Presidential Election most of them will never learn anything.

    • orringtonmom (D)

      totally made my day. thanks for sharing.

    • William Benzel

      Lovetorun2 thanks for sharing that moment, there are so many great kids and young adults out there that we don’t hear about. Merry Christmas!

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      You’re a credit to your children, and a model of parenting. Merry Christmas!

      • Sho

        Cept that this story was entirely made up. Welcome to the interwebs.

        • Lovetorun2

          Sho –and you know this story was made up how? Newsflash you moron – this is a TRUE story. My daughter and I actually had the conversation I posted above. I know it is difficult for the “me, me, me” and “give me stuff” generation to believe, but there are kids out there who understand that people are more important than iPads. Idiot…

    • Fábio Emilio Costa

      Full of win, your Daughter.

      Sometimes, we need to remember that Chrismas is not necessarily about religion or gifts. It’s about to be with people we love, while they are here.

  • TocksNedlog

    Hostess and Lockheed and Citigroup workers received pink slips for Christmas. Perhaps these brats should STFU and be glad that their parents could afford to buy them ANYTHING.

    • lainer51

      Good point…. maybe Brian Terry’s parents have a wish list also.

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    Someone should hook up the folks who got the unwanted iPads with those who didn’t…

  • Terry_Jim

    A ‘dad’ is tenth most popular Christmas list request for children via @Telegraph

  • Marty Luther

    iPad? iPhone? How about an iHunt instead: For Christmas, when I was twelve I got my first rifle. I used it to hunt, as did my dad and grandfather who owned it before me. That was one of the ways we got food. These kids should be required to help get their own food…and not from the fridge.

  • 52mlt60

    Mother told me years ago that Christmas is a religious holiday, NOT a gimme-gimme! That silenced any more “gimmes” that I ever had. Perhaps someone should tell these selfish ingrates the real meaning of this great feast…

  • Pope Sparkles (F)

    If I was their parent, I would make them take back the presents & use the money to buy toys for the kids in a children’s home.

    • WentWorth8022

      Of course, you understand the parents are responsible for these ingrates.

  • Paul J. Citro

    This is the Obama way me me me I, I, I .

  • irishgirl91

    Well when the economy really and finally goes down the toilet won’t they be surprised. With all that has happened in the last few weeks this makes me sadder than I thought or thought possible. Though I have to say I am more grateful for my daughter who is the 180 of these ingrates.

  • riddler1620

    Let the parents return the iPads and see that next year their kids will be much more appreciative of any gifts they receive.
    Sadly most parents want to be the kids friend and not their parent.

  • EdgeOfTheCliff

    The nanny state of Gimme More for Free and Vote for D, Get Stuff for Free at work. How pathetic. My son just got home from the Army on leave. He’s 22 and a second lewie. Listening to him, watching him, and comparing him to these feebs is the contrast of the century. There are many great young people in this country.
    There tragically there are so many more of those that parents are nanny statists, spoilers, or just don’t care and buy the kids stuff while assuring they never learn how to earn. We have hope, but we must make those like my son and his peers the majority, and set the nanny state into the road to decline.

    • Penmar

      Thank your son for his service to our country, we appreciate his dedication and sacrifices and wish you and a your family a Merry Christmas and many blessings for the coming year.

  • Sean O


  • Rob M

    hey you spoiled lil whiny bitches my most of my family has passed on, i wanted them here so i can spend more time with them & i cant. stop your whining & just be thankful you have family to spend time with cuz 1 day youll wake up & that wont be the case & youll BEG for ANYTHING just to be with them!!

  • BeeKaaay

    And remember, they will be running our country in the future when we are old.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  • radjahshelduck

    I’ve already posted, but I had another thought I’d like to share. Anyone doubt this is what Sandra Fluke was like fifteen years ago?

    • $23629333

      “fifteen years ago?” I doubt if she’s changed.

  • Jon

    Sometimes I wish the world did end on the 21st.

  • MaddMedic

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word… and commented:
    How LIEberals, spoilt LIEberals celebrate Christmas….

  • Chico Escobar

    I didn’t ask anyone for it but I’d give anything if I could see my parents again. Even for a minute. People that bitch about about their parent not getting them a gizmo that will be obsolete in 6 months should reflect on this.

