The Nation swooned over the Obama campaign’s “sexy” and “affirmatively feminist” ad  featuring “Girls” actress Lena Dunham — you know, the putrid, offensive video that likens first-time voting to having sex for the first time. And the Atlantic’s Connor Simpson mocked the “ridiculous” outrage from “old white men” on the Right.

Simpson’s fellow travelers on the seedy, woman-degrading Left joined him in lashing out at old white guys who don’t get the absolute hilarity of the president’s stomach-turningly disgraceful sexualization of young women for his own political gain.

It’s not a “good ad” or a “funny video.” It’s not “cute.” And it certainly isn’t “sexy” to urge 18-year-old women to vote their way into Obama’s Skinemax harem fantasy.

It’s typical.

It’s a repulsive affirmation of the toxic liberal culture that trivializes sex and devalues women and girls, reducing them to no more than walking, talking “lady parts.” And that condescending, dismissive disregard for women is equally evident in progressive writers’ claims that only “old white men” care.

Conservative women had plenty to say about Obama’s demeaning assumption that sexualizing the voting process is the way to a young woman’s … well, the only part of her the president can stand to focus on. They’re sick of seeing the misogynist Left’s ideologically-driven crusade to insult and objectify women in the pursuit of leftist goals. And they refuse to be crammed into Obama’s “binder full of women.”

Watch the ad again and then read the reaction from “non-existent” conservative women.

Twitchy founder/CEO Michelle Malkin is bored by lefty celebs swooning over “their birth control supplier in the White House.” She calls the ad “the lady parts’ brigade’s jump-the-shark moment” and reminds Dunham, Fluke and company of her message to women.

Those with broken moral compasses would like to make this about uptight conservatives clutching their pearls over sex.

That’s absurd. We’re not the liberal stereotype of stick-in-the-mud conservatives and we can appreciate a good double entendre. This one wasn’t even mediocre. It was a raunchy attack on the notion that women care about more than sex and birth control. It was yet another attempt to define women as even less than the sum of their parts.

When the sitting president — a father of two daughters — allows his campaign to make degrading analogies at the expense of our teen and college-aged daughters, you’d better believe men and women of all ages and races are going to be appalled.

We have a feeling that’s what a lot of moms and dads did with their daughters last night.

The Obama campaign has not responded to the backlash from conservatives. Keep the pressure on.

  • TwitWit

    Disgusted doesn’t even start to describe.. how i feel about the way OFA views ALL women.

    • Shawn Smith

      I’m confused by their strategy. Wouldn’t creatures who are just mobile vaginas have a hard time voting? I don’t think voting stations are equipped for these creatures. Maybe they should try appealing to whole human beings instead.

      • SonofaCV15

        The “strategy” is an OWS one. @O@’s campaign is failing… just like his agenda over the past four years.

        The objective is to destroy everything sacred to this county… breaking all the moral values on his way out.

        We knew this would be nasty… just not how much so it would literally be.

        • Linda Gadberry

          If you think this is bad, wait for the second act. If he’s re-elected.
          God forbid.

          • SonofaCV15

            “God forbid” I’m sure the pun was not intended….

            Yes… “god” will forbid if he is re-elected and we are the forbidden that will all be on our way to hell in a handbasket should he be re-elected.

            You know how the left does worship their false profiting savior.

          • BlueGood


            My Favorite is “PREPARATION “O”…STOPS HEMORRHOIDS”

            “Yes folks, whenever my hemorrhoids make an appearance, I reach for my O’BAMA CREAM”


            (All of you have my express consent to TWITTER about “O’BAMA CREAM”)

            Send out on Twitter about NEW ESSENTIAL PRODUCT!

            Make sure you include Preparation “O” O’Bama Hemorrhoidal Cream is a PERFECT MATCH EVERY TIME!!!

    • Dio Heerai

      LET NOT YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED . Every young man with a girlfriend will either stay home or VOTE FOR ROMNEY after seeing this ad …. all they (young men) see is a middle aged gramps making a pass at their GIRL….EPIC FAIL

    • AUBraves

      Vladimir Putin ran a young women’s “first time” ad during Russian elections

    • Armando
  • Linda Howell

    She needs training on how to be a “lady” – being trashy is not attactive! And I am thankful she is not my daughter/grand-daughter.

