As Stacey Dash recently discovered, many liberals expect black Americans to fall in line and vote for President Obama:

Some liberals find it hard to believe that any black person can be undecided in this election:

  • civet

    (Civet sighs and sadly shakes head.)

  • J.N. Ashby


    • TugboatPhil

      I hate to correct @Legendary_4Ever’s grammar, but I think “cashified” would have been the correct verb.

    • HJ Olsen

      talk about sit yo dumb black a$$ down.

      • J.N. Ashby

        I herrrd dat!

  • Sean Allen

    Wow. Just, Wow.These people become more unhinged the closer we get to the election. I just don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    • Donald Dean

      No. The more I fear that there will be riots.

  • grais

    Dr. King continues to roll in his grave.

    • kilroy5440

      When will he reach terminal velocity?

      • Dg

        Just as soon as he reaches the speed of light
        Approx 186k miles per second. Watch where you step

        • TocksNedlog

          “That’s easy, just drop his casket from a balloon! He’ll reach the speed of light in no time flat.”
          — Andrea Mitchell

      • Will P.

        We could solve our energy crisis if we could just hook his casket up to a generator.

        • wineplz

          I shouldn’t laugh but I did, hysterically. Thanks for the giggle after all this BS coming from the left.

        • Dg

          Depends, is the casket on public or private land?

    • TocksNedlog

      Even Jesse Jackson, Jr. is spinning in his straitjacket on this one.

  • Brett McMicken

    so much for being a “brutha”……if they don’t vote for the black guy, then they want to lynch him. if some white guy got up and said something similar about other whites who don’t vote for romney, he would be labeled a racist. then again, what should we expect from the people who tell us not to insult the religion of peace or they will kill us.

    • TugboatPhil

      Justice Thomas says he agrees. He also says it’s nothing new either.

  • Luke

    Great job, Twitchy! Posting the tweets from these Mensa members definitely shows the rest of us just what we’re up against and how important this election is.

  • Debbye

    The black man who asked the question? He WAS LISTENING TO OBAMA…#NOT A REASON TO VOTE FOR OBAMA!

  • Israel Rodriguez

    Cant believe that all you blacks only vote for color and are to friggin stupid to see Obummer ruining this once great nation. WAKE THE F UP… This is not about COLOR, its about freedom and GOD.

  • Timothy Kennedy

    The man asked a good question….But the “party of tolerance” is put out about it. What a surprise.

  • togakangaroo

    Umm…those don’t sound like liberals. Those sounds like stupid but liberal? How?

  • nc

    Congratulations to this man who had the guts to face the Pres on national TV to ask him this question. God bless you, sir.

    • Shawn Fitzgerald

      I agree. I’m glad that some people are willing to still stand up and ask the tough questions.

  • kilroy5440

    Is “paided” a word? I like it! “I paided $4 a gallon for gas today. Four years ago, I only paided $1.87.” I’m sure we’ll see this word in the next National Spelling Bee.

    • civet

      I guess you could call it “far from perfect future” tense since that’s what we’re looking at with these geniuses.

    • Traci Rodgers

      We could build on this!! Since we can apparently just formulate words.
      How about…… prepaided,repaided, twitterpaided 😉

  • Ramone Love

    I am not a racist or a bigot, but sometimes it’s hard to retain my equanimity when I read ignorant crap like this.

  • Chip

    Reminds me of Donna Brazile in that Obamaphone commercial.

  • Achilles Odysseus

    Has anyone here read the Presidents Obamacare bill? It sucks!

  • Achilles Odysseus
  • John

    He’ll wind up being sent to the reeducation camp for not hating whitey enough.

  • wineplz

    as soon as the gentleman finished asking his question, I knew there was going to be back-lash on him.
    Can we just send all these narrow-minded fools to a country that already has all these socialist policies in place?

  • Frederick Weaver

    I learned that according to Zogby 18 PERCENT of Black voters remain undecided:

    So, the Black guy who asked Obama the question tonight is hardly alone in being undecided this late in the election season.

  • Dana Garcia

    Such colorful names!

  • RightWingLeftyGolfer

    SSDD – and if the tweeters don’t know what that means, I’ll be happy to explain it to them in ebonics or obanics.

  • gorak

    Just look how the Democrats treat the Jews after voting for them in huge numbers. Black people better wise up about the real game.

  • SansMercy

    Black supremacists are the worst. Jive turkeys. *smirk*.

  • 95akorio98

    I can’t wait to vote against that man for a second time.

    And if he wins again, (God forbid), I’ll vote against him a third time. 😉

    I’m not a “race-traitor,” I just don’t like radical leftists in the Oval Office.

  • JonInVa

    They are so stupid they don’t even realize in the slightest how racist and ignorant they look when attacking this free-thinking man. Very sad and reiterates the fact that no matter what Romney says or promises,or Obama’s total failures to help blacks, the majority of them are racist, white-hating, identity voting imbeciles.

  • disqus_nv7wi9LrI3

    Don’t act like STUPID KOOL AID drinkers! You all need to ask the president the same questions. Where is the jobs you promised? Why is gas $4? When you came in it was $2!. The average household pay is down. Because of your policies everything is higher. Why should I vote for you Mr President? Please people don’t be a sheep! Ask why?

  • John Beam

    Amazing. This only proves that liberals project all of their own hatred and personal racist notions upon conservatives.

  • Matt

    When people ask “Why are you prejudiced?” I should put these tweets on a white board and just point.

  • Sam

    LMAO, these comments are absolutely hilarious. A liberal moderator, and an obviously liberal crowd and people go off like this. Same response to the African American actress who came out in support of Romney.

  • TocksNedlog

    Dear Liberal Haters,
    Have you considered the possibility that this man does not regard himself as a victim, but merely a person struggling to get by?

  • TocksNedlog

    BTW, please pay NO attention whatsoever to any of my posts, as I work for a company that used to be owned by Bain Capital, and as such I may have been paided off to write these comments.

  • jnsesq

    All those Obamaphone tweets paid for by taxpayers. There’s appreciation for ya.

  • bruce mercer

    no freedom for minorities to leave the dnc plantation?

  • Jules

    Where are the Twitchy trolls on this one? They disappear when it’s about real racism.

  • Pants Up Don’t Loot