  • Dawgfan70

    Listen here you spoiled little brats! Be happy you got what you did because many ppl would be grateful for a hot meal and roof over their head.
    I partially blame the parents for instilling into these ingrates this selfish attitude, and the I want I deserve mentality. Suck it up brats, because you won’t survive in the real world with that attitude.

  • whdove88

    should have gotten them all a musical instrument and music lessons!

  • TeslaRawks

    WTH is a 1D pillow?

  • toocoldinwa

    How about nothing for Christmas? Maybe you’ll be happier.

  • Nancy Piontkowski

    I remember one year when my son wanted a car but didn’t like the one that I could afford at the time. He wanted a new one like his friends. Guess what, he didn’t get a car. If I was those parents, I’d be offering to take back whatever the offensive gift was and they could just get a job and buy what they felt they should have received.

  • Venice mentor

    From a society where it is all about the getting, as opposed to the giving. Can’t teach grace to a rock, or classless individuals. If they are young and think this way, can you imagine what kind of adults they WILL BE?

  • Kelli Mikulec

    I got a book I wanted. I’m good with that. What’s their problem?

  • Carol Stowers

    I say let them go without next year and see how their whining changes. Too many children got nothing at all this year.

  • Guest

    what do you expect from someone who named you zoonigger?

  • JD SPS

    They should be put in camps, where everything is taken from them. Then forced to walk on treadmills all day to earn their nightly soup. Might change the attitude some after a month or so of that. They are the cancer that’s destroying a nation they neither contribute to or fight for.

  • Jennifer Konstant

    I’d be more than happy to take an iPad off someone’s hands.

  • ozconservative

    When you’ve traveled in developing countries and seen kids with no toys making their own entertainment and happy to do it, to see these whiny little sh!ts complain makes you wanna throw up.

  • Shelly

    How sad. I raise my nephew and we are on hard times. He got nothing from me and clothes and a model kit from his grandparents. These kids need to know what nothing looks like.

  • JustMyOpinion

    not one mentions what christmas is truly about, celebrating Jesus birthday, even if your not christian.

    these sound like ungrateful future democratic voters. UNGRATEFUL

  • Budd Dunson

    I wish anyone of them could say that to my dad when he was 80 years old.They would then get up apologize to everyone and go get a job

  • High_Tech

    How many of these people you figure are OWSers?

  • Tantalus XVI

    return everything and get the money back. Here’s a Snickers kid, mommy’s going away for the weekend!

  • gladys whipple hurtis

    Wow. Times have surely changed since my three sons were small. We always made sure each child got to open ten presents. One year our money was tight. The kids needed new snow boots, and I could only buy two pairs for the oldest boys. The youngest got new shoe strings for his brother’s hand me down boots, and he was happy as a lark. The shoe strings were bright yellow. He passed away, young, at the age of 23. I miss him every Christmas … every year the memories of how sweet he was bring tears to my eyes. I hope these ingrateful young people who post these ugly comments about their parents come to know the real meaning of Christmas very, very soon.

    • $23629333

      Your three sons got “ten presents” each? I doubt if Steven Douglas’ three sons got that many.

  • jwhitehawke

    I asked God for more stuff for Christmas…. all I got was salvation.

  • Keiko_Shimizu

    I responded to every single one of them. :-)

  • Johnny Blade

    None of them got the one size fits all ass whipping they both need and deserve.

  • Tony Mendez

    And people still feel guns are whats wrong with society. Reading the disappointment at not getting what these spoiled brats wanted solidifies that our future generation will get a reality slap soon enough. Seems the Kool Aid generation has some serious delusions.

  • $23629333

    What’s the only thing worse than an ingrate? A spoiled one.

  • ra44mr2

    OH if my kids ever do that, i will ABSOLUTELY take back the gifts.

  • Daniel Jones

    They should be glad they still have living parents. I lost my mom this month. Spoiled brats need to get out and work for something. Makes me sick. Give them a shovel and tell them to dig a ditch.

  • getalifenatchez

    Christmas is a CHRISTIAN holiday for all you idiots that don’t even know what it’s about. Christmas is not about gifts, it’s about celebrating Jesus’s birth….. I am totally repulsed by the slime buckets that are so self absorbed about iPads, iPhones, give me, give me, give me!!!! SICK! My fellow human beings have evolved into a bunch of selfish, self centered THUGS! Give me a BREAK!!!! GET A LIFE!!!!

  • Michael A. Gonzales

    I would bet dollars to donuts, that most of those complaining, if they voted they voted for Obama.

