As states move to ban sex-selective abortions, progressive feminists have declared a true War on Women with their depraved justifications for gender-based abortion in America.

My body, my choice to abort icky girl babies. And babies that are the wrong color.

So it’s no surprise that Planned Parenthood is supporting that “choice.” A chilling new undercover video from Live Action Films shows a clinic worker aiding a woman in her quest for a sex-selective abortion. Thanks to the despicable work of Planned Parenthood and feminist celebrations of on-demand abortion, gendercide is not only a problem in parts of Asia.

There are missing girls right here at home.

The Planned Parenthood staffer suggests that the woman get on Medicaid in order to pay for an ultrasound to determine the gender of her baby, even though she plans to use the knowledge for an elective abortion. She also tells the woman to “just continue and try again” for the desired gender after aborting a girl, and adds, “Good luck, and I hope that you do get your boy.”

What’s worse than being punished with a baby? Being punished with a baby girl.

Pro-life activists on Twitter responded with the #PlannedParenthoodSlogans hashtag:

  • tcbinc

    Help Alveda King stop the geocide of [email protected] 365,000 last year.
    PLEASE Watch this powerful video

  • Clay Vollers

    Complete BS. How gullible do you think people are? This has never been an issue in the US (maybe in Canada where Indian immigrants are still trying to follow their cultural norms). Live Action spent weeks trying to get someone at PP to say the wrong thing…and like the PP staffer said “It would have to be a late term abortion” to tell the sex…they don’t do late term abortions…they’re illegal. Only an idiot that watches Fox and thinks it’s “News” would believe this crap…