Is that just an image of the New York City skyline in Anthony Weiner’s new “Keys to the City” logo or something more? Thanks to conservative blogger Aaron Walker, what has been seen cannot be unseen.

Looks like Anthony Weiner’s graphic designer may have given him the shaft.

And it’s a bipartisan observation: Mother Jones’ Clara Jeffery noted the same unfortunate protrusion.

Notice anything else about the logo? Aaron did. Visit Allergic to Bull to read about what he calls the other “phallic issue.”

Editor’s note: Typo in the headline has been fixed.

  • Powerz

    immature …but OK to serve these days

  • TugboatPhil

    Is that the Empire State Building or are you just glad to see me?

  • Guest

    Just pointing out the obvious, but Aaron Worthing’s avatar could also be considered to be phallic.

    • gloriabundance

      Not the same thing at all. Or is that just satire?

    • ceemack

      A bit. But I doubt there are any pictures of Worthing’s package floating around the Internet.

  • V the K

    Sometimes the Empire State Building is just the Empire State Building.

    Not this time, tho’

  • capisce

    Sometimes a skyscraper is just a skyscraper – but a douche is always a douche.

    Rethink the logo, Weiner – it’s hard to swallow.

    • mydadsays

      This guy is douche-normous!

    • captaingrumpy

      “It’s HARD to swollow” , ha ha ha ha very good one.

  • waltermitty2012

    This is just the tip of things to come for Wiener. Based on his avatar, Weiner is trying erect an image of himself as a potential mayoral candidate. In the end, Wiener will come up short when measured against other candidates.

    • RKae

      And then will his popularity peter out?

      • John W.

        Please don’t be so hardon him.

        • HWGood

          The competition is stiff, but he’s going to stick it out.

    • Ben Bollman

      Any potential rival could easily poke holes with Weiner’s character and thrust him out of the race.

  • ceemack

    Oh, lay off of poor Anthony.

    He’s merely trying to highlight one of the most impressive erections in New York City.

  • Baba Ghanoush

    Is this guy kidding? He has to be doing this intentionally, right?

  • DavidKramer

    Alright, has anyone taken Anthony’sWeiner as a twitter account yet? I think I need to make another account………….I believe I know what I will use for the avatar.

  • Joe W.

    Give him a break. After all, he IS facing some pretty stiff competition…..

    • Guest

      … posted in wrong place

  • grais

    This is all very funny, but I wish Twitchy would quit posting pics of this degenerate’s UGLY, UGLY face.
    Hideous man, top to bottom, inside and out.

  • 24fan

    Oh dear lol haha I’m sorry just a last name like that give me a fit of the giggles haha.

  • MrApple

    You’ve got to be shitting me with that logo. This man has some balls.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    At least it appears to be a protected phallic symbol. #Trojan

  • Orlando Cee

    Dang! I never realized the Empire State Building had a reservoir tip!

  • Walt

    The sad part about all this is that I have no doubts he will be elected mayor of NYC. Probably more than once.

    • lainer51

      yes, the sleazier the better for NY…

  • The Monster

    The Bride of Monster said Weiner should stop running for office. Maybe he could could write a book. One of those pop-ups.

  • Hired Mind

    Uh, isn’t that building a little too tall?

  • dagnytaggart

    The man who keeps on giving it to his constituents…

  • Right Wired

    Wow, he totally ripped off the Wizard of Oz movie poster.

  • rinodino

    Funny stuff but like I’ve said before and got deleted…. Twitchy has a addiction to talk about liberal packages, hmmm i wonder why????….From constantly referencing the Biden /Obama package joke to the wiener jokes….obsessed with liberal packages I see……

    • lainer51

      you are so right, it reminds me of the Sarah Palin obsession – if she clipped her toenails at midnight, one of your fugly women on the left would rant about it… but then again, she is a pretty woman, something that really irks them…

  • Right Wired

    AHHH Now we know what Obama meant when he said:

    “Tonight, we gather to affirm the greatness of our nation – not because of the height of our skyscrapers, or the power of our military, or the size of our economy. Our pride is based on a very simple premise, summed up in a declaration made over two hundred years ago.” -Barack Obama

  • TocksNedlog

    “Oh, I wish I was the New York Mayor Weiner . . .”

  • mdtljt

    Delusions of grandeur….

  • dagnytaggart

    I think it’s intentional, kind of like his roller-skate stunt. He can’t bury what he did, so make it big, shiny, and put it out there!

  • 1SkepticalChick

    This is just so hard to look at…again….

  • neoface

    OMG! You can’t be serious!!! I hope he didn’t pay someone to come up with that logo.

    • missj

      Oh I’m SO hoping he DID pay someone to come up with that logo! Karma Mr. Weiner…..karma…..

  • missj

    This is exactly the kind of delusional narcissist that I’d expect to take over for Napoleon Bloomberg.

  • celador2

    The frontrunner is a fool pres City Council who sees NYPD as the enemy more than jihad and who will drive the city finances into the red over contracts. Weiner may win mayor NYC if he convinces enough voters he is more fiscally responsible than is Quinn and more involved in jihad attack safety prevention.
    Once in power he will make his logo a signature and well, who knows where he will go.

  • FranklinWasRight

    It must be on purpose, Dems think that if they laugh at their mistakes, people won’t take them seriously. It is up to us to make sure people are laughing at him, not with him.

  • FlatFoot

    Leopards can’t change their inherent spots.
    Tigers can’t change their intrinsic stripes.

    And Weiners can’t change their innate proclivities.


    Shoes you the true nature of Wiener. Nothing but a massive dick.

  • CrashFroelich

    Tony Weiner, a stand-up guy.

  • HWGood

    I’m still expecting to see someone marketing up-scale sausages on-line, calling the deliveries “Weiner-grams”.

  • Bob Galasso

    He just can’t stop with the wiener images, can he?

  • john mason

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but why use ‘a cigar’ image with your history dumbkopf!