This morning at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Dr. Ben Carson mentioned the “nastygrams” he received after he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast. He said some of his oh-so-tolerant admirers lobbed the N-word at him for “insulting” President Obama.

“When did we reach a point where you have to have a certain philosophy because of the color of your skin?” he asked?

Even after being called out, some particularly nasty trolls just couldn’t help themselves.

According to the left-wing media, one white separatist who trolled CPAC is the face of conservatism (even though he was uniformly condemned by decent people). Well, lefties, we’re waiting — when will you disavow these tweets? (See how that works?)

  • Patrick Dennehy

    Getting so old. Yes, he’s such a token along with Scott and West, oh wait token is singular. Could it be that I actually like him because he thinks the exact same way as I do?..

    HE IS TRYING TO HELP YOU!!! He has and will do more for the impoverished black community then Obama ever will. Liberal policies seek to keep ‘your people’ poor and reliant on government assistance!..Aye yi yi

    • scanner101

      Could not agree more. Remember when Senator and murderer Ted Kennedy died and he was lauded for his work with the poor? Fat Teddy and the rest of the Democrats never did one thing for the poor except make sure they got their checks every month. They’ve spent 40 years enabling their poverty, drug use and criminal behavior. When people have nothing to look forward to, they cannibalize their own and they’ve done just that, and still do just that, under Obama. What any person needs is a sense of purpose, security and self respect. Jobs will give people that. Welfare will not.

    • EllieJ

      People who say that he is a token are just racist. Skin color shouldn’t even be discussed. He is a very intelligent & articulate person. His ideas & ways of thinking are in line with my own beliefs. He as worked hard & pushed forward his whole life & you call him a token.

      • Patrick Dennehy

        By ‘you’ you mean ‘they’, right? I did not call him a token

        • EllieJ

          Yes, not ‘you’. I totally agree with you. ha

          • Patrick Dennehy

            phew, okay just checking…don’t do that to me, my heart skipped a beat :)

      • liz hasse

        You are spot on, & I would say the REAL token is one with NO experience running anything, much less a country…..and yet look who is the leader now! Token-in-Chief!

        • michael s

          Nacho Cheese why are you hiding? More importantly where is your denouncement of this racism from your fellow righty? Or is it ok to call *some* blacks tokens. the Token-in -Chief. cmon

          • liz hasse

            First of all, who is Nacho Cheese? Secondly, all of the nasty nams, including the “N”were used by those who support Obama. The irony of that is that they are the racists! That makes their argument about the whole race thing very lame!

      • Roxann Wilebski

        Ellie, you are so right!
        Color is NOT and SHOULD NOT even be part of the equation.
        Ben Carson is a very intelligent man and speaks very well.
        I cannot believe some of these posts!
        Just because he speaks against Obama.
        These people call the Conservatives racist, every Conservative that I know and the posts of fellow Conservatives, leads me to believe that they are so wrong. But just read these liberal comments about DR. BEN CARSON, and you tell me whom are the racists!
        I applaud Dr. Carson!

    • hears_the_rest_of_the_story

      exactly…President Lincoln who freed the slaves was a republican..the democrats were in support of the KKK…and now Obama wants to enslave us all…wake up you fools…and learn your history

      • Lunarcat

        You know your history alright!!! Southern Democrats & the KKK!

        • Richard Carter

          not just the southern democrates, the Unions in detroit and the labor unions in NY too took advantage of hard working blacks often just putting them in the most dangerious jobs they would never assign white workers too. and paying them half pay for the same work.

      • jeanbean14

        Actually, it’s worse than the Democrats just supporting the KKK. The KKK was created BY the Democratic Party for the purpose of intimidating black and white Republican voters at the polls, using violence if necessary to keep them from voting for Republican candidates, and that was just the start of the racist horror of the KKK.

        Also, the Democratic Party was created as a reaction to the abolition of slavery.

        Also, for a long, long time, no Democratic candidate could get elected without belonging to the KKK.

      • TL11

        I’m with you!

      • Regina Hodum

        Debra, why won’t good people see what O—- is doing to us. If America would quit this demo and repub, Get together with this and we can hear from God. and he’ll straighten Obamma out. That will happen if we get in unity black white yellow pink red , whatever color you are. We can conquer this crazy government. Just be for the right thing, not the party.

    • Ken Alan Draper

      as anc ommunity organiser Barack obama must have been a failure. because I’ve been to chicago, & a more unorganised group of grabasstic pukes are not to be found.evryone in the town walks with their head down like they’re watching their feet.

  • roccolore

    DemoKKKrats hate minorities who can think for themselves. But what else do you expect from the party of Jesse Jackass and Al Dimwit.

    • Walter David LaBauve II

      I love the KKK reference. Most young liberals don’t even know that their beloved party was pro-slavery and pro-segregation.

      • PatrickHT

        you talk about the key word “WAS”??? what does that have to do with “today”??

      • PatrickHT

        In fact since so many of you like to bring MLK into such discussions, how many white conservatives do you think actually marched???…They sure as hell werent southern, white conservatives..(in fact they were problably behind Kennedys assasination)

        • Michael

          Actually, if you look up the voting record on civil rights, the vote was nearly entirely along party lines. Democrats voted against, republicans for every civil rights bill.
          I suggest you get an education before you share your racist blather.
          Stop being a slave to the party of the KKK. And look up who the only remaining KKK member in the senate is… Give you a hint, he’s a democrat.
          You owe your freedom in America to the republican party, you owe the rights you have as a black American to the republican party. Yet your dumb ass is still a slave along with your mind.
          When you are blindly following the democrat party, I suggest you ask yourself if the basic difference between the two parties is based upon the color of a person’s skin, or the content of their character. One party thinks all people can raise themselves up, and should raise themselves up. One party believes that by personal effort and character a person is made better. The other believes that a subsistence of welfare is what is required for personal achievement. I ask how many great people do you know of any color became great by a subsistence on state welfare? Did Martin Luther King become who he was by being a ward of the state, a welfare recipient? Did Obama? Did any great person you ever heard of?
          There’s a saying that the devil’s greatest trick was to convince the world he doesn’t exist. Well, you’ve clearly sold your soul to the devil and don’t even have the brains to realize it…
          The democrat party thinks you are too stupid and lazy to support yourself and your own family. They think you require assistance to even live. I think everyone is better than that. But if you think you aren’t, then you aren’t and are surely nothing more than a slave. And I would be ashamed to be a willing slave if I were you.
          And lastly, please tell me what year the democrat party ceased to be the party of slavery, the KKK, and anti -civil rights? Because last I looked at the voting record republicans voted for civil rights, and democrats voted against. And last I checked there was only one remaining member of the KKK in the senate and he is a democrat. So please do tell me what year this complete, diametric flip flop occurred?

        • trixiewoobeans

          While you’re researching, look up the Civil Rights Act of l964. Written, introduced and supported by Republicans, VIOLENTLY opposed by the Democrats! But but but, you say, A Democrat President signed it! Yep, and you know why ol’ Lyndon signed it, even though his Party was opposed? He said, “This will keep the ni**ers (n-word) voting Democrat for the next 200 years!” It was a purely political move designed to hook voters. And guess what? They’re doing it again with the Hispanic vote. Then they keep the people dumb, dependent and oh-so-grateful for the crumbs from their tables, which they actually steal from the taxpayers to keep their voter base loyal.

      • Jay Stevens

        But, but, but that was a DIFFERENT Democratic Party.

  • Craig Rhew

    if he and the rest were white then they would be Obama hating cracka’s – anyone that threatens to take away the free phones and entitlements will be met with similar racial based scorn

  • Jay Noyes

    Carson is smart enough to know that the Fed is the root of the problem (and also smart to know not to say it ) The Jews will not go for Carson; the media will “Ron Paul” him– too bad.

    • nc

      Are you drunk? St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t start til tomorrow.

  • no_more_deceit

    Yep, liberals are so brilliant, they forget or just don’t know their own history. They all love Planned Parenthood and do they (libs) know who was the KKKs main speaker in 1926? :

    Or that Dear Leaders biggest influence dedicated his book to Satan?

    Go ahead libs, keeps your heads in the sand and don’t get confused by facts and reality – we don’t want to see your fool heads explode.

    • mdtljt

      Speak for yourself…I, for one, would LOVE to see that…and I’d gladly don a HAZMAT suit to clean up the mess!

      • Dean Greener

        LOL…. so… why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel!

      • E Quilibrate

        Sawdust is not hazardous waste.

      • ChiTownGal

        ME TOO!!!!! Any time – Any where

    • Tracy Martin


  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    The Reverand King would be admonished by the left with every hateful tweet and liberal article. The mental illness of liberals is astounding. I never knew there was so much ‘sickness’ til the infection became President. #Contagion

    • E Quilibrate

      Most parasites choose not to kill the host. Not so with the one we have in office.

  • Emily B

    “he advocates ppl fend 4 themselves” *gasp* Crazy talk!! How dare he suggest that people take care of their own selves!

    • Frederick Weaver

      What scary is that Booker T. Washington and Malcolm X said the same thing DECADES ago.

      I guess they’re tokens, too.

  • mdtljt

    @WYME states very succinctly the philosophy of the lib/prog movement. How DARE you expect people to “…fend for themselves”???? That’s the GOVERNMENT’S job!!! I would pay good money to see that douchecanoe try to fend for him/herself…probably wears Velcro sneakers because he/she doesn’t know how to tie his/her shoes…

  • stellatruman

    The truth is , liberals and I would have to say black liberals in particular are too stupid and stubborn to get a little background on the good doctor. What they fail to see is that no matter what color his skin is, he makes more sense than most people holding public office and THAT is what we can get excited about ! How many black conservatives have to come forward until they are no longer called racist slurs from libs ?

    • mdtljt

      More than there are fish in the sea…

    • Dean Greener

      The Left is completely ignoring his upbringing and the Character instilled in him as a boy by his single Mom. He didn’t rely on handouts from the government to get to where he is and I think that drives them nuts.

      • davspa

        Right – they ought to read how he grew up. Read in Reader’s Digest – he had to read a book every week and write a report on it. His mother demanded the highest of standards. She was determined that he (and I think a brother also) was not going to be another casualty of their poor neighborhood. That is how he got to where he was.

        • urcat54

          David Spain, there is also the movie of his life, “Gifted Hands”. Dr. Ben Carson is an amazing, wonderful man… You should watch it, it’s a great story!!!! Wish we had more Ben Carson’s in this world.. :)

          • Cynthia Osbun

            AMEN Cheryl….in fact, I’d love to see Dr Ben Carson in our white house…the sooner, the BETTER. I honestly don’t think our nation should HAVE to wait until the next election. This evil dictator, should be taken out in handcuffs, along with his many other administration members, for Treason, amongst EVERYTHING else he is guilty of… goes on and on. He has divided this nation, and brought about the worst racism and hate, which could destroy us if it continues.

      • TL11

        That’s why the left hates him. He represents everything they don’t
        want others to know about: you can be black and successful
        and do it all without government handouts!

    • bigkahuna9

      They don’t care….they are sick, racist, ignorant, pathetic animals.

      • MLP0911

        Well..if we throw stones…then they throw stones…and the war never ends. We need to be the better guy and ignore their ugly insults and then we walk out the victor. They are not animals…they are people that are sadly brainwashed by government to depend on them to supply all their living needs. It is truly sad that American’s don’t have the work ethics they used to have but that comes down to how big corporations treat their employees now. So in a sad round about way, we all are loosing. Balance and less government.

    • jeanbean14

      I don’t know if I would have what it takes to stand up against all the hatred that gets spewed at black conservatives. I think I’d be crushed so fast. But I’m no neurosurgeon either, lol.

  • ebookout

    Well we know who the free loaders are from their tweets. All are brain dead also! Two bad but exspected.

  • HARP2

    The screws are coming loose in liberal`s heads. Palin and Carson in one day…`s too much for them.

  • kch50428

    Dr. Carson is the epitome of ML King’s dream… I see someone who espouses ideas I agree with, and can be admired for the content of his character. His skin color is irrelevant. Unless you’re a liberal.

    • Dean Greener

      I am with you, friend.

    • OneThinDime

      So you’re okay that Carson doesn’t want gun ownership in America?

      • Orlando Cee

        If that’s true, it just shows no one is perfect.

      • Ratso

        We cannot always agree on everything. Dr. Carson is right on in most of his ideas. He is a lot closer to MLK Jr. than the MSNBC followers.

        • Mathematicaster

          Actually, no. He’s not.

          • ozconservative

            “If a man is called to be a streetsweeper, he should
            sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music,
            or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all
            the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great
            streetsweeper who did his job well.” – Martin Luther King Jr

            “If we recognize our talents and use them appropriately, and choose a
            field that uses those talents, we will rise to the top of our field.” – Dr Ben Carson

            Actually, they are.

          • Regina Hodum

            another crazed liberal

          • OneThinDime

            No he isn’t, his point is correct.

          • Harold Patterson

            Another brain dead liberal heard from. Troll elsewhere. Might I suggest the MSNBC blog. They love low information people such as you.

        • Cynthia Osbun

          This man loves America…he would respect the constitution, and our right to bear arms, is one we are entitled to, and would leave alone, which is something we can’t say about BHO.

          • plumberskid

            This is an effort by the left to undermine Dr. Carson’s popularity and create doubt in the minds of conservatives. We need to call out these trolls every time they try this.

          • OneThinDime

            Carson said it himself on video, it is not the left. But I wonder just how close his connection to Obama is since he supported him in 2008 for POTUS and worked for decades at the most liberal hospital there is

          • OneThinDime

            Carson DOES NOT respect the 2nd Amendment. What part of shall not be infringed do you not understand? What if he said blogging should not be permitted? You okay with limits on your 1st Amendment too? If so, there are a lot of countries in the world you should move to.

      • ozconservative

        When asked by Glenn Beck if people should be allowed to own
        semi-automatic weapons, Dr. Benjamin Carson said: “It depends on where
        you live. I think if you live in the midst of a lot of people, and I’m
        afraid that that semi-automatic weapon is going to fall into the hands
        of a crazy person, I would rather you not have it.” (Glenn Beck Show, March 1, 2013)

        Operative words are “I think”.

        Nice try though.

        • NewWest 123

          Just cause that’s what he thinks, it doesn’t mean he is going to take them away… it’s simply an opinion not like the dictator that wants to take them from us and crush the constitution!

          • ozconservative

            And he also said that later in the interview that he had no problem with people in country areas having semi-autos.

