Really? New Jersey needs a progressive governor who appears to think of Tea Party congressmen as “House teabags”? Because that’s the term of endearment used in this tweet that was retweeted by Barbara Buono, a New Jersey state senator and Gov. Christie’s Dem challenger.

Politwoops caught the oh-so-classy retweet before Buono’s campaign attempted to send it down the memory hole.


Welcome to Twitchy, Sen. Buono. In case you hadn’t heard, it’s forever.

Enjoy the campaign!

* * *

Update: It seems the Buono campaign is still working out the kinks in its social media strategy. After the deletion of the tweet made news, communications director David Turner explained in a statement that deleting the retweet in the first place was the mistake, and the campaign promptly re-retweeted the gag about those mean old “House teabags.” ‘Cause it’s true, you know?

And a screenshot in case she re-deletes the re-retweet:

buono re-retweet

  • Obama’s Brolly

    Stupid hurts and lets hope that the stupid actions of @BuonoForNJGov come back to haunt her. Consequences for actions is something that Democrats are not used to having.

    • Suzyqpie

      I can’t get over that fact. Look at the debris field of Hilliary’s career. No problem. Viable candidate. Elizabeth Warren outright fabricated her linage, no problem. Marion Berry, reelected. Jesse Jackson, in a mental health facility, reelected. Is nothing so reprobate that their credibility is impeached. Wait & see, Weiner & Spitzer will be back.

      • rennyangel2

        Much of their reelections is done by shills voting for the dead and MIA and mob bus loads of ACORN-style paid maroons whose votes are all frauds. When all states have voter ID, fewer of these cretinous dolts will get elected.

      • Joseph Hansell

        You can add Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Ted Kennedy,etc,etc. to the list. It’s never ending.

  • Sandra Krocza

    Apparently that’s what the POTUS calls the Tea Party too. Libs are so predictable when it comes to calling names.

    • Billie Slash

      If that’s the case, the Obama will be just as surprised as King George III when we “teabaggers” take over.

      • CatHerder

        *CRACK* Folks, this one is headed for orbit!

      • stuckinIL4now

        I’m convinced Obumuh is the reincarnation of KGIII, come back to get revenge on those unruly, ungrateful colonists.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Libturds just can’t help themselves can they?! Stay crassy, ‘turds.

  • Doc Farmer

    Man, these haters are really crawling out from under their rocks today…

    • NRPax

      Their childish rage is like sunshine after a good overnight thunderstorm.

    • Billie Slash

      You said it, Doc. It lets us know we going in the right direction!

  • ginny_cw

    NJ needs a Barbara Buono like they need another hurricane Sandy.

  • Paul

    I think it is so hilarious when proggies call conservative ‘teabaggers’…. the obvious implication is that the proggies are the ‘teabaggees’

    • bungopony

      Never thought of it that way!!:-}

      • Adela Wagner

        HA, gonna have to borrow that one. Along with saying “I’m addressing his white half” whenever I am accused of being a racist when calling out Obama.

  • Suzyqpie

    “Welcome to Twitchy, Sen. Buono. In case you hadn’t heard, it’s forever,” bam! Some of these people do not understand that once it is out there, it is out there forever.

  • Spiny Norman

    As a general rule, Twitter may be a world of mind-numbing inanity, but it gives the self-absorbed Left a wonderful venue to reveal their stupidity for everyone to see.

  • Ronald Green

    Glad I don’t live in Jersey. the choice between RiINO Christie and this wacko would be too much to bear.

    • grais

      Oh, c’mon. You’re stronger than that, aren’t you?

      • Ronald Green

        Not if it meant having to stay in Jersey, I’d leave, probably would have already. I’m proud to be a Georgia boy and wouldn’t live north of the freeze line if you paid me too. Snow is pretty and all, just don’t want to live in it again. (7 years in Germany with the Army.)

  • TocksNedlog

    And so, yet another Democrat succeeds in erasing all class distinctions.
    She has no class.

