More than a few shocked readers of The Onion today called Rep. Michele Bachmann’s callous reaction to the shootings in Oak Creek, Wis., “unbelievable.” Bachmann’s relief that “not a single American died in this event” is, quite literally, not to be believed — The Onion is a well-known parody site. Who doesn’t know that?

Palin-esque, you say? To be fair, The Onion’s shtick is to appear as much like a mainstream newspaper as possible, so take heart; people more famous than you have fallen for parodies as well.

  • MovingToNevada

    OK, here we go again. I see stupid people.

  • Buddy Tillery

    the term SHEEPLE has never been defined so well .. liberals will believe anything …must be a sad life to have someone else do your thinking for you …

    • Owen007

      Problem is, the ones who allegedly do the thinking for the sheeple can’t think themselves. That’s part of why the far left is so deranged and incompetent.

  • Rolando Medrano

    It just shows us how the off see things.

  • Aaron Gochee

    lol at Matt Damon above – Please don’t quit your day job buddy.

    • Maria

      Actually, I think he should quit his day job.

  • Chris Christie

    it’s not that hard to dope the left….

    • krischej

      Especially since they spend a fair amount of time doping themselves…

  • J.N. Ashby

    I refer to a comment I made on another article: “Twitter is the pulpit of fools.”
    Your witness.

  • $2943864

    They really are this ripe to believe what the left tells them to think.

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    Damon is such a maroon! He should stick to what he does best, um,. . . whatever that might be, cuz it’s not acting.

    • mcgirv

      He is a maroon!

    • FLCommonSense

      That is a harsh color, yikes!

  • Steve Bunten

    Anybody ask man-bear-pig what he thinks? If these people believe what The Onion writes they also probably believe that South Park is a reality show!

  • Garth Haycock

    Holy hell, that video demonstrates just how stupid a left-wing celebrity really is. Not only did he believe the hilarious fake report from The Onion, but he actually questioned why Palin hadn’t been more thoroughly vetted. He also failed to see the irony of his comments about her experience, when compared to Obama’s experience or the total lack of vetting of Obama.

    Damon, you are a dumbass.

    • Michelle

      His comments on Palin’s experience stood out to me as well. How ignorant. He had doubts about her because she had only 2 yrs experience as Governor at the time? Well, that’s 2 yrs more experience at executive level government than Obama had at the time, Do they not listen to the stupidity that comes out of their mouths?

      • Corey Dennison

        Something else to throw at the morons who bag on Palin’s two years of exp as Gov: Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Calvin Coolidge were all half-term governors and it was never an issue for them. That usually stops the libs’ lips from moving for a bit.


        • Shootist

          But TR, Wilson and Coolidge were men, and Liberals, for all their pandering are often both racist and sexist.

          • Joseph Lowery

            Which tree did you just fall out of? TR and Coolidge were Republicans. The Republican Party has been the party of racists since the passing of the civil rights laws in the 60’s. Republicans politicians are responsible for the majority of the sex scandles involving politicians.

          • Shootist

            dood, the civil rights laws of the 60s would not have passed without republican support. go read a little history and a little less propaganda.

          • Deron Reid

            don’t confuse progs with facts. Al Gore, Sr. voted against the CRA and defected to the Dixiecrats after it passed, then went back to the Dems. And it was the Progressive Democrat LBJ that claimed that “those dumb negros will be voting for us for the next 100yrs.”

          • PaultheMagyar

            As if the Republicans of the 1960s are the same as today’s Republicans. It sure helps to be historically ignorant to be a Republican today.

          • windycitygurl

            TR -ran as GOP but was a progressive and imperialist. Started the Bull Moose Party.
            Civil Rights Act of 1964 – passed with great help of GOP.

            History – it’s whats for dinner.

        • Owen007

          Not only that, but here’s another fun tidbit: in 2008, the supposedly inexperienced Palin had more executive experience that McCain, Biden and – oh yeah – Obama put together. Odd how it was unthinkable to let Palin be a “heartbeat away,” but it was more than acceptable to let a total novice like Obama have the top job.

          • Larry Baron

            That is why I wasn’t going to vote at all until Sarah joined the ticket.

          • Shelby is a Patriot

            Sarah Palin was the only positive thing about that election for sure.

          • Larry Baron

            That is why I wasn’t going to vote at all until Sarah joined the ticket.

