Los Angeles Coroner’s official Michael Cormier died last week. According to sources cited by the Los Angeles Times, law enforcement officials believe Cormier may have been poisoned.

Many Twitter users are under the impression that Cormier was responsible for investigating the cause of Andrew Breitbart’s death:

Some strongly hinted at some kind of shadowy conspiracy:


At least one Twitter user accused the Obama Administration of assassinating both Breitbart and Cromier:

So far, Twitchy has been unable to find any reputable source documenting that Cormier was involved in any way with the Breitbart case. If any such evidence emerges, we will update this post.

For sane people who truly care about Breitbart, here’s where to send donations to his children’s memorial fund:

Breitbart Children’s Trust

149 S. Barrington Ave, #735

Los Angeles, CA 90049.

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  • marine37

    It’s nice to see someone other than Bush is blamed for something.  

  • rivers

    Sooo – the week that AB’s autopsy results are released, a coroner turns up dead by suspected arsenic poisoning, and finding that suspicious is a “whack job conspiracy” because we don’t know for certain that he was the one who personally conducted the autopsy? Okay. To all those  people who joked that the coroner would turn up dead before the results were released, nothing to see here, because it may or may not have been his name on the report.

    • http://twitter.com/SinclairNews LS News Group

      Twitchy did a good job pointing this out considering that the original story claimed Cormier released his report on Breitbarts COD last week when Cormier was NOT associated with the LA Coroners release last week. HT to Twitchy.

  • Section 9

    Good reporting, guys.

  • rivers

    Where can I find the source/aritcle/link that says definitively that this lab technician did not work on Andrew Breitbart’s case?  Just want some verification for an article, all I have seen so far is that there is no evidence that he did work on the case.