  • tarandfeatherthecrooks

    If Barbara Buono can call that many of her state’s citizens such a despicable name, what else will she call them? Democrats are like Georgie Porgy who are bullies and then first to cry when challenged for their misbehavior. Hypocrites

  • brando

    It’s funny how Buono is pretty much getting no support from anyone in her party even though NJ is pretty damn liberal. Christie is going to crush her in Nov, not physically of course

    • therealguyfaux

      Ooooh, you’re naughty with that fat joke about “Baccala,” aren’t you?
      We all know he COULD, though…

  • Janice LEE

    Typical brainless twit. Make that typical DEM twit.

  • Michael Hampton

    So you hate her and demonize her because she retweeted something? Are you that petty? Please spend some time with your kids instead of just being ridiculous.

    • MarcusFenix

      So, calling her out on the retweet is hateful, but….

      Her derogatory term for Tea Party members, her scaremongering about cutting food stamps, and generally nasty tone….those are ok?

      I don’t see it as petty to post her retweet. I do see her retweeting that message as petty and self serving, however.

      • Michael Hampton

        How is telling you that you are cutting off the food supply of a lot of American citizens “scaremongering” when it is the truth?

        And keep telling yourself that you are somehow better than she is if that gets you to sleep at night. Good for you.

        • GaryTheBrave

          I don’t know about “food supply” but the House did vote to fund most of the government except for some new program we have gone more than 220 years without needing it.

          Now if the Senate doesn’t fund the government its their fault.

        • Jeff McCabe

          Your position then is that every dollar of assistance goes to someone who needs it and not waste, then? And all the stories of people buying wine, lobster, selling for cash etc? If you refuse to acknowledge there is waste in the program, its terribly disingenuous of you to claim food supply is being cut off from anyone. If you truly cared for the less fortunate you would support policies to increase jobs rather than more give always. But whatever gets you to sleep at night.

        • trixiewoobeans

          You obviously have no street smarts. In my neighborhood, and neighborhoods all over the country, high-end food is traded for drugs, as low as fifty cents on the dollar. Hey, drug dealers gotta eat, ya know? The user’s kids get stuck with low-end convenience foods, like mac ‘n cheese, generic Lucky Charms, tomato soup, canned spaghetti, corn dogs, hot dogs, Ramen noodles…LOTS of Ramens. But hey, their kids don’t need that much food anyway, cause they get free breakfast, lunch and after-school snacks at school. Teachers report their kids are hyper (duh), the State puts masses of them on Ritalin and the like, which the parents take themselves, sell or trade for the drug of their choice. Mom’s (I mean taxpayers) also support whoever their latest baby daddy is, along with the kids from previous baby daddies. They also get free medical and dental care, subsidized housing and help with heating bills. It’s a racket, and I’m sick to death of paying for it, and being lectured by know-nothings who just want to feel good about themselves and haven’t a clue what’s really going on…because they wouldn’t be caught dead in these neighborhoods or interacting with these people. Good day, sir!

          • Michael Hampton

            I volunteer in those neighborhoods weekly. I feed hungry children in my city. What do you do?

          • trixiewoobeans

            I volunteer at a Pit Bull rescue, donating, networking and raising funds to help abused dogs. I also make dog coats for outside shelter dogs all over the country (including Hurricane Sandy dogs), and for the dogs of the homeless in my city, and over the years, all year, crochet hats and scarves, buy socks, gloves, handwarmers, toiletries and chocolate to distribute to the homeless at Christmas. It takes all year to make them, find sales, buy in bulk and spread my piddlingly small funds to cover it. I also buy shoes and coats for kids in foster care, and have tutored kids in schools falling behind their peers in Math and Reading. Satisfied?

          • Michael Hampton

            So you feel that homeless dogs should get better care than hungry children?

          • trixiewoobeans

            LOL! You’re so predictable. I was waiting for that response, that’s why I mentioned the dogs first. Did you read the whole thing or just have a kneejerk reaction to the first part? A relative by marriage was once a homeless street kid for six years. When I asked him where the GREATEST need was for me to focus my efforts, based on his experience, he said kids are well-provided for by the State, County, churches and other charitable institutions. It was the homeless who fell through the cracks, so that’s where I put my focus, as well as foster children. The dogs became an interest and outreach while I was working with the homeless, as many of them have dogs for protection and companionship. Mistreated and neglected ones are a warning and symptom of society’s meltdown. They’re also a wonderful way to teach children, especially, respect and love for ALL living things, as well as empathy. Any more judgments and criticisms?