          • Mathematicaster

            Which dictator would that be? OH! THe black guy! I get it. nm

          • ozconservative

            That dictator would be the progressive currently in the White House. We’re not liberals, skin color plays no part in it.

          • Glenn Griffith

            Another racist making everything about superficial skin color.

          • Denna Freed

            I’m guessin that you haven’t noticed that all of the conservatives in this room are LOVING “a black guy” while all of the liberals are HATING an “Uncle Tom” Hum? LOL – y’al are so pitifully brainwashed that it ALMOST makes me feel sorry for you.! I say ALMOST because your closet racism is what has made it possible for you to become so brainwashed by Obama and his media minions…

          • Michael Modes

            Math, were Gore, Edwards and Clinton black guys? Did I like them any better? Patronizing bigots like you are not too bright.

        • SDN

          Actually, the operative words are “I would rather” where a Leftist would say “You will not have it.”

        • michael s

          That was interesting ,considering 80% of the people that use assault weapons in mass shootings are white suburban men. From Charles Whitman to Kurt Meyers.

          • Sunnydaze

            I’m sure you included all the gang related drive-by shootings in your 80% calculation didn’t you michael s? Well didn’t you???

          • Tim Morehead

            Actually over 90% of the people who use “assault weapons” in mass shootings are Democrat of extreme leaning Liberals.

          • michael s

            There still white men. What Dr carson did in that statement was use coded language. We know what he meant, but the fact is the people who use the firearms are the very people’s that use them in active shooting are the people he said should have them. I’m not going to argue with him,call him offensive names I am just pointing out the facts.

          • patteel

            White registered Democrat progressive suburban men.

        • OneThinDime

          What part of “shall not be infringed” do you not comprehend? Ben Carson is a liberal who supported Obama in 2008 and likely in 2012. He is put out there by the left to distract Conservatives. There is no way in he11 that Obama didn’t set up that breakfast speech.

          • ozconservative

            If he’s a lefty, then why is he being attacked….by lefties???? And don’t say they’re doing it deliberately because they’re not that smart.

          • OneThinDime

            Do you honestly think the lefties do any research? The conservatives are goo-goo over Carson and that’s enough for the lefties to attack.

      • ozconservative

        Oh and what he really meant was “If you live in a libtard infested inner-city area with it’s “gun free” zones, your responsibly owned and maintained AR15 could fall into the hands of a welfare-receiving gang-banging democrat-voting libtard that could go into the offices of FOX and start shooting a bunch of innocent people”

        • Lanzecki

          Ozconservative…..BWWAAHAAHAHAHA!!! That is great! Love it!

      • Ann Chesanek

        I doubt he disapproves of gun ownership.

        • Cynthia Osbun

          I’m with you Ann…..he loves America and respects the constitution, and is brilliant, so understands very well, what “Shall not be infringed” indicates. MANY tyrannical governments in our current and past administrations, have been trying for YEARS to disarm us. Our forefathers saw this coming, 220+ years ago….and here it IS….Join the NRA and support your 2nd amendment people…because if that one goes away, so will all the others.

        • OneThinDime

          Do a nice search on his conversation with Glenn Beck. He does not approve of semi-autos unless you live in the country, doesn’t support our 2nd Amendment, thinks it’s just fine if women living in the cities are raped based on his stance.

      • urcat54

        What are you talking about OneThinDime, are you sure you have your facts right??? I don’t think so, do some checking would ya!!

        • OneThinDime

          You go do the checking. He thinks local gov’t should decide if you should own a gun. Well next thing you know, he’ll support eradication of the 1st Amendment. For someone who purports to know God, he doesn’t know jack sh!t about the Constitution and our God-given rights.

      • plumberskid

        Would someone who “doesn’t want gun ownership in America” have been introduced at an important speech such as CPAC by the president of the NRA?

    • J.w. Appling

      I close my eyes when he speaks and all see is a conservative telling it how it is.We need more straight talk and I don’t care what damn color they are.

      • TL11

        Hear, hear!

      • Cynthia Osbun

        AMEN! I greatly admire Dr Ben Carson. If he had been on the poll with Romney, I’m sure things would’ve been different. Obama is not the change we needed. I voted for him in 2008,….and I regret THAT…..and in 2012, I CRIED, and have been depressed ever SINCE, as we all watch everything our forefathers and military, had ever fought for. He gave free phones and Kool Aid, and endless welfare, to get the votes, and has been chopping and shredding our constitution to bits. Our country NEEDS a fine, upstanding, and intelligent man, Dr Ben Carson as our President. Anyone who sees Obama as a good president or Biden as a vice president, is part of our problem here too. Enough people who are fed up with things as they have been, under Obama’s rule here, HAS to be willing to stand up and fight to get our country back, and stand behind our constitution, or we will be no better off, than any other communist ruled 3rd nation institution.

        • Beadbabe16

          I APPLAUD you for your candor…..I was also DEPRESSED & UPSET for the WELFARE of our country!

          • Tina Kuzmicki

            AMEN , AMEN !!

        • Tina Kuzmicki

          Cindi; I totally agree with U!! I’ve been just as sick as U, I advocate this on my page! fb!! I LOVE THIS COUNTRY; GOD BLESS UR TROOPS OVER SEAS & GODSPEED TO THE MILITARY!!

        • tbc27143

          You are so right Cindi. I am praying for change and it needs to be a real courageous man that is not afraid to make the hard decisions. We have strayed so far that it will take a lot of work to make it back to the way God intended for it to be. All Christians should be praying for our President and our nation. Jesus tells us to do that. God has his hand on the heart of the King (Obama in this case)

          • Bandit

            In the case of bamba boy would have to disagree with you the uncle tom that is in the W/H only claims to be a Christian but in fact he is a mouslam and he has said that on more than one occasion. This guy is heading this country towards communism,

        • Myrtiss Cunnien Leslie

          You are so right Cindi Osbun. Sadly they won’t realize how they were bought until it is to late.

        • Bandit

          There are ppl who think that bamba boy from the farm is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but you know what that thing is that is in the W/H is nothing more than a two bit DICTATOR and a wanna be at that. The gay in the W/H hates everything that this country has stood for for how long and now he is doing everything he can to wipe this country off the map, he is destroying our monetary system he has all but destroyed our manufacturing system, he is having his EPA shut down the power plants so that the electrical prices will go up. No what we have in the W/H is nothing more than a black muzzie DICTATOR.

        • SJ

          Can you get an Amen to that? …..Done!

      • kk

        Hey J.w.Appling – How about when you don’t?

    • Ann Chesanek

      Dr. Carson is a hero by any standard. To deny him the credit he deserves is racist. For more information on Dr. Carson watch the film “Gifted Hands”. It’s streaming on netflix. Brilliant man in his own right and NOBODY can take that from him. Anyone who criticizes him is just jealous as far as I am concerned. He earned the place of being the top pediatric neurosurgeon in the world because he’s brilliant!

      • gladys whipple hurtis

        In addition to the movie, please read the book “Gifted Hands”, and then follow with the rest of his books. He is a millionaire who came from poverty through hard work and a strong belief in God. He is brilliant, and busy, but he gives of his time, talent, and treasure by reading books to the kids at the library. He and his wife have established a foundation to help poor kids go to college. He knows his history and loves his country. All the people who put him down have no idea what they are talking about. I personally know of a little girl whose life was saved by this brilliant neurosurgeon. He may sound too good to be true, but he is real. Anyone who gets to know him will love him. I am amazed by how quickly the liberals try to trash him. We as a nation could do no better than to choose this man to lead our country. He is a gentle, humble, giant. He would have my vote in a heartbeat.

        • Cynthia Osbun

          ABSOLUTELY! AMEN to that, a MILLION TIMES!! I would be PROUD to call this man my PRESIDENT!

        • Beadbabe16

          YES, SO TRUE……The liberal “rant” against this man shows what RACISM TRULY IS!>.>

          • Bandit

            The libiturds are themselves racist.

        • Steve Dewitt

          I Will vote for ben Carson

        • Bandit

          You have that right. He would have my vote as well, and his ideas to get this country going again are right up there. He has some great ideas for this country.

      • JoeBideyourtime

        At least he has credentials that backs any claim to his intelligence and can be researched and proved. Not so for Obama.

        • Bandit

          Bamba boy has spent how much to keep his records as secret as possible.

      • urcat54

        Wonderful movie, wonderful man… Dr. Carson is amazing and a real American!!!

        • TL11

          I agree!

      • Duane Moore


      • TL11

        Well said!

      • Tina Kuzmicki

        ANN’ THANK U!! AMEN ,AMEN!!

      • Stella

        Totally agreed.
        For people to be bringing color into his views just shows that yes, there are still racists all over the country, and Obama’s plan to divide us all is working quite well.

        I don’t dislike Obama because of his skin color – it is black, traitorous heart that is the problem. He could be white, Asian, Hispanic, etc etc, and my dislike would be just as strong. same with Dr. Carson – he has a level head and is an intelligent man. Would not matter at all what skin color housed the soul – his insides are the part that is caring, intelligent and very astute.

        We ALL need to stop looking at the skin color of people, and see what they are truly like on the INside. That is where defilement comes from – not from the color of one’s skin.

        • starlock

          Well said Beth… Many should read and understand your post… spot on.

        • KickStart

          How do you propose to launch this ‘we need to’ plan?

          Using skin color in America has a 400 year head start on you..what’s is your game plan? The ‘We need to’ plan was shot down every time it take it to the next step.. what is that exactly?

        • Bandit

          I have to agree with you on that it is not the color of the skin that makes you what you are but rather what is on the inside.

      • felix1999

        We are so impressed with him that we wrote to long before the Prayer Breakfast. He WROTE BACK! He wrote a personalized letter to our daughter. She was THRILLED but more importantly in the letter he put GOD FIRST and stressed that to her. His conservative beliefs and how he LIVES his life is according to God’s teachings. His family is wonderful and so are his kids. He is a hero by any standard.

    • Guest

      I agree kch50428. The funny thing is they are the racist ones. They are the ones seeing color. SHAME on them!!!!!!!!!!! Its discusting.

    • Guest

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      I agree kch50428. The funny thing is they are the racist ones. They are the ones seeing color. SHAME on them!!!!!!!!!!! Its disgusting.

    • Aimee Lepari

      I agree kch50428. The funny thing is they are the racist ones. They are the ones seeing color. SHAME on them!!!!!!!!!!! Its discusting.

    • Justin Mars

      Apparenlty if you are black and have a brain, the leftist fill you are a token or a Uncle Tom. They are showing their true colors with their statements. Racism is kept alive by their ignorance. So would Obama be the democrats token? Just saying. It is this kind of mentality that hurts America. So much for tolerance. I wonder if the black community realizes that the democratic party was actually against the Civil Rights movement, or that the democratic party had a KKK member named Robert Byrd in office until 2010. It just amazes me that people can be so ignorant.

      • jeanbean14

        Or that the KKK was created by the Democratic party….

        • Bandit

          That one is very much true the KKK was brought into being by the demoncratic party.

          • dickG

            And one of its primary goals is/was to DISARM BLACK PEOPLE!

          • Bandit

            The KKK also disarmed the white people whenever they could as well.

      • Debra West Shirling

        You have everything right, Dr. Carson is a wonderful man, his color does not matter. Even Obama’s color does not matter, it is his Chicago, Community Organizer thinking that is the problem, the “thug” mentality. I watched the movie Chicago last night, that is Obama in a nutshell, “Razzle Dazzle ’em” and the media all being puppets AND Billy was a lawyer too. I had never seen that movie all the way through, but it really hit home with the Obama admin.

        • Cynthia Osbun

          Thank you Debra! :) I will watch that movie, and to see what you mean…however, I think we are probably LIVING that movie, and seeing it would probably make us all feel even sicker about what is infesting this administration and our White House….its such a huge shame. I hope there are plans out there, to actually follow through with the impeachment I’ve been hearing about for months….the more time goes by with this man and his evil agendas, the scarier its getting.

          • Bandit

            There are a number of people that are and have been pushing for bamba’s impeachment.

      • Craig Jacobs

        It’s the same with women. If you are a woman who values family over career or doesn’t support abortion through the 10th month you are a trator to your gender. Pro choice forsooth. I support women who want careers in the corporate world, and I support those that want to stay home and raise a family. I support smart people whatever color they are. Stupid people can GTFO.

      • KickStart

        Name an Uncle Tom in history that actually had a brain… you can’t.

        • dickG

          wher iz mi bamafon, KickStart?

          • KickStart

            idiots – 1
            Toms – 0

    • urcat54

      Finally, someone who see’s Dr. Carson for the amazing, wonderful man he really is. Skin color has NOTHING at all to do with anything, it’s the man, his ideas and his morals. God bless Dr. Carson, he’s a wonderful Christian and a true American with wonderful ideas. We need more people like him in this messed up old world. kch50428, thank you for standing up and saying it like it is.

    • $35072932

      I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Martin Luther King

      Curious how the Proppressives resist doing that.

      • jeanbean14

        And Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was a Republican.

        • Ken Alan Draper

          no, get it right. Dr. Martin luther King was a Black token of the republican party, those racist republican’s (sarc) hiding their racism by desegregating schools, passing civil rights acts… keeping a brother down. LOL!!!

          • Myrtiss Cunnien Leslie

            LOL !! You said it Ken. Trouble is there are those that believe that crap.

        • Myrtiss Cunnien Leslie

          YES HE WAS !! The man was way to smart to ever think of believing a Democrat. They were also slave owners and one was a KKK member. Very shifty people. The only thing they are really good at is lying to hide what they really are up to.

    • TL11


    • Mike Bell

      I agree liberals absolutely will always be wrong and try to sell the country out!

      • Bandit

        Sell this country out they have already sold most of it by all the debit they have piled up, bamba boy has so far this year added more than a trillion to the debit already this year so how much more is he going to add, he is going to do that until the country collapses.

    • $970912

      Carson holds everyone accountable. The Black community that voted for Obama finds holding themselves accountable impossible. Other ethnic groups have assimilated into society and have moved on to become productive. Until this happens across the Black community as a whole nothing much will change. Where there is a strong two parent Black family great things happen. The family is where it needs to start.

      • plumberskid

        The only way that’s going to happen is if we can find a way to force government to stop playing “daddy” to all of the kids from single parent households. Other than being sperm donors, black males have been made irrelevant by the government, yet they are the ones who don’t care that they’ve been marginalized. They could learn a thing or two from Dr. Carson, if they would open their minds.