    • bicentennialguy

      If I was this fool’s mother, I am afraid that I would have to have a “talk” with her.

      • shimauma

        that fool’s mother raised her on welfare and guv’ment hand outs. she’s used to trivializing things of worth, including herself

  • raewilco

    The thought of an ad like that is absolutely disgusting !! I feel dirty just hearing about it, and the only way to get clean is a nice solid vote for Romney. Then I’ll feel better.

    • SonofaCV15

      And so this is what this comes down to… The moral vs the amoral vote.

  • melissa

    Women are known for their instincts, and mine told me immediately that this ad was BAD. it was repulsive and my 16 yr old daughter went “ewwww”

  • Vividiorque

    I had almost mistaken this Dunham girl for a teenage boy! This is plain creepy & offensive. It has to be the worst analogy a political campaign Ad has come up with in my lifetime. Thank you miss Dunham for assuring us a Romney/Ryan victory Nov 6th!

    • SonofaCV15

      I think your first assessment may be correct.

  • EastValleyConservative

    I wonder if the liberals who decide that it’s “old white men” who are only disturbed by this realize how they just engaged in generalizations based on race? Nah. It doesn’t count when they do it. As for Lena–ew. The ad is disgusting. However, I am sure she was paid to do it, I’ll give her a small pass as someone who needs a job. The president however….

    • SAndrews

      “The president however….”

      Hopefully we can finish this line with “also needs a new job”.

      • Rob Longwood

        He also needs a new home……………..a 6′ by 8′ cell would do nicely!

  • Lisa Dean

    I watched, I threw up in my mouth, I need a shower with bleach.

  • Stop Lying Dave!

    The ad doesn’t look like it was made by Mcmahon & Tate. I think the “brains” behind it was Bill Clinton.

    • stuckinIL4now

      Yeah, I guess you could say this one has Bubba’s hands all over it.

      • shimauma


      • Douglas W. Cooper

        Let’s hope it was only his hands.

    • Rob Longwood

      And I hope you are using the word “brains” very loosely?

  • Baba Ghanoush

    No wonder Romney closed the gender gap.

    • grais

      Exactly. These silly kids (including the middle-aged ones) obsess over and trivialize sex, demean themselves and all females, are the most unhappy hand-wringing shriekers…and think conservatives are the ones who are uptight. I wonder if the Obamas would like to see their girls cheering for this sort of stuff.

      • Grumpa Grumpus

        Well, of course Dingleberry & The First Klingon don’t want their daughters applauding this type of stuff.

        But it might noy be for the reason that would first come to the mind of any of us.

        These people are Progressive True Believers&m that Humanity is a herd animal, and except for an undeserved accident is no different than cattle or sheep.

        People, in their eyes, were the ultimate “winner of life’s lottery”. Undeserving, unequipped, unable and too unreliable to be allowed to run loose unsupervised and uncontrolled.

        They sincerely believe that Humanity naturally divides into two basic components: The Ranchers and The herd.

        Being filled with narcissistic pride, there’s no question in their minds that they are the Herdsmen, though the preferred word now-a-days is “The Elite”. In their minds they are as far above the Hoi Paloi as the stars above the ocean floor.

        Dingleberry & The First Appetite see themselves as members of the Ruling Class, of an intellect level greater than g-d.

        It would not be proper for Elites to consume agitprop created to nourish the Herd, so they would be disgusted by the thought of their daughters consuming such dross.

        • grais

          You’re right, Grumpa. I hope we can convince them that our resistance is not futile.
          btw, I enjoy your posts. You’re a wise and funny man.

    • Jim Wafwot

      Imagine the disdain this ad would cause if it was a Romney campaign ad.

  • disappearing moderate

    My 21 year old daughter is in the target audience for this ad. I just showed her this ad without any prior discussion. She immediately said, “That’s gross, just gross, equating sex with voting. That’s a horrible ad. Creepy”.

    • $92510698

      Maybe they are saying if young women vote for O you’re getting screwed…I don’t know…

  • $24410100

    The ad is in poor taste and foolish.

  • sadiesue17

    I’m so upset to know that my 13 year old granddaughter in Ohio is being exposed to this kind of an ad. It’s disgusting. With the first few lines of the ad, their minds are going to go to the same place any other woman’s mind would go! I’m so sick of Obama antics!

