Another day, another motivational poster showcasing the brilliance of the Obama/Biden ticket. They really never learn. Not even after the last poster quickly spawned #WhenYouArePresident mockery.

Mockery, schmockery, they said. The world needs this nugget of wisdom from Joe Biden in a .jpg:

I am an optimist because the American people—given half a chance—have never, ever, ever, ever let their country down. The deck has been stacked on them, and we are unstacking it.

This explains everything. No wonder our backs have been hurting. We thought it was all the hours hunched over the keyboard, scouring Twitter for Twitchy content. But no, it appears the deck is stacked on us. Ouch!

As with all things Joe Biden, conservatives were a bit baffled:

And a meme was born.

  • rogueoperator

    Disturbingly, the last two mock-ups make the most sense. The guy does look a bit like Ming the Merciless, sans the fu manchu and hairplugs.

  • BO_stinks

    We’re the land of opportunity, the world knows this why doesn’t Owebama and his thugs know this?

  • bonnieblue2A

    Krauthhammer was correct when he suggested Biden needs his meds. adjusted.