      • Bandit

        And yet if you look DR. Carson came from a one parent family but look how he came out. Dr. Carson is a great man but he worked hard to get where he is today, what we have in the W/H only got there because of who he is not what he can do. obama needs to go back to the farm and uncle toms cabin. DR CARSON should run for the White house. Carson would be a much better president than obama is.

    • Gallatin

      Dr. Carson and other conservatives of color are labeled “Uncle Tom” and called tokens of the Republican party for stepping off the democrat plantation. What does that make the 90% + blacks that stay with the democrats? What should their label be? Let’s see there is a herd or flock mentality there, what are they? Hmmmmmm.

      • Paula Berrier Gardner

        I think the dems call them ‘useful idiots’…I believe the reasons are clear!

        • dickG

          “They” have made it all too clear with their posts. The “Useful Idiots” have defined themselves.
          Lincoln said// “Better to be thought a fool by being silent, than to open your mouth and prove it”

    • Tina Kuzmicki

      kch50428; I totally AGREE with ur statement!!! MLK was an impickable Man of HONOR!!!!

    • felix1999

      Dr. Carson puts the GOP elite to shame. If you haven’t already read or view “Gifted Hands” or America the Beautiful. What he is espousing is nothing new to him. Dr. Carson LOVES this country. He sees through Obama and doesn’t want him destroying this country. I admire him for stepping up when others supposedly representing us are caving in.

    • David

      Exactly, kch50428. As someone who endured a bit of racism as a child, when MLK spoke those words in the mid-60s, he spoke for what’s inside, not what’s outside.

      A government big enough to give you everything, is also big enough to take away your freedom. These folks need to get a grip and get off the plantation.

      Really now, they are saying a Harvard-trained NEUROSURGEON is stupid? Compare their laughable language to his?

  • Patsplacepp

    Wow..13 people on twitter represent all Liberals? Almost as bad as Twichy’s report complaining about the single white separatist at CPAC. How can you complain about one but basically do the same on Twichy? The pot calling the kettle black? Just my two cents

    • ThorOdinson

      Because that hate is mirrored all across every facet of liberal groups. Remind me again how black conservatives are treated by the news media, for instance? I seem to recall outlets like MSNBC refusing to cover their speeches during the Republican National Convention, or setting out to destroy Herman Cain or Clarence Thomas.

    • TexSizzle

      Are you familiar with the term “representative sample” Bless your heart.

    • J. Cox

      Here’s a novel thought..there is a spot that shows more than what this site posted in tweets…there are literally hundreds of them every hour….should we take up 30 pages and post them all.FYI,deflecting don’t work here.Own the fact that the real racist breeding ground starts at the DNC,and gathers steam as it rolls downhill through the utter mess you libs create,one word definition of hate and intolerance…Chicago.Bastion of liberalism,and a looking glass into the future your failures bring.I am sure that there isn’t a single racist,according to you,in those tweets though….just people using acute intellectual abilities to….OK,laughing to hard to even finish that.Good luck in Looneyville.

    • Dean Greener

      I’ll refund your two cents.

  • Craig Clark

    Anyone notice that their list of “tokens” seems to be getting longer and longer every year?

    • Frederick Weaver

      Great point.

  • Kathy Horner Somers

    Never saw so many black racists in my life…

    • roccolore

      Black Racists = Reverends of Nothing Jesse Jackass and Dimwit, New Black Panther Party, Nation of Islam, Louis Fairyclown, Black Supremacist Caucus

    • ChiTownGal

      And it’s against one of their own. That’s the worst part. Shows you their intelligence level. No wonder there are so many sheeple.

  • Marty Luther

    Gosh, the Left has nothing now. Racist (R’s) or not racist enough (KKK) . Make up your minds.

    • SK Turner

      I kid you not, KKK has come out in support of the Democrat agenda. They delight in the notion of low information Blacks being dependent on the government, exhibiting low morals, drug dependent, violently killing each other off. Slave owners before the Civil War made it illegal to educate slaves. Uneducated people are entirely malleable. KKK loves it.

      • Sons Thunder

        That’s fascinating! I’m sure the MSM was trying to keep me in the dark but I would sure love it if you could provide me a link to that. I kid you not!

  • Kat Marks Mackenzie

    What a bunch of inbred illiterate urban slaves of the liberals. Do they even know how stupid and racist they sound? I doubt it because their IQ’s are the same as their shoe size.

    • SK Turner

      It seems to me that the only people who care about the color of a man’s skin over his principles are the Liberal Blacks. From this one group I have heard more racism than any other group. Dr. Ben is beloved by millions of all skin colors. Those of us who believe in God and the human values that are part and parcel of being a Christian. Those who believe in independence of person, love of country and Constitution. Those who would rather go hungry and without than take a hand out from the government….remember pride? You “gimmie” people have sold yourselves into slavery to this Obama government and you are to busy playing the victim so you don’t have to get off your ass and work to see it. Slave

  • joel

    when are these racist pigs going to get past the color of someones skin if anyone should be called a uncle tom its obama for keeping blacks in poverty and not helping them help themselves

  • Faye Hall
    • Dean Greener

      I’m not sure what you’re pushing here.

  • trixiewoobeans

    Why do Liberals hate and fear black Conservatives? Because they don’t “need” them. Libs are only comfortable and powerful if they’re holding the purse strings and doling out the goodies. That gives them control and keeps people ‘beholden’ and loyal to them. If they don’t need them, they’ve lost control, and votes, and that scares the bejeezus out of them. They have to demonize anybody who escapes their web, or who refuses to get caught in it. Black Conservatives expose their “you can’t make it without us” lies and reduces their power.

  • Renee Johnson

    all of you are delirious —- the man uses the most common sense , along with his education — than anyone of today —–call him what you may — that is one very smart man and anyone who checks his back ground and is stupid enough not to see that , really has a problem —– what don’t you racist ! go ahead and call him Uncle Ben , but hell, guess the name calling racist are to stupid to even know who that is —- and any of you think that the KKK are not Democrats your crazy , and this southerner knows well where the KKK’s allegiance is — always has been with the democrats, always will be —

  • eroc

    This is funny because it is really the same ploy both parties run and these suckers actually think it makes a difference. Black, white, corruption doesn’t discriminate. These people are playing right into the stereotype provided for them. Pandering to imaginary ideas about race won’t really help anyone’s cause – it’ll just make them seem petty.

  • Francis Elliott Long

    Wow, he really scares the hell out of a lot of people. Anxiety response is at an all time high. He doesn’t need your money nor your love. He has both, and has had for years. A man of honor and accomplishment couldn’t possibly think the way that Dr. Carson does. And, of course, no black man could simply speak his mind. Remenber when it used to be the Republicans who seemed like racists ? That memory has faded completely for me and I never thought that I’d say that.

  • $266791

    Anyone notice how many of these people are black?? How is it they think the ONLY black man with any brains is their King?? He is as much a sheep as they are. Ben Carson is far more intelligent than their king ever will be.

    • Beth Bingham McGary

      I think that Obama is biracial so that means your mom or dad was white and your mom or dad was black?

    • Robin Day Branch

      They fear this black person with brains (Dr Carson), because he don’t believe they should be supported by (you and I) through the Government using our tax dollar.

  • abudoggie

    I don’t understand how I could have lived 60 years and yet never have met any of these disgusting people. It doesn’t make sense, does it? WHERE ARE THEY? Do they live in little pods in the marshes somewhere? Maybe I’ve met some but they haven’t revealed themselves to me…I dunno…maybe I’m just lucky. But it’s scary that there are so many out there who are so hateful and ignorant and yet continue to live. How can they breathe with no brain stem?

  • disqus_lLUSGwbabb

    They are just angry at Dr. Carson because he is one of the few people on this planet who does NOT want to talk about race.

  • Karen Oliphant

    I like him b/c he is bold and uses common sense. Oh, my — that isn’t so common anymore, is it? The color of his skin doesn’t matter to me. That is not important. A man is a man no matter what, but what that person advocates is what determines his worthiness.

  • Mark Harrell Jr.

    Shame on a black man for not towing the line! How dare you break ranks Dr. Carson?

  • Lynne Michael

    Dr Ben Carson is an asshole! It’s not the churchs duty to feed &
    house poor ppl, govt needs to help too he advocates ppl fend 4

    Really, really????????? unbelievable


    And most of these horrible comments are made by black people. Shameful. It’s sad when a person who fearlessly tells it like it is gets shredded so heinously, but that backlash is just proof he’s striking a nerve. Start speaking the truth and the willfully ignorant come out of the woodwork. To attack a man’s skin color because he doesn’t subscribe to the prevalent poor-me mentality of his race? Disgusting. Carson 2016!

    • ChiTownGal

      It just show the world their true character or lack there of. Also, the unbelievable lack of any intelligence. They have to be told everything by Uncle Sam.

  • LiberalMediaIsCorrupt

    Leftwingbaggers sure are racist

  • Mary Sue Thompson Polleys

    When a person belittles Dr. Ben Carson, that person shows immense ignorance. Do some research about this brilliant man who has operated on the brains of babies for decades, who was born into greater poverty than most poor people, who has given away millions of his own hard-earned dollars to help children succeed. What bigots are writing here!!!

    • urcat54

      Your so very right Mary Sue Thompson Polleys! Dr. Ben Carson is a brilliant man. Watch the movie of his life story, “Gifted Hands The Ben Carson Story”. What a wonderful movie about a wonderful man!

  • Cheryl Melnyk

    Democrats need minorities to be dependent on the government so they can give them stuff in order to get reelected. Dr. Carson is certainly no dummy. He’s a highly respected neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins medical center. He REALLY does brain surgery for all you out there and he is a brilliant man. Sorry to disappoint all those who think that your race, sex, religion, nationality etc. should automatically determine your political point of view.

  • Beth Bingham McGary

    haters gonna HATE!! hats off to ya.. Let the man be who he wants to be.. SKIN color don’t matter, it matters how this man thinks and acts let HIM DO HIM you do you. STOP JUDGING and making fools of yourselfs.


    Why do Democrats hate Black people so much?

  • Rev. Solomon May

    Ben Carson is his own man. He is no ones token anything. He is brave for standing up for what he believes despite the obvious bigotry towards anything or anyone conservative.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Racism is a collectivist thought process and thus reflected through the vitriol of the far left through their need to label, isolate, and divide those who are the largest threat to their authoritarian ideology.
    Somewhere aroud the turn of the millenium our country lost its civility and in the past several years any pretense which remained has been peeled away. No manners, no courtesy, no empathy, no attempt to even be polite for the sake of doing the right thing in public. I don’t know how a society that has reached the levels of hatefulness as reflected by so can survive, much less thrive.
    I grieve for my country and those few truly great men & women who lead remarkable lives and give of themselves and their talents, Dr. Carson included, when those who cannot and never will contribute to this country in a meaningful way, spit upon them.

  • Peggie Breneman

    Keep it up liberals…your just showing the world what a bunch of Racist Idiots you all are and I am so proud to say I am not one of you. The shame you should feel saying such things about a wonderful man like Ben Carson is beyond me. But you don’t feel any shame. You all need to find your way back to God and reavaluate your morals.

    • Cynthia Osbun

      Amen Peggy…..thank you….so very true. God Bless you Ma’m. Its refreshing to see posts such as yours. Love it….Have a great St Patrick’s day.

  • Raye09

    Again, it does not shock me that most of these people are black. Black people have become some of the most racist intolerant people in the country and it really is a damn shame. If you do not tow the line and agree with everything they say, then you will be ostracized and called “racist”, “unlce tom”, “sellout”, or whatever insult is demed fit.

  • Randy

    typical “liberal” hypocrisy…. no surprises here. At least they are consistent.

  • Robert R Kircher Jr.

    The ignorance hatred and racism that comes out of the minds of the people that call us conservatives ignorant haters and racists is absolutely amazing to me. Oh and BTW is Negro the new PC way to say N…er? SMH

  • $7610427

    I’m just gonna call him “hot”. He is one good lookin man… Yeah, I said it!

  • NRPax

    It’s not the churchs duty to feed & house poor ppl

    …wow. That there is what I like to call “weapons grade stupid.”

    • ozconservative

      Someone needs to tell that to the Salvation Army, they’ve been doing it for 150 years.

      • NRPax

        Which is why I keep donating to them.

  • $7610427

    Why are all the liberal versions of “token” blacks successful, hard working, up standing pillars of their communities??? Liberal blacks are…well,you get the picture…

  • pinkelephant22

    On Condi Rice: “House Ni–er” .. “Mammy sent to clean White House
    bathrooms” .. “high-toned public negro” – Liberal Neil Rogers

    Upon Obama winning the Democrat nomination in ’08: “Barack Obama is acceptable because he’s light-skinned and doesn’t talk Negro” – Harry Reid (D-NV)

    On Obama: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy” – Joe Biden

    On Obama: “I thought when we elected a black president, we were going to get a black president. I want a black president, you know, where he lifts up his shirt where you can see the gun in his pants, ‘we’ve got a motherfu**ing problem here?'”

    On Obama: “He couldn’t sell watermelons” – Liberal Dan Rather

    On Clarence Thomas: “I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter
    and he dies early of heart disease like most black men.” -Liberal Julianne Malveaux

    ……….and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But of course, “Republicans” are racist.

  • Rodney Brungardt

    Seams like the progressives don’t like seeing a black conservative, maybe that is because it doesn’t fit into their “people on the right are racist” theory!!

  • David William Loeffler

    Dr. Carson compared to Allen West, Herman Cain and the liberal trolls think this is insulting? These brats need to grow up and recognize men who count not other showy children.

  • Rulz

    What has the left worried is that a lot of voters (low-information voters especially) cast their ballot based on APPEARANCE.

    If a minority is at the top of the GOP ticket, progressives lose BIG.

  • bigkahuna9

    Racists on parade. Do these morons not see how racist and ignorant they sound? Total imbeciles

  • tjp77

    Here’s what someone wrote about Carson at Gawker:

    “I agree with a few others who say below that he is scary. Scary – because he’s a threat to us. His life story is commendable, his intelligence beyond reproach, his minority status unquestionable. As a result, we must do everything in our power to discredit him. He, unlike a John McCain, or even Mitt Romney, is a legitimate danger to the rise of progressivism in the United States.
    His lack of experience is the most obvious weakspot, but I think we have to go much deeper to undermine him. Keep close tabs on this one. It’s a shame that MSS has (I think?) left for greener pastures. I think a series of pieces from his expert wit dragging Carson through the muck would have been joyous.”