  • $7421226

    with those names you know who they voted for.

  • John K. Winters

    Merry Christmas everyone. Take time today to
    reflect on the great gift given to everyone who will receive it. None
    of us deserve this gift, but it was given in love and at a great price.
    Join me in accepting this gift and thanking He who gave it. That gift
    is our salvation, eternal life and communion with the one true God. It
    was given to us by God thru the sacrifice of his one and only son, Jesus.
    We honor that gift today by the symbolic exchanging of presents. It’s
    not about the iPad or the X-box or that ugly sweater that Grandma
    knitted for you. Don’t get lost in the “stuff”. Don’t celebrate “Santa
    Claus” or “Rudolph” or whatever else the secular world would distract
    you with. Thank God for his Son and the gift he gave us all.

  • Guest

    My children got very few gifts this year to to the economy and fiscal issues going on in the world today, but they were happy with each and every one, I wish I could have gotten my kids all that stuff but it just wasn’t possible. Thanks for being a bunch of fucking ungrateful tools! Don’t want your iPads, TV’s and iPhones? That’s cool. Send them to me. I will trade them in for more presents for my kids.

  • Neil Swenk

    My children got very few gifts this year due to the economy and fiscal
    issues going on in the world today, but they were happy with each and
    every one, I wish I could have gotten my kids all that stuff but it just
    wasn’t possible. Thanks for being a bunch of fucking ungrateful tools!
    Don’t want your iPads, TV’s and iPhones? That’s cool. Send them to me. I
    will trade them in for more presents for my kids.

  • People Corporation

    I’d like to wish a very merry Christmas to our unnamed Bengazi survivors being held indefinitely by the president in a undisclosed location.

    We wish you a merry christmas
    We wish you a merry christmas!
    We wish you a merry christmas
    And snit ches get stitches.

  • $7421226

    no one in this hardworking 100% AMERICAN family can afford an iphone or ipad. after seeing those spoiled, entitled, enslaved plantation obamavoter tweets it was unanimous no one here wants one either. we get by just fine.

  • disqus_ImYLgjmGCf

    Wow!!! All I wanted was to spend Christmas with someone… Oh well that’s just the way it goes…

  • Mark Meyers

    WTF is wrong with these people? un-greatful shits don’t deserve anything! Want to know what i got for Christmas? not one thing, am i complaining,,,,,,,,?No, am i happy? yes,,,,it’s Christmas.

  • Maria

    I wanted an Obamaphone and a food stamp card for Christmas, but instead, they got me a job! Waaaaahhhhhh I don’t wanna work!!!!!

  • jbgoldcanyon

    Future Occupiers.. And to think people believe guns are to blame..

  • Steven Smock

    What a shame! Such poor parenting! Wish the proud parents were reading their childrens Tweets, or like some have said they have no cajones and are afraid to return the gifts for “NOTHING but COAL”!

  • Richard Korte

    my dad passed away july 24th, Im 25 years old so I dont need any toys are items. I would just like my dad and my 4 year old to have his grandfather back

  • LordCock


  • Tamara D. Clark

    i would have LOVED to been able to give my son an iPad, or a tv, or an iPhone for Christmas, but I was so broke this year I could only give him 1 thing: a piccolo snare drum that he wanted, and we’ll have baked ham dinner….and that’s all for Christmas. would love to slap the shit out of those spoiled little whiney bastards and invite them to be happy at my house for Christmas.

  • Jon Cox

    Merry Christmas you whiners….

  • Todd Privett

    Maybe they would be better off with a good spanking instead.They have more than many people do yet complain about petty things. All of them are ungrateful spoiled, future obama freaks who will be wanting their entitlements.

  • alvinjh

    All in the spirit of the taught to these folks.. Christmas is about getting what you want and pissing and moaning about those who don’t get YOU. lol..a tough road ahead for some.

  • Jerri Clark Jones

    Christmas is about the most precious gift….JESUS! He came so that He could die for your sins and mine. Believe in Him and receive the greatest gift ever….eternal LIFE! You WON’T be disappointed in HIM!

  • Courtney Wagner

    Aww too bad these kids don’t have my parents. I got a yodeling pickle and ugly Christmas socks. And you know what?! I LOVE them. It’s not about the price of the gift or getting what you ask for…those parents love their kids enough to get them something they didn’t ask for because they love them and thought they’d enjoy them. If I were the parents if be donating all their stuff except for the basic necessities to those in need since the children obviously cannot be pleased.

