Well, Anthony Weiner had trouble keeping that up.

Back to his old ways? On Monday, Twitchy noted Anthony Weiner’s Twitter second coming and some people suspected he wouldn’t be doing followbacks anytime soon. But he just couldn’t resist following his beloved pals at Rockaway community newspaper The Wave.

In 2005, The Wave endorsed Weiner as the “Energizer Bunny.” And in 2009, Weiner honored the paper with a fawning  message that was entered into the Congressional Record. So even though The Wave isn’t a starry-eyed teenage girl, the paper lobbied Weiner to give it a Twitter follow.

Sage advice:


At least dirty DMs won’t be a problem. According to DoesFollow.com, The Wave doesn’t follow Anthony Weiner back.


Hat tip: @einfal

  • V the K

    Cue the “Anthony Weiner Update Theme”

    • HWarrior13

      You’re so twisted, “V the K”….I like that.

  • Richard J Sunkle

    Hide yer daughters, the Weiner has been unleashed and is back online.

    • shimauma

      hide yo husbands AND yo wives!

      • http://twitter.com/IKECSA ike

        aint nobody got time fo dat

  • BlahBlah

    I honestly can’t decide who is creepier – Weiner or his wife who stayed married to him even after the whole world knew she was married to a creep.

    • HWarrior13

      Her mentor is Hilary Clinton…that’s what liberal wives do…exactly as their handlers…er….I mean, husbands TELL them to do.

      • PeriMedic

        Sort of the antithesis of feminism, huh? Hypocrites.

      • V the K

        I notice there are a lot of Democrat Stepford wives… Hillary Clinton, Tipper Gore, Huma Abedin … willingly tolerate their husband’s serial infidelities in return for the power and privilege that comes with being the consort of a high-ranking Democrat.

        • TomParker13

          Tipper Gore escaped from Al’s Second Chakra.

    • DurkaDurka

      You mean the daughter of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood? Have you heard of Benghazi?

    • http://www.facebook.com/luke.givens.963 Luke Givens

      Much better to just dump the old bag and run off with the mistress before the old bag even has to make a choice whether to stay with the husband or not, as countless GOP politicians have done.

    • Leila Peterson

      I understood this weiner was hand picked [if you’ll pardon the pun] to serve
      [another pardon] as husband to Huma Abedin so she could blend into U.S.
      politics–since as a Muslima she isn’t allowed to marry an infidel– and attach
      herself to Hillary Clinton. Knowing he was just an empty weiner, no wonder this simpleton was um…lonely. But, hey, New York has astonishingly low criteria for their elected officials.

      • BlahBlah

        New York has astonishingly low criteria for just about anything. I should know cuz I live here.

  • celador2

    Everyone will watch him for his behavior that got him booted from House by public opinion. He may be next mayor NYC just by being clean and running a clean Twitter. What low standards and expectations for mayor.

  • Mark James

    During his campaign he will be a constant source of ridicule and the butt of jokes.

  • Patrick Fallon

    Anthony Weiner eats to many Weiners

  • arrow2010


  • Clancie

    Please tell me this pervert can be Blocked.

    Democrats sure do idolized their pervs and immoral skanks.

    • shimauma

      Remember that demoncrap pervs and skanks are obsessed with worshipping their own private parts; it’s the only thing demoncraps can focus on. Why else would they all be about marriage “equality” and booing God out of their convention; because their crotches are their gods.

  • John_Sinropa

    Why does NY need another Weiner? They already have a dick for Mayor!

  • Sal Williams

    only twits tweet.


    Only dicks would follow him.

  • http://twitter.com/FoxieNews Debbie

    Now where did I put my Weiner Mobile photoshops?…………………

  • sicandtired

    The libtards are getting the band back together. Debbie Whack A Mole Schitz, Lipstick on a Piglosi, Sekester Jackson Lee, Alan “let em die quickly” Grayson and the Wiener…let the good times roll.

    • lillymckim

      Laughing out loud!

  • Bob Galasso

    Hey, if Marian Barry can do it, why not Weiner? Just goes to show that Dems, or liberals in general, don’t have an iota of scruples, decency, or morality among their entire group.

  • Marti

    Anthony Wiener being back on twitter in some ways makes me think of a joke that starts off ” So, an alcoholic walks into a bar…”