Some tweeters marveled at Sen. Grassley’s brilliance:

Others tried to finish Grassley’s sentence for him:

Update: Looks like he was trying to tweet about his favorite Mexican restaurant:

  • ExurbanKevin
  • SwTk

    a frog had wings, he whouldnt bump his butt when he hopped.

  • disqus_C7k1eMHBMR

    How Zen.

  • Brandy Gibson

    I live 3 miles from this guy. Perhaps I should go give him a lesson in Tweeting…. Nah! This is much better.

  • Akabosan

    IF: Rudyard Kipling. Only IF a man needs to know. GB

  • nc

    Please Senator Grassley, don’t ever stop whatever it is you’re doing. It’s way too much fun.

    • my preciousss!!

      haha..i swear his phone, auto tweets.

  • my preciousss!!

    .. i kissed a frog, will it …. ???

  • ATNorth

    Love Grassley and Jose Canseco.

  • JD Olson