  • Colleen Kelly

    That’s funny, when I was getting ready for work this morning, I could have sworn I was a young, white woman in the mirror. Thanks goodness the liberals have corrected me once again. I get so confused when I’m not in the kitchen, it’s like my girly bits get all confuzzled until my sugar daddy tells me what to do.

    Anyone with half a brain (that should apply to some Dems) and a sense of decency (which probably applies to zero Dems), would find this ad to be in poor taste. It’s not even about politics anymore, it’s just about sex and pandering to anyone for a vote. Voting is a civic duty, not a sexual activity. And like voting, sex is a private matter. Wish the liberals would stay off of my lady parts. Since I am a responsible adult (never mind my faith), I have bigger concerns like the economy, healthcare, national security, foreign policy…you know big people concerns, and not the immature and selfish concerns about getting free birth control and abortions.

    • Judy Reinhardt

      Well said. As a 63 year old woman, I find all of this talk about my body and sex and abortion quite disquieting. Is nothing sacred any longer? And, even if mammograms were free (they’re not), I would not be discussing that with strangers in mixed company.

      • Colleen Kelly

        Completely agree with you Judy that nothing is scared anymore in the eyes of liberals. Not something I want to partake in.

    • tomtom1983



  • stuckinIL4now

    Did Obama run this by his 14yo daughter before approving it? They keep playing it on the radio and I have to mute the sound cuz I’ll keep wanting to hurl whenever I hear it. I have never ever looked at a presidential candidate–or any candidate for any public office–in those terms and I never will.

    • Linkit

      I wonder the same about what his young daughters might think of this demeaning and disgusting ad. Remember O’Bamas proclamation that he would not want his daughters to be punished with a baby? “Punished??” He opposed a ban on partial birth abortions, why would he care what his daughters might think of the left wing ideologies unless of course if his daughters wanted their first time to be with a conservative.

  • Jack Deth

    I’m sitting on the sidelines, because the ladies in attendance
    are doing such a fine job.

    To paraphrase Rudyard Kipling:

    “When you’ve been shot and left for dead
    on the Afghani plain.
    And conservative women come out to
    cut up what remains,
    Just roll over on your rifle
    and blow out your brains.
    And go to your God like a soldier!”

    • Linda Gadberry

      Love the words, but don’t any allies try to leave the rest us here up to our ears in (gee, what’s a good descriptive word?)… fill in the blank.

    • Linda Gadberry

      We must stand together.

  • $30423294

    This ad would be considered sexual harassment where I work.

    You see, democrats exempt themselves from the coercive laws they impose on us.

    Which tells me that sexual harassment laws are not about doing what is right and just.

    They are a means of controlling behavior.

    When will we admit what’s happening to us?

  • Right Wired

    You know how I see this?

    Voting Democrat robs you of your innocence and leaves you with massive feelings of regret and general icky-ness.

    • shimauma

      don’t forget the need to shower in boiling bleach afterwards

    • lisa trifone

      PERFECT response!!! I love it — and the comment by shimauma below, too!

  • rivers

    So gross, it was gross when Putin did it, and I thought at least we’re not that devolved over here. It’s like if the producers of Happy Days had seen the ratings plummet after Fonzie jumped the shark and decided the solution to bring them back would be to have him jump more and more sharks every week.

  • sleazyrider

    Being an older “white male”…and with the sleazy part in my name, I like to think of myself as being a little more selective …than say …some other”pick your color”males.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    Neither of my girld (20yo nor 10yo) find this appealing. Both were embarrassed when i showed them. Both rolled their eyes when they saw it was Obama campaign ad. Then we grabbed our semi-auto hand guns and we are at the range.

  • marcellucci

    I was told by a woman that her first time, it hurt likeHell and she bled like a stuck pig……
    So, yes, voting Democrat would be just like your first time…..

  • Linda Gadberry

    This is what happens when you cuddle up with Hollywood. . As my granny used to say:
    “Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.”
    I have a message for BO. To paraphrase President Reagan: Mr. President, TAKE DOWN THAT AD.

  • Mistertbones

    This has to be one of the most disturbing ads ever. Not just political, but period!

  • LY

    Best comment I’ve seen so far was from 100%Fed Up “If your daughter makes a mistake in voting, don’t let her be punished with an Obama”. Can’t remember a campaign that revolved so dramatically around sexualization. Birth Control/Abortion/lady parts/first times. THIS is what Democrats think women are concernced most about? I’ve got family in Afghanistan, dwindling paychecks and these morons are look around and come up with this stuff. Stunningly stupid.