          • PaultheMagyar

            Pay attention: Even thoughtful Republicans have recognized that Palin as VP was a colossal mistake.

          • JDStomper

            and by “thoughtful Republicans” you mean the one’s that agree with the liberals. Those same “thoughtful Republicans” do not get the same accolades when it’s a different issue and they’re at odds with the libs.

      • Shelby is a Patriot

        But-but…Obama was a community organizer… =p

    • krischej

      There’s a reason Rush calls them “celebutards”. Unfortunately that’s an insult to actual Downs people, who are far more bright than these eedjits.

      • FLCommonSense

        There’s a reason writers put words in actors’ mouths.

        • krischej

          Heh. Can you imagine what it would be like without the writers? [shudder].

  • Vicki


  • Steve Bacher

    If it’s on the Internet, it MUST be true! Cue the Pied Piper tune now!

  • NWFL Conservative

    Liberals are so epically gullible and stupid that it has become downright laughable. They have unwittingly become a parody of themselves. And they once again prove that there is no hate like liberal hate.

    And as far as Damon goes…….”It’s like a really bad Disney movie”……….or one of HIS, which are far worse. He needs to make YET ANOTHER SEQUEL called the Bourne STUPIDITY. Damon and the rest of them are living proof that when you speak other people’s words for a living, it renders you incapable of formulating your own in any intelligent manner. These people give village idiots a bad name.

  • Michelle

    I want to laugh at this…really, truly I do. It’s just that each time I’m about to unleash uproarious laughter, the thought comes to mind that these people actually vote.

    • GerryMaine

      I feel your pain!! I do really, unfortunately I have relatives that would fall for this!

    • TugboatPhil

      But they’re also the kind of people that can more easily be convinced to vote on Wednesdays, when the lines are shorter.

      • Shawn Gillogly

        Unfortunately, most states have laws that allow them to vote pretty much whenever they want now.

    • Larry Baron

      That is the problem. Every idiot gets to vote.

    • Larry Baron

      That is the problem. Every idiot gets to vote.

  • Booker T.

    Toxic Bachmann Derangement Syndrome.

  • jennyVT

    Palin???? come on….. that is a stupid remark !

  • jennyVT

    And Biden is QUALIFIED ??????

  • Chris Stone

    Only from the elite intelligentsia.

  • terry

    Are you serious?? They believed it?? And they are allowed to vote, that is why Obama is in office. Obama counts on these type of voters.

  • tchall

    Funny how a Good Story can overshadow the facts so completely… This isn’t going to be the last time The Onion is cited as a reference for either side’s wacko fringe elements!

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    Never heard of The Onion? You should have your ass whipped and be sent to the house.

  • voorhee

    What a bunch of maroons!

    • Michael John Naretto

      What a gulli-BULL

      Bugs Bunny

      • tsluf273

        “What a tah-rah-dee-GOON-dee-yay!”

  • Phil Bacalzo

    Coming in 2013! “The Bourne Loser” starring Matt Damon

    • Owen007

      I thought that came out in 2010 and was called “Green Zone.” 😉

    • Dave Stewart

      Co starring Obama bin Laden

  • Love of Country

    Matt Damon ….. LMAO! Did y’all see the interview?

    This self important, goofy dim-witted misogynist knows Sarah Palin was a mayor and a successful Governor but he insists what she will bring to the table with Vladimir Putin is her soccer mom experiences? How stupid is this guy? Here’s a hint …. Al Gore is his idol.

    Speaking of Putin …. you can be darn sure Sarah Palin wouldn’t be cutting deals against America’s best interests with Russia just as soon as she thought the mics were off like the loser Matt Damon is so gaga over. Putin has mopped the floor with Owebamao at every turn …. he’s got tons of concessions from the US with none in return …. there is NO WAY that would have ever happened on Sarahcuda’s watch.

    Matt Damon is a typical misogynist stooge and a brainless state run media patsie …. unbelievable!

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Like Christwire, the Onion is often believable because its strikes so very closely to the truth.

  • Michelle Missie McKay

    Scary that people will believe ANYTHING they read, without any regard to the source or the context. God, please tell me these asshats aren’t voting!