    • $23629333

      A “yodeling pickle”? Do you know how long I’ve been looking for one of those?

  • Only the Truth

    C’mon…with a name like zooniggah, should we expect anything else?

  • Darkness Dragon

    I’d feel insulted too if someone bothered getting me an iPad or any Apple product for that matter. Have to be fucking stupid to think Apple’s products are worth a shit.

  • Ken Bass

    What’s really sad is the I want and not I got. Kids today appreciate nothing. Just think of what the parents had to go without. In order to buy those unappreciated gifts.

  • Stormbringer005

    I did not want an iPad, and I did not get one. No problem.

  • SuperLogic

    Next year, the parents of these spoiled brats should buy them a ticket for a one month holiday to a mission in Africa, where they can see how grateful these people are for just fresh water and a meal. That will cure their ungrateful attitude!

  • jennifer king

    Anyone that doesn’t want their iPad can donate it to me. There are kids at the school my daughter attends that could really use them.

  • Jerry Godsey

    When I was a youth pastor a parent came to me about their 14 year old daughter who got made because she didn’t get a car for Christmas like her older brother. She got diamond earrings and designer clothes. So I took her to the places where I grew up in the ghetto. I told her that she stunk! As she saw kids who didn’t get squat for Christmas it brought tears to her eyes. A few months later her mom said I need to take her again, she was being ungrateful I told the mom,”No, this time you need to take her, she learned that attitude somewhere…”

  • GMA213

    If these brats are an example of the results of public education, I want my taxes back. Pathetic. I hope their parents see these twits tweets and take EVERYTHING back wherever they got it.

  • April Blythe

    I’m so thankful that my children are grateful for their ZERO electronics! We got all four of them age 12 to 3 new bibles, and shoes. They say it’s the best Christmas ever. #lovethosekids


    Got me a Bama phone. Sarcasm Off/

  • Terry Skiles

    Let them get jobs and buy what they want! Then they would complain about having to work!

  • Brian Jones

    Maybe some of them that didn’t get what they wanted should get together with the OTHER WHINERS that DID get what they wanted and make a trade…

    Either way…haven’t kids whined ever since their invention??? Nothing new here…we all did it…

  • Kyle Bradelle

    I didn’t get what I wanted for Christmas, either–a free, Constitutional Republic and a smaller government.

  • Dave Grigar

    I got socks , underwear and a Christmas stocking full of fresh fruit. When I was a child. Ungrateful little sh!ts

  • Hal Fast

    Whatever happened to being grateful, and thanking the KING of KINGS for the gift of eternal life. What happened to being grateful for good health, family and friends, and focusing on the real reason for the season? What happened to decency, love, patience, kindness, and self control? These are the things of the Spirit, and not of this world, so I
    can definitely understand the left’s position of full absorption of the Worldly things and it’s sin nature, so I am not surprised one bit.

  • cjkw67

    Im not gonna lie, I buy my kids gifts for Christmas.. I even take in to account their likes and dislikes but I do not put myself in debt for the next 5 years to get them things.. and I dont buy them things to impress someone else….It seems that a lot of people think thats what they are supposed to do and because of that their kids think the same thing…. I spent, maybe $100 on each kid this year…. to some thats a lot to others its chump change… Christmas isnt about gift giving, its about the quality FAMILY time… I have some pics and videos I will cherish for the rest of my life, those are the REAL Christmas gifts!
    When my 26 yr old son, Nate was 5 years old, he made a little poster at school, it has his hand prints on it and a little poem about how I should cherish those little hand prints because before I know it, they will no longer be small… That is one of my favorite memories and gifts and Im lucky to have a video of him giving it to me all those years ago….. I made my 23 yr old son, Ryan a quilt this year, its nothing super fancy but every stitch was made with love and one day he will be old and cold with that quilt to keep him warm and he will remember this day…. or at least I hope he does, I hope I have in stilled in them the true meaning of Christmas… that its not about the expensive cars and “toys” its about love and family!!!

  • LEL817

    After what happened in CT they should be grateful just to have their families.

  • Sandy Clark


  • Kandeep

    Seriously? If I were these kids parents, I’d not get them anything next year and just print out the tweet and put it in a box.

  • joepoli

    Our daughter asked where her Christmas gift was and we said she has been driving it for 3 years.