  • marcellucci

    Only the Democrats would promote promiscuous voting……

  • Snoop87432

    The socialists are patronizing women, and exposing their desperation …

  • SonofaCV15

    Thread bare, down around the ankles, bustin slack campaigning at it’s “best”.

  • Sheerie Knoll

    What I don’t like about this ad is that is appeals to those who give in to their base instincts, the animal instincts we all have.

    As an adult woman I can control my sexual urges. I can say “this will not happen”.
    I also am capable of discerning my first time voting from my “first time”.
    The two are not close in similarities.

    The fact this ad tries to make this connection is not only insulting to me as a woman, it . insults me as an adult, it insults me as a voter, it insults my intelligence.

    • AMSilver

      It’s true – there just aren’t any similarities between your “first time,” or any time for that matter, and voting. Sex is supposed to be a deeply intimate bonding experience with someone who will devote themselves to you completely, and to whom you will also devote yourself completely. I suppose democrats *want* women to feel deeply, intimately bonded with Obama and to then devote themselves to him completely – but that’s just disgusting. That’s not how we’re supposed to feel about our elected representatives. We send them to Washington to do a job, not to fulfill us as individuals… Just yuck.
      Also goes to show just how much meaning liberals have ripped out of sex, that their experience with it probably will be like voting for Obama.

  • Mikey the Suit

    “You want your first time to be with the right guy.” Guess they’re writing off lesbians, then.

    • SonofaCV15

      That depends on whether the “guy” is named Butch or Rocky or not. Even then it’s hard to tell.

  • CherDash

    I’m confused. Why would a lesbian be in an ad talking about a “first time” with a guy?

    • lainer51


    • tomtom1983

      Its just a point, that pointing being that dems show support only when needed. Its simple really.

    • usmccp

      Maybe she bats for both teams

  • Brian Roastbeef

    This is some of the best news possible. They’re actually doubling down and trying to defend this disaster!

    On the youtube link for one of this ad’s Russian counterparts was a comment from 7 months ago that no way could something like that be pulled off in America, that it would end that politicians career instantly. Nothing has changed in basic human decency since March. That still holds. Obama is done.

  • Dee M.

    It scares me that these people, who obviously cannot think for themselves with any of their “parts,” get to vote – and probably more than once. Just donated to Mitt! Romney/Ryan 2012

  • Bored Dalek

    Good thing the voting age isn’t 16. Obama and his team wouldn’t hesitate in running this sex-vote ad aimed at teens if they thought it would help. That’s just how twisted these people are. Tell me I’m wrong.

    • TexSizzle

      I wish I could, but, unfortunately, you’re right.

  • DavidKramer

    They stole the twisted crap from Putin, what do you expect from one twisted freak to another.

    • Guest

      DId anyone ever see those pictures of Putin without his shirt on? Hot! I don’t like the man, but I do like those pictures. Know what I’m saying?

      • DavidKramer

        Twitchy, how about a ban for this identity thief?

  • sb36695

    As a woman, I am offended. PLEASE teach your daughters self esteem. They are more than just “lady parts”!

  • Dan Morris

    Obama only thinks of women as beings from their waist down. He puts this juvenile ad on his own website. So much for our noble President.

  • SonofaCV15

    Did Michelle approve this message? Oprah is probably getting a real kick out of this one.

  • silenteyedstorm

    I wonder if Obama tells his girls that he believes they can only go as far as their uterus will take them?

  • KillerKellyReno

    Thank God new poll of all debates shows Romney clear debate series winner, Pls. subscribe to my conservative column and share!

  • John

    Women like that are the ones we learn to run from–usually by watching the hell they put our friends through.

  • redheadgrl

    As I’ve said before, the liberals equate every single to sex.

    • etlib

      Not exactly, sex is the “circus” part of the bread and circuses they are using to divert the populous from their failures. (welfare is the “bread” part).

  • Guest
  • Leslie Ward

    Julia, ‘vote like your lady parts depend upon it’ and now ‘your first time’. Obama is stuck in middle school – only thinks of women as helpless, sex objects, who worship him as too cool for school – while the guys are picking on him because he proves himself a fool every time he opens his mouth. These ads are almost as disgusting as the way Clinton treated women – and I could never, ever vote for a man such as this.

