The NSA’s “got the right stuff, baby,” says New Kids on the Block’s Joey McIntyre.

Obama’s government can snoop all it wants, without limits, and it’s a-OK with McIntyre because this administration has clearly shown itself to respect the rights of political enemies. In fact, surveillance of Americans is just like having a neighborhood beat cop swing by the corner store to make sure all is well.

McIntyre doesn’t “get political” much, he just needs you to know there’s “no line” when it comes to Big Daddy Government.

So what does he say to this?

Hmm …

The Constitution actually does have lines the government “shall not” cross. But McIntyre trusts Obama’s NSA to cross any and all lines and cross right back. No harm done.

How ’bout this line?

Hush now. We’re talking NSA overreach, not IRS overreach.

Now time to wrap this up, all you paranoids.

Or not …

Exit question: Would McIntyre still love the way the NSA turns him on if these revelations about the NSA’s surveillance programs occurred under President George W. Bush?

  • capisce

    Whether it’s the TSA or stop and frisk, profiling the most obvious suspects, is racist and xenophobic.
    But profiling Americans at large, is a necessary, “modest encroachment” of our civil rights – to keep us safe?
    No matter which party is in power, I feel safer with a Bill of Rights, not a bill of goods.

    • Penmar


  • Clete Torres

    And this is why Joey and NKOTB have been largely irrelevant since…ever. Both musically, and socially.

    • jetch

      he’s from boston, mass – home of the nanny state loving leftists. he’s probably voted for kennedy in every election since he was 9.
      ironically, the “snooping” didn’t help boston thwart the marathon bombers…

      • Clete Torres


  • Sua Sponte

    Is this a “things people from the mid-80’s said who aren’t relevant today and have to inject themselves to try and stay relevant” thread?…..

  • marcellucci

    Anyone else get the feeling this dipshit still touches hot stoves?

    • TocksNedlog

      With his tongue.

  • grais

    Kids are funny; scary, but funny.

  • CatHerder

    Take the kid’s batteries out when he’s not onstage.

  • Lotte Lenya

    1. Never heard of him
    2. This attitude is what will slide us directly into 1984

    • gekkobear

      1984 is when NKOTB was formed… and that’s all Joey needs to know to support it.

      He’s not that bright.

  • Emily B

    Oh no!! I’m taking his poster off my closet door now. 😉

  • mickeyco

    And now we know why Joey “don’t get political on here much”.

  • Richo

    Sweet, with that “just say no to leaks” “nothing to hide” attitude he’d fit right in as an aide for libturds like John Bolton or Boehner.

  • John Boggs

    In the immortal words of Bugs….”what a maroon!”

  • AlmaAlma

    He has way too much trust in the Govt.

    He needs to read up on human nature and history.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Don’t think that things can’t go wrong Joey.

  • Markward

    Well, you can’t vote Obama, given term limits, unless this useful idiot is advocating violation of the Constitution.

  • PatrioticDissent

    He wouldn’t be singing that tune if R POTUS was in charge. Useful idiot.

    • TocksNedlog

      Oh please — get real!

      He can’t sing in tune.

  • bicentennialguy

    These people are idiots. Something like this can EASILY be perverted into a dreadful weapon….but of course that’s OK because we know every Democrat by nature is pure as the driven snow. It’s only Republicans who want to spy on people.

  • neoface

    Another clueless liberal!!!!

    • Clete Torres


  • notenoughtime

    Target survellience with probable cause is one thing but taking information from law abiding individuals is an overreach and certainly not within the parameters of our constitution. What happens to the records in light of the targeting for Tea Partiers, etc., within the IRS. Pres. O has given us no indication that he is a trust worthy individual who would not use propaganda and intimidation to squash any opposition. Joey needs to wake up or at least stick to what he does best.

  • lainer51

    ” I’m voting for Obama and carrying his water all at the same time”………….

  • James Atkins

    Pretty amazing that people are ok with potentially thousands of individuals looking at, listening to everything you do. It’s one hell of an assumption that none of those people will decide to do something malicious… we are truly doomed if this is the prevalent attitude of people…sheep.