  • Blake Waymire

    Spoiled brats. That’s all I can say.

  • Maria

    And then you wonder what is wrong with America.

  • kayakingfatso

    my girls didn’t get anything this year because they failed to tell me what they wanted. if they fail to give me an inkling to what they desire, they get bupkis. so, with what i saved not buying for them, i got a revolver. merry christmas to me!

  • Trisha Hutchinson

    My 8 year old opened a gift that I put in a canned peaches box. He acted like it was the greatest gift ever! When he opened the box to find a Wii game he looked a little relieved, but I am certain he would have “bragged” about the canned peaches. We taught our children to be grateful.

    • sally1137

      And gracious, it sounds like.

    • Fábio Emilio Costa


  • linzyloo2

    Merry Christmas everyone!! These fools should have been given the gift of Hooked in Phonics for Christmas! A few years ago, right before Christmas, when my daughter was 11 wks old we lost her Dad in a car accident. I hope they soon realize its being with the ones you love at Christmas that counts. They will miss it someday! I’m just happy my five year old daughter knows why we really celebrate Christmas and I’m happy I was able to spend it with so many people that are important to me. Happy birthday Jesus!

    • mickeyco

      Your daughter’s very fortunate, Linzyloo.

  • linzyloo2

    I apologize for the grammar and spelling :) Thank you autocorrect.

  • Guest


  • Lee Mc Donald

    I wanted money to get my car fixed so I could go job hunting. I didn’t get it, but I’m not gonna cry about it. Everyone who got something they didn’t want, send it to me so I can sell it and fix my car.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    So get your lazy behinds to the mall and exchange the unwanted gifts, its an American tradition.

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    I am so happy about my new socks. I will have warm feet this winter.

  • PR Aguillen

    All I wanted for X-mas is Health and safety for my Family and Friends !

  • shovelhead74

    Ungrateful liberal larvae.

  • Mike Oswald

    What on earth has become of this generation? This is heartbreaking.

  • c2

    I think the lesson these kids’ parents would teach by returning the gifts now would be more valuable and lasting than anything they could buy.

  • Joseph Duda

    fucking pieces of shit, gotta be obama voters

  • orringtonmom (D)

    i wish i could express to each an everyone of these likely obama voting a$$holes how much i hate them.

  • Lori Cray

    Wow I can’t believe these people. How rude.

  • pacman116

    Kids that have never gotten a good beating .

  • Denise Stanley- Dixon

    Yep, Obama voters, I am thinking that the time has come for us to be set right, and to do that, bad things need to happen to everyone

  • Belen Alvarez

    I got some slippers for Christmas, and am so thankful. Thats all that could be afforded. I WISH we could have afforded more, but my boy was happy with a race car and an angry birds playset. I would be happy with an iphone or ipad, but that is ALOT of money! People are so ungrateful. If my mother were alive, I would be thankful for whatever she got me. Didnt matter.

    • mickeyco

      You are so right, Belen. Have a blessed Christmas.

  • Kathleen Clark

    WOW! None of you should have gotten ANYTHING for Christmas! Whiny, selfish people. Did any of you get your parents a gift for Christmas?! Hmmm?! How would you feel if they were rude like you and told you they didn’t like the gift you gave them?! What if they used profanity?! Like all of you did?! I imagine you wouldn’t like it very much. Disgusting people!
    You know what I want… Not an iPad or an iPhone or any present to open. I would dearly love that my husband hadn’t suffered and passed away from kidney cancer this past September. I would love that he were still here with me.
    But all you people can do is curse and complain! Horrible!

  • Fuzzlenutter

    They all deserve lumps of coal shoved up their rectums…

  • Sandy Tomsu Faust

    What a bunch of spoiled brats! They should have gotten sh*t for Christmas.

  • true iowan

    i hate apple/mac stuff to the point of burning them, but if i got an ipad/ipod for free, fuck man thats a deal, if i got a apple laptop or desktop. i’d for sure be pissed i got a shitty fuck-all of a computer, but hey, shits free and someone likes you enough to waste money on you

  • Donald Allen

    What do you expect they have been trained by this admin and Hollywood to think.they. are owed everything

  • MovingToNevada

    Some people got NOTHING. So STFU and grow up.

  • amy

    ungrateful a$$ people

  • right_wing2

    What a bunch of whiners. Give the TV, the ipad or whatever else you didn’t want to someone who got nothing. Or sell it and give the money to a group that’ll buy clothes for someone who can’t afford ’em.