  • vino veritas

    I’d like to address the actual bigoted, ageist and selfish narrative these libs are putting out there. So, apparently, liberals at the Atlantic and the Nation do not think old white people count, or at least as much as everyone else. Perhaps these pasty white liberals should tell that to the grandfathers and other old white males in their own families, hmm? I’d like to see them put on the carpet and forced to do exactly that on video for the world to see then try to justify their inexcusable remarks This despicable sentiment is, in fact, what these socialist lib’s really think of old people. They are useless to the world whenever deemed so by the state and, henceforth, disposable. This point of fact should not be lost to the nation in the discussion of this latest ‘Julia-esque’ video.

  • ChicksLoveRight

    All signs of a losing campaign. BTW, I just saw one episode of Girls – where Lena Dunham’s character is forcing her parents to ‘support’ her for her rent and food in NYC?

  • mv74

    “I know what it’s like to pull the Republican lever for the first time, because I used to be a Democrat myself, and I can tell you it only hurts for a minute and then it feels just great.” – Ronald Reagan, 1980

    • $8182155

      That was a one-liner joke Reagan told to a bar full of adults in Bayonne, N.J. He didn’t recruit a young woman to tell it for him – fully embellished with lengthy, sexual innuendo – to a world full of 18-year-old women on national television.

  • wyatt81

    This is what the left has been about all along-degrading and tearing apart the culture and then attacking anyone who doesn’t go along with the degradation. The dictatorship of the dysfunctional. And the President is their sacred figurehead. They have wrapped up their whole destructive and self centered agenda in him and he’s proud to carry it for them-in ways like this.

  • Alice Nakahara

    Romney better be careful. He’s in danger of losing the all-important slut vote.

    • lainer51

      good one!!!

  • $12514677

    The White House ,only seems to want woman votes and do not care how they get them. Sure makes woman seem cheap and easy,which only exploits them as only a sexual object. Sets equality of woman back and you really expect to have equal respect.This does not help your cause.

  • News Reporter

    Will this result in more illegal campaign contributions from his Muslim Sharia Law allies in the Middle East?

  • Aloha Kid

    He copied the Putin ad, which is even more disgusting.
    And I’m far from being a 50yr old white male. Lefty idiots.

  • RightThinking1

    Yeah, sure. Take political advice from an orgasmic, tramp-stamped, 18 year-old. She’s only a few drinks away from being the complete antithesis of a responsible adult.
    All of which raises a question, did Julia get her tattoo’s removed using government $?

    Come to think of it, does Obamacare cover tattoo removal? Probably.

  • $21367552

    Yeah, the whole thing reminds me of a tasteless joke by another woman hating foul-mouthed pervert: “I know what it’s like to pull the Republican lever for the first time, because I used to be a Democrat myself, and I can tell you it only hurts for a minute and then it feels just great.”

  • Chris Coon

    “Angry”? How about laughing out loud at everything this ad says about Obama, liberal women, media culture…

  • Junie3

    Then you wake up and realize you were just screwed.

  • shimauma

    Remember, with libturds, getting off and self pleasure are at the top of their narcissistic priority lists, so this video didn’t surprise me. What they don’t get is that normal women really aren’t into whispy gangley liar scumbags like barry hussien. We prefer a King David over a king saul any day

  • brianmouland

    This reminds me of the TV series Murphy Brown when the leftie creators of the show were promoting single motherhood. Later saw a show with then VP Dan Quayle interviewing real single mothers about the difficulty involved with working full time and trying to rear children by yourself. Of course the show wrote Murphys son out of the script for five years cant do that in the real world. Democrats should start seeing in real terms not in the twisted reality of some liberal writer from Hollywood

    • etlib

      And Dan Quayle was vilified for not knowing that Murphy Brown was a fictional character when, of course, he knew she was fictional and was making a point about using fiction to promote immorality.

  • lainer51

    Somehow, coming from this regime, it didn’t even seem over-the-top; but I will be sending more money to Romney… I already sent my “first time” donation months ago… It really did “feel good”

  • BigTBoom

    Just when you think Obama’s campaign has hit bottom, it just keeps going down.

  • ksimms

    Haha, turns out Ronald Reagan himself told the same joke 32 years ago about voting Republican the first time. Clutch the pearls! Where’s the outrage?! Ha!

