Following Hurricane Sandy, many New Jersey gas stations are still without power and supplies are running low at those that are open. Reuters reports:

In New Jersey, where half of all businesses and homes were still without power, more than 80 percent of filling stations are unable to sell gasoline, said Sal Risalvato, head of the New Jersey Gasoline, Convenience, Automotive Association (NJGCA).

As residents struggle to find fuel for cars and generators, the gas station lines in some parts of the Garden State are stretching not just for blocks, but for miles.

At other New Jersey stations, people are lining up on foot with gas cans.

As Gulf Coasters did during Hurricane Isaac, New Jersey residents are using the power of Twitter to help each other find gasoline.

The #NJgas hashtag is filled with up-to-the-minute reports on which stations are open and how long the lines are. Others are requesting information about where to find gas. Some recent tweets from the hashtag:

The Wall Street Journal reports that it may five to seven days before gasoline is delivered to some stations.

  • Leroy Whitby

    I’ve never understood the drive to stand in line for hours for gas after a hurricane. You buy it before or you just hang out and play Monopoly until the lines go down to normal.

    • Caitlin Velasco

      Because some people have no power, and they need gas to fuel their generators!

      • Steve Scott

        Ya buy it before the hurricane hits. It’s called planning ahead. 5 days notice, right?! Geez…

    • meeester

      the state of Democrats in a Democratic state.
      What a coincedence.
      (meanwhile, all our vehicles were gassed up, generator is full, Coleman and kerosene lanterns and heaters ready, spare gas in containers was sufficent to run the generator for our house and several neighbors.
      I don’t think I’ll try “jersey style”

      • Lenora Martorelli Dellanno

        what state do you live in?

        • meeester

          PA. We were impacted but not as bad as Jersey, nothing like their worst.

  • afvet4america

    We can’t get it in there if we can’t cross the bridges and roadways. Same with food restock and other item’s. Sorry.

  • The Daffodil Times

    This is why you evacuate BEFORE the storm hits

  • Jeffrey Spence

    UN prepared people. Must be Obama voters. Too bad you can’t fix stupid.

  • News Reporter

    And liberals mock PREPPERS for their beliefs. Riiiiiight.

    • WingedBishop

      Liberals just drive by a 2-mile long gas line looking for an opening to cut in.

  • Michael Lane

    Did you see all the Obama voters that had to be rescued too? It was like Louisiana all over again. They scream about the importance of government. Government tells them to evacuate. They stay anyway. Then our brave men and women have to risk life and limb to go get them out. Get a brain in your head.

    • The Daffodil Times

      What does an “Obama voter” look like? How do you know they weren’t Romney voters? Racist.

      • dawn

        Where do you get ‘racist’ out of ‘obama voter’? Sounds to me like the pot calling the kettle black. I LIVE in Louisiana, and Michael is right. There was SOOOO much notice about Katrina and the ones who rely on the gov’t to support, feed, medicate, and feed them stayed…and then blamed the gov’t for them being trapped without food, water, medicine, electricity, or transportation. Well, ya know what..if the gov’t is ALL that to you…LISTEN AND LEAVE when you are told.. No one is to blame except those who didn’t listen to evacuation notices. …Personal Accountability. WTH happened to it?!!!

      • cgraham77

        Because they were IDIOTS!

        Race has nothing to do with it, fool.

      • Lenora Martorelli Dellanno

        nobody said anything about RACE, or how they look!!!!! The statement just said, obama voters are STUPID!!!

      • Catchance

        Wow… knee jerk, anyone? Raaaaaaaaacist!

        • Lenora Martorelli Dellanno

          just a leg tingle. Not racist at all. If Christie tells you to evacuate, you evacuate!!! He didn’t pick the info out of the air. He got his info from experts. If you decide to stay and then want to be rescued, you put someone else in danger of dieing, just because you didn’t want to do what you were told.

      • Robert Hersh

        Vote Obama if you want what u see now to be everyday life. A microcosm of the future under Obama. Chaos!

        • Robert Hersh

          I know you’re an Obama voter because you dropped the “racist” bomb. A conservative would not do that!

      • Robert Hersh

        The unprepared idiots are the ones who depend on government free stuff. White, black, brown, yello. Color doesn’t matter. Liberal idiots come in all colors

  • AUBraves

    The people searching for gas aren’t endangering any responders lives. They are already safe. They just need gas.
    Where would you like for your neighbor to store huge quantities of gas? In between their house and yours?
    Sometimes things just don’t work out for having everything you need. As long as the people are in a gas line they are making an effort and really not causing anyone an issue. It’s what Americans do. You just keep moving forward and do the best you can.

    • sgb1

      And lines down the road are risking rear end collisions?

      • AUBraves

        No more so than a car fixing a flat on the side of the road or a Trooper sitting on the side of the road. That is such a small, irrelevant issue that I now hate I responded to it.

    • sad but true

      I hate that word FORWARD

  • sgb1

    Why didn’t they fill up before the storm? Good preppers keep their cars full.

  • Johnny Blade

    Its obvious Obama doesn’t care about white people

  • roadtotruth

    Yes, this is exactly the kind of thing global warming creates. INCONVENIENT, isn’t it? Very proud of NJ’s governor and our president for working so hard.

    • dawn

      Dang…you are never thirsty, are you? Always drinking that kool-aid.

    • Steve Baxter

      How many lies to you enjoy believing??? Global warming is a LIE! It’s been proven a lie. Stop drinking the kool-aid and look it up yourself!! Our “president” is not working hard, he is trying to repair his image after HE allowed Americans to DIE while lying about how it happened!! At least when W sent in Americans somewhere, they were well equipped!! (Just to alleviate the crying about what W has done)

    • Lenora Martorelli Dellanno

      wow, global warming?!? Do you mean that crap al gore invented, like he invented the internet? This from a man who said obama lost the 1st presidential debate because of the altitude of Colorado. What flavor of kool-aid do you drink, or do you just snort it???

  • BeeKaaay

    Long Gas Lines. Bad Economy.

    HEY! Did I just go back in time to 1979 again? Or is Obama REALLY that bad? Yes to the latter.

  • Joe W.

    These are the same liberal Obamanauts that wished my house here in Texas would burn to the ground when we had our wild fires last year. #karma

  • religionandhistory

    America ….October 2012 ….multiple
    thousands of homes are under water , some neighborhoods have been
    completely lost , families are homeless , jobless or displaced ….
    thousands of businesses are closed , many will not reopen anytime soon
    ….for thousands more gas and electricity has been cut off ….once
    busy streets are dark and empty , food and fuel is harder and harder to
    procure ………………………AND THEN … a

    terrible storm named Sandy had to come along . :(

    • Catchance

      Ha! Good one.

  • Lenora Martorelli Dellanno

    I just want to say, not every one from New Jersey votes democrat. GO ROMNEY!!! btw, have the generator, gas, food, supplies even company!!