  • Nergal

    So liberals have such an intense knee-jerk reaction that they instantly start fuming over parodies. Somehow I am not surprised. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Ara Lohan

    M. Damon is truly a Howard Zinn enthusiast. That’s how much mush fills his cranial cavity!

  • NWFL Conservative

    For ANYONE to be fooled by an article on the Onion of all places, shows just how intellectually stunted they are. And the lib’s reactions are as predictable as a sunrise, proving time and time again that there is no hate like liberal hate and no hypocrisy like liberal hypocrisy. The contents of these Twitter posts and others, provide a glimpse into the mental disease that is liberalism. Unlike most mental illnesses, however, there are no medications for the treatment libero-phrenia, it is a terminal disease, cured only by assumption of room temperature. .

  • Derek Webb

    I heard he’s coming out with a new movie: The Gullible Supremacy. But seriously– The Onion is usually funny. That wasn’t funny.

  • Hiapo Cockett

    A la Team America: Maaatt Daaamon….

  • Rebecca Leigh Randolph

    they even retweet that it’s from the Onion….something tells me that they’ll do it again too

  • Yeeheecom

    Just goes to show you that everyone needs to research anything they read on the internet before jumping on the liberal hate bandwagon. But this doesn’t surprise me one bit since liberals were dumb enough to believe all the lies from Obama and then elect him.

  • Rob Stevely

    This will soon become a “fact” in liberal circles, much like Sarah Palin saying she can see Russia from her house has.

    • PatBattle

      And much like the doofuses alleging the “fact” that Romney criticized McCartney… smh to all of the goofy lefties…

  • mikecorthell

    That’s really rich as my dear mom would say. Just goes to show that the godless are quick to condemn. We are judged by the way we judge.

  • tsluf273

    Half of these people get their news from Comedy Central. What’d you expect?

  • Melody Canterberry

    Seems like every time Matt Damon opens his mouth anymore, he steps in it. I think he’s trying to compete with Sean Penn and Roseanne Barr for biggest a-hole in Hollywood.

  • joseph lynch

    So now that we know its all a bullcrap story from the Onion, how are we libs feeling?

  • Greg Johnson

    Just another example of how the Liberal left take what they read without researching it for themselves. “Well, if it is in print on a popular site of hedonistic trash and against one of my enemies it must be true, Duh, pass me some more Kool-aide.”

  • Liars Never Win

    Liberals proved they are stupid when they voted for Obama. These stories just drive that truth home with a vengeance.

    • Lester E. Tisdale IV

      Who else would they have voted for?

  • Brian

    Oh, please, like it’s the first time anyone’s been taken in by an Onion article. It happens to right-wingers, too. Remember the congressman who was outraged about the “Abortionplex”, or Fox Nation criticizing Obama’s 75,000 word complaint e-mail?

    • Lester E. Tisdale IV


      Blanket statements are dumb, period. Everyone’s dumb.

    • djshawman


  • baldheretic

    Tea partiers and ditto-heads calling out dems who fell for the @onion Bachmann story as being gullible knee jerk reactionaries? Now THAT’S funny!

    • Larry Baron

      Where is the humor? All I see is another stupid lib.

    • Larry Baron

      Where is the humor? All I see is another stupid lib.

  • Danny Wheeler

    The Onion should be ashamed of themselves for doing this to Michele Bachmann!

  • PatBattle

    My favorite exchange regarding this:

    swenocha [email protected]
    Ahh… and now we shift into the “fake but accurate” phase in lefty twitterdom regarding the #onion #bachmann story… lol…

    Imperial Aerosol Kid [email protected]@swenocha you honestly think that’s not something she could have said? #bachmann is living in 50s as are most #gop

    swenocha [email protected]@HeyGeno @swenocha you honestly think that’s not something she could have said? #bachmann is living in 50s as are most #gop» fake/accurate

    (I then thanked him for proving my point… that tweet seems to have ethered…)

    Imperial Aerosol Kid [email protected]@swenocha you’re welcome. Make sure you check under your bed tonight. #tinfoilhat

    swenocha [email protected]@HeyGeno @swenocha you’re welcome. Make sure you check under your bed tonight. #tinfoilhat» truth = tinfoilhat… Got it… Smh

  • Rick Stones

    Michelle Bachman is called “ignorant” and “dumb” by people who think The Onion is real news reporting… Just let that sink in.

  • MaMa1

    I don’t think anyone really believed she said that. Maybe a few of them did. They just wanted an excuse to unleash their hatred on Michele Bachman.