  • ccs714

    I wanted a new President, and all I got was Obama :)

    • vino veritas

      Yeah, that’s the one thing everyone SHOULD be complaining about instead of getting a black colored ipod.

      • ccs714

        You betcha!!! That’s all I wanted, but I must have been bad, Santa and ALL his elves let me down

  • Mike Duke Newcomb

    greedy ass mother ducking good for nothing LAZY ASS ungrateful brats….that is all

  • Bad things coming

    Well I am sure next year will be better – free condoms in their stockings and a coupon for a free abortion. As far as electronics goes, next year I am sure they will be outlawed by some environmental group.

  • gingerdog

    One year (it only took one), my children were arguing and fighting like cats & dogs during the days before St. Nicholas Day. My husband and I have a Golden Rule of Parenting and it is “Do not threaten anything that you are not willing to follow-through on.” That particular year, we told the kids that if they continued to act poorly, St. Nicholas would bring them rocks. Lo-and-behold, it happened. I have vivid memories of my husband going out into the wintery cold and chiseling landscape rocks out from under the snow. When the children excitedly came down to look at what was in their stockings, they were shocked and horrified that there were, indeed, rocks in there.

    The parents of the complainers need to take the offending gifts and give them to someone who would appreciate them. Then, give the complainer a couple of rocks.

    However, this can backfire. One of our dogs loves to chase rocks. His stocking was filled with rocks, and he was thrilled.

  • Dennis Vest

    I guess they figured Santa Obama would bring them whatever they wanted!

  • vino veritas

    Most people would be happy with just getting a job for Christmas. These people need to go without for a while in order to remind them what is really important. Then again, I’m assuming they already knew.

  • Eliza

    I got to spend the day with two of my grandchildren. I watched as the four year old screamed, oh thank you Santa that’s what I wanted!! The eight year old, thanks grandma, how did you know I liked that. What did I get out of it, a joyous day and the blessings of God! I thank Him I’m still alive to enjoy this. Too bad those seriously greedy ones don’t realize that mom and dad may one day not be there. (Obama’s new America – Greed)

  • DavidTUSAF

    People forget that Christmas Spirit is the spirit of giving, not the spirit of getting.

  • Blessed Mom

    They need to be more appreciative. Someone broke into our house 4 days ago and took all of our stuff. So my 10 yr old son has so much less than we had planned, but he is okay with it. He has not complained even once. We are blessed!

  • David Atherton


  • Bastion of Balance

    Know what I got for Christmas? The peace of knowing that God blessed me and I’m alive from surviving ovarian cancer. I got to spend the day with the man I love dearly. We didn’t exchange gifts because it was all we could do to keep a roof over our heads while I struggled with recovering from major surgery during the fall. And I even GRADUATED COLLEGE while I was sick in August!

    These snot nosed ungrateful children should walk a mile in the shoes of the truly worthy of God’s grace.

    • Fábio Emilio Costa

      I got this Christmas that my father’s mom (my granny) had survived and is recovering well from a CVA and my mom and dad and me are okay with diabetis, and my father had majored on Social Service and my sis majored on CS, and my brother is recovering from depression.

      I would just pray that karma wasn’t so instant as people says, because those brats would suffer a lot.

  • Alan Weinbaum

    Seriously – If the ungrateful do not like what they received then they should respectfully say no thanks and give them back.
    Entitlement mentality = future democrats= America bankrupt. ($ and morals)

  • Georgine Kratzer


  • Morgan

    wow really these guys could of gotten nothing at all when chritmas is a time about family they are worried about that…parents spend big bucks every chritmas for you selfish kids and all you do is complain how about this you go and buy your own damn ipad, Justin biber tickets, white I pad

  • Renny

    Can we have the dad who shoots laptops back?

  • Morgan

    This makes me feel sick reading this, and it makes me want to go hug my parents telling them thank you so much for my Christmas gift !!!!

  • ladyjay

    Raggedy ungrateful little kids! My kid would have said some stuff like that and I would have thrown all their presents in the car rolled down to the hood and gave out all of their presents to the kids in the homeless shelter while they watched and then told them next year they were getting job applications for Christmas!

  • Candide43130

    Well, what can you expect from a child who thinks it’s “edgy” to use a racial slur for a screen name, even if it is self referential?