    If he is doing nothing wrong, I don’t suppose he would be opposed to us putting a camera in his know, just to make sure he isn’t doing anything wrong in some bureaucrats opinion.

    These people are truly f’n idiots.

    • camnpat

      They are ok with this because Obama is in power. It comes down to the left believing that, because in their minds they are “morally right”, that they will always be in power. They never think “what could happen if someone who doesn’t think like us uses this (any law/process/etc) in a different way that we accept?”.

      With that said, I have to say that it was painful to listen to a radio show the other day where too many conservatives called in outraged that Obama has been doing this, but ok with the existence of the framework for the program under Bush because “Bush was a good guy”. In other words, they would have been ok with all of this under Bush but are outraged about it under Obama. There is a intellectual honesty that gets lost with all the partisanship and doesn’t allow for an actual honest assessment of what’s right or not. A law is good or bad regardless of who’s in power, and a Constitutional infringement can take place whether a president is a “good guy” or not.

      So many people are so focused on the party rather than the country that they miss the trees for the forest, so I share your concerns James.

  • jetch

    when is he planning to vote for Obama again?? what an idiot. the correct analogy would be to say that *he’s* the cop tell everyone “nothing to see here, move along”. I never get used to the fact that there are people who will willingly put the head in the sand because they don’t see an immediate threat to themselves.
    this guy needs to get audited by the next conservative president, just to prove a point.

  • TocksNedlog

    “unless we r up to know good- out lives really aren’t that interesting and they move on to the bad guys.”
    — Better not let them hear you sing!

    “I’m voting for equality AND PROSPERITY!! I’m voting for Obama.”
    — Well, we may not be very prosperous, but we ARE all equal in the eyes (and ears, and filing cabinets) of the NSA!

    “I see it as a cop stopping by the corner store “just checkin’ in, Joe.” “Alls well, Mike. Thanks.”
    — A slightly more accurate analogy would be that it’s like a cop behaving like a Peeping Tom at EVERY SINGLE WINDOW ON HIS BEAT.

    • Catchance

      Great analogy!

  • Zathras11 @B5

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • camnpat

    “I see it as a cop stopping by the corner store “just checkin’ in, Joe.” “Alls well, Mike. Thanks.””

    Actually it is more like a CIA spy who has the key to your house, and whether you want it or not, and whether you are home or not, will stop by your house at anytime of the day or night, go through every room, your mailbox, grab a drink from the fridge, get into the bathroom while you are showering without you noticing to check the pockets of the pants you are going to wear, and finally leave without leaving a trace. And if you happen to catch him he gives you an angry look and says “As long as you aren’t doing anything wrong nothing will happen to you”, without ever defining what ‘wrong’ means.

  • LegalizeShemp

    “You have reached the complaint department of the US government. Press 1 to be wiretapped, press 2 to have your emails read, press 3 to get an IRS audit and press 4 para Espanol.”

  • Sabrina Sullivan

    HA! That first one is me! @calicocat96! Libertarian and proud of it.

  • Gregg Hammerquist

    “What a pity, such nice cheeks too. If only they were brains.”

  • jukin

    It’s coming out now that PRISM specifically DID NOT spy on muslims or mosques. Kind of hard to catch the Boston muslim bombers when the NSA is specifically not looking for them.

  • Donna

    Actually they have been on tour since 2008 playing packed stadiums. As well he crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon 11 mins before the bombs exploded. I think he has a right to his opinion.

  • Donna

    Actually they have been touring since 2008 playing stadiums and release 2 albums. As well he crossed the finish line 11 mins before the bombs went off. I think he has a right to his opinion.

    • djshawman

      He certainly does have the right to his opinion, and I have the right to tell him he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. His accomplishments are irrelevant in his right to an opinion.

  • gekkobear

    Hey, 1984 is when NKOTB was formed… Joey just wants to go back, and he heard Big Brother government was like 1984.

    • Alicia Layne

      1985 is when they were formed.