In the wake of Rep. Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments, some Republicans are urging Akin to step aside for another Republican candidate.

One of those calling on Akin to step down is Patrick Ruffini, a GOP strategist.

Ruffini says that Akin can withdraw from the race prior to Tuesday August 21st at 5:00 p.m.

His analysis is based on Section 115.359.1 of the Missouri Revised Statutes:

115.359. 1. Any person who has filed a declaration of candidacy for nomination and who wishes to withdraw as a candidate shall, not later than the eleventh Tuesday prior to the primary election, file a written, sworn statement of withdrawal in the office of the official who accepted such candidate’s declaration of candidacy. Any person nominated for an office who wishes to withdraw as a candidate shall, not later than the eleventh Tuesday prior to the general election, file a written, sworn statement of withdrawal in the office of the official who accepted such candidate’s declaration of candidacy. In addition, any person who has filed a declaration of candidacy for nomination or who is nominated for an office who wishes to withdraw as a candidate due to being named as the party candidate for a different office by a party nominating committee pursuant to sections 115.363 to 115.377 may withdraw as a candidate no later than 5:00 p.m. on the fifth day after being named as the party candidate for a different office by the party nominating committee.

Conservatives are split as to whether Akin should withdraw (see, e.g., here and here).

Meanwhile, polling analyst Nate Silver is estimating that Akin’s remarks will result in a 10-point shift in the polls:

If Mr. Akin lost a net of 10 points in the polls to Ms. McCaskill because of the remark, he would be trailing her by five points in surveys rather than leading her by about that margin.

It can be easy to overrate the importance of scandals in the first few days after they occur. Many voters will vote along party lines almost no matter what, and others will decide based on factors like the economy or an incumbent senator’s voting record.

Nevertheless, my view is that insensitive comments concerning rape are especially likely to be deemed inexcusable by voters, and that the swing against Mr. Akin could be larger than the average of 10 percentage points from similar events.


Apparently there is also a withdrawal deadline in September.

Twitchy will update with details as they become available.


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  • lonestar

    If he withdraws(ensuring no pregnancy)does Brunner automatically get the nomination?

    • sybilll

      I agree, we need more answers. No way in hell I want to hand this seat over to McCaskill, the deciding vote on ObamaCare.

      • Rebecca Fine

        You do realize ObamaCare is a good thing, right? And all other Western countries have some type of national insurance or health care – it’s time the U.S. caught up. Do you really want to be paying for pre-existing conditions?

        • DoubtfulinTX

          If it’s so good, why is Congress and hundreds of Obama’s democratic and union friends exempt?

          • rachael42

            If you look at the bill, they are not exempt. That was a statement made by Hannity that is completely untrue. Obama care requires those without health care to buy it, it doesn’t say where from. If you already have health care, you do not have to buy more. Congress has health care, they don’t have to buy more. But go ahead and perpetuate the age of disinformation. Why should we concern ourselves with the truth, lies are so much more entertaining.

        • Garth Haycock

          You do realize that other countries with socialized medicine are a more homogeneous citizenry and therefore have a relatively small number of health problems, no?

          And you do realize that health care is rationed in those countries and therefore a panel of bureaucrats decide who will get what care, no?

          And you do realize that, as Doubtfulin pointed out, that Obamacare is so terrific that Obama, Reid and Pelosi exempted themselves from it, no? If it’s such a good thing, why wouldn’t they be the first to sign up for it?

          And you do realize that you have no idea what health insurance is, no? It’s what you buy to help pay for expensive treatment, such as cancer; it’s not for only having to make a co-pay to visit the doctor for flu symptoms, a cold, a scratch on the knee when you fall down, abortions, etc.

    • Jesse Malkin

      We were wondering the same thing. Not yet clear who would get the nomination.

      • Brian Roastbeef

        My understanding was that it is up to a state GOP committee to choose a new candidate. Brunner would be an obvious choice, well equipped to return to the campaign on short notice, but they could just as easily choose Jim Talent if he were willing to run.

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Well, as Whoopi Goldberg once said with impunity, there’s rape, and there’s rape-rape.

  • Dio Heerai

    Just tell this man to go so we do not have to spend the next three months talking “WAR ON WOMEN” instead of the Obama Economic disaster

  • Tony Flores

    He need to get out, he disgraced himself and the state of Missouri (of which I am a resident) with his disgusting comments. Brunner (whom I voted for) should get the nod. Steelman is a RINO(not sure why Ms. Palin stumped for her). Luckily its only been 2 weeks since the primary, there is still time for Steelman or Brunner to garner support to bet McCaskill

    • Catherine Barrett

      He says he isn’t going anywhere .. what do we have to do to get him out … ?????? He is putting himself over the COUNTRY .. I am sick of this sh*t.