  • Alice

    ……I cant believe what I am reading. They should be grateful for all the things they have. Have they opened their eyes yet?! look how many people are starving, homeless, and probably don’t even know its Christmas out there. There just a bunch of spoiled brats who will never get anywhere in life, and would just come home crying to their parents of they didn’t get something they want. 😛

  • arrow2010

    It’s amazing how Apple has everyone convinced that they need an iPad.

  • Steph Van Schalkwyk

    Sell your gifts and donate the money to animal or homeless shelters. Much more satisfying!

  • grandma_grapes

    What is the indication that these are “Liberal” brats being ungrateful? From what I have seen, the sense of entitlement extends to the spawn of the other team, maybe even more so.

  • Arlie Box

    Whaaaa Whaaaa Whaaaaa
    I asked for NOTHING!
    and that’s what I got. I’m still vertical, and breathing
    So it was a good Christmas for me:)

  • joshua myles

    Golly jee like worst xmas ever mommy and daddy didn’t even get me that floating car hover craft, or that elegant sword from that hobbit movie with magical powers. Shit man what a dick christmas. Give me my elephant. *hint the sarcasm*

  • Lmest

    You all need to get down on your knees and thank the people who gave you gifts. My husband got cancer for Christmas. We didn’t get each other gifts because we didn’t have time to shop – we were busy with chemo and radiation appointments. Thank God that you have people in your life that even think you are worth getting a gift for. After reading your posts I don’t think you deserve them.

  • Robert D Clarkson

    My wife and I recieved a Good pot and pan set from my mom and dad. I was greatful because we did not ask for anything. Both sets of parents helped pay for our wedding. Our wedding was not flashing. But they offered to help so we figured that was our wedding presents and Christmas presents. Oh and when I was a kid we were greatful for receiving Lincoln logs, green and tan army men and some logos for Christmas. I guess this is what happens when you have parents that have no clue on how to raise there kids.

  • Harlan Hikaru Fox

    I hate these people. I hate these people. I hate these people. Ingrates. That’s not even the purpose for the holiday. My family isn’t all that religious (aside from my one aunt), but I stopped receiving gifts when I reached adulthood, and I don’t complain about it. These people complain about what they DO get. How can they be so spoiled?

  • Renee Lynn Roth Bjork

    What do you expect when these juveniles suckled at the breast of public education? Don’t blame them…blame the school that has done a crappy job!

    • susan

      How do you blame schools for the way PEOPLE raise their children. Schools don’t create ungrateful children. Parents do that. Schools are not responsible for children not knowing how fortunate they are. Parents are. Stop blaming schools for the fact that parents are not parenting and teaching moral values to their children.

      Your comment is ridiculous

  • jrc813jr

    When I was growing up we appreciated everything we got. There were four of us kids and my father was military so funds were short. This year my son and I had nothing for Christmas but each other. We had one can of soup and one container of rice for us to share but we survived. I am disabled and my grown son lives with me to help me but he lost his job so we have had to survive on just my disability check and times are tough but we both are grateful we still have each other. Hopefully the new year will bring a new job for him but if not we will keep the faith and keep on with the struggle. Merry Christmas every one

  • Guest

    I’m starting not want to fi

  • Guest

    I’m starting to not to want to visit Twitchy. It’s to depressing and upsetting. Surely someone tweeted about all the wonderful gifts they received?

  • Guest

    I’m starting to not to want to visit Twitchy. It’s too depressing and upsetting. Surely someone tweeted about all the wonderful gifts they received?

  • Benjamin Wilhelm

    Can we move these people to Africa and see what they get for Christmas then? Definitely have to be leftists. They got free Obama iPads and still aren’t happy.

  • Selma Birch

    I hope that in the coming year they get just what they deserve!!!!

  • Kathleen Clark

    WOW! None of you should have gotten ANYTHING for Christmas! Whiny, selfish people. Did any of you get your parents a gift for Christmas?! Hmmm?! How would you feel if they were rude like you and told you they didn’t like the gift you gave them?! What if they used profanity?! Like all of you did?! I imagine you wouldn’t like it very much. Disgusting people!
    You know what I want… Not an iPad or an iPhone or any present to open. I would dearly love that my husband hadn’t suffered and passed away from kidney cancer this past September. I would love that he were still here with me.
    But all you people can do is curse and complain! Horrible!

  • susan

    I didn’t buy ONE gift for anyone this year. I told them that I loved them and was grateful they were in my life. I gave the gift money to organizations in my community that needed it.