    The good news is that liberals are scared of him, the bad news is that they’re going to do their best to destroy him, and aren’t even trying to pretend otherwise.

    • Kevin

      His lack of experience is a bad thing? Why didn’t that criteria keep them from voting Obama?

      • NHisMage

        Excellent point, Kevin! That is one of the main reasons that I did not vote for Obama in 2008, along with many other reasons. – NHisMage, a Black conservative.

  • Chip

    Seems a majority of blacks drank the kool aid and don’t realize that Obama is the lead overseer on their “Poverty Plantation.” What they need to be asking themselves is not “How can a black man be a Republican?” but “Why are there so many RICH white people trying to act like Democrats?” Follow the money. Certainly, it’s not the “poor black man” that’s profiting from the poverty industry.

  • Carol Schoof Dutenhoeffer

    Have any of you read any of Dr. Carson’s books. Did any of you actually listen to his National Day of Prayer message. Get real. You aren’t any better than the Democrats, news media that are so left wing liers I can hardly turn on the news anymore.Who is paying these people to only talk negatively on the news. I can’t believe the administration thinks we are so dumb that they can throw people under the bus when it comes to our Ambassedor being killed. When are they going to finally tell the real truth. Are you all so single minded you only care about self. Look at Dr. Ben Carsn as a human being and what he is saying not his color.

  • Sci_Fi_Junky

    Ah! The tolerant Left! Maybe if Dr. Carson ranted about how
    assault weapons can shoot down airplanes and blow up railroads, Progressives
    might like him better. But alas! Advocating a return to morals, self-reliance,
    and taking responsibility for yourself and your own actions is anathema to
    those who hide behind the mantra of equality and tolerance while actually
    seeking to subjugate those they allege to defend.

  • Frank Smiles

    Ben Carson = self-made man, highly educated neurosurgon, and over achiever. Barack Obama/ Barry Soteirowhatever= professional politician, fraud and oh yeah, sealed all trace of his past once it became a liability. Best wishes, Dr. Carson. You will have a monster of a mess to clean up in 2016. Ben Carson is a great antidote to Benghazi Barack.

  • It’s just me again

    This is one of my favorites. Churches and private organizations in this country cared for the poor quite well and efficiently for hundreds of years before government decided they could do it better and started the mess of a welfare system that is consuming our country today.
    [email protected]
    Dr Ben Carson is an asshole! It’s not the churchs duty to feed & house poor ppl, govt needs to help too he advocates ppl fend 4 themselves”

    • Judy

      The Bible tells us to take care of orphans and children–doesn’t mention the government.

  • Kevin

    All I saw was an intelligent man articulately make his point.

  • Basher04

    How long until we see all the Libbies maching in the streets chanting “B-B”?

  • Purple Fan

    I’m not sure why the comments refer to Republicans when it was the Democratic Party that invited this Doctor to the event. (correct?) Anyway, i suggest that you watch the movie about him. “Gifted Hands” he is an incredible person – no matter what color. And truthfully he makes a lot of sense. I like the guy. BTW I’m purple.

  • ozconservative

    @Un_FollowMe The Democrat party is just using Barack Obama as a pawn to get more black votes and change that image of the racist party.

    There…..fixed it for ya!!

  • OneThinDime

    Ben Carson is anti 2nd Amendment. He’s a democrat pretending to be a conservative just like Marco Rubio (how quickly he campaigned on no amnesty to become it’s biggest promoter!)

  • JWSR49

    It’s well known that democrats have the biggest number of racsts in the country. It’s that white guilt syndrome. ” HEY, LOOK AT ME, I LIKE BLACK PEOPLE! I EVEN WORK WITH ONE! The ones who always shout about racism the loudest are always the racists. They just try too hard to falsely prove they’re not. Tolerance huh? It’s been proven, in studies, that liberalism is a mental defect.

  • Hambone72

    Progressive Liberals hate anybody who actually worked hard to get where they got because it proves that independence, patience, and not getting caught up in just living for carnal pleasure works, no matter what class you start in. It shows that is you take the right steps and are self reliant Capitalism works. It basically makes lazy people angry because they’re jealous.

  • lissette

    I am a conservative Hispanic woman.. sad to see how many “TOLERANT” people admired and respected Dr. Carson until he stood up for what he believes, since when does a minority have to be a liberal and a democrat? color of the skin does not matter what matter is the convictions people have..pathetic that all of a sudden some of you want to discredit this man who has served so many just because he does not agree with your are only “TOLERANT” of who you want to be…not all minorities are liberals..

  • Ratso

    Always love those who cannot challenge Dr. Carson intelligently. Call him names and degrade him. It will not work. For those who fear him, get a job and get off your asses.

  • Jerry Dover

    I love Dr. Carson

  • ozconservative

    Black conservatism got started in Great Britain in the early 19th century when a number of former slaves joined forces with Conservatives such as William Wilberforce and William Pitt who were trying to end the slave trade there.
    Fast forward 200 years and when black Conservatives speak out against slavery, they still get insulted and abused.

    Only this time it’s worse, because it’s from the slaves themselves.

  • Walter David LaBauve II

    The Republican Party, that was founded on abolishing slavery, is a racist party? Conservatives don’t welcome black people as tokens. We welcome them because they are people that are they hope for the their community. Only African-Americans can lead themselves out of the problems that they face. Being a slave to the Democratic party will only continue to make them the slaves to the government that they are; where the real “uncle toms” like Jesse Jackson accumulate millions of dollars to keep the masses in line. Wake up black people! You have so much to offer this country. Look up to great Americans like Allen West. He embodies what every American of any color should strive to be.

  • Jodi D

    Liberals are fucking retarded.

  • Mary Moerles

    Such hate and evil in the world….no wonder humanity is in the mess it is.

  • Bruce Creech

    Amazing that an intelligent “brain surgeon” as he called himself today, can create fear among the liberals and ignorant blacks who want to call him Uncle Tom. Nice to see someone not afraid to tell it like it is! Liberal blacks can’t stand a conservative black who believe in Capitalism and fair taxes. That’s why they are afraid? They might lose their welfare and handouts.

  • gpearl

    I just replied to each one of those racists. What jokes. They probably never heard what Carson said.

  • William Robert Guerra

    wait…carson is the token? i thought that was west. or was it herman cain? no, that’s not it – it’s mia love…or maybe could it be condy rice?….i’m so confused…why do the liberals want to force me to look at color and not content? oh yeah, cause they have no content..

  • MissSterious

    Dr. Ben Carson, Pediatric Neurologist, specializing in “hopeless” cases. Giving children with no “hope” a life. Herman Cain, a REAL “Rocket Scientist” and CEO of a major corporation. Allen West, Lt. Col. US Army, US Congressman. Yep, those are just horrible role models. Best stay with Snoop Dog, Shawty Lo and his 10 Baby Mama’s, they’re keepin’ it real.

    • rivers

      People that call these men tokens are no better or smarter than anyone who ever threw a white pillowcase over their own head and felt superior for doing so.

  • Jodi D

    The DemocRATS keep the blacks in poverty, and, like stupid sheep, they keep voting them in. They deserve what they voted for.

  • exsanguine

    Vitriol from the leftoid statists = “stay away from OUR victim group.”

  • davspa

    These tweets show that there are a lot of small-minded people in the world, who don’t know how to think. No way that Dr. Carson would be any kind of a token; he is a supremely intelligent, gifted and accomplished person, who happens to have dark skin. He said what he said because he believed it to be the truth.

  • oket

    Nothing scares a liberal like a black man speaking conservative truths. Expect the ultimate outrage and character assassination of the good doctor

  • Kimberly Jordan Crawley

    ”Dr Ben Carson is an asshole! It’s not the churchs duty to feed & house poor ppl, govt needs to help too he advocates ppl fend 4 themselves”

    I give you the obvious reason this country is in so much trouble. Yes it IS the church’s duty to feed and help house poor people, as any true Christian will attest. It isn’t up to the government. Conservatives believe in lending a hand to the less fortunate to lift them out of poverty so they can become successful. Liberals believe in cradle to grave dependence on the government. Which is why they will spew hatred toward anyone they perceive trying to strip them of their entitlements. And they couldn’t be more wrong in doing so.

  • rivers

    You have to be one helluva racist to call the chief of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, a man who got there in the face unimaginable adversity, anybody’s token or Uncle Tom. How stupid do you have to be to think that anyone, ANYONE is telling Ben Carson what to think or what to say.
    That kind of thinking is inarguably definitive of a backwards, no-good, hood-wearing bigot.

  • Karen Blamey

    This is what Martin Luther hoped for…and what America hoped we’d get in Obama.

  • Kurt Cook

    What do you expect? Carson is a black man who dares to be off the liberal plantation and think like an American. They can’t have that. They think they own the whole Negro population, just because they put a black sock-puppet in the white house. isn’t it ironic how only white people have the freedom to choose, while everybody else is expected to tow the liberal line, and when they don’t – out come the racist epithets!

  • kathy

    You’re all NUTS!!!!

  • NewWest 123

    This man has morals and has been raised right. He will not pay any attention to the sickos that make comments like this and I would bet none of them have a very happy life… poor them and not in the feel sorry way. The most annoying thing about them is that we are likely supporting them, like how are they able to have access to a computer or smart phone to make these discussing comments… from us the tax payer… bunch of losers have a nice life!

  • UtMadman

    Seems the ‘people of color’ who are tweeting the most… are the most racist.

  • Robert Forrest Sr

    For those that don’t know it Dr Carson is an average guy who speaks what is on everyones mind. He didn’t use the race card, but his attackers of the truth really dropped the race card to protect Obama who is going to destroy America.

  • TheAblePatriot

    I hope these mental cases don’t get a cold this spring. Should they sneeze, they would certainly lose the last two brain cells that are actually still firing. These low-life morons need to go back to he carp hole they crawled out of!!!

  • MovingToNevada

    The left just can’t help themselves now, can they?

    • Twoiron

      That didn’t take long, now did it. Next thing you know they’ll be claiming that Ben Carson left a pubic hair on Hil-liar-y Clinton’s Coke can.

      • MovingToNevada

        I’m sure Gloria’s workin’ on it.

  • Alex Schumann

    This is disturbing. African Americans calling the GOP the racist party, while at the same time, using racial slurs… a bit contradictory, wouldn’t you say?

  • Jimi Jordan

    notice all the hate from the liberals. party of racist hatred pretending not to be. unbelievable that no one in the news reports this

  • tonyjack63

    I’ll give you another, allan keyes. too bad the idiots voted obama

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • James Curtis


  • Michael Alan Cavalier

    Intolerant racists…

  • fan of Dr. Carson

    All you guys are bigots and racists. Can’t stand it when a well educated man is better than you snobs.

  • Dodridge Moore

    Plain talk…Bad manners.Here we go AGAIN….Black Race BS. Instead of PRIDE that a so-called-Black man ( so-called: because so he is called) showed he can speak and give ideas and above all Speak-The-Truth, he is RACIST. As I heard one idiot say,” He ain’t down with the black”.I am so happy he is not…but he’s sure as hell Down-With-Most- Americans.God Bless him.Now can we have a few more like him…..Just Like Him.

  • Scott Hillard

    Ben Carson is standing on principle, for the life of the unborn, traditional marriage while not following the crowd of a particular race or party. He is an American first and foremost and would never support the shedding of innocent blood via abortions which his christian faith is set against. I admire his willingness to be himself despite what other Americans may think.

  • Rocco Bonacci

    You liberal commie pinkos keep kissing the government ass , YOU WILL NEVER AMOUNT to equal petrified shit!!

  • Tracy Akins

    I think I have been rather stupid when it comes to race because before Barry became POTUS I really did not realize that TRYTH came in colors. I thought that TRUTH was what all people wanted and that pandering was only for the evil people in the world that were not intelligent enough to think for themselves. Well, my eyes have been opened and it ain’t pretty.

  • Dean Yelton

    This country needs more people like Dr. Carson’s mom, instead of sitting on her rear and expecting the government to provide for her, she worked three jobs to support her family by herself not to mention raised two wonderful sons. Mrs. Carson you are a true American hero and thank you for raising the first true BLACK President of the United States.

  • Tracy Akins

    Well Barry’s cult members do not like it when someone strays off the plantation.

  • ozconservative

    The thing about these comments saying Dr Carson is a mouthpiece for the Republicans is that the Republican party hasn’t spoken like this for years. They’ve been too busy smooching on Obamas ass. People like Boner, McConnell, McCain and Graham need to retire or just get the hell out of the way so that Rand Paul, Allen West, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and Sarah Palin can come in and start kicking butt.

  • Mathematicaster

    He’s short sighted and disingenuous His party is full of anti-non-white-man ideas. I don’t need to get anywhere near racial epithets to form an opinion about him or the company he keeps. Hateful, racist, BS like the tweets above are shameful, fairly unforgivable, and not representative of the liberals I know. Or most of the Independents, either.

    • NHisMage

      (`1) How about giving a cohesive and cogent response to Carson’s speech? Explain what Carson said that was wrong and why you disagree with it.
      (2) Give examples of his party’s “anti-non-white-man ideas”.
      (3) They are representative of the liberals that I know.
      NHisMage, a Black Conservative

    • dhl55

      Every liberal I know thinks just as those tweets above – narrow-minded, while putting on the facade that they are open-minded to ALL ideas, as long as it meshes with their ideas. I know this from 30 years in higher education and the people I worked with – they live/work in a bubble where almost EVERYONE thinks like they do, so when an opposing position is even mentioned, they go NUTS. I’ve seen it and experienced it. As for your remarks that Dr. Carson is shortsighted and disingenuous – sorry, but he isn’t and you and your crew are just scared to death of conservative minorities.

  • Danny Ferguson

    The ignorance, racism and hate displayed by some of these negative comments about Ben Carson says it all. For a black person to use his or her good common sense and good judgment and disagree with the left wing dogma puts them on firing line. Ben Carson is a wonderful breath of fresh air. We should hold him up as an example of what a motivated person in America can become despite their humble upbringing. Let’s hope he stays focused and continues to lead.

  • Autrey Lisa

    so just because Dr. Carson disagrees with Obama’s politcal philosophy, the leftists call him an uncle tom or nigger. how sad, Martin Luther King jr., a great republican, would disagree.

