This is one of the more surprising stories we’ve covered here at Twitchy. Hamilton burst onto the scene as a wholesome, talented prep more than 25 years ago and was one of America’s top middle distance runners throughout the 1990s. She is going through some tough times, and is getting the help she clearly needs. We wish her well.

  • Josephine (D)

    She’s brave to admit she was wrong. May God give her the strength to heal and move on.

    • BlueGood


      • TocksNedlog

        Here, let me help you out. The stupid joke you were trying to make is that she was receiving ‘testosterone injections’. Okay, now YOU say it, giggle uncontrollably, and then prepare to return to seventh grade after New Year’s.

  • Leroy Whitby

    I was surprised that a beautiful Olympian sold herself so cheaply. Most escorts I’ve know were not at that level of accomplishment, even when accomplished relative to their “peers.” Most judges and CEO’s I’ve known weren’t at that level of accomplishment!

    • beebop1952

      You wonder what kind of standards she has set for herself over the years and why she has felt compelled to be her own worst enemy.

  • Howzah123

    Sounds like Borderline Personality Disorder co-morbidity of malignant narcissism. No sense of self whatsoever.

    • John A Yurgel

      Ya think? BPD is what they are trying to do to our children in public schools.Using sensitivity training and political correctness to do it. Many will turn out useless zombies dependent on entitlements. Re: Perfect little Liberals. The list of side effects includes the shooters like the one in Connecticut last week.

      • BlueGood

        You must read up on it…it is NOT as simple as you make out…sorry, but I was involved wit a BPD woman for almost 2 yrs….it ain’t pretty, though she was drop dead gorgeous!

        • Joe

          I am a mental health professional and it takes a lot more time and information before someone can make that sort of diagnosis, Early in my career I once made the mistake of jumping to a conclusion in a somewhat similar situation and wasted weeks of my client’s time focusing on one type of therapy, only to find out I had been way off base. It’s not that easy.

          • BlueGood

            While I appreciate your thoughts, believe me Doc., I spoke to a GP, a Psychologist & a Psychiatrist, and read a few books..the one most closest to describing this person was, if memory serves, “I hate You…Don’t Leave Me”…(Memory Serves…LOL…Google it) Understanding the Borderline Personality.

            Of the 8 Major Signs sited in the book, this woman displayed 7….Highly recommend the above book…

            Cheers & Merry Christmas!

          • Abenaki

            Amen, it is a distinct experience, and one you’ll be unlikely to forget, no?

  • NCRelite

    What a bizarre story.

  • hwy505

    At least she is taking responsibility.

  • michael s

    Wish her well? Going through tough times? Are you kidding? Once again we see the party of family values,high morality will tolerate a w—-. Now I see why Jenna Jameson is so respected here. So fraudulently representing Disney is good now. Being a fraudulent motivational speaker is good now. Yet Eva Longoria is somehow wretched,classless and vain.

    • Jesse Malkin

      She is mentally ill. She suffers from Depression. She is getting help, and yes we do wish her well. We never said her actions were “good.” We are saying that she is troubled, has an illness, and deserves compassion. Have you never known anyone who has mental health problems?

      • michael s

        Im all for mentally ill people being treated or cured. There have been people that use mental illness to excuse and justify criminality. In my opinion and you don’t have to agree, Ms Hamilton is using depression to excuse and avoid possible criminal charges on prostitution. If I’m wrong I’ll stand corrected and will have no problem admitting I’m wrong.

        • beebop1952

          I find it interesting that you know so much about Ms. Hamilton to know that she is “using depression to excuse ….” How the heck do you know bupkis about this situation? Please. Keep your self righteous for Eva and those you find so much more deserving of human compassion.

        • TocksNedlog

          You want our jails to be clogged with
          -hores, do you?

      • Joe

        Well said Twitchy! Ramesh Ponnuru wrote and article years ago about how we conservatives need to start educating ourselves when it comes to mental health issues. I became a therapist and I deal with it every day. When I started out, my colleagues thought I was from mars because of my conservative views which they found out about on my Fb page and my blog. I opened my own practice as a result. People with mental illness are not weak, nor can they just “shake it off.”

        • GaryTheBrave

          One problem is that mental health care is still stigmatized in our society. Admittedly early on there were quacks. That was true in any new medical specialty–dental, chiropractic, substance abuse counseling come to mind. Seeing a mental health professional does not mean one has illnesses.

          All too often well-meaning people give bad advice, such as to a depression sufferer. They’ll say, “Everyone gets down once in a while,” or, “smile and you’ll feel better.” My favorite is, “Just pray and God will cure you.” My answer to that last one is, “Sure, that’s why He gave the talents to certain people so He can cure them through their hands.”