  • alanwillingham

    Matt Damon obviously despises the majority of the people who buy tickets to his movies. He makes a living pretending to be someone else and complains about people who are being themselves. By the way…. why is the date of the death of the last dinosaur so important to him in deciding who to select as president of this country?

  • LL1885 That page doesn’t exist!
    She deleted it. I would too.

  • Mitch

    Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. Every day the proof is built upon by the Dummycrats own words and actions.

    • Lazlo Whoopingcough

      It’s not that I hate progs; I don’t “hate” cockroaches either. I just realize the world would be a better place if they were exterminated.

  • LL1885
  • Lester E. Tisdale IV

    I love how conservatives hate liberals so much, and vice versa. It makes this country interesting!

  • CO2isGood

    What is truly sad is that most so-called Independents (the ones that will decide the election) are not really independent –they are ill-informed, and believe these kinds of false memes that more savvy partisans exploit.
    And many Independents are so proud of the fact that they are neutral thinkers–not fathoming the laziness it takes to not make an informed choice, but just blow with the wind.
    Oblivious to the realization that if they actually did think they (like the rest of us) might comprehend that being independent really means having no core values.

  • JOe Dutra

    The Left has never been confused with a brain trust.

  • Martin Van Nostran

    Looks like there are plenty of Libs out there every bit as smart as Matt Damon. Many others are living or “working” in the White House, DoJ, State, and the Veeps mansion.

  • $1503733

    The ‘D’ stands for duped and dumb.

  • Cohen is a ghost

    this is hardly a mistake unique to democrats:

  • John Hanover

    The Onion. It’s all anyone has to say and most free-thinking, free-willed and intelligent people would say oh the parody newspaper. Yet, all these ” enlightened ” and ” hip ” liberals thought the article was serious.

  • Lefty

    The ignorance is STRONG in Lefties/Libbies/Proggies who only see what they want and don’t peel back the layers of a simple link to the Onion.

  • PatBattle

    Onion is stirring it again… posted this 10 minutes ago and immediately got the lefty tweets flying again. 125+ retweets and a lot of responses… smh…

    The Onion [email protected]
    “Had the gunman targeted a church, this violent act could have been much, much worse.” – Michele Bachmann

  • Jacky Vicini

    First of all…’s a har har……….secondly, Damon’s first words were, “I don’t know anything about her.” YET HE STILL HAS AN OPINION of her worthiness as a political figure. Baaaaaaaa!

  • brianmouland

    These are the same dumb tits who think Jon Stewart is a real newsman and Bill Maher is a human being

    • $24170503

      Or O`reilly is one and Rush is a human being (shudder)

  • Owen007

    See what being a liberal parrot gets you? You look like an idiot rushing to condemn something the person in question never said. Eesh, I realize this might be hard for those morons to understand, but The Onion isn’t a serious news organization. Of course, those morons watch MSNBC, so let’s give them some fairness for the confusion.

    As for Damon, I remember that idiotic video. It’s amazing how everyone thought he was the smart guy to Affleck’s moron.

  • 1911HeadBanger

    Just goes to show how far out in outer space the Libturds really are. The Hollyweird celebrities have appointed themselves as authorities of high intelligence. The average liberal believes he’s the one that actually evolved. But it just goes to show how stupid and gullible they really are. Think about that the next time you see Roseanne Barr, Matt Damon, Shawn Penn or any of the other Hollywood Dumbasses out there, telling you how you should think and standing on their self-appointed authority. Remember that next time you hear a Liberal telling you how the world should be and how to solve our problems. You are listening to retarded people.

  • Maria

    Wow those Tweeters and Damon are some dumb people. They all need a smack. Of course people like that will believe ANYTHING.

  • Streetiebird

    So whoever wrote this “article” doesn’t remember the planned-parenthood uber-abortion cathedral article from the Onion?

    It was as if every conservative went straight on a hate-fueled commenting rampage instead of looking to see that the source was the Onion. But don’t let that stop the anonymous writer here from trying to align every Con against the Pros.

  • Alana Forsyth

    To Garth Haycock,
    What makes you think The Onion report had anything to do with the clip from Damon? The clip was from 2008.

  • Ponsonby_Britt

    Oh my, the potential to send these moonbats off on a wild goose chase!