    NO regrets. NO oh will they like it. No well here’s the receipt to take it back. No looking at faces pretending to like what they just opened.

    It has been the best Christmas in a long time.

  • CloneSix

    The little brats need to listen to this – funny but thought provoking.

  • ember

    And this is exactly what’s wrong with our country right now.

  • Skevvy

    Does teaching the virtue of a grateful heart, or parental respect in our public (government) schools violate the “separation-of-church-and-state” dogma now? Why is character education being ignored by the state run schools? That should be a priority; as soon as they figure out how to teach readin’ ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic again….

  • James Birchfield

    If I complained about ANY present that I received at Christmas, my Mom wouldn’t say a word…..she just took it away from me and put it in a box to be donated to needy families. I only complained ONCE…..but that’s how my generation learned our lessons. Not like the spoiled little ungrateful brats that seem to populate the world today.

  • Gothguy

    Hey you little ingrates…did it EVER occur to you that your Mom and Dad worked long and hard for you to get that gift you are so dismissive of? Oh, no, of course not! You just think in your world of inflated self-esteem, nobody wins or loses, the world OWES me, and you are so f*cking special, that Mommy and Daddy MUST give you what YOU want…you ungrateful little whiners!!!!

  • Randy Heggen

    Should have given them a leather kit. A boot in the ass and a belt in the mouth.

  • Bill Carter

    If I had ever had that attitude I wouldn’t have made it to this age

  • Brett A. Wheeler

    I can understand many of them. I have a Samsung GS3 and wouldn’t want an iphone 😉

  • raldy

    Christmas is about giving…..A lesson my children learned early on.

  • Guest

    Wow, simply incredible. My neighbor brought me homemade cookies, best present ever.

  • Ms.Bohmont

    I got to have my family all together for Christmas, and I’m happy to have it!

  • ratizbad

    Just think they will vote pretty soon.and,By the way you jerks get a job and buy your own,If you are to young to get a real job,Cut grass,run errands for the old,clean do something,But do not come to my house,I do all my work myself,Remember This:IF YOU WANT SOMETHING DONE DO IT YOURSELF!!

  • Marsh626

    Maybe they should exchange their presents with each other.

  • John Smith

    With manners and attitudes like that, and such potty-mouthed tweets, I am surprised that got anything. These people should be put in mental care and under close watch. I would not be surprised if one of them went postal because what they wanted did not happen.

  • Daemon

    Hope the parents see this and take it ALL away. Ungrateful little pukes.

  • franklygross

    spoiled, materialistic brats! this is what happens when nothing is earned. participation awards just for breathing, no accomplishment needed! if you think we have too many entitled people now, wait til these kids hit adulthood!

  • Robley Martz

    What a sorry lot these are!!! Why don’t you give all the stuff you don’t want to someone who got nothing??? SELFISH LITTLE PUKES!!!!

  • Rodney Brungardt

    I got a day spent with good food, friends and the people that I love. What more could a guy ask for. Best Christmas so far!!

  • Smitty 

    God. This is embarrassing. Maybe I grew up in the wrong household, because I never got stuff like these people want, and I never complained…. You make our Generation look bad when you complain. You want something like an iPhone or a Macbook pro – here is a solution in 5 easy steps:

    1) Find a Job
    2) Work for a Paycheck while paying bills and buying food and being a productive member of society,
    3) Save up to buy said Device
    4) Pay for it.
    5) Enjoy your new purchase knowing that you earned it.

  • ML

    Reminds me of this great video I saw the other day:

  • Dale McNamee

    These ingrates should be caned, then made to earn their gifts !

  • Fábio Emilio Costa

    There’s kids on Brazil that would love to have a ball or doll or even a Christmas meal. Maybe those fathers should sell back the iPhones and stuff and donate this money for charity to teach kids to accept gifts.

  • Nanette

    I am so thankful for my children! They got very little ($20 per child) and they were okay with it. Just enjoyed each other for the day.

  • RB

    Take the gift back and give them NOTHING parents,and don’t forget to tell them exactly why you are doing it.

  • Dale McNamee

    The parents of these “spoiled brats” should take the gifts back, return them to the store for refunds, and then donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy or the victims of the tornadoes that hit over Christmas in the names of the “children”…

  • DB

    All these kids need their room stripped bare and given only the basics for a while.