  • June L

    How can the “Tolerance Brigade” make such intolerant remarks? Which side of their two faces are they speaking from? Dr Carson is a breath of fresh air in this perverse nation where evil is spoken of as good and good, evil.

  • Kristin Hasty

    Martin Luther King Jr was a conservative. Did that make him the “token” black republican? He would be rolling over in his grave at how the black race has destroyed everything he worked so hard for. We are more separated today than we were 40 yrs ago. Wake up black race, You are in love with Obama because of the color of his skin and have no idea he is keeping you in bondage.

  • Mystic Dissonance

    My whole life as a black man, I’ve been hearing black people lament the fact that we don’t have a real “leader” who looks like us. Well, maybe it’s because we, as a people, wouldn’t recognize one if we saw him. A LEADER DOES THINGS THAT OTHERS DO NOT! If you call a black man a nigger for speaking his mind, then you are a *follower*, and an ignorant slave to someone else’s ideas.

    • Denna Freed

      Mystic – I have often said that if Dr. King were alive today he, too, would be called an Uncle Tom. The Democratic Party has so brainwashed the black community that they no longer remember what being free REALLY means. Instead they, AND the poor white masses! – have sold their souls to the Progressives for a few scraps and free handouts. Sad, truly sad…

  • Raejean

    Don’t they just wish he were as big a phony as their god?

  • Angie Nash

    Dr. Carson is a bright spot for all. Simple and true. I don’t care if he’s black or white. I am thankful someone is speaking the TRUTH.

  • brent

    you libs are just plain hypocrites .. nothing more nothing less .. align yourself with a certain set of beliefs because that’s what you’ve been told to do, call yourself a liberal and “claim” to be “oh-so-tolerant” of others .. blaah .. you’ve proven that you say one thing and do another if, in fact, YOUR belief structure is called into question.

  • Ray Schneider, P.E., Ph.D.

    Interesting to see the bigotry and intolerance of the left. Conservatives have a lot of black Conservatives that they love but the idiots on the left don’t read enough to realize that. My short list is Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Ben Carson, Alphonso Rachael, and our own candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia E. W. Jackson and more and more … the left is the part of racism and bigotry … it’s called projection. Oh and I forgot Herman Cain and Allen West … give me a couple of seconds and I’ll think of some more.

    • NHisMage

      Ray, great list! I like all of the ones that you’ve listed. – NHisMage, a black Conservative

  • Maxwell

    If Dr. Carson is the right’s token…. what does that make Obama?

  • bl

    Hey Wtme,The government does not help people they have no money to help people.The money comes from taxes that working people pay.So when Obama takes even more it kinda pisses people who pay off.

  • oceanpearl777

    Obama is the token he’s a puppet on a string with Jezebel Jarrett pulling the strings.

    The liberal are all puppets who are brainwashed by the Socialist agenda. Free stuff because they don’t want to earn a honest living.

  • NHisMage

    I have yet to see anyone in this thread who is against Ben Carson post a cohesive rebuttal to his comments. Most have just confirmed what Carson spoke about. And shame on those of you against him for playing the race card, which is the typical brainwashed liberal/Democrat response. – NHisMage, an A-A Conservative

  • Guest

    This is what Obama brings to this nation. Along, with his liberal supporters.

  • John Gramm

    These are all racist names and Liberals are all racists.

  • USAFRadar

    You people on this site are the most racist and beggated that I have ever seen. A black man who was raised by a single mother that worked 3 jobs so they didn’t need the government handouts. Dr. Carson worked hard for everything he has gotten in this life. Are all of you here jealous? Maybe if you folks would strive harder and work to improve yourselves, you can have more things in this life. These comments are typical liberal attack statements. If a black brother doesn’t agree with His Royal Highness Hussein Obama, then he is an Uncle Tom. You all are pathetic. Go back to your mommies basement and what for the next occupy rally.

  • sloanwolf

    LOL, I bet all those idiots above are the trolls on Obama’s payroll that have been COUNTING on that darn raise to $9.00 he promised them!! Now that they’re not getting their minimum raise raised, watch them just go back to collecting their welfare check and getting high on crack all day. Buh Bye!!

  • Steve Eyton

    Looks like people need to read more. A disagreement used to be just that. Now there is hate amongst his own people toward him. I think it’s reprehensible. Dr. Carson is a “man” that is standing up for what he believes. You who call him names are not adults you are still juvenile thinkers!

  • Ken Gillingham

    I think it’ amazing that all the tweets are from the free cell phone users. Like if they don’t call Dr Carson, LTC West and Mr Cain all the nasty names. I think it’s because they all believe in the Lord and they use that 4 letter word – “work”. I have nothing but respect for these men who stand up for what is right and want our Nation to stop being destroyed by a tyrannical President.

  • Jim McCormack

    Dr Carson sacrificed to learn skills which these trolls can’t even pronounce…Most probably walked away from a free education which could help them mature to honor A MAN WHO HAS SAVED THOUSANDS OF LIVES WHILE THESE INSULTORS continue their racist rants, branding themselves as bigots with their immature insults..To be smart and successful is breaking out of the plantation mentality of victimhood….Just stay and call names and wither on the vine of low achievement while this man contributes to all of our well beings..

  • venicementor

    Small minds leaving demeaning tweets – the only type of comments their shriveled brains are able to come up with. Funny how they are the ones that seem to make a
    racial issue out of everything, under the guise that it is others who are racist.

  • Sandy Hawthorne

    Do we need further proof of which party is intolerant, racist and elite? The democrats have always been this way, you can’t erase history just because you deny it. They fought against
    civil rights for the black community as long as there’s been a fight. When will the black community wake up and realize they are being kept down by these people, they have not advanced or benefited in any kind of constructive way. Only in turning their backs on liberal politics have black men and women been able to find success and a better life. I wish every single person would look around them and see what is at work here before it is too late for all of us. Only a united people can save this country before Obama and his people destroy it.

  • calmo

    They are their own worst enemies.

  • rickg62

    You’ll notice all the tolerant comments are by those takers of a certain color who want everything for nothing.

  • CLL

    I can’t believe how racist and hateful these people are. Grow the hell up, your ignorance is showing.

  • $35072932

    Is there any doubt that the proppressives are the true Racists?

  • Grace656

    Racists on the left only resist the language of racists when the blacks are democrats. Otherwise, their inhibitions are completely relaxed and their true selves are exposed. But it is an ugly truth even if they are blue.

  • APW

    Liberals and progressives are chagrined that Ben Carson refuses to lie low and take what they are doling out like a good little victim. It is as though they feel betrayed by any minority that would tell them they are wrong. As Dr Carson said, their power comes from keeping minorities down where they can feel superior to them. Repugnant.

  • Mikey Wonder

    Lawls. black conservative. Paradox.

  • Mark Bowman

    From the sounds of some of the negative racist posts, I had to go back and remember that the Democratic party were the founders of the Klan, Jim Crow, the “64 Civil rights Movement, etc.! I guess a leopard never changes their spots, “Keep ’em dumbed down and turn them loose on the polls!!”. Disgusting!

  • Brenda Bammann

    Dr. Ben Carson can be this country’s token anyday, yesterday would not be soon enough~

  • Dwayne Jackson

    Is there a liberal out there who can explain what the Dem’s have to done for the poor other than keep them in poverty’s bondage?

  • Glenn Griffith

    Typical Liberals, once again showing the intolerant racists that there are.

  • Ryan Dinshah

    So a white man speaks up for the truth, hes a racist. A black man speaks up, hes an Uncle Tom. Amazing, I guess we’re all just messed up then, you know what, if speaking the truth and standing up for whats right and moral and good and Godly in this nation makes me racist because it defies that Occupier in the White House, regardless of his color, then so be it, call me racist. Our church is as integrated as any you will find and the Asst Pastor is black, the Pastor, half-black. So go ahead, judge me while I present the Kingdom to His lost and dying children. I get my ordination in 2 weeks and you purveyors of Satan can just back up and mutter amongst yourselves. Those that know the Light have no fear of the darkness.

  • longhornblondie

    Find it illuminating that they attack a man, but have little to nothing to say about WHAT he has said. All but one haven’t even referenced what he said. . that ONE is wrong. . I direct you to 1Timothy 5. The widow (poor) should first WORK to support themselves and not burden their families, but Families should be the first to care for their poor, then if they can not or there is no family; the CHURCH takes the poor in. Nothing there about the poor depending upon the government. Depending on the government is like depending on your master to be fair and charitable, it can happen but you’re still a slave.
    I’ve asked, “What did he say that was wrong?”. . . no response.

  • Daniel Mc Ginnity

    I agree with everything the man says. He is Fair,honest and certainly no pawn,more like a King.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    These so-called liberal progressives are the most hate-filled, racist, intolerant, assholes you will ever meet. They’re choking on their on vile spit and venom. Wow.

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    Another excellent display of “tolerance” liberal style.

  • Jerome Chase

    I`m white, but my grandparents came from Johannesburg. Does that make me African American

  • Guest

    It’s really funny that uneducated blacks are the biggest racists, even against one of their own. Thank you Dr Ben Carlson! Whats even funnier is that they support Obama only because of the color of his skin, he is only half black, and raised by white communists ! So tired of hearing blacks calling themselves African Americans when they have never even been to Africa …..this is America we all came from somewhere … People get with …..

  • David Hamm

    Carson appears to be a statesman ..Good for America.

  • Guest

    These black people who dont see the majesty and success story of Dr Carson are idiots! No good-good for nothing drain on our society. Keep going Dr Carson. We love you! He’s no token.. White people didnt go to some black guy and say here–you be our token….Ben Carson came out on his own volition because he is a proud American!!!

  • Patrick Kenny

    Wow, and I thought I disliked the liberals, they are really full of hate and lies. Unbelievable that people that call themselves educated could act like such school children calling names about person who obviously intimidates them and undoubtedly towers over their intelligence levels. Too bad, they might actually learn something if they would open their ears and shut their mouths.

  • TL11

    What the hell is the matter with everyone? You have a successful man, a successful black man, and rather than praise him, be inspired by his accomplishments, you
    insult him with racist, degrading rhetoric?Why? Because he represents something
    the Liberals hate: a black man who is self-responsible, determined and educated?
    They don’t like him because he pokes holes in their fabric of lies-that in fact, a
    “minority” can rise above all odds and truly live the American dream.That they
    can carve out the kind of life, as Americans, that we all desire. That he is living
    the kind of life Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed of for all people. And when
    someone such as Dr. Carson actually does succeed, rather than lift him on high
    and use him as a shining example of what can be, the Liberals turn around and
    begrudge him, belittle him, disgrace his name and what he has been able to do
    not only for himself but for all the lives he has touched, including his scholarship
    reading programs for schools. What an absolutey pathetic display of ignorance,
    racial division, and jealousy. His critics wish they had even an ounce of the
    dignity, respect, knowledge, courage and faithfulness Dr. Ben Carson has.

  • kp33

    I find it interesting how the only thing the left can see is skin color yet GOP are the racists! I’m also sorry black people aren’t allowed to think independently w/out being called vile names.

  • richfam04

    It’s certainly hard being a black conservative! Shame on those that think someone should have to think a certain way just because of the color of their skin, it’s a disgrace!

  • Larry Miller

    The George Soros/Obama state run media(abc,cbs,nbc,cnn, etc.) and their idols(all Socialist Party members in Congress) hide the names they call Black Americans when nobody is around. They are the racist absolute.

  • audieho

    Looks like Malcom X was right. Still being a bunch of chumps after all these years.

  • Cindy Williams

    I’m white. Judge me if you must, but why do all you black tweeters think that all black people need to be liberal and for Obama ? Even if I am for Obama and Liberal, I appreciate the ability for everyone to think for themselves regardless of the color of their skin.

  • Nadine Mongan

    Wow what an example of intolerance and lack of education. Skin color does not matter, except to those that have motive for division of Americans.

  • Teresa Boone

    Wow, judging a man on the color of his skin and not his accomplishments is……shall I say it…….RACIST. I
    guess it’s in the black code of conduct that if you are African
    American, you better be Liberal or else and you can toss names out there
    like Oreo and Nigger and it’s O.K. And where is the Obama hate speech
    Dr. Carson gave? That’s right, in your head!! Watch again!!!! Crazy,
    you have a man who is educated, highly respected and a true man of
    values and his only crime is to be conservative.

  • EndangeredNJRepub

    As a black man I used to think those who called me an oreo or house-nigger were a few sad hypocritical bunch. The advent of social media has brought me to the point where I honestly fear the for future of this country. Apparently all these other “reel” black people insulting Dr. Carson, Mr. Cain, and Mr. West amongst many others don’t want to be taken seriously, don’t want real racial progress, and don’t give half a flying rat’s ass about MLK’s Dream.

    If I’m supposed to be proud of a so-called subculture that glorifies victimization and blaming everything else for my hardships, while craving handouts from a government that I’m only supposed to like when there is a vaguely brown “cool” President in office, then I guess Civil Rights and Self-determination all that good stuff was for nothing. I know I’m saying nothing that hasn’t been said better and in a calmer state, but for a movement that proclaims itself the cosmopolitan, broad-minded, modern party, there seems to be a lot of back-asswards philosophy behind the minds of these folks. Nothing like militant multi-culturalism to usher us into delusional utopia.

  • Atisor

    I’ve never heard someone speak on national TV with so much sense and intelligence as Dr. Carson. He’s an admirable man.

  • Carol Grossman

    What a bunch of stupid, racist thugs these people are. They make me sick, calling Dr. Carson names like this. Party of “peace, love and tolerance”? No, I don’t think so.

  • Stephen J. Smith

    Nothing more intolerant or racist than a liberal towards a conservative black man or woman.

  • descolada9

    My disgust for libs is growing at exponential rates

  • Mike Thompson

    Liberals today would call Martin Luther King an “Uncle Tom”,” Oreo”, and “token”…

  • Eric

    Hold up my so called people! You give black exploit reality shows along with ignorance running amuk in our community thanks to The Great Society program created by Lyndon B Johnson where handout are used to keep our community down ( Welfare programs) a pass, & you calling this intelligent man a sell out? You fools don’t care to critique Obama as long as entitlements are handed out. Amazing! If a black family stays in the black community they are down, but if they move out they’re sell outs? If that’s the case blame The Civil Rights Movement because it was that movement which allowed us to move where we wanted to move, & businesses within the community to relocate outside the black community. In general, STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM ROLE! You use everyone else as the scapegoat for your current situation, but how about looking in the mirror? Michael Jackson said it perfect ” I’m talking to the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways.”

