Yesterday Robert Zimmerman defended his brother, George Zimmerman, on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. Novelist Touré watched the interview and offered up these reflections:!/Toure/status/185580088996274176!/Toure/status/185580667139129344!/Toure/status/185581740843216898!/Toure/status/185582651548246017!/Toure/status/185582896327823360!/Toure/status/185583772857679872

In response to that last tweet, Piers Morgan called Touré a tedious twerp:!/piersmorgan/status/185592458896355328

Here is a portion of the interview from last night:

Update: they are still going at it:!/piersmorgan/status/185729718081953793!/piersmorgan/status/185738558810759169!/piersmorgan/status/185733079581732865!/Toure/status/185736230103826434!/piersmorgan/status/185739216985128960!/Toure/status/185740207063187456

Now Piers Morgan is challenging Touré to appear on his show tonight!!/piersmorgan/status/185744899814064128!/piersmorgan/status/185745867481952256!/piersmorgan/status/185750470948683776!/piersmorgan/status/185756358677762049

Update: Touré accepted Morgan’s challenge to appear on Morgan’s show. Naturally, the battle of tweets continued, with both sides claiming victory:!/Toure/status/185862996470403072!/Toure/status/185865658670649344!/piersmorgan/status/185902858833629185

Seems like everyone has something to say about this:!/ochocinco/status/185901809334878208!/DLoesch/status/185901559530520577

  • NunyaBsness

    Piers knows all about being a tedious little twerp!

  • max843

    And Piers is supposed to be a professional???  He’s sure gone down in my estimation.  Go Touré

  • Stephanie Mayfield

    Boring…. *yawn*

  • jsn2

    WTF? Poisining the jury pool?

    That is what you and your ilk have been
    doing the past week.

    Toure` is moron personified.


  • azkag

    Who knew all this time we could have dismantled our entire legal system and just rely on Toure for determination of facts and guilt.

    And by the way, that was not “testimony,” it was an interview.

  • Oz22151

    Piers got pretty defensive and lost his cool.
    Piers’s stock is way way down…

  • Oz22151

    Piers got pretty defensive.
    Piers stock is way way down.

  • Greg Halvorson

    Morgan cleaned the moron’s clock.

  • Fernando Poniente

    Who cares??

  • Errol Duncan

    I am not an American, however I lived in North
    America for over 15 years, and I can spot racial bigotry a mile away when it
    raises its ugly head. I believe there are lots of good and decent people in all
    races and ethnicities, but also there are lots of bigots running around out
    there as well some with guns too. The question is why George Zimmerman had to
    end this young kid’s life. Treyvon Martin had people who loved him too and
    still do, he was somebody’s child. I am living in St. Vincent and the
    Grenadines, in the Caribbean/ West Indies region and our hearts go out to
    Treyvon’s entire family, his mom, and dad especially and my encouragement to
    them is to stay strong, keep fighting for your loving son Treyvon never stop. However, I am appealing to all decent and fair
    minded Americans to let us come together, and put a stop to all kinds’ of
    bigotry. I know it is difficult for lots of Americans and people around the
    world economically, but we can still treat one other like human beings. I think
    we have the strength and the intellect to do it. I am a Vincentian or Vincy and
    I love all Americans no matter their ethnicity or race; you guys are a great
    nation of scientific and innovative people. Economically I believe things will
    get better for you guys soon. A strong America is good for the world all over
    let us continue to fight for peace and justice. My name Errol Duncan I am out,
    thanks for letting me share my opinion. People from all around the world are
    watching this tragedy unfold in America and it is sad to see. Please let’s work
    together to get rid of racial and all other types of bigotry. When I watch TV, lots
    of Americans seemed to be religious; well we must treat all peoples like God’s