The wait is ovah! We can now report that GOP candidate Mitt Romney has scored the coveted endorsement of porn star Jenna Jameson. The PETA supporter and former Hillary Clinton booster announced her endorsement at a San Francisco strip club.

Actually, a Republican president would be better for everyone, rich and poor alike. But hey, a vote’s a vote.

Just in case you’re keeping score:

Liberals immediately turned on the Queen of Porn.


The Left is giving Jameson a crash course in what it’s like to be a woman who votes Republican.

  • Tyler

    A Jenna endorsement is ALOT better than a Hugo Chavez endorsement!

    • Eddie Nelson

      Or The Achmadenijad (or however that a-hole’s name is spelled).

  • rinodino

    Hmmm so you guys got lovitz, nugent, and a porn star…..good luck with that

    • paulrtaylor

      beats the hell out of what you have

    • paulrtaylor

      beats the hell out of what have

      • Brian Bennett

        you’re starting to repeat yourself…wipe the foam off your chin and relax.

    • LM Shed

      Yeah, because Rose Ann Barr and Joy Bahar are so much better…

      • GaylePutt

        At least a WHOLE lot prettier.

        • Don odom

          You are right, Ted blows Barr and Bahar away on looks and has better hair.

    • Dennis Vest

      Romney won’t need luck to win. He will win w/o it. It’s Obama who is out rattling the tin can begging for donations…

  • lazypadawan

    Because the most insulting thing you can tell a porn star/business maven is, “You didn’t build that.”

  • David Desrosiers

    Yeah. Jenna is stupid because? She built an empire and was a smart business woman who didn’t end up a drugged up burnout like most porn stars do. Yep, she’s a moron. A big dumb icon of success moron.

    • TonyMontana3

      And she knows how to screw people. Of course she supports Romney.

      • Nick Hooper

        Your comments reflect the lack of thought I see in most Obama supporters. You’re very outspoken, but you never actually say anything.

      • TheOriginalDonald

        You better hope Tito Ortiz isn’t reading this, Tony

  • Niall

    Mmmm , a fine example of the GOP support . Indulges in and specializes in sodomy and prostitution . I shall be looking forward to the disgust and stoning to death of her @ a Chick Fil A in a neighbourhood near you . :-)

    • David Desrosiers

      I would laugh at your false narrative of Conservatives, if they weren’t so tired and worn out.

      • Niall

        Kind of up there with such rib ticklers as libtards . So , pray do tell , how do those valient supporters of “family values” , “good Christian beliefs” and all the other tired and worn out cliches view the support of such a high profile promiscuous ( must be using the evil of birth control because she sure as heck ain’t practicing abstinance ) woman . She appears quite proudly at the top of this page as some sort of totem .

        • Jerry P

          Hate the sin, not the sinner…

        • JackGalt

          As a christian I welcome her endorsement of Romney and will continue to pray for her and all others in that industry because God loves them too. Even you nellii.

          • Niall

            Nah , he don’t love me cos he doesn’t exist .

        • Michele Archer

          That’s the thing…on our side EVERYONE is welcome. Messed up or not. It’s the Left that picks and chooses.

        • Durwood Robison

          I fail to understand how just because you are conservative it automatically makes you a Christian Zealot? While I am Christian, I have no issues with porn, nor porn stars as it is not my place to judge anyone. I too am a sinner, and last I checked, Jesus welcomed prostitutes, and even tax collectors (who were lower than the prostitutes in the day) into his arms. Would you like to try again with a broad stereotype I can debunk for you?

        • Brian Krause

          Such tolerance of other peoples views from the lefties who think they have the market cornered on it! Libs are truly becoming unglued and it is only going to get uglier and funnier! Oh, and I don’t care if she is using birth control, as long as she is paying for it.

        • Charybdis69

          “So, pray do tell, how do those valient supporters of “family values”, “good Christian beliefs” and all the other tired and worn out cliches view the support of such a high profile promiscuous woman?”

          The same way we viewed the attacks on Chik-Fil-A – by defending
          the right of an individual to speak freely and support/oppose whom they
          choose to. Unlike lefties like you, who want to impose group-think on
          everyone else under your tyrannical version of political correctness.