  • Ponsonby_Britt

    Oh my, the potential to send these moonbats off on a wild goose chase!

  • Shockerrr1

    A parody?!?! thank god…i seriously did think she said it….i have never even heard of onion until today. This sort of thing should be outlawed. The credibilty of Americas Political Will is at stake. News on this subject should only be credible news.
    Bachmanns Rhetoric sounds so much like this…that we cant tell the difference anymore!!!! This parody does not help Michele Bachmann. In Fact this was a huge disservice to her….

  • Shockerrr1

    A parody?!?! thank god…i seriously did think she said it….i have never even heard of onion until today. This sort of thing should be outlawed. The credibilty of Americas Political Will is at stake. News on this subject should only be credible news.
    Bachmanns Rhetoric sounds so much like this…that we cant tell the difference anymore!!!! This parody does not help Michele Bachmann. In Fact this was a huge disservice to her….

  • Intel Addin

    You know, with the ‘Left’ being such a minority, why put up with their crap? Just piss on ’em and walk away. Like the sheep dogs US ARE!
    Eliminate bigotry, class warfare, and hate from US lives. EVIL lurks in The People’s house tonight.

  • maplebob23

    Liberals are so stupid. They quote The Onion all the time and now they forget it is a fake newspaper, just like the New York Times.

    Also, they still confuse Tina Fey with Sarah Palin.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  • Intel Addin

    I’ll take a hockey mom over ?????Joe Biden?????, who is incompetent on a good day. Matt, sorry dude, …for you. Because you are a complete IDEE ten T!!! Frikken OBAMA was less qualified that Palin. What a stupid douche. You sir, are very absurd. Ban books? Obama is frikking REWRITING OUR US HISTORY BOOKS!!!! IDIOT!!!! Example: Big oil spill accident in gulf. Who would you want to handle that? BHO? Biden? or Sarah Palin? No brainer. Then the a$$wipe ships the rigs to Brazil so we can redistribute US wealth for THEIR OIL!!! HOW DID US MAKE THESE IDIOTS?!?!?!?!???!!! FIX THAT! GOOD GRIEF!!!!! ON CAMERA!!!!! I wish I could act, because having a working life, and a thinking brain, is becoming so uncool. gg

    • Intel Addin

      57 states so far,.,… please make me stop, god d, are they paying you?????

  • Intel Addin

    Hollywood actor stupidity alone, should shut down the movie industry for the rest of US. Well, 2016, comes to mind. Obama’s plan for AmeriKA! People that saw it said they came away physically ILL!!!!! (they had brains, that might have had something to do with that, though)

  • Intel Addin

    Stay with me on this and pay attention. If there is someone with you, PLEASE hold hands so you don’t slap yourself when this comes full circle: ALERT alert.
    The gays who protested the Chick-fil-A s ,,, got there in their cars. Cars they had just filled with gas. Gasoline made from oil. Oil that is refined here, that comes mostly from Arabian countries. Arabian countries are for the most part Muslim. Muslims are ruled by Shariah Law. Shariah law,… wait for it,… STONES GAYS TO DEATH, no questions asked, no answers given. GIRAFALO!!!!! Me, I enjoyed some yummy chicken sandwiches with a lot of nice Christian people I met there. Let me count the FAILS. Anybody keeping track? If not, well, it’s just one fail after the other. Nothing has worked so far. LOL People rise up! they’re minor, like mosquito bites, they’ll go away, soon.

  • Ralph_Gizzip

    As soon as you see the Onion byline you should know that what follows is pure BS … much like the New York Times.

  • Thomas Krag

    Ignorant libtard. Sadly, the stupidity of the libtard movement will only grow because they are incapable of discernment.

  • PatBattle

    24 hours later… and they are quoting the article now more than ever. Some are taking the “fake but accurate” route, but the vast majority still believe the story… smh…

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    I remember when the onion duped me into thinking that Disney made robotic kids like Miley Cyrus for their TV shows…Oh, wait. I take that back. That never happened because I’m not a complete moron. >_<

  • ZachIsASaint

    Sigh. Where’s that video where protestors are quizzed on politics? You know the one, they are asked who said “I can see Russia from my house.” Some of them are geniunely shocked to hear it was a Tina Fey quote.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    OMG how stupid do you have to be, to be a Demonrat?!?

  • Manny Laureano

    Dios mio… the left REALLY IS that stupid.