  • Ddtgwt

    Obama tells us about Benghazi…NO MORE LIES!

  • Guest

    DId anyone ever see those pictures of Putin without his shirt on? Hot! I don’t like the man, but I do like those pictures. Know what I’m saying?

  • Junie3 Stephen Crowder has his own video. LOL

  • The Daffodil Times

    LOL First off, President Obama doesn’t have binder’s full of women, that’s Romney. Second, the only women who are offended by this ad are the women who’ve been forced to see their bodies and their sexuality as something to be ashamed of by the conservative men in their lives. Conservatism=culture of oppression

    • disappearing moderate

      Wrong, Ari, as usual.

      • The Daffodil Times

        Nope, I’m 100% correct

        • wermet

          Only in your imagination.

  • Maura Furey

    I have a quick question- what does everyone think of Ann Coulter?

  • furnoir

    well, I can see the comparison of voting for Obama and a woman losing her virginity in the context that after doing either of them, a woman would have to go home and finish the job herself, since neither man lived up to her expectations.

  • Polliwogette

    How is it that all the lefties saying that those upset are middle aged white guys (absolutely acting like we conservative women don’t exist) *are* middle-aged white guys? A little projection?

  • jim jowsey

    Not offended in the least, as a matter of fact I think it’s the most truthful thing I’ve heard coming out of this campaign. Voting for O is just like getting screwed.

  • Gallatin

    I don’t even know what to say, I’m simply dumbfounded.

  • vino veritas

    Twitchy team:”Those with broken moral compasses would like to make this about uptight conservatives clutching their pearls over sex.”

    The thing is, they really have no moral compasses! They discard it in favor of moral relevance which is why libs make pretty much everything ALL ABOUT sex. They have been doing this forever and simultaneously pushing the silly notion of uptight conservative’s in order to hide the fact that they are really an immature and hedonistic lot so, in truth, they cannot have a legitimate discussion of what role the subject of sex should play in society. It is why they are constantly telling the lie about uptight and prudish Americans when the fact is this country has been and is bombarded today with more sexual content via the entertainment industry, with help from their liberal operatives in government, than any other time in human history. Their goal is simply to destroy our sense of morality and replace it with their own hedonistic corruption.

    Conservatives should NEVER EVER legitimize this despicable deceitful notion about ‘prudishness’ by engaging in some hypocritical, futile & laborious effort to try and prove TO THEM how ‘open-minded’ and ‘sexually liberated’ we supposedly are. Ha! Disgusting asinine hogwash! IOW, we just do not live up to THEIR standards. Those types of phrases are merely codewords for us to sell out OUR standards and beliefs to match them. The subject of sex has become trivialized and exploited to the point that there are people out there who make a living off of it and call themselves professionals while receiving degree’s on top of it! For what exactly? Their astounding level of perversity? There is no legitimate need for these people when one considers so-called ‘sexual problems’ through an ethical and scientifically-rigorous mindset. Liberals are, morally, truly broken creatures and we can learn nothing from them.
    So anyone under the delusion that these libs have some deep special knowledge to impart to the rest of us, whereas sex (or really anything) is concerned, just needs to pluck their heads out from that rear side body part, since that is where liberals get their opinions from anyway.

  • Maria

    That ad was worse than my first time if you know what I mean. The majority of women in this country don’t want to sleep with Obama, they don’t want to kiss Obama, they don’t even want to meet Obama. I know it’s hard to believe. The BO campaign is getting so desperate that they are making such terribly written and acted out ads demeaning women so bad. It’s sad–for the campaign.

    We vote based on Lady Smarts not Lady Parts!

  • afisher

    This faux outrage over the ad is bizarre – would you have said the same thing if this women who is qualified to vote, say that “her first time” was with a woman. OK, enough with the faux outrage: most here probably haven’t read the entire ad, so here without delay is the ad.. Opps, here is the Reagan Comment: I know what it’s like to pull the Republican lever for the first time, because I used to be a Democrat myself, and I can tell you it only hurts for a minute and then it feels just great. So GOP double entrendre is OK???? OK, back to reality – here is the complete ad:

    Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody. You want to do it with a great guy. It should be with a guy with beautiful … somebody who really cares about and understands women.