          • Niall

            I’m quite happy for people to choose . Choose CFA if you want . I choose not to buy or eat there . i don’t impose any of my thoughts on anyone , i merely question the double speak . Good family values that are promoted by “some” include the condemnation by using the religious imperative . So its a sin against God if two men indulge in sodomy , but as long as she’s blonde , got a great rack , screws other women and makes a boat load of money , its okay ? Just wondering ?

          • jackrussell

            No, Nellii, you missed the entire thing. So, your ‘wondering’ isn’t producing much in the way of understanding.

          • Niall

            So explain it to me then oh learned one .

        • BradandSarah

          One of my good Christian beliefs is not to judge. She’s a sinner like you and me, so what? But you sure are quick to attack her for having differing views. Good proggy, here’s a biscuit.

          • Niall

            I haven’t attacked her for HER views in any way . I have questioned how people like you seem so quick to leap at one “lifestyle” for being “an abomination against God” etc whilst the other is okay as a career move ? And not just a proggy , but also metal head , country fan and classical music lover . And if you give me a biscuit you can tickle my balls too . :-)

          • jackrussell

            Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Deny, rant, assert, denigrate, blaspheme. It damages no one but yourself. And it has nothing to do with whether you sense it damaging you. You will witness me bowing and confessing Jesus Christ is Lord and I will witness Nelli doing the same. So sad that such a strident stance on this mortal coil will lend to such humility in that day.

          • Niall

            Waahhhhhahahahahahahahahahaha ! NOT !

        • Patrick Wickersham

          Yes,and if you we’re a good little capitalist, you could buy boobs too!

          • Niall

            Why should i , there are so many tits on this page already .

    • Michele Archer

      That’s the stupidest comment on the board so far.

    • Dennis Vest

      I thought you liberals were against “judging” others? Remember, it’s just sex and it’s between adults. Isn’t that what you guys always tell us?

      • Melissa Spinosa Cuevas

        Gee wonder what lame excuse and comments would come from the left if the supporter were gay or lesbian. Just think the tailspin that would put the libs in.

  • Booker T.

    Oh dear. Why are these liberals so hateful??!! Can’t someone have a different opinion? What is with this group-think?

    • Michele Archer

      Yeah, it is.You’re not allowed to think outside of their mold…or should I just say fungus?

    • TonyMontana3

      Everytime someone famous says he supports Obama this website is ready to mock him and call him stupid.
      Can’t someone have a different opinion? Why are conservatives so hateful and childish?

      • Booker T.


      • Hello Jerry (D)

        Shut up.

  • fivestring_assassin

    Well..I’m thinking Jenna Jameson made a LOAD in porn

    • J.Milliscone


    • Wil Miller

      Lol. She didn’t make it/them. Hahaha.

  • Tom Bannigan

    Surprisingly those of the poor and stupid who think it’s ok to steal from others, support Obama because they think they are going to get some of the spoils.

  • MikeD0722


  • Zombiman

    Jenna is a financial genius. She made herself a millionaire by playing off how perverted guys are, all over the world. That ALONE gives her more private sector experience than Obama…..

    • J.Milliscone

      PRIVATE sector… Im sorry I couldn’t help myself

    • Paul Murphy

      I don’t know, he’s screwing us pretty hard!

    • TonyMontana3

      It makes sense that JJ supports Romney. They both understand how to screw America.

      • Eddie Nelson

        And you have facts that can actually back up that statement? Last time I checked, Romney wasn’t the President.

  • stan jordan

    Just because she’s a former porn star doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a brain or see what’s going on in this country. She’s an equal on that premise. Smart girl!

    • J.Milliscone

      So you agree with her PETA stance?

      • carmijok

        People Eating Tasty Animals. Yeah, I agree with PETA.

        • J.Milliscone

          Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand PETA and love ribs!! The point being how is her political stance on anything considered valid after associating with such a radical group?

    • TonyMontana3

      Are you going to say the same thing when the next Hollywood celebrity says she supports Obama?

