This tweet continued a theme Midler began last night.

But maybe it’s not quite so simple?

We looking forward to hearing “not a scientist” Bette’s thoughts about the article linked by @mtpollack, particularly her “common sense” responses to the points made about water vapor measurements from radiosondes, tropospheric wind shear causing changes in precipitation efficiency, and the missing tropospheric “hot spot” in satellite temperature trends.

  • Typewriterstreaming

    It’s nothing short of a miracle that you figured out how to memorize your lines.

  • kch50428

    She’s free to cease respiration at any time to help cure the problem.

    • Michael Tierney

      Walk that back, please, that’s the kind of post I see on firedoglake and Puffington Host when liberals/socialists/progressives are talking about conservatives. I’d prefer to leave that practice to them as they dive gleefully into their sewage-filled swimming pool.

      • kch50428

        Illustrating the absurdity of the Left with absurdity.

        • SineWaveII

          Amen brother!

      • SineWaveII

        Why? So we can keep losing ground on everything important to us, like we have been doing for the last forty years?

        • Well Done

          say what, sinewave?

        • Jillane Kent

          Next time, post in jive or semaphore. Your points would likely more cogent.

          • SineWaveII


  • orringtonmom (D)

    i totally agree with bette. she is no scientist.

    • medicinewomantwo

      Sorta killed her own speech there, ya think…………

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    The liberals that believe this crap (and it is crap) should stop breathing immediately. That is if it ever really existed, this is just more “Please line my pockets with your money, BS”. Not the first time scare tactics have been used to make others rich.

  • Right Wired

    Common sense – ha! Then what explains her schlepping for Obama? You can’t be so moronic as to point at a single category 1 hurricane over the 4.3 billion year history of the Earth and declare it’s because of us! There is no basis for comparison.

  • jdog

    Dopey libs know better than all of us, especially when it comes to what’s good for us or good for the planet. Duh. What rational person on the planet actually thinks CO2 is poisonous or bad for the planet? We all breathe it out everyday. Hello? Plants need it to thrive. Ever heard of photosynthesis? And photosynthesis creates oxygen as a waste product. Serious delusional thinking, not just from profiteer Al Gore, but even from “scientists.” The AGW crowd are akin to religious zealots, as it requires a huge leap of faith to buy into the theory – faith in the scientists and their computer modeling which invariably has proven to be grossly inaccurate at best, and at worst outright fabricated to support the doctrine they espouse. Fortunately sanity and common sense seem to have cooled some of the ardor.

    • Zane Henry

      During the time that most of the green plants we have today originated, CO2 levels were at least 5 times higher than today (300 ppm now vs 1500 ppm then). We’re actually in a very LOW point in our CO2 levels. More CO2 would mean more green coverage of our planet. CO2 is PLANT FOOD, dummies!

      The Greenies want to tax us for breathing. It’s ludicrous.

    • SineWaveII

      And Al Gore didn’t invent the internet either.

  • Fire and Adjust!

    Damned volcanoes, animals that pass gas, and every creature that breathes………….don’t they know the harm they are doing in causing all these storms?

  • $25553948

    That’s common sense? Last time I checked, hurricanes have come and gone for… let’s see… ages. If she had common sense, she wouldn’t mouth off an absurdity that claims certain natural disasters are a modern phenomenon.

    • SineWaveII

      And the truth is we’ve been in a very quiet time hurricane wise for the last six years or so. And that one was only a category 1.

  • justlittlolme

    Science is HARD!
    Dear Bette, We could have a 40% reduction in CO2 if celebrytards
    would just…… stop…….. TALKING!

    • SineWaveII

      We also need to stop wasting energy and creating pollution making their stupid movies and TV shows. And also….repeal the Hollywood tax cut and make Hollywood adopt standard accounting practices.

  • Slackdragon

    Sandy is just as much proof of Global Warming (Climate Change) to a liberal as the storm that sunk a large portion of the Persian allied fleet at the Battle of Artemisium was proof that Zeus exists to ancient Greeks.

    We shouldn’t make fun of peoples religions.

  • RK59

    Never mind New Jersey had a Cat 5 Hurricane with 200 mph winds in …….1823

    • dmacleo

      or hazel in mid 50’s with 130+ mph winds on battery park.

    • Well Done

      One wonders just what the left thinks sank all those ships from 1500 to about 1920 in the Carribean… just bad luck?

      • Jillane Kent

        Or a distant relative of George Bush? Mitt Romney? :)

  • $5326605

    Yep, large storms NEVER occurred on earth before man “made” warming. Barry didn’t build that – we’d still be living in mud huts if Barry was our only ancestor.

    • GaryTheBrave

      Oct 31, 2012Beedogs

      Yep, large storms NEVER occurred on earth before man “made” warming. Barry didn’t build that – we’d still be living in mud huts (with no roofs) if Barry was our only ancestor.


    • SineWaveII

      We’d all be extinct if Barry had been our only male ancestor. He would have spent his whole life looking for another man to do it with.

  • SineWaveII


  • Martha Washington

    She’s NOT a SCIENTIST,but she is an ICONIC COSTUME template @EVERY DRAG QUEEN PERFORMANCE FROM coast 2 coast.&NOT only during HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTESTS…….although somewhere OUT there a MAN will DRESS as MISS ‘NOT A SCIENTIST’ 2night&walk around looking more RADIANT,more FEMININE than the REAL @BetteMidler

  • smiley_t

    Stop talking Bette, just stop talking. That’ll reduce CO2 emissions too.

  • dmacleo

    higher co2 levels FOLLOW warming.

    jesus the info is easy to find middler

  • TheBigHenry

    “I am no scientist, but I do have common sense.”

    The first part of that sentence is an obvious fact; the second part is an unsubstantiated assertion, and is prima facie false.

    My own conclusion is that she is not a scientist, but a common delusional entertainer.

  • porgiefirefighter

    … and what about cow flatulence . . . no offense.

    • Well Done

      yes, porgie, I see what you did there.

      you’re excused from all blame, though :)

  • Well Done

    If only Bette knew that actual, non-compromised scientists insist that man’s CO2 is NOT a significant factor in climate, change or otherwise.

  • robin2002

    If true, that extra CO2 means she’s on tour again.

  • TocksNedlog

    Common sense tells her to blame this on something that scientists cannot prove? Brilliant!

  • littleones

    I wonder how long she can hold her breath…

  • Owen007

    Then maybe she should do us all a favor and shut her mouth.

  • stuckinIL4now

    I see that the global warming threat wasn’t bad enough to prevent the mouth from holding a swank Halloween bash at the Waldorf Astoria amidst the Manhattan destruction. Oh but the party was to raise money to help with the greening of NY and will help in restoring the city so this is okay, unlike Mitt Romney’s collection of good to just try to help people survive and get through another day. I bet you’ll hear accolades to Midler for her work.