Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner.

Who could’ve seen that coming? Oh … right … when Hawaii’s online health insurance marketplace debuted, it was an even bigger failure than HealthCare.gov.

KITV reports on the Hawaii exchange’s contract with the experts who brought you the federal Obamacare website.

The Hawaii Health Connector’s contract with CGI was announced Jan. 29. It covers website construction and maintenance, as well as associated financial and plan management systems for the exchange.

However, the company has a poor track record with similar contracts. Consumers on the mainland attempting to shop for health insurance on the federal website Healthcare.gov experienced technical glitches similar to the Hawaii portal. The website was also developed by CGI.

Hawaii’s miserable flop-fest was finally “open for business” on Oct. 15, much to the surprise of shoppers trying to access the Hawaii Health Connector website. As one person observed, “We must have vastly different ideas of ‘open for business’ and ‘functioning when open for business’.”

Heckuva job, Hawaii Health Connector!

  • Patriot

    And if you think federal workers get paid a lot you should see what the contractors get. Higher pay, with built in overhead for every sub-contract in the chain.

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      But just imagine if those contrators were state and federal government employees. We’d be paying for them throughout their govt. retirements, even AFTER the non-recurring website design was done. Obama has reduced contractors by 10% every year, and guess where they went??? Yep, hired as fulltime government workers.

  • Anthony Grimm

    The problem is that Govt has no incentive to be careful with taxpayers money as their attitude is if the Govt needs more money they will just tax more.

    • Paul

      The only incentive they have is to spend every last penny in this year’s budget so that they can be sure to justify their ‘need’ for an increase next year.

  • http://lordfoggybottom.com/ BlahBlah

    Is that the same crowd that offers web sites for free on TV?

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      They built the Canadian single-payer web systems.

  • TocksNedlog

    Nothing that you see onscreen is real. It’s all CGI.

    • http://commentspammersmustdie.blogspot.com/ Kakarot

      Kinda brings a whole new meaning to the phase “green screen”, doesn’t it?

  • JPeden

    Government “builds” another one!/ “You didn’t build that!”

    • Larry Rappaport

      Obviously…….but this is the intelligence factor we have no choice at this time but to deal with.

  • Odin2

    You couldn’t make this stuff up. No one would believe you.

    • vetgal1970

      Its happening before the very eyes of the idiot LIV’s and still they don’t believe it.

      • jukin

        No they believe it. Is just the republicans fault. Until something goes right its not Obama’s fault.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    And it only cost them Niihau.

  • http://granitegrok.com/author/mike Mike Rogers

    Isn’t the acronym CGI usually associated with the acronym BIN?
    Therefore: CGI => BIN Too much!

  • http://lordfoggybottom.com Lord Foggybottom

    I’d like to know: which politician knows the head honcho at CGI and what were the kickbacks? I imagine they’d have to be pretty good because no private company in their right mind would hire CGI after this debacle.

    • algonquinmatt

      i was just thinking the same thing. how does one get a contract like that with the Federal gov’t to start with?

      we need somebody to follow the money on this thing.

  • tjzbears

    Think Health Records??? Oh boy are we in trouble…irs contracts it out?? Same cronies, different faces, same lack of accountability, money poured down the drain….I’ m getting ill! They are already faxing peoples SS #, and personal info to god knows where…people are reporting they are receiving this info in their fax machines

  • Macharius

    Just remember, we’ve been a Blue state for 50+ years..and the state is almost completely represented by democrats. not that all democrats are…you know… but 50 years of complacency? It just breeds bureaucracy and corruption (see Hawaii Light Transit)

  • jukin

    To line the Hawaiian democrat party members with this slush fund and keep the Senate communist.

  • bleuze

    Websites set up by Obama huge donors!

  • Larry Rappaport

    CGI? Is this a joke? One of two things happened here. Either the administration was demanding the technology perform the way they wanted it when they have zero clue as to the realities of technology development or CGI has just lost their business by way of this dreadful event and free fixes which will be unacceptable. Doesn’t matter CGI Executives had the world stage as their marketing platform. Better to defer an impossible task and live to compete another day as opposed to this HOT MESS. Yeah, let me hire CGI for our 1200 or so offices. Wrong platform fellas so let’s begin this again on a different scalable and interoperable platform from scratch and do it the way you need to do it without the input of the educated idiots in Washington, Unfortunately this bell has rung. Had no idea who the contractor was but this will be bad, very bad for CGI’s business.

  • CO2 Producer

    The same contractor (CGI) is tasked with running the online health exchanges for Colorado, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

    Vermont in particular has its problems, too. The state’s agreement with CGI to launch their site is costing them $88 million–twice as much as originally expected–and the company did not meet several performance deadlines, which pushed back Vermonters’ ability to buy health plans to November 1st.

    The Governor of VT has called it a “nothing-burger,” so disperse, everyone. It’s all for your own good.

    • Larry Rappaport

      And has having equity interest in all things tech, there will be no other company that would want to enter this to relieve CGI in such a herculean but impossible effort. If a fix is instituted, 6 months, properly will leave this software buggy in perpetuity. To begin fresh with a site that actually works on the correct framework? 2 years…..IMHO.

      • CO2 Producer

        Darn Canadians.

  • Guest

    People NOT being able to enroll in the Unaffordable Care Act,
    is probably a blessing in disguise….phew

  • HelloZombieKitty

    Even though it’s “open” now, it’s a confusing disaster. I build websites for a living so I consider myself to be relatively intelligent – trying to browse the site last night was an exercise in frustration. Nothing is clear. Then again, that mirrors the entire fiasco and disaster that is ObamaCare.

  • Rick

    But, but, but, State of Hawaii paid “only” $6 mil for this abortion and CGI is trying to fix it for “FREE”/

  • Garymother Freekincoleman

    Well now that this grand illusion is over with, I can finally sit back and watch you damn
    fools blame each other for not being “conservative” enough, not being
    “tea party” enough. LOL!!

    Looks like your already chewing each others tails according to the
    comments here. Your failure is complete GOP/TEA pukes. When this comes
    up again, because we all know you’ll bring it up again, you fail even
    harder. 2014 is going to destroy you. I can’t Wait!

  • disqus_glB3YKQ95H

    One more case where there’s no accountability. Surprise, Surprise.