      • Tom Flores

        Most ALL of Hollywood supports Obama dumbass….what are u saying? lol

        • carmijok

          Exactly…and we all know how morally upstanding Hollywood is!

      • Eddie Nelson

        Most Hollywood celebs that support obama are too stupid to realize that obama wants to tax the shite out of the so called “1%”. It just blows my mind that they scream about it being unfair that there are big bad rich people with all that money when so many people are doing without. Don’t they realize THEY are the “1%”? A rich person voting for obama is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders. But, as we showed the left on August 1st, they are entitled to their opinion and right to free speech.

        • TonyMontana3

          Most of these Hollywood celebrities have no problem with Obama taxing them more. Some of them have asked Obama to raise taxes. They do realize what Obama wants.

          • Nick Hooper

            Socialism… right?

          • TugboatPhil

            Right. They’ve all fired their accountants and file a 1040EZ to pay everything the gubmint asks for. And they’re too stupid to know how to cut a check to the Treasury, and have to have someone pass a law making them do it.

            That makes sense.

  • Bernie Kendall

    So what is the Problem? She only 1 person. I don’t see the big deal.

  • Johnny Blade

    If I’m going to get fucked I would much rather it be by Jenna than Obama.. just saying.. Oo

    • GaylePutt

      Great retort, Johnny…..Love it.

    • Tom Flores

      Hey Obama will fuck BOTH goes BOTH ways unlike that faggott hater

      • TheOriginalDonald

        go eat @ Chick-Fil-A you intolerant ignorant $LU+!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott Green

    Ahh… The eloquent lexicon of the ever tolerant useful idiot lefty tools.

  • tp412

    Jenna is a good actress…seen her movies often…hehehehehehe

    • 1usedgamer

      I agree….much captivating dialog and stunning on-screen performance. Tito must be a lucky guy.

  • Dennis Vest

    The headline Romney “nails Jenna Jameson” is offensive. Can we please quit trying to be cute with our headlines?

    • TonyMontana3

      It’s not offensive in any way.

      • Hello Jerry (D)

        Shut up.

  • Charybdis69

    At least you know Romney won’t come crawling to her for money like Obama did with that gay porn producer a few weeks ago.

  • Bruce Bump

    Im with Jenna, vote for Mitt! Screw you left wing hacks, get a job!!!

  • Debra Barron Bradley

    No wonder Dems stay poor… stupid to vote for the guy who can get the job done and to angry to appreciate anyone who knows how to make money. She is laughing all the way to the bank morons….how hard are you laughing while standing in line for you entitlement check or working your minimum wage job

    • TonyMontana3

      Obama 2012!

      • Hello Jerry (D)

        I don’t think so, Tony.

    • don lavrich

      you got that right debra. thats why i am doing well, and i am a conservative. works well for us. maybe some of these dumb brainwashed dems should think like us, maybe they would get ahead someday. having the Lord in your life also helps!

  • DP

    and again the liberals continue berating those that dont agree with them… shocker.

    • TonyMontana3

      You mean the same way Twitchy always mocks famous Obama supporters?

      • Darth_Venomous

        Who says they have to be famous, Toni? We laugh at your skanky ass all the time. >-D

      • Hello Jerry (D)


  • CPBinDC

    Is that an endorsement or an indication of her vote?

  • Marty

    I am amazed at the level of intelligence I see on the left. Can’t they have one reasonable argument about what they disagree? All they seem to do is call dirty names. You would think from their arrogance and their high level of education, they could have at least one decent conversation without using profanity.

  • Lee

    Apparently I must be missing something in what qualifies as good and bad for supporters of candidates, as so many postings are calling her a whore, cunt, confused bitch, etc etc (I couldn’t find anything even remotely similar being applied to her when she backed Hillary). While a dozen Presidential Secret Service agents who went to Columbia before Obama got there for an April summit, were busted for misconduct (8 lost their positions, 2 are trying to get their jobs back, and 3 were found “innocent” as it were) relating to prostitution – these guys WORK for Obama (and I haven’t read anything on him bagging on then either yet) and not one thing I read about that got as many of the name calling diatribes as what is being posted about Jenna Jameson, who works for herself in the porn industry and made her fortune through her own capabilities, because she is supporting Romney? People really need to check things out before they go shooting their mouths off. One commentor was graphic enough in their diatribe then spouting about Christian values, that I’m wondering how she knows so much about this type of “behavior” – experience is usually the best teacher I’d say.