  • tinnerjim

    …and these are the folks that call us southerners racist? Gee-wiz, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Shameful.

  • Jeffrey Montgomery

    This is just more proof that the only people who are keeping racism alive and kicking are the people who supposedly fight against it. This isn’t the KKK yelling out because a black man was allowed into the all-white restaurant – this is the ACLU, and NAACP, and other such organizations screaming because he’s not pushing THEIR agendas.

    Scary, isn’t it?

  • Maratini

    The tolerant class has very publicly hoisted itself by its own petard of bigotry and racism. Nice work – you can be proud.

  • Hendrixfire

    I’m a black conservative and is surrounded by brain washed zombie black Delusional Democrats, who swear, their dream will be heard! For the life of me ” I don’t get it!” The black communities combined, loses over 3,000 people a year to violent deaths from other democrat voters. Yes, a “Democrat black voter will lose his life to another Democrat black voter” all of these communities are controlled by Democrats. The quality of life is down to 3rd world conditions and they swear by Jesus, Obama, is their savior!

  • Dane

    mean Entitlements Brigade? Dr. Carson spoke about the education problem
    this country has, and from observing the disgusting, racial tweets that
    have been put out…his point has been proven.

  • TheLaurenBlaine

    It is always so interesting to me that the party that is supposed to stand for ‘love’ (you can almost hear “Come on people now, smile on your brother…”) is the one throwing all the hate mail. I don’t see Republicans calling this man, “Our token black” or throwing the “N” word about him OR Obama. What gives? The Nazi’s started this “hate them til the world hates them” campaign. Who do you wanna be like, Mikey?

  • sgb1

    The liberals are the worst racists on the planet. All they care about is race, race, race.

  • Cockpit

    Black by polular demand- Social Justice. You keep what you make , I keep what I make. From the Man himself

  • Leigh Ann Coudriet

    The difference between what I see “tweeted” and what I see in the comments below is IGNORANCE VS INTELLIGENCE JEALOUSY VS RESPECT RACIST VS UNITY…. sadly we live in a world like this. May God open the eyes of the blind and circumcise evil hearts, turning hearts of stone to hearts of flesh that love and honor God in all they do and say.

  • apf2

    This is the real cancer that kills blacks: WTME: Dr Ben Carson is an a**hole! It’s not the churchs duty to feed & house poor ppl, govt needs to help too he advocates ppl fend 4 themselves

    My response:
    Why yes WTME we all want you lazy mfrs to stop looking to the government as God so you can be as lazy as you want. Fend 4 yourself–get some balls man!

  • cozette westenberger

    @worldthrumyeyes Really? It is the governments responsibility to feed people? No,is is YOUR responsibility to feed yourself and your family. What are you going to do when so many are dependant on the government, the only food available is one cup a rice a day for you entire family? Think about it, if you are not working and contributing to the government, the government will have to limit what it is able to provide for you.

  • Mickey O’Brien

    Who are the REAL racists here? If it walks like a racist and tweets like a racist, then it’s a racist. Tolerance takes a back seat to partisanship – and the most ignorant and most shallow form of partisanship. What a disgrace.

  • Anne Leding

    Liberals are so jealous and afraid. Why can’t they get their heads up out of the ground and see what’s going on with this country? They’re all in denial. Dr. Carson is the breath of fresh air that we’ve been looking for.

  • Ron Page

    What seems to be lost on these racists is that someone noteable is missing from their enumerated list of “Oreos”. I wonder if they can guess who?

  • [email protected]

    People……the GOP is not the racist community…you are…as democrats your party was responsible for fighting against civil rights…educate yourselves…and dont go on blind acceptance….the Republicans fought for you…the Democrats were and still are against you…creating a permanent underclass…Abraham Lincoln was a REPUBLICAN…and the beginning of the Republican party…please wake up!

  • Dave

    This is sad on so many different levels. We see who is consumed with racial hatred each time a black man or black woman dares to go against the plantation mentality the Democrats have instilled in people all across America. Liberals don’t seem to understand that there are people of all colors who think for themselves and who are not indoctrinated into one belief system. Dr. Carson is a shining example of someone who realized the American dream. But, because he doesn’t fall in line with the liberal ideology, he is castigated an “Uncle Tom.” If Obama was any type of man, he would condemn these people. But, Obama is an ideologue who feels the ends justifies the means. Such a sad commentary on American politics today.

  • cee

    why are liberals so hateful and nasty, just because dr. carson is black and has a good job, loves god and his country does not make him a token black man…shame on all of you. the truth hurts

  • Michael Guay

    Tollerance my arse…only when you think like them and follow their style of plantation living.

  • $25014546

    Dr. Carson, I am appalled at these unkind remarks. The conservative people really love you and we know that you are very sincere about your beliefs which you have spoken about. I’m sure you know by this time that liberals will do anything to win an election and their tactic is to ridicule us. All conservative people, especially those who might be a candidate for high public office, like yourself, just need to develop tolerance for this and I know you’re a wonderful speaker and can take care of yourself.

  • Dave Roberson


  • EM

    “he advocates that people fend for themselves” HAHAHA! gotta love it. Ben Carson MD is a man of God first and then a man of the people. the losers are trying so hard to bring him down to their loser level.

  • David S Brandt

    hateful these are…

  • David S Brandt

    You’d think from reading these slams on Dr. Carson (and anyone agreeing with what he’s been saying), that, like him, they are all heretics guilty of blaspheming his lordship…

  • Trudy Hill

    I was quite surprised that Ben Carson is the same man I watched in a bio film a couple of years ago. This is one great American success story too!!

  • Francis

    From reading the comments it sounds like article brought out all the true racists. Ummm Hellooooo…. not only white’s can be racists!

  • GPD12292

    I listened to Dr. Carson’s audio book several months ago. I was
    immediately impressed by how down to earth his philosophy was. He lives by biblical
    principles and treats ALL people by these principals. It amazes me how some
    many persons, especially blacks can talk such trash and hatred about him when he
    hasn’t spoken one hateful word towards anyone. This just further verifies what
    he is saying about the problems in America. The people that tweeted the vile
    words after his speech clearly don’t know what he stands for. If more people
    handled life as he and his brother have through positive guidance from their
    mother, there would be many more success stories. Unfortunately far too many
    people are perfectly content to live off of the government hand-outs until they
    die and they’re teaching their children to follow in their footsteps. The
    government is more than happy to continue feeding the masses as long as they
    can take more and more from those who do actually work for a living. The bottom

  • Don Pugh

    Dr. Carson is a good man who speaks from his mind and heart it is terrible that all these black folks are saying such hateful thing about him. It is tragic that pres. Obama has divided this country like he has please wake up all you folks .

  • Marcia Driver

    Name calling is so childish. Grow up. This is America and so far we are still free and can be democrat, republican, Conservative, etc. Whatever we want to be.

  • Pete

    I am Black and Republican and i don’t support the administration of President Obama. The main reason is because he and the congressional Black caucus are supporting amnesty for illegals. This program hurts Blacks more than any other group and the president knows it. Blacks are still the last hired and the first fired and racisi is still American as apple pie and chevy.

    • aliwilcox

      Pete, I’m very sorry for your and your race’s experiences. Do you ever discuss your insight with other black democrats? How do they treat you when you speak your mind?

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    Yup he’s a joke in the black community alright…an honest black man who thinks for himself.

  • michael s

    Dr Carson doesnt deserve racist attacks. MLK was a republican ,racially profiled by fellow LIFELONG republican J Edgar Hoover whos actions and words would lead to MLK being shot do death.

  • Yankee in TX

    Maybe I’m missing a political science lesson, but it’s amazing to me that President LINCOLN WAS A REPUBLICAN; was he the token then? And, when so many started to swing that was, who who decided that the “minority” should switch to the Democrat-side?

  • George Moore

    Black America truely does not want to become just America. The few that do not tow the seperatist line are branded as many different slurs as you can think of by their own people. Too bad that the victim mentality is fully sponsored by the career victims.

  • Darryl Rasmussen

    INTOLERANCE from the racists on the left. Dr. Carson is a MAN of conscience and honor. What would the supporters of the marxist/socialist radical rabble rouser from Chicago know about conscience and honor? Answer: NOT A DAMN THING.

  • Dee McWilliams

    These haters are so vile I can’t stand to read how they treat someone that dares to say what they believe in.

  • JCDArizona

    The only people playing the race card are those who have no other cards to play.

  • $379629

    More abortions = less Liberals. This problem will solve itself.

  • G. Chachi Shapiro

    This is really sad to me. Growing up in Maryland, he was like a local hero to many of us. I was even lucky enough to shake his hand when I was 7 and again when I was 13. He is innovative, brilliant, compassionate, and an all-around good guy who want to promote education. How in the world is that bad? Why must he be reduced to a skin-color?

  • I’ll set you striaght

    So now in intolerance in the name of tolerance is now tolerable ………. They must be a special kind of stupid……..

  • Evelyn

    What I can’t get over is how the “race card”is being used……but only by the black community….this is why racism will never end…

  • $379629

    Ultimately, these folks are just jealous of Dr. Carson’s success. They have bought the victim mentality, and yet are bright enough to realize, too late, they’ve been cheated. They are lost, disconsolate, souls. But don’t tell them that.

  • Marge Plevak Gajkowski

    Can’t believe what dumbasses democrats are….

  • salvoce

    Ben Carson’s life is one of the BIGGEST SUCCESS STORIES in contemporary America!!

    When are the racist bigots like jesse jackson, fat al sharpton, et al, going to get off their lazy welfare asses and realize that they CAN AND SHOULD become successful Like Carson and MANY OTHER blacks have!

  • Bill

    Wow. Have any of these racists listened to Dr. Carson speak? He is not espousing hate or rhetoric. He is telling ALL Americans the path to your own happiness. It’s YOU. It’s NOT the government.

  • marylamb72

    World renowned surgeon. FIRST to separate conjoined twins. Token. right. What a bunch of hate filled bigots.

  • Doubting Thomas

    I always find it funny, when the tolerance communities are the most vile, hateful and disgusting people you can imagine. Well educated black people which speak out their minds are always reviled by the likes of Rev, Sharpton’s, Rev. Jackson supporters.

  • disqus_S35LFgxpov

    SO unless Ben Carson is ant-civil rights than you moronic liberals wouldn’t like him. You do realize being conservative means upholding the rights we have in the constitution.?? The comments people ae leaving shows how politically un
    aware people are.

  • MLP0911

    Standing up for what you believe in is never easy and you will face controversy in what ever you do. You are not standing up just as a Conservative but as a person who believes differently than what other’s brainwash into believing. I may not be a Republican nor Democrat, but I believe in both sides and I want to see balance in this country. You keep standing for what you believe and don’t let the ugly racial slams keep you from what you know you must do. Love you for being YOU! Keep it true!

    • aliwilcox

      I agree with you. I’m not a Republican anymore, but I am a conservative who believes that the country can become more bi-partisan again–if the right people are leading it.

  • cebg

    And these people dare to call conservatives racists? They show their true colors! It has nothing to do with race or color of the skin. Do they forget that Obama is half white? It is about what is best for this country going forward and that is NOT becoming an entitlement country that is divided into two groups, the ultra rich and the poor, which is where Obama is trying to take us.

  • Todd

    I have never seen a bigger group of intolerant people screaming for tolerance. Can we say oxymoron… People who have the ability to become great squandering their life on not working towards a goal. Now here comes a man who achieved his goals and they criticize him. It is not the color of skin but the content of the heart that makes a good person. And these people insulting have a lazy heart filled with contempt & with no concern for their neighbors.

  • SourPea

    How sad that the “black community” has so very little philosophical depth. Ben Carson is deeply philosophical AND happens to be black…that’s all folks. How sad that you can’t grasp that.

  • aliwilcox

    They are so upset that a man with superior qualities would speak from the heart about the state of this country. Calling him a token or oreo, or name-your-insult, – none of that matters. We have to tolerate them because they live in this country. The black and white liberal (and neo-nazi) racists out there are revealing themselves by their speech. I think Dr Carson handles them well by reminding us they all look the same under the skin.

  • gretsch56

    Dr Carson has a mind of his own and you just don’t like the right way he thinks. Your president is half white and black and he sucks at his job. Gas still $4/gallon you all like this price. There will be another civil war in America and it won’t be North vs South. It will be Right vs Left.

  • Cynthia McCune Richards

    This is so typical! Liberals are so ignorant it makes me sick!!!! Dr. Ben Carson is a great man, period!! If they would stop to really listen to him instead of seeing the color of his skin, then maybe they could learn something!! Who’s the racist now????

  • tomstur

    Try proof reading your pre tweets prior to sending. Listen to your hate, racist motivational rants. These are revealing your heart felt distortions created with in your created shallowness. I do not blame this shameless display of obvious sewer run off on your true heartfelt opinions its that repeated negative media dribble combined with liberal hate mongering. Your unaware of reality. A tactic utilized by those assigned to feed your wondering minds is only effective during your school experience. I am going to try and explain the process in a practical manner. As young adults we remember days of rain and it seemed the same roads were flooded when ever 2 or 3 inches of rain fell. Each time we ask ourselves why is it our city can not fix the drainage problems we experience over and over. One year, five years, 20 years, same flooding. Its called Public Works obviously a misnomer. Zero accountability, no responsibility, funding shifted from maintenance of road infrastructure to social infrastructure, pay offs, good old boy mentality. Cover up, is the only remaining choice. Honesty was exported from infrastructure to social structure. Rather than admitting its lack of planning or its possible consequences down the road our public planners decided to recycle. Kicking a can down the road as the storm clouds gather is typical politics. Well folks when the can breaks apart a new tactic emerges. The proverbial blame tactic. Please do not mistake this as taken responsibility, or accountability. It becomes a political distraction ploy. Confusing the private citizens contributing their earning to a political misinformation campaign. With the willing media covering their political assets. So I will allow your inquiring minds to wonder and maybe take a look at the states representatives doing okay and those not so much and maybe then we as a nation can decide if a public run and controlled inefficient system should be overly funded for its failures or a private sector accountable to its supporting private sector citizens responsible to its commitments. I want to remind those kids tweeting insultingly that the message your receiving is calculated, polled, and unfortunate. Its an insult to your intelligence.and mine. Be objective, we are after all individuals. Utilize your independence, follow your hearts and conscious Your core beliefs will guide us not some dysfunctional political motivated loser distracting our attention on their terms. We as individuals can terminate bad representatives at the voting booth. Demeaning others attempting to motivate positive living is not helpful. Those progressive talking heads might consider kissing my conservative left and right butt cheeks. .

