In a Twitter first, Houston’s Memorial Hermann hospital spent Wednesday morning live-tweeting a C-section delivery. The baby’s 39-year-old mom consented to the Twitter play-by-play, but she and the baby’s dad asked to remain anonymous.

Warning: Some of the images and videos of the surgery are graphic.

Welcome to the world!

  • An Abstraction

    SQUUUEEEEE!!! Another top tier non-story from the Twitchy “staff”…..

    • Tangchung

      They wanted to tweet your birth, but the donkey objected.

    • NRPax

      If you can do better, would you mind proving it?

    • Noah Lee

      you truly are fucked in the head, you know that. right?

  • TugboatPhil

    Wow! Not sure if I’d want any kind of surgical procedure of mine tweeted live, but it was a very informative topic.

  • Tangchung


  • Kimberly C

    Got a bit teary eyed when he started crying. Welcome to the world, little guy!

  • Lady 12

    Happy birthday, little guy! :)

  • Tessa

    That was just great.

  • kssturgis62

    The Lord’s Miracle, Human Life. It is a baby Boy !!! Thank you for this Life Moment.

  • BrendaStarr

    Happy birthday, little man!

  • mary kile

    Congratulations to the mother and father. Welcome baby boy, may God bless you. I’m sobbing as I watched the video and pictures. Just amazingly beautiful. Thanks for this Houston Memorial.

  • BisbeeMidwife

    As a midwife, I hate to see this procedure so normalized. Just because a mother has one emergency c-section does NOT mean she needs another. I wish they had gone into more detail about the reasoning behind the first c-section…was it because the baby’s heart rate became dangerously low after an epidural or pitocin??? C-sections are NOT normal, are NOT safer than vaginal deliveries unless there are extreme circumstances, and should DEFINITELY not be performed before 40 weeks if mom and baby are both healthy and doing fine!! Why am I the only one who seems to care?