Where were you during the Great Twitter Link Outage of 2013?

GOP Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas kept his TweetDeck open during those horrifying linkless minutes and put the time to good use, tweeting, “Twitter links are broken and are likely to be fixed right away. President Obama’s budget, though? Not so much.”


Entertaining and correct: Twitter links are now working again after just a few minutes of downtime.

But Obama’s budget? Like the congressman said, “Not so much.”

  • http://twitter.com/die_mich_zwei Spatial Awareness

    Aaahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaahhahahahah!!!!! XD

  • Slapweasel

    Obama throws together mud and sticks: Poof! *Budget*
    Media: “That’s the epitome of art!”

    Obama dumps wet sand on a stump: Poof *Healthcare*
    Media: “Why didn’t we think of that?!?”

    Obama is like “The Underwear Gnomes” from South Park:
    Step #1. Collect Underwear
    Step #2.
    Step #3. Profit

    Fox News: Where’s Step #2?
    NBC: All three steps have been listed and Republicans are trying to impede its progress.
    ABC: Obstructionists are at it again.
    CBS: Obama carries heavy load to Congress. Will the right treat him badly after his third attempt at compromise?
    MSNBC: Your farts don’t smell bad either. None of ours do, really!
    CNN: We blame the NRA.