        • Sad Chestertonian

          This is especially true about mental health in Texas. The only place on earth harder to be declared legally insane then Texas is Japan. I read about a maniac who murdered his family when he could no longer get his anti psychotic meds. During the trial he plucked out and ate his eyeball, and the judge STILL would not let him plead insanity. But at least he is off the streets. In Japan a “man”, for want of a current word, had his genitals removed, cooked, and served at a fancy dinner of fellow freaks. The only legal ramification under Japanese law? Indecent public exposure. A stiff fine and the lunatic is still free to cook anything “it” wants. So in the USA it is worst of times, it is the best of times…

          • Abenaki

            A stiff fine… There’s another body part he could cook that won’t later result in such stiffness!

    • Cajun

      No, Eva Longoria is a POS,,,,,,,,,,,,,because she wants to be!

      • beebop1952

        The difference is that Eva is a w—- for the democrat party which is why Michael has no problems.

        • TugboatPhil

          Yeah, she spoke at the DNC convention about working and making her way on her own, and then supports the candidate who will use the welfare system to enslave generations to come.

    • kch50428

      “Yet Eva Longoria is somehow wretched,classless and vain.” — Because that’s precisely what she is.

    • grais

      She owned up, takes full responsibility for her mistakes, has apologized to those she’s hurt, and is seeking help with her problems.
      What else is there to do but wish her well?

    • ModdKenwood

      Longoria is wretched,classless,and vain.
      Take a pill.

    • JeannieJ

      Michael, shame on you. The name-calling again shows us that the “tolerant” people are far from it.

      When someone finds their personal “rock bottom” and begins to recover from it; when they open up and admit to things they’d probably prefer to keep private, when they ask for understanding and they seek to find tolerance if not compassion, how can you so callously resort to name-calling and pointing fingers? Where’s the compassion? Why is it being withheld?

      This isn’t about Jenna Jameson, or Disney, or motivational speakers, and it’s especially not about Longoria, who also speaks derisively and hatefully. This is about a lady who suffered from depression, who feels she failed her family in that struggle, and who’s trying to get her life back together.

      I *do* understand her pain, I *do* wish her the best, and I *do* hope her family stands as firmly beside her as I’d stand behind any of mine, should they stumble or fall under such circumstances and emotional weight.

      You do not represent your “side” well by being vile and hate-filled, Michael. If anything, you should be humiliated that those you can’t stand are willing to offer love and light and compassionate understanding to a fellow human having a rough time on the road of life, when all you can think to do is call her a name. In my book, offering compassion and emotional support is highly moral, and a great family value to share.

      • Ronald

        Good post! The way we comport ourselves (online and offline) matters. I’ve never been a supporter of those who resort to name-calling. Though I must admit I’ve made that error myself in moments of extreme frustration, I have always felt guilty afterwards. It sets a bad example.

        Keep on standing up for values Jeannie! Morality, compassion and tolerance trump any political ideological viewpoint, and we should not forget that.

    • dmacleo

      so…we should not tolerate whor_es?
      I thought that was our problem, we were not tolerant enough.
      you are a steaming pile of …..tolerance….. aren’t you?

    • TocksNedlog

      I was unaware that Suzy Hamilton has EVER said anything similar to the wretched, classless things that Eva Longoria has uttered. Do you have any quotes?

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Feel bad. Woman has clearly got some serious stuff she is dealing with. Not the first person to duck relationship woes with sex, though getting paid for it is something new. Godspeed.

    • TocksNedlog

      Not so new. There was a pre-Lifetime made for TV movie made way back in the day — Elizabeth Montgomery or Karen Valentine was in it.

      • TugboatPhil

        Way back in the 70s or 80s I used to watch a soap opera on the ship during lunch break. Judith Light, who later went on a show with Tony Danza, was a doctor’s wife by night, and went to NYC to be a hooker by day. Can’t remember the name of the soap, but it was the same channel as General Hospital.

        • hbnolikeee

          It may have been called genital hospitable.

  • LC

    hey, atleast she basically said she “inhaled”.

  • Army Navy

    If you saw how much her psychologist charges per hour, you would think they were the escort..

  • SpinMeNot

    Ok, first I am glad she admits to her problem and is seeking help. Second, I have to point out the irony of what I assume is her maiden name, “Favor” …

  • marcus tullius cicero


    • TheOriginalDonald

      But if this ever changing world in which we live in
      Makes you give in and cry………SAY LIVE AND LET DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alvin691

    On the positive side, the house and my student loans got paid off early…

  • SansMercy

    Wishing her well. She was a great runner.

  • Joe

    My prayers are with her as well.

  • $1014973

    Sometimes you hear something so bizarre you just take a deep breathe, think to yourself “no $hit”, and move on.

  • arrow2010

    Why do we need to hear about this?

  • $21367552

    So sad that the world feels it has a right to know about what this woman did as a consenting adult much less her mental health issues.

  • $22091572

    a gymnast would make a great escort also..just saying

    • TheOriginalDonald

      McKayla is not impresssed

  • usa_chucky

    All that and let’s not forget the 600 bucks a hour…

  • Brian Salaices

    Just get well.