  • bill

    I believe Dr Ben Carson is a self made man with positive views for everyone–has Obama paid your electric bill yet–has he paid your rent–has he helped you get work to support yourself–has he lowered your gas prices and food–you negative liberals need to get some coffee and wake–oh i am sorry coffee too expensive for you–

    • MLP0911

      LOL!!!!!! my coffee has gone up in price. President Obama is the first president to take more trips than any other president in history. He spends more money on his trips than I will make in a life time. Our government spends way too much that if they would cut the budget in the White house and across all houses, we could pay for the extra gas that it takes to ship these items to their destinations limiting price hikes in the grocery stores. LOL!!!!!

  • dvelikis

    I think Ben is so far above the gangsta name calling that it doesn’t even mildly disturb him. What bugs me the most is for them to believe for one minute that white people are only using him because he’s a Conservative. HERE THIS NOW, Ben Carson is aGodly choice, a man of depth and character,a man under God who can turn this country around, America’s Solomon, America’s David, and yes, a man who wins my vote! Oh, by the way brother, God made him black, you should follow his godly lead.

  • W Dawes

    You know when someone threatens the PC Police because you start getting tweets like these. It is a direct sign that they are scared. It is a threat to their regime.

  • chetnapier

    This could work both ways what if we refer to sheila jackson lee as the token moron

  • Hank Devigne

    and how many people are willing to do physical work? if you’re not, you may be part of the problem. not wanting to break a sweat or a nail? only so many of us can work with our minds; some of us have to lower ourselves to do the actual work.

  • Fozziebear

    Looks like black on black hate. Why do they try to destroy decent successful people but celebrate thug-life “successful” people?

  • Michele Al-Fayez

    But I thought Liberals were the tolerant party?

  • bdrushal

    Where are the black leaders and the left who should be condemning the attacks on this thinking man. Shall we assume the face of liberalism is hate, envy and intolerance when no other face shows itself?

  • Tom Salagaj

    It’s amazing how successful the racist Democratic Party has convinced so many Blacks that they are actually free when the reality is that they remain on the plantation! The liberal government owns the plantation and has hired J J, jr and Al Sharpton as overseers! Thank God for Dr Ben Carson who sees it clearly. HE’s the one who is free! Sadly, the rest stay as slaves!

  • JR48

    These people embarrass me as a human.

  • ricsands

    I’ve never seen so many ignorant people who think the principles of a man should be based on the color of his skin. The true nature of the Uncle Tom is being content with being a house slave whereas the field slave always strove for something better in his or her life and were willing to go to any length to achieve it. Liberation from the voices of resentment is what Dr. Carson gives us white folks.

  • Beadbabe16

    Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story is a 2009 movie directed by Thomas Carter, all of the IDIOTIC COMMENTS posted here against Dr. Ben Carson just PROVE the STUPIDITY that so many people will use AGAINST someone they DO NOT EVEN KNOW!! THAT is a TRUE definition of “RACISM”! I just watched this movie about Dr. Carson and he is a TRULY AMAZING, GIFTED, SELFLESS person…………..YES, MUCH the OPPOSITE of the SELFISH, ARROGANT mR. oBama! You people should get your foot out of your mouth BEFORE you CHOKE!

  • Robert Bruce Bagnall

    Well it is somewhat comforting to finally know that the least educated, most inarticulate and obviously quite insecure members of the democratic party feel free to show themselves to be everything they accuse us patriots and libertarians of being.

  • Scott Jackson

    How is it that so many that celebrate Dr. Kings legacy are so against a black man doing what Dr. King preached about doing? I don’t get it. Liberals see this man as a “token”, yet Conservatives see this man as a common sensed fella that is speaking so many truths, it’s making progressive’s heads spin. It’s the lib’s using all the derogatory terms toward Dr. Carson. What are they afraid of? That what he speaks may help lead to the beginning of the end of their reign of demanding government assistance at every turn? And that they may have to actually apply themselves in our society to be successful? Content of character folks. Yet liberals ONLY see the color of his skin. I would be proud for my daughter if she were to bring a younger version of this man home to meet me one day. Color be damned.

  • Scott Jackson

    Never in a million years would I have believed that I would see racism being played out amongst people of the same race. Same on you my black liberal friends. Great job at emulating what the plantation owning Democrats have been doing for decades. You all have been played.

  • [email protected]

    Those that oppose Dr. Carson are those that oppose anyone that is against Obummer. If a statement is made opposing Obummer it is immediately considered racist. We are not lemmings and should not cave in just because someone is upset with our opinion. When is someone going to the Supreme Court because their right to be a racist was infringed? Why don’t I have the right to return the hatred shown to me? We as Conservatives need to be more thick-skinned and ignore the ignorant. We cannot continue to infringe on their right to be ignorant. Most of the ignorant have been taught right from wrong but they choose to be ignorant. The ignorant need to be loved not hated. We as Christains need to show the ignorant compassion and continue to show them the path, not shove them down the path. Start acting, not reacting. Ignore the ignorant. They can’t learn unless they are shown. You can’t out-shout the ignorant. Shouting is how the ignorant gets attention, not through the content of what they say but how loud they shout their ignorance. Remember, the root word in ignorance is IGNOR.

  • tripledotter

    If these prominent African Americans manage to remove 10% of the pawn voting block from the Democrats………It. Is. Over. for the Democrat Scam. They know it too.

  • RedSoloCup

    And conservatives are the racist ones?

  • TL11

    Such jeaoulsy spewing! Dr. Carson is an example for anyone who can rise

    above the “odds.” Amazing to me, when you are a “minority” and don’t do well,

    its’ the conservatives fault. When you are a “minority” and do well, the left

    gets pissed? He can’t win!

  • wildman

    sounds like the NIGGAS are jealous that an EDUCATED BLACK MAN spoke out against the NIGGA they fought so hard to put in office in OUR WHITE house and has turned out to be such a failure both as a black man and a president. OVOMIT you are scum, Dr. Carson you are a shining light among those who want to drag everyone down so their lousy choice looks better

  • LR99

    It’s hilarious how obedient liberal blacks attack conservative blacks yet ignore the poverty of their community imposed by their Democrat slave masters. Can anyone say Stockholm Syndrome?

  • kobrien674

    Why is it that most whites love and respect MLK’s philosophy and teachings and most blacks practice and spew just the opposite? They dishonor his memory and legacy. That’s where today’s racism lives, mostly in the “black communities” self imposed segregation. Separate and more equal.

  • AZWarrior

    Dem/libs want to keep the ‘Negro’ on the ‘welfare beholdin” plantation. They can’t deny it.

  • Art Faucett

    Coming from the party of tolerance, lololol. I love it when Dem’s do this. It just shows everyone their roots (pun intended),investment, and support of slavery all the way up to the 60’s and beyond. remember, LBJ only supported the CRM because, and I quote,” those n i g g e r s will vote for us for 200 years.

  • pete

    These people while tweeting from there free Obama phones calling Mr Carson a nigger need to step back from the mirror and soap box and try calling the employment office for a job. Oh! I forgot! There false God and savior Obama has screwed there so called black community so well they can’t find one. The only niggers I see are those tweeters calling a good man something he isn’t Don’t you all start whining about me saying nigger there isn’t a black corner on that word. You are what you are white black asian whatever trash is trash in any race.

  • moddly

    why does the left hate successful,intelligent,men of color?

    • Bill Board

      Because it adversely affects the democraps agenda of “dumbing down” minorities and then claiming democraps are the only ones to build them back up.

  • KathleenWagner

    Dr. Carson scares liberals because his mother made him work hard in school and worked two jobs to keep him there. Worst of all, he has the nerve to act as if he and she did the work and earned the success, and he doesn’t have to stay on the Democrats’ plantation.

  • Bill Board

    If the pictures in the tweets are self portraits, I am amazed at how many black people attack solid role models in their community, like Alan West, Ben Carson, Herman Cain and Tim Scott.

  • UnknownRider

    No room for common sense in the “black community.” Better to be a puppet on the progressive plantation, in service to the revolution, fighting for the “brotherhood of man”, which is a euphemism for the enslavement and impoverishment of all (except the elitist plantation masters).

  • Rick Bowser

    This is hardly a shocker. militant Blacks have always hated any of their own that achieve success through their own initiative,determination and hard work. It kicks mud on the welfare entitlement mentality those knuckleheads have embraced as their holy grail!

  • JatikaSpeaks

    I’m going to listen to his speech on YouTube.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    Reverse Django Unchained.

  • Robin Peternell

    I think some of your people are freaking idiots. Ben is a smart man you outta try listening to him. Obama is a fool and he is trying to bring this great country down piece by piece. I also think the government is to big and the welfare system needs overhauled so some of you dumbasses can get off your dead asses and get a freaking job. We are all tired of paying for you to do absolutely freaking nothing except wait for a freaking hand out because you are freaking lazy. Ben knows what he is saying and I can guarantee he is smarter than some of you morons writing this b.s.

  • Craig Jacobs

    I’m getting to the point where my position is fend for yourself* or starve. I no longer care.

    *Does not apply to children, or the *truly* disabled. Note that living at home at age 24 does not make you a child.

  • trixiewoobeans

    Somehow I think if any of their (Liberal’s) kids needed brilliant, specialized medical attention, and they had a choice, Ben Carson would be the first doctor they’d choose, in fact, BEG for!

  • Ten__Bears

    I guess these folks don’t understand being “used” ……lol

  • Herman LaClair

    liberalism is truly a mental disease. how else can these people look in a mirror and NOT see a hypocrite?



  • Myrtiss Cunnien Leslie

    Martin Luther King was a very good man with alot of comon sense, just as is Dr. Carson. They were and are as all people should be. Race has nothing to do with it, what matters is who we are inside. We are all God’s children no matter where we came from.

  • independentforamerica

    The above nasty comments are emotional unrealistic blather. When can we as humans, listen to another human talk regardless of their sex, nationality, or race? Dr. Ben Carson made good common sense and made no excuses for himself or his upbringing. I am damn tired of the left hearing only what they want to hear and then slamming us as the bad guys. I am an independent but I have conservative ideals. What the heck is wrong with anyone feeling as Dr. Carson does? Herman Caine said years ago that he had been called all of the above names because of his race. I listened to him on Atl radio because he made good sense. I suggest that the Obama supporters educate themselves about what is going on in our country-low info voters that vote for people based on color have the whole idea of the United States wrong. We are not a socialist country and we do believe in people taking responsiblity for themselves but we don’t turn our backs. Unfortunately too much money is going out of this country to support the wrong people who would not support the US. Give Dr. Carson the respect he deserves for standing up and telling it like it is.

  • Ptah


  • Ptah

    As much as I love Obama.. he is not in the same league as Ben Carson.
    Ben is a living legend, an icon!! He actually DID THINGS THAT MATTERED. Nobody knew who Obama was before his 2004 speech. We grew up
    hearing about Ben Carson. All these tweets are probably from MORONS with
    no higher education.

  • margaret hamtil

    There we have it! The libs are the real racists. I as a conservative, and I believe most of whom I know would never say these things. Color of skin is not mattering to these monsters who spew hate. They use this for their own absurd, disgusting designs.

  • margaret hamtil

    I wonder how many of these people who are spewing hate cast at Dr.Carson would do so if their child needed delicate guided neurosurgery by the most renowned doctor?



  • KickStart

    Well he is?

    There is precedence. All of you people are acting like you’re hearing Booker T. Washington for the 1st time! Oh wait you are! You never learned history .. so some fool

    who conjures up appeals made 100 years news to you and you’re acting like he’s a genius!

    Uncle Toms have history, they indeed do exist, they are the Benedict Arnolds of the Black Community…and here you people are acting like they don’t exist. And what.. are the Tolerance Brigade suppose to tolerate ‘self-imposed ignorance and stupidity’.. umm No! A line has to be drawn somewhere..this is a good place to start.

    Conservative going back to the days of Slavery have always taken a liking to ‘demure soft-spoken meek Black Men who know what to say’.. they got that in Herman Cain, Alan Keyes, JC Watts, Armstrong Williams, Larry Elder, etc.. the common thread – all just like Uncle Ben – there’s only two types of Black people welcome of among their ranks 1-the quiet and demure non-boat rockers and 2- the one that sing the same tunes they do. No other type will do. All of the above fit that billing. No exceptions.

    Just like over 150 years, they didn’t fool anyone then..and you people fool no one

    • Todd Clemmer

      No wonder you don’t use your real identity. Keep hiding.

      • KickStart

        What’s pointing out history..have to do with who’s saying it?

        Are you the ‘slay the messenger’ type?

        Focus on the subject at hand dimwit!

        ..and if you really are Todd Clemmer, you’ve gotta be 10 kinds of stupid to post your real name & photo on a open forum. I know you’re thinking..”I’m the real deal, I’ve nothing to hide..”

        Well by being that real deal,

        1- potential dating candidates will want to steer clear of anyone so egregiously naive (a child yes… but an adult doing that??? this world of theft – a SSN and a Passport could be forged – you’re an identity theft victim waiting to happen). Plus they can see how stupid you really are.

        2 – Married? Other kids can see how stupid their friends parents are…

        ..need more hints? Keep yammering at the jaws..

        Care to focus on the subject at hand? ..or obsesses over who’s hurling facts at you too hard to handle?

    • Thevelvetkitten

      Uncle Toms don’t march to the beat of their own drums.. Look at who says all the same things and look who stands out against the grain and being scolded for it…The one being scolded,ain’t your Uncle Tom. You need to learn history,the Republicans were started to fight slavery!! MLK and Federick Douglass were Republicans. Back in the day manners were expected in black or days uncivil people are celebrated.

      Maybe they are soft spoken because they are educated and only a fool yells and rants to be the loudest. If in a disagreement the one who starts screaming first has already lost the argument. Your blanket statements are just that and are bigoted in that you label people,not based on their own individuality but by the color of their skin and their views that don’t align with your expectations of what they should do or say and are not in lockstep with yours. You are defining how a black man, a real black man should act. I am just looking at the man.
      I am not comparing him to anyone…His words are what I am paying attention to. You act as if a black man speaking softly in a manner that is conduscive to conversation no matter the race is to be faulted? So do tell,how should a black man act or speak?