  • William

    and this is news why?

  • Shootingsparks

    Another Jew comes out for Rombozo…no surprise…

  • Christopher Lysik

    This is awesome. I love this type of shit. Everyone all in an uproar about a porn star wanting to vote for a conservative. So what is the deal if your not a banker or business owner you must vote for the left. Ha funny.

  • J.Milliscone

    Why is this even post worthy? I mean seriously I see no problem with her profession or her success, but her political views aren’t something I take notes for. That goes for most people who are famous.

  • Noonespecial

    Wait…I thought the left embraced porn, and porn was the new cool! How can this be? Now porn will be a right wing thing, I guess….I’ll have to accept it, and start watching I guess, if I want to be a true conservative….sigh….Oh yeah, I forgot – we don’t care what people do in the privacy of their own home! Yeah us! But I still think I should at minimum research this topic…

    • TonyMontana3

      Porn has always been right wing. You know what state ranks nr.1 in porn consumption? Utah.

      • Eddie Nelson


        • gretschdad

          National Association of Video Distributors.
          And your IP address.

          • Hello Jerry (D)

            Ooh. looks like Toni’s dad is riled up!
            How about yours first, gasbag.

  • carmijok

    Should Romney’s new slogan be ‘Come Together’ ? Having a porn star endorsement is a little hard to swallow, but hey, why not get cocky about it? 😀

  • frank002

    The same idiots who loved her when she endorsed pant suits now insult her when she endorses Romney. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

    • TonyMontana3

      The same people who insulted and mocked Clint Eastwood for the Super Bowl commercial now love him when he endorsed Romney.

  • Thomas Sharp

    You sorry ass women and men, you wish you had what Jenna has made on her own. Seems to me Jenna is a whole lot smarter than you stupid shits!

  • vino veritas

    If you think about it, this is likely a setup to hurt Romney since how can he possibly benefit from an aging porn star’s endorsement? If he was the typical dumbocrap libturd perv this would be bonus to his voting base but among the rest of us?? Come on!

  • TonyMontana3

    Romney finally gets a supporter who changes positions as often as he does.

  • foxdup1

    One of Clintons girls they all thought that photo was cool

  • foxdup1

    her and this administration have something in common, they both saved or created many jobs blow.

  • foxdup1

    true she did not build it…and true she did not get it done on her own. but! Big O would have to tip his hat for her effort as a small business owner.

  • BpSitRep

    Every smart American recognizes that Romney is the last, best chance of saving this Nation from going totally into default and over the cliff. Jenna is just a smart businesswoman, like any other business person, recognizes that ‘Obamanomics’ has totally failed and needs immediate replacement.

  • Gary Van Drew

    Jenna is like most of these politicians. They are all experts in the ASS TO MOUTH technique!

  • michael s

    the support of a whore endorsing romney doesnt surprise me. after all if mitt romney had a daughter she’d look like jenna jameson.

  • James McEnanly

    “When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.”
    If you are, as John Steinbeck put it, a “Temporarily embarrassed millionaire”, you would also want a Republican in office.

  • David Spencer

    Why are you people so mad , is it because she new what to do with what she had and never asked the tax-payers to pay for it , is that whats bothering you, because she was a smart whore and sold it, and you were dumb whore`s and gave it away, and now she has money for it and you don`t ,really !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Any of you fools that think that she is really voting for mitt… she was being sarcastic.

  • Paul Richards

    Jenna has screwed a few thousand , Obama has and still is screwing all of us

  • CMS

    Jenna is a Beacon of Light For the Conservative Movement.

  • CMS

    Jenna First Caught My Eye When I Saw Her Play the Role of Holly So Tighty in the Acclaimed Film Dirt Merchant. After that,I Knew She Was Special,Very Similar to When Michelle Malkin First Caught My Attention, in Her 2008 Democratic Convention Appearance.