Because that’s just how Uncle Joe rolls.

OK, so the vice president supposedly doesn’t sit around composing his own tweets. Supposedly. But would it surprise you if he did wish himself a happy birthday?

Earlier today, President Obama insisted Joe Biden’s birthday was all about … President Obama. Maybe this tweet was Honest Joe’s way of setting the narcissist in chief straight?

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  • Joseph Phillips

    That’s kinda dorky.

    • SwTk

      Thats F’ing stupid. More than that, he is oblivious to the stupid.

  • Joseph Phillips

    That’s kinda dorky.

  • Mellow Melon

    okay, one thing you have to say about Joe, he’s really adorable in a totally “old grandfather” type way XD wouldn’t want him to be president, but he has his moments XD

  • nc

    The only thing missing is “pull my finger.”

    Well, not really the ONLY thing.

  • syvyn11

    One heartbeat away. Just go to bed with that thought in your head.

    Good night.

  • Julie the Jarhead

    I wished him a HB. Think about it, if any one deserves a birthday wish, it’s someone who feels that they have to wish themselves a HB.

  • Chris Corbin

    Happy Birthday Joe! Thank you for the many laughs.

  • Right Wired

    RightWired, make sure pick up a loaf of bread of the stuffing on your way home from work today.