      • ROTFLMAO

        Well, now. I was at a local “big box store” the other day. First of the month and all, the EBT cards ere reloaded and they were out in force that day. I saw a man checking out at a register when his wife walked up to him with a few more thing to add to their purchase. This BLACK EBT USING WOMAN started screaming the “F” Bomb as loud as she could at this lady and her husband, whom by the way had 3 little ones with them. She didnt think it was right that she could “CUT” in line in front of her like that. It got attention of the management and she was removed and banned from the store, as she should have been. I guess they had to put all her “Free Stuff” back, I saw crablegs, lobster tails and filet mignon in her cart, and yes she had an EBT card in her hand. WAIT UNTIL “OUR” MONEY RUNS OUT!

  • DANEgerus

    #MostRacial LibRules

  • Paula Berrier Gardner

    As always the hypocrisy of the left shines brightly, as they demean a brilliant black man with racial slurs because he has the audacity to share ideas and hopes he has for our country that are opposite from BO’s. It makes no difference what color his head is; all that matters is the thoughts and ideas in that head, and Obama’s ideas are intended to destroy a country he has never felt a real love for, don’t care what color it is.. Dems wouldn’t recognize real racism, it seems, if it jumped up and bit them on their ‘holier than thou’ butts. And the libs consider themselves to be the ‘intelligentsia ‘ of the country? haha

  • Calvineson Kicky

    black , white or Indian we are one people..

  • felix1999

    Yes, I see the true RACISTS are out in force doing what they deem ugly. yes, hypocrisy is alive and well with the LEFT.

    Dr. Carson is one man I admire and guess what? I’m WHITE! Horrors that a WHITE and a BLACK person can agree on what is RIGHT and for most of us THINKING folks COMMON SENSE!

  • awakepatriot

    Those are Americans saying that trash??? So heartbreaking to read those cringeworthy tweets. I’m ahamed to call those tweeters fellow Americans.

  • Gerald Bomeister

    Stand tall Dr. Carson!!!

  • Nancy Lebischak

    When they can not defend their position, they turn to calling others names, oh the intelligence of the Liberal mind. What I find as the sadist part is they condemn others for what they do.

  • informed

    You folk think Obama is doing you a favor??? Let us see what happens when the free money runs out!!!


      It’s a coming, very very soon.

  • Ron W.

    It’s been said that if you’re catching flack, you must be on target. Obviously, Dr. Carson is smack on, judging by the way he gets the Lefties riled up. Keep going Doc, you’re doing just fine!

  • fcutch

    Its a shame that black America is not intelligent enough to know that it was the Demoncrats who ran the old south, who created the KKK ,Jim Crow laws ,supports abortion, which disproportionatly kills black babies and promotes a welefare system designed to keep blacks down


      You are right on the money with that!!

  • Nancy Glick

    Dr. Carson is a danger to what the Democratic Party has become. He’s a man from poor beginnings that rose above it to prosperity through hard work and a firm belief in God and all that a free America has to offer to those willing to work for it. He didn’t take the road to “woe is me” and government handouts. The man is someone who should be admired for his honesty, integrity and intelligence. He’s the epitome of what any person in this country should aspire to be…the best person you can be…regardless of race, creed or color. A good heart and good mind make a good person. He’s a shining example of “The Lord helps those who help themselves” and should be admired for it. I would love to see Dr. Carson and Rand Paul on the next Presidential ballot and I honestly don’t care which goes for President and which for VP becasue they would make an outstanding pair to look up to and I’d be honored to claim them as POTUS and VP of this country. How different things would be today if he had run for President in 2008 instead of Obama!

  • Aleuicius

    It is amazing how the radically liberal-minded racists keeping racism alive today can somehow transfer their failings onto what they call conservatives and ignore what they profess as important if it does not comply. Perhaps it has something to do with personal responsibility; that conservatives accept it and things “stick”, while liberals do not, in their teflon fashion??

    In the end, the liberal war is waged against personal or individual responsibility. They can’t handle it, consider it inadequate for that reason, and search always for someone else to carry that load.
    Dr.Ben Carson does not and they cannot accept that – resorting to their irresponsible and racist roots to tear him down.

  • Sanford Horn

    With Dr. Ben Carson in the White House, he could be fortunate to have Col. Allen West for Defense Secretary and Herman Cain as Commerce Secretary – and so could we as a nation.


      I could see it happening. It would be a good thing, all three men are very smart Americans who happen to be black. All that is just the color of their skin, which doesnt matter. All three very successful men, all thre made it on their own. All three are highly qualified. It scares the rest of the nigs because the fear losing all the free shit they get because these guys dont believe in it.

  • Vance Campbell

    The cry of “Uncle Tom” against anyone who does not tow the democrat party line shows what can only be described as willful ignorance or out-right stupidity by those who misuse it. Uncle Tom died because he regularly put others before himself regardless of the color of their skin, and refused to help locate two escaped slaves. He was not murdered by his “master” but by two slaves, Sambo and Quimbo, who only realized they had chosen side of wickedness after they had murdered Uncle Tom.

    It seems that people bought and paid for by the liberal agenda readily hate those brave enough to think for themselves.

  • Bernadine Doll

    Just read all the “toleraters” tweets…what a joke. Not much tolerance there.

  • Derrick Robertson

    Dr. Ben Carson the 2013 Herman Cain. We’ll see how little GOP support he’ll get if he decides to run for president.



  • Kyle Wilson

    why would black people want to be like allen west, herman cain, or ben carson when they have Jay-z and rick ross? oh yea and BHO

  • ChicagoJohn

    “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy…”
    -Joe Biden, Vice President, Democrat Party

    Now… who’s the token?

  • hammer1972

    How is it me a part of the Republican being a racist party. When it’s the democrats that use the word Nigger all the time. And do everything possible to enable the black man to be more oppressed by making him reliant on the Government.

  • Debbie Botbyl

    The people that degraded Dr. Carson are low lives and jealous. They wouldn’t know the truth it it hit them in the face. He speaks the truth and all you can do is throw racial bigoted trash at him, typical. He doesn’t care one rip what you think, he lived the life and pulled himself out if what so many won’t. He and HIS FAMILY WOULDN’T BUCKLE UNDER TO THE STATIS QUO. I guess letting the government support you and telling you what you can and can’t buy and where you will live and what you will have for the rest of your life is better, no that’s lazy and you think you’re entitled to it at the exoense of those that actually work. You are not entitled to what I earn. GROW UP PEOPLE AND ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING WORTH WHILE FOR ONCE!!!!!

  • Jeremy Visbal

    Wow and they call republicans racist! SMH

  • cherokee_warrior

    Just reading the hate mail. What a sorry bunch those are. Here we have Dr. Ben, an educated man, who really went to college, and then on to med school, and whose records are open for all to see. He has gone on to become Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He has come from poverty to his position by working hard, studying hard, and becoming the best that he can become. This man can walk proudly, with his head held high. He has made something of himself, and is helping the world to be a better place.

    Can those who have written the hate emails and have called the slur words at him,

    say the same thing about their ‘hero’? Obama, who has been pampered and groomed by some undisclosed source of money, and whose mind has been corrupted since his early days by those students of Marx and by members of the Communist party. He has never done anything worthy in his sorry life, including his past term. There is no comparison between Obama and Dr. Ben. Obama is not even worthy to shine the shoes of Dr. Ben, and I seriously doubt that he could even perform that task, for there are certain skills needed to give a good shoe shine.

    What is truly sad is that the ancestors of many of those blacks who are raising

    objections, owe their ancestors freeing from slavery to a Republican, President Lincoln. Yet, here the majority of blacks are committing allegiance to the Democrat Party, that was and still is the political home of the Ku Klux Klan, whose ancestors used to ride, under the cover of white robes and hoods that covered their faces and assault and kill many of the freed blacks, Why would anyone want to be a member of a party that was full of hate, and that is still full of hate of any black man or woman who

    does not bow to their views, but who embraces being a conservative, and who works to make something of themselves and to be able to rise above the poverty that many blacks are under the thumb of, and that the Dems want to keep that way, with their support programs.

    They should be ashamed that they ridicule black people such as Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Condoleezza Rice, Angela McGlowan and those
    many others who have made something of themselves and who stand proudly
    in their fields of endeavor.



  • Carolee Braxton

    Liberals (and their black sheeples) just can’t stand anyone of color who doesn’t play the victim card.

  • Bosoxylvania

    Dr.Carson, you are so far above the ignorant masses. Pay no attention to the Obama sheep who are dumb enough to follow him over the cliff.

  • Stan Parrish

    The only racism I see is coming from the liberals. Maybe that is why they always accuse conservatives of racism is to cover up their guilt.

  • Kevis

    Wow, Twitter sure is home ot a lot of ignorance. They are all too ignorant of history to know which party was the slavery party, the Jim Crow party, the KKK party – they all think it was Republicans. Most probably too young to remember Senator Byrd, the Democrat Grand Cyclops of the KKK.

    BTW, wasn’t Uncle Tom actually a noble man who refused to beat another slave, so was killed for it? Have liberals corrupted their base that they know of no virtue?

  • Frank W Brown

    Push Back on these TROLLS!!

  • daltonzgang

    Obama pays a cadre of hackers called Cyber Warriors for Obama to heckle anyone not falling in line with his socialist agenda. Dr. Carson is one smart man, has great ideas, is not bound up by PC and is self-reliant. He’s natural prey for these Cyber Idiots for Obama. Give them the attention they deserve, none.

  • Matt Filla

    LOL!!!these dumb idols throwing hideous insults at Mr.Carson just think their so cute…..

  • Austin Jones

    What else should expect of individuals who were weened on liberal welfare. These fools who call him uncle tom, oreo, and nigger are simply accusing him of what they actually are……just as liberal habitually do.

  • Austin Jones

    What do you expedt from people weened on liberal welfare?

  • Namrub Drawde

    First of all Dr. Carson is not a Republican, he is an independent with conservative views.

    Second, CPAC stands for Conservative Political Action Conference, it is not about Republicans it is about conservatism. Why would Republicans want to attend a Conservative conference when they have become such moderates, and conservatism is the antithesis of their words and actions.

    Third, our president is in the process of enslaving over 300 million Americans to the government for generations to come with his policies and unconstitutional executive orders. I don’t know about these people who hate Dr. Carson so much, but I am not going to be a Slave to anyone, especially a Masah in Washington who seems hell bent on destroying the American way of life.

    I guess there are people who were born to be Slaves, and those of us who were born to fight for their Freedom as they are marching down the road to Slavery.

  • eyesareopen

    I no longer care what democrats think. They seem to destroy everything they get involved with; culture,morals,economies,common sense,life,you name it.

  • Dee

    If Dr. Carson was president, he would be the First Black president! But it does not matter what color a person is . It is the content of his character that matters.

  • Red Fred

    The critics need some new adjectives. Those are just tired. (yawn) Ben’s making too much sense.

  • phxtiger2

    I find it interesting that any Afro-American who doesn’t tow the Obama line is automatically insulted by the Kool-Aid drinkers. Luckily, Dr. Carson doesn’t seem to be particularly bothered by the childishness of these folks.

  • Patty Fiske

    Wow, and my liberal friends call me racist for disagreeing with the ideology of the pres. Too many of these comments confirm that the democratic side hasn’t come far from the historical beginnings. I did not know that ideas and beliefs had a skin color. Dr Carson had a mom who didn’t take excuses and expected her boys to work. Admirable, again what does it have to do with skin color??

  • Nanasfj40

    I guess “I’m Your Him” doesn’t know that the Kkk was the terrorist wing of the Democratic party! What a moron.

  • cactuskat

    Just read these comments and it is obvious what is wrong with America. Get over yourselves. The great deceiver has you in his pocket. This is exactly what he lives for–hate and discord.

  • seagull1106

    There is a common theme among these nasty tweets, it’s ignorance and real racism. Not one of them is calling out Dr. Carlson on principle or belief. They are basing their nasty comments on who Dr. Carlson is interacting with. It makes no difference to them that there were many Black Conservatives at CPAC, they probably aren’t even aware of that. All they see is that Dr. Carlson is speaking to people that are not “like them”. It’s too bad that they can’t see the value of having principles and the courage to stand up for those principles.

  • Robert W Altman

    To educate yourself is be free from slavery. Go to your mailbox get your check, you are bought, get your free house you are bought, free phone, bought ,free groceries,bought . By who,you wonder, all working people, black AND WHITE,THE OLD SLAVE MASTERS.Funny isn’t it that a black man wants to keep people uneducated ,homeless[ it will never be yours] and unemployed. Yall like that??You are still on the plantation. by the way HIS CLOSEST ADVISERS ARE WHITE , THEY STILL GOT THEM SOME SLAVES!! WAKE UP FROM YOUR SLEEP PEOPLE LOOK @YOUR LIFE HOW’S IT DOING?

  • Robert Steele

    What is so funny to me, is that these libtards are playing right back into the plantation mindset by slandering this man. He is a well educated, huge success, and simply telling the truth from a position well above this racist rhetoric. This was a typical slant on the plantation, to try to degrade someone who aspired to higher than the fields, hence the monikers. If those libtards only understood what “Uncle Tom” stood for, they would be very embarrassed for complimenting this fine man. Go Dr. Carson! Let us all abandon these spineless establishment Republicans who have lost sight of what conservatism is all about…Tea Party 2014!

    • Robert Steele

      These people do not realize that they have been successfully subverted by the modern dixiecrats, that have molded their minds using propaganda since even Roosevelt’s time.

  • Kevin Scott

    Intelligent, self-supporting, educated, articulate… No wonder Liberals don’t like him. They prefer their house negroes dumb, subserviant, and inarticulate.

  • Robert P Moscato

    Tweets like those above show how much people value symbols over substances. Dr Carson doesn’t fit the Caucasian hating, Black, Power, Entitlement dependent African American Liberals. Dr Carson is showing how important it is to be Color blind, and self sufficient. That’s something to be very proud of.

  • jimpeel

    Any Black person who has the audacity to stand on their own two feet and walk off of the Liberal plantation is regarded as a sellout. In the mindset of the Black “leadership” they believe that Blacks should play the Stepin Fetchit character and submit to their Democrat slave masters. Their motto is “Take your place at the trough of liberalism; and slake your thirst from the public dole.”

    Those who realize that they are being used by the new masters, and leave their chains behind, are considered outside the mainstream.

    The so-called inclusive attitude of liberalism does not exist for Blacks who swim upstream.