        • Michelle

          Michael – Do you support illegal immigration?

          • MrSnuggles2k2

            Of course he does, he supports what he is told to support. even if it means contradicting himself on other issues, like those evil corporations who dont want to pay their employees a living wage. Yes, the same ones that want amnesty so that they can continue to not pay a living wage.

          • Michael Hampton

            No. But I don’t think that punishing the immigrants is the answer. Punish the Americans who are hiring them and the immigration will stop. If they can’t get jobs, they won’t come. I also don’t see the benefit in demonizing them.

          • Paul

            Asking someone to obey our laws is ‘demonizing’ them?

        • MarcusFenix

          I’ve read most of your other thread work elsewhere. Your snark doesn’t work here, nor does your condescending tone. Amazing how you hate it when others do it to you about your sexuality, but the moment someone doesn’t agree with you on something like this, suddenly we are all some mustache-twirling villains who think we’re better than you. If you want to believe it’s an issue of superiority, then…that’s more of an inferiority complex on your part, but it’s not the case here. I like dealing with facts.

          On topic:

          At the end of the day, it’s not the “truth”, and is a scare tactic used to bait a hook which libs go for every time. For some reason, the equation that Democrats give when talking about cutting off government programs never seems to have both sides. If you only tell people about the “bad” things, and never actually show them what the end result is…does that not directly fit into scare-mongering?

          Notice that the bills were designed to get people back to work and taking care of themselves. Are you somehow under the impression that if people are working, but have no food stamps, that they’ll forget how a grocery store works? That without their EBT cards, they’ll not be able to navigate the produce aisle?

          That, sir, is the truth. If you’re working and taking care of yourself…then there’s no need for the program, and thus there is no need to be dependent on a liberal policy that has created decades of people who have been living on the taxpayers dime.

        • MarcusFenix

          Since your other comment has been in moderation all day….I’ll just reply here.
          You do know that the amount they’re reducing it by is less than 6% of the total budget for those programs right? It’s not like we’re forcing people to starve to death, that is simply more rhetoric meant to scare people or demonize those who don’t agree with you. Just the amount of
          reduction alone in the first year wouldn’t even account for the possibility of fraud costs at the tune of 10 billion or so, which would be less than 2% of the cost of the programs.

          Yet, for all of your hand-wringing, you ignored outright the fact that the cost of one warplane employs countless number of people including the manufacturer, the suppliers and the manufacturer of the individual parts, the
          logistical elements, programmers as well as those in the military that use those items, repair them, those who participate in air traffic control, and so on. So we should cut off those people as well, and if we do, who picks up their tax burden to fund your welfare programs? The
          same people who pay into the system that others sit on for years at a time, because there’s no incentive to get back into the job force? Do you believe that those already on the program are either they’re too lazy to do so, or that they’re too ignorant to try and start their own business or find their own way? Why such an aversion to asking people to try and fend for themselves?

          While we’re at it…let’s take your emotional statement about starving kids at the price of a warplane. Consider for a moment the F-22 Raptor. It’s total cost: $150 million
          dollars. If you’re complaining about what’s being taken out from the legislation, saying it’s going to starve kids all over the place….how is this (which is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount that was scaled back) going to feed “every kid in this country for a year”. By your own math, that wouldn’t work.

          The bottom line is, no matter how you address it, 6% of the total of that massive program seems like a lot of money…until you bank it against the fact that it’s not
          and wont be cut back immediately, but over time. Secondarily, by getting people to be responsible for themselves and getting them back to work (because Democrats keep saying things are getting better), they
          wouldn’t need the program anyway.

          Unless you’re saying that Obama and the Democrats have been lying about the improvement of things all this time? Didn’t Obama promise to fix the job situation? Has he
          not told the American people, in his own words and through his flunkies,how much better things are and that the economy is getting better? Shouldn’t this be the natural extension of such good news, that people
          CAN get back to work? Why continue to pay for such programs, if Obama swears up and down things are better, and by extension they wouldn’t need them anymore?