  • Brian Roastbeef

    Nate Silver shows his usual stellar ability to ignore valid polling and latch onto crap, reporting bias as if it is a statistic. In no poll since the primary was McCaskill down only 5. Only one poll has been taken since then, and therefore has any sort of bearing on the post-primary landscape. It shows Akin leading by 11.

    That means if Nate’s arbitrary 10 point shift is true and that somehow doesn’t dissipate within the next two months, that toad McCaskill still loses.

    • Rebecca Fine

      First, Nate has an excellent track record. He predicted all the races correctly in 2008, so he knows what he is talking about. Second, I think you misunderstand how polls work. If one candidate drops by 10, and the other one goes up by 10, that is actually a change of 20 points. So if Akin was ahead by 11 and drops 10 points and basically goes up 10 points, he would be behind by 9.

      • Brian Roastbeef

        If I “misunderstand” the polls like you say, then so does Nate Silver, as his example has his ten point swing be a difference between Akin by 5 and McCaskill by 5. Ten points, not twenty. All I did was shift the starting point to a more accurate number. Clearly you misunderstand the article, or perhaps you did not read it.

        Also I notice that you refer to his 2008 record, but ignore his 2010 record, which was decidedly subpar. For one point, 2008 was a Dem cycle, so his inherent Dem bias was a benefit there. Secondly between 2008 and 2010 he partnered with NYT and since then he’s been less about numbers and more about creating a conclusion and then working the numbers to match it. Finally, he’s notorious for picking and choosing his pollsters. He regularly rails against Rasmussen for a Republican bias, but proudly touts PPP, which are a left leaning firm openly affiliated with DailyKos.

        In short, Silver once had an excellent track record, but those days are long since over.

  • Trill Laura Palmer

    hi, Jim Talent.

  • Nelson Cooper

    Todd Akin is a ridiculous. Here’s a good article calling him out:


      No Koolaid drinkers allowed

  • tingle007

    just so you know i voted for sarah steelman over him.


      I voted for John Brunner over Akin.

  • Nick Hooper

    I think everyone is over-reacting in the extreme. Watching the video, it’s fairly clear that he meant rape, when the accusation of rape is legitimate, and simply worded it horribly. Now…. where he got the ‘a woman’s body can prevent pregnancy’ thing……. I dunno…

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    I don’t understand (and my Droid Inc won’t play the video — it doesn’t even recognize the click for some reason).

    What I write next isn’t written to be funny, but make a point.)

    Are we talking about:
    2.rape-rape (ask Whoopi what that means — perhaps a studder?), or
    3.rape-rape-rape, or
    4.rape-rape rape-ity rape, or
    5.rape-rape rape rape-ity rape?

    Oh, how I long for days past where a rapist met w/castration!

    Why are there graduations of repugnancey? And why let people who wish to destroy us — and who care LESS THAN NOTHING FOR THE VICTIM, especially when that victim’s a drugged young girl — define what a sensitive remark or mis-spoke phrase is?

    The final guide for the decision: do you really think the American People are stupid? Let your answer to that guide you!

    I trust the population, generally. If GOP politicians would quit trying to manipulate the American People to vote as the GOP politicians would like and simply put the facts into their hands, we would be better off.

    Were it otherwise, the T.E.A. party movement would not have arisen.

  • TommyBennett

    What a reactionary forum this is.

  • LL1885

    I’m sorry, I don’t see what the outrage is over. Joe Biden gets to call the GOP murderers, slave owners etc ON PURPOSE and Akin misspeaks and is crucified.

  • Peggy Saunders Cilano

    I think he just made a slip of the tongue and really may not had been implying that there is actually a legitimate rape , but what he meant to say ” if it was a rape as accused or was it really consensual sex.’ In any case, his statement that in the case of
    rape or in consensual sex, pregnancy may occur.

  • Lex

    I would think a legitimate rape is just that, a rape that really was a rape. There are people who have falsely accused someone of raping them. Sounded to me like he meant the human body could react to the trauma of a rape and expel a fertilized egg. I don’t agree with that but I am not an expert on the human body. Was it a poor choice of words…no doubt. Did it deserve the vile attack from the left, no. If Biden had said it, it would just be another, oh that’s just another Joe gaffe. Good luck with this one Missouri.

  • Tyler Korfhage

    Why the hell is everyone overreacting so much? It was a poor choice of words, but not like saying “rape is good”. Grow up.

  • Brian Roastbeef

    Problem with that second deadline in September is that the MO SoS is Robin Carnahan. Anybody here trust that she’ll be certain to see that the ballots are changed should he be replaced that late?

    If the change is to be made, he needs to be pressured to withdraw today.

  • mary

    We are about to learn just how stupid voters can be. If they elect this fool, we will know their stupidity in that state is without limits.

  • mary

    Maybe someone will rape HIM and we can question whether he made it all up.