    A guy who cares about whether you get health insurance, and specifically whether you get birth control. The consequences are huge. You want to do it with a guy who brought the troops out of Iraq. You don’t want a guy who says, “Oh hey, I’m at the library studying,” when he’s really out not signing the Lilly Ledbetter Act.

    Or who thinks that gay people should never have beautiful, complicated weddings of the kind we see on Bravo or TLC all the time. It’s a fun game to say, “Who are you voting for?” and they say “I don’t want to tell you,” and you say, “No, who are you voting for,” and they go, “Guess!”

    Think about how you want to spend those four years. In college age time, that’s 150 years. Also, it’s super uncool to be out and about and someone says, “Did you vote,” and “No, I didn’t vote, I wasn’t ready.”

    My first time voting was amazing. It was this line in the sand. Before I was a girl. Now I was a woman. I went to the polling station and pulled back the curtain. I voted for Barack Obama.

    Now for some more faux outrage – it makes you look silly but not quite as silly as Mitt, who quoted a blogger – fact checking not required – even though it was wrong…but it got better – Mitt also said what was really important: “And those things will determine the most important and intimate things in our lives, the lives of our homes. Seriously – our homes??????

    • disappearing moderate

      Not singling you out particularly, just jumping off what you’ve said. What Reagan said was a joke in adult company, not a you tube plea for votes from a crumbling campaign. There seems to be a misunderstanding about why people object to this ad. It’s not because people are prudish, sexually repressed, find sex dirty, and of course, you got to throw anti-gay in there, too. In this economic climate, it’s all most people can do to maintain interest in their own sex lives, much less worry about what others are doing. So the distaste for this ad is not anti sex. On the contrary, this ad trivializes both sex and the electoral process. The innuendo is creepy, not sexy and the politics it espouses are air- headed, a double fail.

  • wermet

    Just to see how a young person would respond to this video, I showed this to my 15 year old son. All I told him before showing it to him was that it was an Obama campaign ad. He broke out laughing at the end and talked about what a great spoof it was. I had to actually show him that it was from Barack Obama’s campaign youtube channel before he would believe me. After that he was simply disgusted and speechless.

  • VAMOM2

    I found the ad repulsive when I saw it, but I knew it was REALLY bad when my 17yo son mentioned it, on his own, yesterday. He thought it was extremely creepy and disgusting. Now mind you, he has been interning at the Romney headquarters since early in the spring so he is in tune with what is happening, but this went to a whole different level in his mind.

  • Chad S

    Showed this ad to four young women, only one of whom seemed to have a clue about politics/election coverage and who didn’t seem to be smitten by BO, but they unanimously branded the ad, ‘creepy’. Two actually said, ‘eww’, and one said she found it offensive and thought it belittled women a bit.

  • BeeKaaay

    Barack Obama is a pervert.

  • junesp

    Not trying to be political at all……….that chick is disgusting!!

  • GrimJack

    Was stuck in a waiting room today when CNN showed this ad and then commented on it (they were positive of course). All I could think was holy crap, besides being stupid and desperate, how come with all their Hollywood pals, they couldn’t they at least get an attractive woman to cut this ad? They might as well have Chris Matthews star in it if they could get him out from under O’s desk where he does his Monica Lewinsky impression. He could tell you all about the leg tingle that O gives you..

  • Pedro (SoCal)

    That first time she talks about was with Rachel Meadows..Afterwards they had a smoke and compared tattoos..

  • HWGood

    There are no “economic virgins” left in the U.S.A. today. Bam-Bam has had his way with all of us.

  • lisa trifone

    There’s an awesome response on Facebook by a group named “Dogs Against Obama Eating Them” (that just makes me laugh!!)…..anyway, it’s got a still of this Lena girl and next to it, it says “Don’t lost your job because of an unwanted Presidency….Practice Obamaabstinence” — I think that’s BRILLIANT!! LOL

  • Edgard DeBruycker


  • Jedd McHead

    Democrats treat “women” like any other group in their “group mentality”; fodder to advance their agenda.

  • whatadifference

    very inappropriate. And as it relates to voting for Obama, just plain dumb.

  • epobirs

    Old white men? Funny how being old enough to have a daughter facing that decision makes you hope she exercises a bit more caution than being impressed by a socialist conman twice her age.

  • gekkobear

    Um, here’s a Libertarian’s parody video … the girl here is not old, male, or Republican (although she is white).