          It’s not evil to ask people to be self sufficient. It’s not wrong to try and get people on their own two feet, and to not live off a program for multiple decades that was designed as a short term form of assistance.

          Also, when you look the spread of things covered by programs such as SNAP (like, the 7-11 pizza ads out there for example), are you saying we should subsidize foods that are massively unhealthy, as opposed to trying to provide better, healthier meals that are wholesome, such as more fruits and vegetables?

          Either, you’ve been lied to by your own party, you don’t understand the scope of the problem with trying to run such a program, along with the reason for the cuts as well as the scope of said cuts, or….you just like having a reason to wring your hands, because someone, somewhere wasn’t dealt a fair hand in life and that makes you sad. I don’t control life’s lottery. I also can’t control someone who has become complacent by sitting on the government rolls for years on end, because it’s more
          profitable at this point than actually looking for work.

          People who live on welfare for decades, who have no incentive or desire to work, and who simply wish to continue living on the taxpayers dime ARE, by definition, lazy. Buying fatty, calorically empty foods high in fat
          and loaded with high fructose corn syrup for kids (adults can make their own choices, but kids have no say in the matter) isn’t feeding them as much as contributing to much larger and looming problems. And what Democrat doesn’t want to help the children?

          Help their parents get back to work, help their parents keep more of their paycheck, and help their parents become responsible and productive members of society,
          and programs like this wouldn’t be required to cover as much. It’s easy math.

          And all this, sans mustache.

        • MarcusFenix

          (Since it keeps dropping your comments into moderation…)


          Can you make a point with that statement? I thought we were talking about evil republicans taking breadcrumbs from the mouths of starving babes? I’d like you to form a solid line of thought based on my reply, and linked to your statement of “trickle down”.

    • Pat Loudoun

      Bite me, troll.

      • Michael Hampton

        You wish.

    • grais

      It’s not THAT she retweeted; it’s WHAT she retweeted.
      Read again, from the top.
      Or don’t.

    • Clete Torres

      Aren’t you tired of being slapped with your own stupidity yet? I mean, at some point, it just has to get tiring.

      • Michael Hampton

        Honey. I’m not the one who is calling someone else stupid to try and make myself seem better than them.

        • CatHerder

          “Honey?” Oooh, Clete’s got a girlfriend, Clete’s got a girlfriend! I’m telling!

          • Clete Torres

            Oh crap.

        • grais

          No, you’re calling everyone “petty” and “ridiculous” (and implying that they don’t spend time w/their children) to try to make yourself seem better than they are.

          • Michael Hampton

            No I am not. I am calling them petty because they are being petty. Spending on Food Stamps is extremely low compared to our defense spending. Why not cut the waste out of the Pentagon? It’s out of control.

    • Keith

      Who said they “hated” her??? Did I miss that tweet? If so then I apologize in advance. And demonize her how?? Because she lies about food stamps. Food stamps have increased 70% under the new dem liar in chief. That increase is ridiculous and needs to be stopped NOW!!!

      • JR48

        Especially since they’re only cutting it by 4% over ten years.

        Progressive pseudo-outrage.

  • RightFinShark

    What a vile, nasty witch. Off to hell for you,Barbara.

  • Magnifico

    Why does it drive me crazy that freaks who coined “teabagging” are now attributing their weird-ass deviancy to us?

  • Sergio Piery

    The outrage directed at this piece of work for retweeting a message with such vulgarity and depravity is not unfounded, but who is holding the POTUS’ feet to the fire for being the originator of the twit?

  • rennyangel2

    Buono is just a prog maroon. I am surprised she can use Tweets or wipe herself.

    • trixiewoobeans

      That’s why she’s “useful.”

  • Danny Wheeler


  • Diane Stephan

    Why are Dems so obsessed with talking about balls on someone’s chin?

  • neoface

    Democrats are the most stupid people, she thinks just because she deleted a tweet, it just disappears. Not sure why anyone would want to vote for someone who uses derogatory terms to refer to a group of people she doesn’t even know. Isn’t that a form of bigotry???

    • Paul C.

      And they want to run a state!!

  • idontcarreiluvit

    I guess when you know you’re going to lose it doesn’t matter huh?