In April, five members of Occupy Cleveland were arrested for attempting to blow up the Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge. The lapdog media ignored the alleged terrorists’ connection to the Occupy movement.

It’s time to Occupy the Truth.

Today in Cleveland, Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch, Sonnie Johnson, Jim Hoft, Andrew Marcus, Jenny Beth Martin, Tony Katz and many others are rallying and marching in protest of the media’s shameful cover-up of Occupy criminality and continued smearing of the Tea Party.

Watch the rally here:

If you have any trouble with that live-stream, try this one:

Twitchy will bring you updates from Cleveland throughout the rally.

Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft organized the Occupy the Truth protest along with “Hating Breitbart” director Andrew Marcus.

Fabulous grassroots leader Sonnie Johnson got the crowd fired up right away.

Typical leftist response to a black conservative woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind:

Radio host Tony Katz emceed the event.

How ’bout that? The mainstream media are absent as usual:

Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots spoke of freedom, patriotism and restoring the Constitution.

Dana Loesch was up next and railed against the intolerant leftists who call women like Sonnie Johnson “Uncle Tom.”

This Occupier picked the wrong lady to mess with.

Loesch was on fire when she ripped into Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown for his support of the criminal Occupy movement that plotted to blow up a bridge in his state. Reminder:

You know who’s here?

Andrew Marcus gets the crowd to shout, “Stop RAPING people!”

Meet the rally mascot:

Next up, “just a blogger” Michelle Malkin is on hand, fighting like a girl against the “blame righty”-obsessed “real journalists” in dead tree media.

Lapdog Andrea Mitchell gets a shout-out.

As always, Malkin is doing the work “real journalists” won’t do and crediting other bloggers fighting for free speech.

The mainstream media still haven’t shown up, natch.

Occupy the Truth: this is what peaceful protest looks like. This is what freedom of speech looks like. No rape tents, no terrorist plots and no vandalism. Are you watching, Occupiers?

  • BeeKaaay

    Needless to say the MSM will ignore this.

    Just like they’ve ignored the March for life for FORTY YEARS, despite hundreds of thousands marching on DC each year.

    • Meshell

      Just like they ignored the millions and millions who marched on Washington a few years ago to protest Obama care and the complete disregard of the constitution, and the way they ignored the thousands and thousands of people who ate at Chick-Fila in a quiet peaceful demonstration of support for a business owner’s right to free speech, and just like they ignore the thousands that turn out for peaceful tea party rallies every year. – If you want to convince a weary nation that conservatives are few and far between, and those that are conservative are violent filled loonies you surely can’t cover their events- that would reveal (gasp) the truth & if you have an ideology of what you want to turn this nation into ( a Marxist socialist nation of the elite and the rest of us) you surely don’t want the truth revealed. “Demonize your enemy.” and the MSM is on board with that.

      • BeeKaaay

        Remember, leftwingwackos hate non-cronies.

  • JeffWRidge

    In all likelihood, the lefties are hard at work trying to find sound-bites they can take out of context, or distort to make this rally sound hateful. Look for some NBC style editing to take place.

  • Larry Baron

    Thank God for these wonderful Americans!!

  • Love of Country

    I wish everyone on the Right and in the Middle would call out the “media” for what it is …… and it’s not “mainstream” by any stretch of the imagination. All that description does is lend them credibility.

    The best description I can come up with is “state run media” because that is what they are. They all work in unison to prop up dysfunctional liberalism and destroy productive conservatism. Why they want the dregs of society to topple the productive patriots of society is beyond me, although I have my ideas, but no matter ….. the state run media is pure evil, dishonest and forever misguided and it’s time we call them out for what they are. (mainstream my ass)

    • JadedByPolitics

      state run media INDEED! or as I like to say whores to the Democrat Party, but we all have our terms of “endearment” for those who abuse the 1st Amendment to wrap themselves in political PACs for the Democrat Party.

  • Orangeone

    Hey Occupy girls that claim to have been assaulted, that really didn’t happen. Just ask the MSM, Pelosi and O’Bambi.

  • Joe Robinson

    I didn’t see Faux News there. Are they not the media?

    • Shelby is a Patriot

      So if you “didn’t see them there” that makes them “not the media”? Poorly worded.
      By “I didn’t see” I’m assuming you mean that you were there, right? =0

  • disqus_LASIg6epmj

    *Shallow comment of the day* Sonnie has legs that go on for miles! As a shorty, I’m jealous. 😉

  • JoeMyGod

    Interesting event. Did anybody drop dead of rage?

    • Maria

      No, because Righties know how to conduct themselves like adults.

      • JoeMyGod

        Tell that to Andrew Breitbart.


    Great job, Michelle, Dana, Sonnie, and Tony; and kudos to RIGHT SCOOP!

  • Steve Wiser

    Gee, no women dressed like vaginas, guess this rally wasn’t powerful enough.

  • vino veritas

    That’s most laid back attire I have ever seen Michelle Malkin wear or the first time I’ve seen her put her hair up like that. Personally think it looks best down the way she normally has it (looks like it was a hot day there) but she is still a total knock out beauty either way. Don’t expect any coverage on this whatsoever from the MSM, with the exception of Fox News perhaps. Hell were they even there at all? Cant tell from the pictures. Fact is, the MSM have been replaced with real journalists operating on the net and in radio rendering them pointless and a hindrance to every one else trying keep current with legitimate news data.

  • bheld

    Calling the alphabet soup gang the “MSM” does seem to lend them a bit of credibility. Why not just call them what they are?? Communists, communist sympathizers, and fifth columnists?

  • Paul J. Citro

    You don’t really expect the MSM to cover anything conservatives do. Even if they did they would spin it.

  • nc

    Andrew Breitbart would be so proud. Thank you, patriots, you represent so many of us!

  • Maria

    I wish I could have been there! You guys all did a good job!

  • JoeMyGod

    I must admit, Jim Hoft’s latest wig sort of fascinates me.

  • michael s

    the media is covering up the crimes associated with occupy wall street. i’m not surprised. go back to my statement on justice,and that will give ou the reason this happened. it also seems as some community organizing is going on. i thought that was despised.